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The DILF Diaries


The DILF Diaries Part 3

Featuring Doug Acre and Nate Stetson
Str8 to Gay at

November 26, 2017

"After a long day of soccer practice, a horny Doug Acre gets home and finds his mom’s boyfriend Nate Stetson. With some encouragement, Nate convinces Doug to toss his balls around."

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My Mom's New Husband Part 4

Featuring Billy Santoro and Doug Acre
Drill My Hole at

July 24, 2015

"Doug Acre knows exactly what to say to rile up his new stepdad, Billy Santoro. After telling Billy his mom is cheating on him, he suggests a great way to get back at her. Billy sends his new stepson to his room for his wisecracks, but when Doug invites him to join, he figures he’ll just discipline his ass with a good dicking."

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Men Series: Big Bro

John Magnum and Doug Acre

Big Bro Part 3

Featuring John Magnum and Doug Acre
Drill My Hole at

May 22, 2015

"Doug Acre is another troubled youth, just trying to survive in the big city anyway he can. His lucky streak ends when he is arrested and ordered into the “Big Bro” program, where he meets his mentor John Magnum. Doug is pleasantly surprised when John proves to be someone with a specific set of skills, who he can learn A LOT from."

John Magnum and Doug Acre

John Magnum and Doug Acre

John Magnum and Doug Acre John Magnum and Doug Acre

John Magnum and Doug Acre John Magnum and Doug Acre

John Magnum and Doug Acre John Magnum and Doug Acre

John Magnum and Doug Acre John Magnum and Doug Acre

John Magnum and Doug Acre John Magnum and Doug Acre
Andres Moreno, Doug Acre, Luke Alexander

The Sex Toy

Featuring Andres Moreno, Doug Acre, Luke Alexander
Drill My Hole at

January 27, 2015

"Luke Alexander is excited to have arrived home, as his eager hole cannot wait to try out his brand new sex toy. After ensuring his friends are not around, he proceeds to blow a huge dildo until it’s nice and wet, ready for him to take deep in his ass. As he is riding his new toy, in walks a hung Doug Acre and handsome Andres Moreno. The dildo is put aside for now as Luke and Andres take their turns getting their holes fucked hard by Doug’s long, hard cock."

Andres Moreno, Doug Acre, Luke Alexander

Andres Moreno, Doug Acre, Luke Alexander

Andres Moreno, Doug Acre, Luke Alexander

Andres Moreno, Doug Acre, Luke Alexander

Andres Moreno, Doug Acre, Luke Alexander

Andres Moreno, Doug Acre, Luke Alexander

Andres Moreno, Doug Acre, Luke Alexander

Andres Moreno, Doug Acre, Luke Alexander

Andres Moreno, Doug Acre, Luke Alexander

Andres Moreno, Doug Acre, Luke Alexander

Schoolboy Fantasies, Scene 2

Brett Bradley and Doug Acre

March 3, 2015

"Doug Acre has been struggling in school, and he is called into guidance counselor Brett Bradley's office to see what his options are. Doug was a star student but now is considering dropping out. Brett presses him and finds out that rumor has gotten out in school that Doug was gay because he was seen leaving a club. He asks Brett why he cares so much about him, and Doug makes a move on the boy. They lean across the desk for a kiss. They move to the couch and shed their clothing, and Doug takes Brett's impressive meat fully down his throat. When Brett is nice and hard, Doug sits on his dick and fucks his teacher in his office at school. Doug's ass jiggles as it bounces up and down on top of Brett. Brett flips his student over and pumps into him doggystyle until Doug dumps a big load onto his abs. They flip over and Brett is brought to a powerful, shaking orgasm."


Doug Acre

July 1, 2013

"Put this on a pedestal and worship at the alabaster altar! Young, nubile and with dreamy wide set eyes, Doug could have been plucked from a Thomas Eakins oil painting. Only this muscle canvas moves: poseable, lovable, jerkable, and like all good boy toys, he ejaculates all over the place.

While he looks heavenly, his photos and video assure this fuzz-dusted, plump-cocked Texan pleases in the real world. Doug’s a fan of travel and everywhere he goes – from Tokyo to Timbuktu, he always ends up being the TOP destination. At just 21 (with a 10.5 shoe!), Doug strokes on film to afford his spendy gaming habit.

Pop a quarter into this slot! Doug’s a self-confessed geek and Houston “gaymer” (his XXX stroke session proves to all and sundry he’s expert with a joystick). He’s obsessed with superheroes, Pokemon, and Comic-con conventions, so if you want a fantasy ride on this stud you’d best know your Link from your Zelda. His latest trick is Naruto card game Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. For masterful swordplay, click for dick!"

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Doug Acre and Isaac Hard

"I Made Him Gay"

Doug Acre and Isaac Hard

April 11, 2013

"Growing up I always thought my dick was OK'' said Isaac Hard, our 21 year old, 6' tall straight boy. Just ''OK'' at 9.5 inches and thick? Well, it wasn't long before he had to strip down for a high school wrestling match weigh in, and when he heard the gasps and comments from the competitors, he knew he had something special. And, he soon found out his big schlong was a pretty good pussy magnet for those girls who were up for the challenge. But, like with all good things there's usually a downside... like the girls who ran for the hills when he unzipped and slipped his big hard monster from it's hiding place inside his jeans. Well, we're not so good at finding pussy here at, but we had no trouble finding a dude who was more than up for the challenge, our Bait guy, Doug, who was also no slouch when it came to his cock. This 20 year old green eyed hottie, also a high school wrestler, sports a big 9'' cock and is super excited about the prospect of getting fucked by a tall, built, hung straight dude.

Isaac is here today to break into porn and expected to be doing a three-way with some hot chicks. His first disappointment is that the three-way is going to be two guys instead of two chicks and the second disappointment comes when Caruso tells him that the girl didn't show and this was now a gay, 'guy on guy' scene if he wants to get paid. Isaac lets us know that he is no queer and starts packing up his gear to clear out fast. But, an aggressive (and horny) bait boy, Doug, and our experienced producer, Caruso, prevail and talk the boy back onto the couch and into his first gay sex experience, a very hot one too! When it's all over, Caruso asks him how it was and he says ''not too bad''. Doug thinks he did better than that and blurts out ''I made him gay'' to which Isaac replies with probably his only reference to anything gay ''yeah, I'm Ru Paul'', and we all laugh, so he follows up with ''Sashe away''. Caruso asks him if he watches 'Drag Race' regularly and he says that his girlfriend does and he gets stuck watching it too. So, if you love to watch first time gay sex with two hot guys with huge cocks... Shante, you stay."

Doug Acre and Isaac Hard

Doug Acre and Isaac Hard

Doug Acre and Isaac Hard

Doug Acre and Isaac Hard

Doug Acre and Isaac Hard Doug Acre and Isaac Hard

Doug Acre and Isaac Hard Doug Acre and Isaac Hard

Doug Acre and Isaac Hard

Doug Acre and Isaac Hard
Hayden Richards and Doug Acre

Hayden Richards and Doug Acre

"Sermon Not Semen!"

December 19, 2013

"In the house of the lord, Father Acre finishes his prayers. Before he greets the masses, Father Acre grabs his cross and begins touching himself. The horny priest blows his load onto his stomach as Father Richards walks in on him. In an angry fury, Father Hayden Richards takes the sinning father down to the catacombs below, binding Father Acre and beating him with the crop. The bound sinner endures hot wax all over his giant cock and torso before he's shocked with the zapper and punished with a zipper of clothespins. Standing on electric pads, Father Acre feels the sting of Father Richards' belt on his backside as he's tormented with electricity. The young father has his legs suspended in the air with his big cock dangling beneath him as Father Richards relentlessly flogs him. Father Acre begs Father Richards to fuck the devil out of him!"

Hayden Richards and Doug Acre

Hayden Richards and Doug Acre

Hayden Richards and Doug Acre

Hayden Richards and Doug Acre

Hayden Richards and Doug Acre

Hayden Richards and Doug Acre

Hayden Richards and Doug Acre

Two Cock Love

Featuring Doug Acre and Luke Hass
Gay Room | Damn Thats Big

July 10, 2013

"Doug Acre and Luke Hass are in love. Not your normal type of love though, the boys enjoy some pleasurable moments together. They just love to play with each others big dicks!"




















Doug Acre and Ty Roderick

"10 Inch Hook Up"

Doug Acre and Ty Roderick
Damn Thats Big at

June 5, 2013

"Ty Roderick snagged a great catch at the gym when he met Doug. In fact he reeled-in about 10 inches of awesome, rock hard cock. But not only is Doug packing big dick heat, he's taking Ty's big boner deep into the bottomless pit of his tight asshole."

Doug Acre and Ty Roderick

Doug Acre and Ty Roderick

Doug Acre and Ty Roderick

Doug Acre and Ty Roderick

Doug Acre and Ty Roderick

Doug Acre and Ty Roderick

Doug Acre and Ty Roderick

Doug Acre and Ty Roderick

Doug Acre and Ty Roderick

Doug Acre and Ty Roderick
Brad Kalvo and Doug Acre

Brad Kalvo and Doug Acre

June 15, 2012

"Coach Brad Kalvo and wrestler Doug just got back from a wrestling match. Doug did well, but hurt his neck a little bit. Brad says he'll help him take care of it and escorts him to the bedroom. Brad starts to massage Doug's shoulder and neck, and then kisses it. Doug stops him and asks "What are you doing?" Brad replies "You just be quiet and let me take care of that." Within no time the two are making out, causing Brad to get a massive erection poking through his wrestling attire. Seeing this, Doug gets down and begins to work Brad's cock with his mouth. His neck is already starting to feel better! Brad has his student get down on the bed so he can swallow his thick cock and eat his gaping asshole. Doug can't wait for Brad to plunge his lumber deep inside him. Brad starts feeding Doug's ass some fingers, before filling it with his huge dick. "You're splitting me in two!" cries Doug and Coach Kalvo pounds him from behind. Things really get hot when Doug sits on Brad's fat fuck stick. Doug's cock flops up and down as he rides his coach. Doug spins and squeezes Brad's cock with his tight ass before they settle into missionary where Doug begs for Coach Kalvo to fuck him faster and deeper. Brad cums all over his star student's thick dick. Doug squeezes out a thick load onto his coach's furry chest and mouth."

Doug Acre Serviced

July 14, 2012

"I get to play with Doug Acre who packs some serious meat. He's got a monster dong and a smooth, athletic body to go along with it. Doug is wearing a sexy black thong which can barely fit his cock, even when it's soft! As soon as I get him hard it can't be contained. On the bed I attack his huge prick. Tears of joy stream down my face after deep-throating Doug. It was a real challenge, but well worth choking on! Doug flips over and I have a go at his tasty ass, tonguing it thoroughly. All that ass-eating makes me hungry for more cock! Doug takes care of that, fucking my face until my jaw screams in pain. Doug lays down and I get beside him, grabbing his massive meat. My hand wraps around his pole and I jerk up and down. Doug explodes all over his abs and I tease his sensitive prick. I lap up some cum and suck the rest out of his cock. I love the young and the hung."

Off The Hook, Bonus Scene (Online Exclusive)

Starring Doug Acre and Hugo Alexander
Colt Studios | Buckshot Productions

October 3, 2013

"As production for Buckshot's OFF THE HOOK was underway, young and hung boy-toy Doug Acre showed an obvious liking for uncut Latin hunk Hugo Alexander (Alexander Garrett). These guys were not scheduled for a scene together, but the chemistry between these two was undeniable. Once production for OFF THE HOOK was ready to wrap we indulged his fantasy and caught it on camera. Doug and Hugo were eager to let off some steam and gave each other the happy ending that every good movie needs."






















Off The Hook, Scene 4

Starring Bobby Hart and Doug Acre
Colt Studios | Buckshot Productions

April 4, 2013

"What better way to start the day than with a fun and frisky romp in the hay? Latin stud Bobby Hart is in a playful mood as he wakes his sexy young friend Doug Acre by wrapping his eager lips around his buddy’s morning wood. Doug smiles as he looks down to watch Bobby suck and swallow his big-boy meat-stick. The morning passes slowly as these guys enjoy the taste of each other’s cocks, with lots of hot kissing, stroking and slurping.

Bobby turns his attention toward Doug’s hot boy hole, using his tongue he makes Doug squirm and gets that beautiful butt hungry for his cock. Legs lifted in the air Doug is ready for an injection of Bobby’s hot dick. Bobby slowly probes his thick piece deep into Doug’s tight hole, opening him up for a deep and hard pounding. Once he is in, Bobby drills his tool hard, giving Doug a hot and searing fuck. Lying back on the bed Bobby invites Doug to ride his thick pole. Doug eagerly takes a seat on that monster dick and goes wild. Feeling that big dick up his hot ass Doug jerks and squirts a healthy boy-load of sweet cum. Still reeling from his big nut-busting load, Doug lays at Bobby’s side as Bobby gives his own fireworks display, shooting off with a spray of hot dick juice that only cums from a hot morning fuck."


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Armond Rizzo & Doug Acre

Tony Buff's Twinks With Kinks, Scene 6

Armond Rizzo & Doug Acre

June 5, 2014

"Doug Acre and Armond Rizzo are stark naked. Doug's expanding cock hangs heavily between his legs. Armond is kneeling, his thighs spread wide, his hole enlarged from the work of Doug's fingers and tongue. Armond is compact and muscular, with deep olive skin that contrasts with Doug's light coloring. Doug spanks Armond's butt, which is so firm it barely quivers; he wants to see Armond's ass turn red. He chews Armond's buttocks as he warns, 'I'm gonna fuck you so hard.' Doug makes good on his promise with deep, rapid strokes that make his abs ripple. When fully hard, Doug's cock is over 9 inches. Switching to a sit-fuck lets Armond display his tight musculature and meaty thighs. He tugs his foreskin and massages his taint while he bounces and gyrates on Doug's cock. Doug holds his ankles, as if to prevent escape. When he's ready to shoot, Doug tells Armond to get on his knees. Doug aims his jizz to coat Armond's face, then he face-fucks him while Armond jacks off onto the floor."

Armond Rizzo & Doug Acre

Armond Rizzo & Doug Acre

Armond Rizzo & Doug Acre

Armond Rizzo & Doug Acre

Tony Buff's Twinks With Kinks, Scene 8

Featuring Doug Acre and Tyler Sweet

July 3, 2014

"Doug Acre is in the process of tying Tyler Sweet's hands behind his back. Then he orders Tyler to kneel and suck him. Doug's hand on the back of Tyler's head provides the added thrust needed to get every one of Doug's 9+ inches down Tyler's throat. Tyler gasps and his saliva flies. Some of it runs down his pecs. Doug throws his head back in erotic satisfaction, running his hands over the hard planes of his lightly furred chest. He continues to feed cock to Tyler and to push Tyler's head onto his cock to ensure the deepest penetration possible. Tyler sucks like he's afraid to let go, begging Doug to 'give me your load.' He gets his wish in the form of a facial cum-basting that leaves him dripping with Doug's jism. Doug licks some of the spooge off of Tyler's face and they snowball it."

WATCH Tony Buff's Twinks With Kinks, Scene 8 Featuring Doug Acre and Tyler Sweet
















Tony Buff's Twinks With Kinks, Scene 4

Featuring Doug Acre and Tyler Sweet

May 8, 2014

"Tyler Sweet is tied to the corners of a bed by his wrists and ankles. He's naked, and hard. His muscles contract and relax as he tests the strength of his bonds. Doug Acre stands beside the bed, his pants riding low enough to show the top two inches of his crack. The shadows produced by the dungeon-like lighting make Doug's sculpted abs stand out. He bends over to tickle Tyler: armpits, rib cage, balls, the soles of his feet. Tyler squirms and writhes helplessly, but his restraints prevent him from repelling his tormenter. Doug climbs on the bed and straddles his victim as he increases the intensity of the tickle torture. Tyler screams and his body reddens as he pleads with Doug to stop. Doug ceases to tickle Tyler, untying the ropes in order to fuck him. Tyler's moans never stop as Doug poles him on his belly and on his back. Tyler blasts out a load that leaves streaks from navel to chin, then Doug ties him up again."

WATCH Tony Buff's Twinks With Kinks, Scene 4 Featuring Doug Acre and Tyler Sweet
















Alumni, Scene 3

Doug Acre and Justin Chase
Falcon Studios

October 18, 2013

"Traveling to their hometown for the big reunion, Doug Acre and Justin Chase share a hotel room. Justin wakes with morning wood, stroking himself while ogling the sleeping Doug. Justin has a smooth, toned runner's body, long legs, and an upward-curving cock. Judging by the tented sheet, Doug has morning wood, too. Justin lifts the sheet to peek, waking Doug in the process. Doug yanks the sheet off to give Justin the full Monty of his fat 9-plus inches, claiming, 'You wouldn't believe the lengths people have gone to see my cock.' Doug is used to more than people wanting to see his cock: he invites closer inspection and gets his shaft bathed by hot lips. He reciprocates instantly when Justin asks, waving his pale buns like a white flag that commands attention. Justin leans over to plant a finger, then a tongue. Doug spreads the legs of his gymnast's body to afford deeper access to his tight, pink hole, groaning in ecstasy when Justin sinks his 8 inches. No stranger to cock himself, Justin wants to savor Doug's fat endowment in his ass as well as his throat, so they swap positions. Doug grabs Justin's cock while fucking him, and jacks him to orgasm, just as he unleashes his own load across Justin's thighs." WATCH Alumni, Scene 3 Starring Doug Acre and Justin Chase
















Good Sports, Scene 2

Doug Acre and James Ryder
Hot House | Gym Dudes

March 18, 2013

"James Ryder dominates his teammates on and off the court. After practice the hung athlete pulls Doug Acre aside to show him who's in charge. He gets the young blond rookie to worship his gear then pulls out his giant cock and shoves it down Doug's throat. Captain Ryder fucks Acre's throat then pulls down the young stud's jock to get a look at his growing whopper. James can't resist sucking the monster but it's really Doug's ass that he's after. He kicks back with his cock in the air and orders Doug to sit down on it. Ryder fucks a load out of Acre then pulls out, jacks off, and shoots all over his teammate's chest and abs."

WATCH Good Sports, Scene 2 Starring Doug Acre and James Ryder














James Ryder, JR Bronson, Levi Madison, Doug Acre, Luke Milan, Mario Costa

Pack Attack 8: J.R. Bronson, Scene 1

James Ryder, JR Bronson, Levi Madison, Doug Acre, Luke Milan, Mario Costa
Hot House Video

January 7, 2013

"Muscular pig-bottom J.R. Bronson wants all the huge cock he can get so he gets on his knees and demands to be fed. Doug Acre answers his call first. The young blond stud drops his jock to let his thick 8-incher flop into J.R.'s mouth. J.R. screams for more so James Ryder steps up and feeds J.R. his giant cock. Hearing J.R.'s cries for cock, Levi Madison comes in and shoves his monster down the greedy stud's throat. After getting a taste, J.R. continues to order more dick so Luke Milan comes in. The good-looking young hunk pulls out his thick tool and lets J.R. get his fill until Mario Costa comes in. Mario whips out his 10' horse cock and J.R. goes to town. Now that he's surrounded by every huge cock in town J.R. works his way around the pack, sucking each dick as deep as he can take it. His expert oral skills are rewarded when every one of the hot tops shoots his load all over J.R.'s washboard abs, chest and legs."

21 Hump Street, Scene 1

Steve Stiffer and Doug Acre
Jet Set Men

July 9, 2012

"In the Jet Set Men gay porn parody 21 Hump Street hunk Steve Stiffer is Deputy Chief Hardy, a hard nosed cop who sends Jenko and Schmidt off to work for Captain Dickson's returning 80's undercover program. Meanwhile the Chief is left to deal with horny freshmen Doug Acre who is already into phase 3 of the drug knows as HFS aka Horny Fucking Shit. The third phase of the drug makes guys want to strip down and suck a lot of dick. And that's not all cute Doug is capable of either."