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ALIASES: Jason Barker, Maxime Claude
SITES: Jimmy Z Productions, Lucas Entertainment, Mark Wolff, Maskurbate, Men of Montreal, Muscle Worship, MuscleHunks, Next Door Buddies, Next Door Ebony, Next Door Studios, Paragon Men, Powermen, Str8 Bodybuilder


Back Alley Max

Featuring Max Chevalier

May 5, 2012

"Tough boy Max has a back alley where he likes to go when he's feeling the city heat - and tonight he's feeling particularly sticky. Just a few feet away from the roaring traffic's boom and in the silence of his alley corner, Mad Muscleman Max flexes and lets it all fly, and be damned to anyone watching him from any dark corner! In fact, Max just loves an audience, so come a little closer."

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MuscleHunks Max Chevalier

MuscleHunks Max Chevalier

Heavy Equipment

Featuring Max Chevalier

November 22, 2011

"New LiveMuscleShow muscle model Max Chevalier marks his premier appearance at MuscleHunks with a confident showing of his heavy earth-moving equipment. Bulldozer-sized muscles and a steam-roller package make the grade for this bodybuilder's impressive debut. Get in a little road work with Max."

MuscleHunks Max Chevalier




MuscleHunks Max Chevalier MuscleHunks Max Chevalier

MuscleHunks Max Chevalier MuscleHunks Max Chevalier

MuscleHunks Max Chevalier MuscleHunks Max Chevalier

MuscleHunks Max Chevalier MuscleHunks Max Chevalier
LiveMuscleShow Max Chevalier

Max Chevalier

"The men of the north are bigger and harder, and this Russian Born Canuck is no exception. 25-year old Max is big - really big. Bear Big. Strong as a bear and twice as tough. His muscles are huge, and well defined... and made of something that feels harder than steel. On top of all those muscles, he's beautiful too. Huge, masculine beauty encased in Iron. Check out Max. Don't be intimidated. Though he could crush you like a beer can if he had a mind to..."

LiveMuscleShow Max Chevalier

LiveMuscleShow Max Chevalier LiveMuscleShow Max Chevalier
52299_046 Marc Williams, Draven Torres, Max Chevalier in Posing for Pleasure

Posing for Pleasure

Featuring Max Chevalier, Marc Williams, Draven Torres
Next Door Studios | Next Door Ebony

September 3, 2014

"Imagine this: the impeccably chiseled Marc Williams, posing in his underwear, flexing, moving, looking deep into your eyes. Now enter Draven Torres and Max Chevalier, two gorgeous men, hungry for warm, Ebony flesh. They cannot help but satisfy the deep craving by licking, kissing, and squeezing beautiful Marc. This intense touching leads Draven to suck both Marc's and Max's cocks at the same time. He trades off between both ravishing boners before allowing Max to fuck his tight asshole while he bobs on Marc's strong dick. Join this amazing trio and fill your body with their intensity, feeling the moment, then explode in pure ecstasy with these three dong-firming dudes. Enjoy!"

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52299_037 52299_043

Outdoor Escapade

Featuring Keylan O'Connor and Max Chevalier
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

February 7, 2013

"Sneaking out under a canopy in the middle of the afternoon, Max Chavalier and Keylan O'Connor are looking for a little open air privacy. Insatiable in their desire for each other, they find a spot and commence without words. Keylan moves his mouth down Max's ripped chest, unbuckles his pants and pulls out his cock, taking it into his mouth and down his throat, as Max emits a groan of release. Max's energy is peaking, so he bends Keylan over and rims his beautiful ass, pulling his cock through his legs and stroking it as he tongues the hole. Keylan begs for Max's cock and Max obliges, shoving it in as Keylan rests on his forearms. Max pounds Keylan from behind, showing no mercy and really fucking him as hard as he can, before flipping over on his back and letting Keylan work his ass up and down on Max's cock, stroking himself off and jizzing all over the floor before Max pulls out fires his load as well. Both guys fall back exasperated and sated as the afternoon breeze cools the sweat on their foreheads. Enjoy!"

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29846_06 29846_15

Northern Exposure

Featuring Marko Lebeau and Max Chevalier
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

November 8, 2012

"Come away with Next Door Buddies and experience the beautiful Canadian countryside! You'll meet up with natives, Max Chevalier and his companion Marko Lebeau as they lounge near the pool. When you arrive, you'll find them just gearing up to get right into some hot action. Max is just coming over to Marko's sun chair to give him a nice taste of his fat cock. Marko is very eager to get his mouth around Max's hard piece. You'll notice Max's very muscular physique, Marko's ideal body on a guy. After enjoying this nice treat, Max is going in for a bit of Marko's chubby dick. He sure does suck passionately! Then he's having a nice few lickings of Marko's tender ass, loosening it up for what's next. You don't wanna miss this journey to the friendly land to the north, where muscle bound Max is pounding sweet Marko's tight hole under the warm, partly cloudy sky. Enjoy!"

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DeBoxer On Top

Featuring Max Chevalier and Manuel Deboxer

October 16, 2011

"It was not an easy task to convince straight bodybuilder Max Chevalier to bottom for Manuel Deboxer. Max knew that Manuel's cock is so large that he expected his first gay fuck to hurt as hell. Well it did, but Max told me afterwards that he would do it again anytime with our number pornstar. Once again, Deboxer did it right!!"

















Max Fucks DeBoxer

Featuring Max Chevalier and Manuel Deboxer

September 13, 2011

"Our August poll result showed that our members wanted to see Max fuck Manuel Deboxer. So here it is, Max's first gay fuck! And who better to teach him the joy of gay sex than international pornstar Manuel Deboxer!"





















Max Play

Featuring Max Chevalier and Pascal

May 4, 2011

"Time for Pascal to play with Maskurbate's huge model Max. Striptease, muscle worship, big cock blowjob, cum swallow, this movie has it all! Notice how Max really enjoyed it! :)"










Max Unmasked

March 10, 2011

"An unfortunate event happened just before Max's video session. The mask was nowhere to be found ! I looked everywhere. Max was kind enough to perform unmasked. Which leads me to an old saying: 'Good things come out of bad situations!'"


Max_06 Max_13

Max_43 Max_48
Christian Power & Max Chevalier

"Clash of The Titans, version 1 -- Director's Cut"

Featuring Christian Power & Max Chevalier

February 10, 2015

"A little known fact is that the Titans... Christian Power and Max Chevalier, actually did two scenes together for Men of Montreal. The first one was never released because the guy's finale was a bust. It was also during Christian's tentative first steps in gay sex and porn. He had only shot one scene before, and that was with Marko Lebeau. So to mark our second anniversary (Yes, 2 years already!), and since Christian is on a porn hiatus right now, we decided to release the original Clash of The Titans, which was shot a few weeks prior to the one already released a while back.

What you will be viewing is actually what we could call the Director's Cut. In fact, there is very little cut in this release. You are getting the raw footage assembled for your viewing pleasure. It allows you to peek into how a scene is shot and how Christian was taking his very first steps in porn. In fact, you'll notice Max, the more experienced guy, guide our newbie along several times during the shoot.

We won't say much about this scene as the footage speaks for itself. We will say this. The guys were into it... And, there are some little gems that will make you laugh. And, let's just say that it can sometimes be a challenge for two bodybuilders to give us good angle to shoot as the muscles can get in the way. Even though Christian was finding things a bit difficult at the beginning, you see him congratulating Max at one point for his talented fucking. And, by then, Max was just gliding his fat cock easily in and out of Christian's expanded hole.

And, sometimes guy aren't quite in sync when it comes time for them to deliver their cum shots. This was the case with both muscle dudes here. So the decision was taken to shoot another scene with them both.... Aw! Aren't you disappointed!

So, sit back and unzip your pants. And, peek into this hot & spicy romp."

Christian Power & Max Chevalier

Christian Power & Max Chevalier

Christian Power & Max Chevalier

Christian Power & Max Chevalier

Christian Power & Max Chevalier

Christian Power & Max Chevalier Christian Power & Max Chevalier

Christian Power & Max Chevalier Christian Power & Max Chevalier

Christian Power & Max Chevalier Christian Power & Max Chevalier

"Toying With The Masseur"

Max Chevalier and Alexy Tyler

December 27, 2013

"Max Chevalier and Alexy Tyler are two fit guys always ready for action. And Alexy is a bit of a toy fiend as he loves sticking things up his ass. When he came in for the shoot, he told us he was experiencing some pain in the lower back. This gave us the idea to have Max give him a nice backrub to take out some of the kinks... so to speak.

Well, we pulled out the massage table and let the guys go at it. Max started to do his deed, slowly massaging Alexy's back and making his way down to his butt cheeks. His patient was soon experiencing some tingling in his groin as his thoughts were going from his back massage to the huge cock tenting out of his masseur's gym pants. Max was doing a superb job of oiling up Alexy's tight asshole and bringing it to life.

Alexy needed no more encouragement as he dove right into his masseur's mid-section and started sucking on our bodybuilder's hefty cock, throwing it back as far in his throat as possible. Max started to face fuck Alexy. He then moved down as Alexy turned around exposing his bone hard cock. Our muscleman decided it was time for him to reciprocate. And he did, giving the deep-throat treatment that he had just received. Alexy was in heaven, moaning and gyrating.

Alexy turned around again and this time Max used the opportunity to give his buddy a good rimming prior to pulling out a nice 8' dildo to prep his bottom's ass for the soon-to-come fucking. Alexy was again enjoying this butt play to the hilt... After some pretty firm dildo play, he was ready for a good fucking. Max moved to the other side of the table and just plunged right in knowing that his partner's ass had loosened up enough to take his big cock effortlessly.

They initially started in a missionary position, then we were in awe as Max moved Alexy to the edge of the massage table and our bottom boy just held himself in position with his hands and arms, as his ass was being plowed in mid-air. Max was pumping away. But this seemed to be Alexy's downfall, as Max got really excited and needed to unload his jizz. As he came on Alexy's balls and cock, our patient's back pain returned and Max, the gentleman, laid him on his back and pulled out the dildo again to help him shoot his load. It was a smoother ride than getting a hard fuck.

A real trooper, Alexy took it all in stride. As they kissed in the finale, it was now time to give his back a rest."






Felix Brazeau and Max Chevalier

"Turning The Tables? Nice Try!"

Felix Brazeau and Max Chevalier

August 23, 2013

"Hot. Intense. And, steamy. We hadn’t seen Max Chevalier in a few months, but here is again, once more, in top form and ready to serve sneaky Félix Brazeau a lesson in who’s in charge. Félix is no slouch at 6’1” and 195 lbs., but Max definitely gets the upper hand in this scene and stifles Félix’s attempts at getting into his butt hole.

In fact, in the opening interview with Marko Lebeau, Félix tells our host that he would love to fuck Max. “In your dreams” is essentially Max’s response, making it clear that he will have none of it. When the two guys get back at the hotel, Félix takes a shower while Max dozes off on the bed. Wrapped in just his towel, Felix enters the room and admires Max’s stunning physique lying quietly on the bed and resting. He reaches in his gym bag and pulls out an 8” dildo and acknowledging that Max refused him the right to fuck his hole, he rationalized that Max didn’t disallow the use of toys in his butt.

Félix then tries to pry the dildo in Max’s asshole, but quickly our body-builder awakes and makes it clear that that’s not going to happen and then turns the tables on Félix. What comes next is nothing short of some hot domineering action by Max over Félix. Félix has become quite the bottom since coming onto the porn scene a few months ago, and Max makes it obvious that he is going to give Félix’s hole some pretty forceful attention.

Max starts by shoving the dildo up Felix’s hungry ass. Our bottom dude squirms, moans and groans and prays for the attention that his hole is getting. His resistance is short lived and you can see that he is a willing victim to the pushing and shoving he is getting. Max is definitely in charge at this point and after the dildo play he serves up, he moves Félix into position so he can get a masterful blow job. Félix’s ass is still full with the dildo moving in and out of his ass while sucking on Max almost 8 inches of hard uncut cock. Our top then lies Félix down on his back so he can smother his victim’s face with his own butt hole. Félix is rimming his life away! Max turns around, telling his partner to work away on his balls. Felix obliges. It is then time for Max to lie next to Felix so the guys get into some serious 69 action.

Kissing their way out of the 69, Max then instructs Félix into position on the edge of the bed for the fucking he is so desperately yearning. First on his back then doggy style, Felix is in bliss. Max is working up quite the sweat and readies himself to unload his jizz on Felix’s bouncing ass cheek. Having gotten the fucking from heaven, Felix ramps up himself to shoot his own load soon after.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the visuals from this hot action will certainly generate millions of words in thousands of lines of text on the web!"

Max Chevalier and Christian Power

"Clash of the Titans"

Max Chevalier and Christian Power

March 26, 2013

"500 lbs. of pure muscles and 16 inches of powerful cocks!! Like an aircraft carrier, Max Chevalier and Christian Power, together, displace a lot of water. Christian blames his size on eating all his vegetables when he was a kid. And, when Max observed during the interview with Marko Lebeau that “I thought I was a big guy, but I just discovered I’m nothing…” it was clear that next to Christian’s 6’3” towering stature, he kinda dwarfs in comparison.

Nonetheless, as the top in this scene, Max still ends up being the one in charge. Christian however was, in this scene, more comfortable than we’ve ever seen him yet. He appeared comfortable, even when taking his largest cock yet up the ass!

Christian’s size can sometimes be a problem for guys who are fucking him… even when they have big dicks. With his huge bubble butt, there aren’t a lot of positions that allow for clear and deep penetration from him partners. Max did his best when fucking Christian sideways, but he really got into his element when he got our Men of Montréal exclusive on all fours. Even when they did a 69, Christian’s sheer size hid Max from our cameras.

After lapping each other’s cocks generously, Max rammed Christian’s ass and started calling our Zeus his “baby”. Try as I may, I can’t recall ever seeing a 275 lbs. “baby” being pummelled from behind. Max went from 0 to 60 within minutes and being so turned on, he pulled out, removed his condom and came on Christian’s butt, then rubbing his cock around his ass and on his bottom’s hole. Christian then ramped up himself and shot his load on Max’s chest. Max sucked the remainder of Christian’s cum of his dick and being the horny dude he is then got up and topped everything off seductively French kissing Christian… All in all, a pretty good time!"

Max Chevalier and Christian Power

Max Chevalier and Christian Power

Max Chevalier and Christian Power

Max Chevalier and Christian Power

Max Chevalier and Christian Power

Max Chevalier and Christian Power Max Chevalier and Christian Power

Pummelling Archer's Ass

Featuring Archer Quan and Max Chevalier

January 15, 2013

"After his solo, Max Chevalier was back for a fuck scene with Archer Quan. Archer got mixed up when Marko Lebeau asked him if this was his first or second scene with us. It was, in fact, his second after having done a pilot with Gabriel Lenfant back in the spring. Archer loves getting into some hard ass sex and was really keen about shooting with Max as he was convinced that he would get a full pounding from the massive muscle man. Max did not disappoint. He can keep that dick in action for a long time. And, he is intense.It was a steamy hot afternoon in the countryside for these guys to do their shoot. In fact, it was a sweaty session and after Archer blew Max for a while, our bodybuilder just kept violating Archer’s hole standing up, doggy style and reverse cowboy, after giving Archer a hot ass rimming.The guys needed a couple of breaks as the heat was getting to them. But it wasn’t long that they would be back in action. Max was the first to come, shooting around Archer’s cock. Then, he wanted to take Archer’s cum in his mouth, which he did like a pro."

30145_008 30145_011 30145_015 30145_021

30145_027 30145_031

30145_033 30145_034



Max Chevalier's Self-Satisfying Moment

Featuring Max Chevalier

December 4, 2012

"Max Chevalier is a 27 year old force of nature. This French Canadian muscle man stands 5'8' tall and weighs an impressive 215 lbs. He is a bodybuilder made of pure muscle! By day, this Aquarian works as a plumber and by night he has been earning extra cash as a male stripper for the past 6 years. Max readily admits that he enjoys showing off, which clearly explains why he has been working in some of Montreal's famed gay nude strip clubs. He also performs in private events such as bachelor/bachelorette parties. Max says he is more straight than gay, but candidly recognizes that he has made out with more men than women in his life. Max has been doing porn for a couple of years, shooting for both local and American studios. He wields a thick 7.5 inch uncut cock that bones up in no time and just keeps on boning!For his solo with Men of Montréal, we decided to take advantage of the hot weather and get him wet doing the photo shoot in a downtown park with misty water fountains. Needless to say, as he was peeling off the layers of clothing passers-by were getting quite an eye full. Once he was drenched we returned to the lair to allow him to do what he does best... show off that hot body and deliver a great cum shot! Enjoy!"

30141_016 30141_021

30141_012 30141_017

30141_026 30141_030

30141_040 30141_043




Str8Bodybuilder Max Chevalier and Natacha

Afternoon Delight

Featuring Max Chevalier and Natacha
Str8 Bodybuilder

July 17, 2014

"Max Chevalier and Natacha take a break during the day for a little fun. Max is a hot, tanned bodybuilder and Natacha can't keep her hands off his muscles. They passionately undress each other and Natacha starts to suck Max's uncut cock. That big monster gets rock hard in her mouth. Max then rims her cute ass and eats her pussy. They move to the bathtub for more oral action. Max fucks Natacha from behind showing off his hard chest and veiny arms. He then fucks her on the sink and we have a good look of his powerful back in action. Max shoots his cum on Natacha's face giving her taste of his thick load."

Str8Bodybuilder Max Chevalier and Natacha

Str8Bodybuilder Max Chevalier and Natacha

Str8Bodybuilder Max Chevalier and Natacha

Str8Bodybuilder Max Chevalier and Natacha Str8Bodybuilder Max Chevalier and Natacha
Jimmy Z Productions Max Chevalier and Alexy Tyler

Room Service - Part 2

Featuring Alexy Tyler and Max Chevalier
Jimmy Z Productions

January 26, 2014

"In Part 2, the passion continues between Max and Alexy as Alexy sucks Max's huge cock. Then its Max turn to service Alexy's tasty ass and cock. He really enjoys rimming Alexy and getting that hole ready. Max fucks him on all fours, pounding his ass and showing off his hard muscles with each stroke. Alexy's beefy body is built to take whatever Max can give him. They suck each other more and Max drops his load into Alexy's hungry mouth. Afterwards both studs share a steamy shower."





Max Chevalier and Alexy Tyler

Room Service - Part 1

Featuring Alexy Tyler and Max Chevalier
Jimmy Z Productions

October 13, 2013

"In Part 1, Max brings Alexy his room service but Max's muscles soon become part of the menu. Max is hesitant at first and with Alexy's hands all over his ripped and hard body, Max gives into his muscle lust. They kiss passionately and explore each others bodies to the fullest. Max gets oiled up and his tight muscles worshiped by Alexy who saves Max's biggest muscle for last, his huge hard cock."






The Classroom - Finale

Featuring Angelo Antonio and Max Chevalier
Jimmy Z Productions

March 25, 2012

"In Part 3, Max and Angelo continue with their muscle worshiping of each other -- kissing, admiring, and sucking. Now they include fucking in their repertoire, and they are totally enjoying the muscle in front of their eyes, and they show it. Finishing with a shower together."


Max_angelo_classroom073_ Max_angelo_classroom074_

Max_angelo_classroom078_ Max_angelo_classroom081_

The Classroom - Part 2

Featuring Angelo Antonio and Max Chevalier
Jimmy Z Productions

March 4, 2012

"In Part Two, Max and Angelo continue with their muscle worshiping of each other -- kissing, admiring, and sucking. They are totally enjoying the muscle in front of their eyes, and they show it."


Max_angelo_classroom029_ Max_angelo_classroom035_

Max_angelo_classroom036_ Max_angelo_classroom041_

The Classroom - Part 1

Featuring Angelo Antonio and Max Chevalier
Jimmy Z Productions

January 29, 2012

"We have Max Chevalier as the teacher and Angelo Antonio as the student who is taking his exam. In Part One, they are stunned by each others' bodies, and they show their admiration for one another as they muscle worship each other in a very romantic way."



Muscle Worship

Cinemas 807 and 819



Maxime Claude

Comments from Paragon Men:

"I can take the credit for discovering Quebecois Max during an awesome private dance at Montreal's Stock Bar."

IMG_3216 IMG_3246

IMG_3288 IMG_3382

Jason Barker

"I wanted to save the best video i shot all year until the end of 2011. So here's my Happy New Year's gift to help you ring in 2012. One of our most popular exclusives Jason "The Max" Barker is back! Bigger and better than ever, but we didn't stop there. When I heard that another one of our most popular models Sean Dexter had moved back to Montreal from Paris. I jumped at the chance to shoot them both again in a hot duo scene. Words cannot describe the hot muscle action that followed. 20 min HD video added."


003 007

011 012

015 016

Sean Dexter vs Jason Barker

"Sean Dexter (Devon Dexx) vs Jason Barker (Max Chevalier) in a no holds barred strip wrestling showdown! It's been over 2 years since i shot some wrestling action and what better way to get my feet wet than putting together a match between two of our most popular models. Both show up in amazing shape, the non-stop hardcore action and sweat show off there bodies like nothing else. You'll be turned on even before the trunks get stripped off. Full match video and photo set added to our massive members area. Now featuring over 200 exclusive Wolffpac models.

05 08

09 10

11 12

004 005

006 007

Newcummers, Scene 4

Nikko Brave Rides Muscular Hunk Max Chevalier's Uncut Dick
Lucas Entertainment

February 27, 2012

"If size matters, there is no one better to prove it than Max Chevalier; Max’s frame is hulking and his muscles re bulging. Ready to take him on is Nikko Brave, a Latin hunk of demure stature who loves to show off his goods by sucking cock and getting fucked on camera in gay porn! Max might intimidate some, but Nikko doesn’t hold back as the two start making out: Max embraces Nikko in his huge arms, only turning the saucy Canadian on more! Max starts to undress, and once his pants come down Nikko drops to his knees and plays with his cock through his underwear, watching the bulge grow and get harder! Nikko pulls down Max’s black shorts and swallows up his hard uncut cock; he can’t help but get excited himself feeling overpowered with max standing above him, grabbing his head as he sucks. Max spins Nikko around and returns the favor, sucking his dick before they swap deep and intrusive rimjobs. It’s all in preparation for Nikko bending over the couch and opening his ass up for Max. Max mounts Nikko and grabs his hips, fucking the bottom like a raging animal. Max hammers and pounds Nikko, who takes every thrust until they both reach climax and cum!"

LVP120_Max_Chevalier_02 LVP120_Max_Chevalier_04

LVP120_Max_Chevalier_01 LVP120_Max_Chevalier_09

LVP120_04_Max_Chevalier_Nikko_Brave_02 LVP120_04_Max_Chevalier_Nikko_Brave_07

LVP120_04_Max_Chevalier_Nikko_Brave_09 LVP120_04_Max_Chevalier_Nikko_Brave_06