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SITES: Lucas Entertainment, Men at Play

Bareback Cum Swappers, Scene 4

Dylan James Joins Joey Pele And Isaac Eliad In A Six-Man Bareback Orgy
Featuring Bruno Fox, Dylan James, Isaac Eliad, Joey Pele, Josh Milk, Max Schutler
Lucas Entertainment

May 15, 2015

"Dylan James joins Joey Pele and Isaac Eliad in what has grown to be a six-man orgy. We had five before, but the cast alongside Dylan, Joey, and Isaac now includes Josh Milk and Max Schutler, and Bruno Fox sticks around to taste the new meat as well. And let’s be upfront about something in this scene you won’t want to miss: there’s a row of asses ready for a licking. Isaac, Max, and Josh have their holes pointed up in the air for the tongues of Dylan, Joey, and Bruno. You cannot miss this rimming portion, which begins at 11:30. And what starts out as some harmless ass licking turns into an incredible line up of fucking, and all six guys fulfill their roles beautifully!"









Bareback Cum Swappers, Scene 3

Bareback Cum Swappers, Scene 3

Joey Pele And Nick North Take Charge Of A Raw Five-Way
Lucas Entertainment

May 11, 2015

"Here we have one hell of a lineup: Joey Pele and Nick North set the scene for three new men showing their stuff at Lucas Entertainment: Isaac Eliad, Bruno Fox, and Patryk Jankowski. As mentioned, Joey and Nick (for the most part) set themselves up as the dominant guys in charge of the five-say bareback sex gathering, but after some time Nick can’t keep himself out of the bottoming mix by getting onto his back with legs up in the air for raw cock. But that’s fine: Joey Pele is always ready to be the premiere bareback top he’s meant to be. Isaac Eliad stands out in this scene too as an attentive bottom ready and happy to service cock with his ass and mouth -- which is an admirable trait in an encounter like this. Let’s hope to see more from him at Lucas Entertainment soon."

Bareback Cum Swappers, Scene 3

Bareback Cum Swappers, Scene 3

Bareback Cum Swappers, Scene 3

Bareback Cum Swappers, Scene 3

Bareback Cum Swappers, Scene 3

Bareback Cum Swappers, Scene 3 Bareback Cum Swappers, Scene 3

Bareback Cum Swappers, Scene 3 Bareback Cum Swappers, Scene 3

Making Waves

Starring Isaac Eliad and Jean Franko

February 2, 2018

"There’s something about Jean Franko that captivates me. One look at him and you find yourself hypnotized by his bronze skin, chiseled physique and large dick. It’s not wonder he’s one of Menatplay’s most popular studs. This week, Jean Franko and Isaac Eliad are Making Waves, and you don’t want to miss it.

While taking a dip in a lap pool, Jean Franko, alone and horned up, can’t help jerking off. But when the manager, Isaac, spots him on CCTV, he hastily enters and tells him to put a stop to it. But once Jean rises from the pool, his firm body wet and his cock stiff, Isaac falls under Jean’s spell and begins to suck him off.

Once they’re both in the pool the action heats up even more. If you love wet suit-sex, you’ll go wild when you see Isaac’s big round ass hiked up in the pool. Jean does too—he rips Issac’s wet trousers and gives him a scorching hot fuck right there. Making Waves is sure to be one of your favourite MAP flicks!"

Making Waves

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Waves 100


Starring Isaac Eliad and Logan Moore

March 20, 2015

UP4IT Starring Isaac Eliad and Logan Moore






UP4IT_9 UP4IT_10

UP4IT_11 UP4IT_12






Perfect Strangers

Starring Dani Robles and Isaac Eliad

February 20, 2015

"There’s a new man in town - Isaac Eliad, and Dani Robles is the first to get his hands on him. From the very moment the handsome stranger walks in the bar Dani is instantly taken by his dark & mysterious look. He wonders if he could be into guys and unable to control his instincts he shoots him a glance from across the bar, and to his surprise the stranger returns his glance, with the a slight but very telling smile. And that's all the signal that Dani needs to make his move, slowly approaching him until he’s standing next to him at the bar… close enough to brush his hand ever so slight past his leg. A move so subtle, but enough to get the stranger’s attention and also get him hard with the thrill of this spontaneous meeting. Dani gets close and more daring, until the stranger carefully unzips his trousers, and takes out his dick right there at the bar. And once Dani gets a feel of his fat meat, he cannot control himself and just has to get his lips around it. From that moment on the guys lose control and Eliad takes Dani to a more private spot where they can let loose and unleash the intense sexual tension. This is MENATPLAY in full erotic, suit-fetsih mode!"

Dani Robles and Isaac Eliad

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PERFECTstranger_16 PERFECTstranger_20

PERFECTstranger_24 PERFECTstranger_25

Dani Robles and Isaac Eliad

Dani Robles and Isaac Eliad

Dani Robles and Isaac Eliad

Dani Robles and Isaac Eliad

Dani Robles and Isaac Eliad

Dani Robles and Isaac Eliad

Dani Robles and Isaac Eliad