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Tickled By Stepdad

Featuring Cliff Jensen

"Cliff Jensen, my stepson, is a freaking pig! I told him to clean up and all he does is lie around watch TV. Time to bound you up lad, and teach you a lesson!"







Cliff Jensen Tickled!

Featuring Cliff Jensen

"Porn star Cliff Jensen, age 24 with size 12 feet, has been in retirement. He's thinking of making a comeback though, and sees a sign for a porno casting at a hotel. Into my web he comes for some tickle torture. His porn career will have to wait a bit!"







Not The Banana!

Featuring Cliff Jensen

"Porn star Cliff Jensen, age 24 with size 12 feet, ponders a very important decision. What the heck should he order for room service at the hotel! If I was him I would order the banana!"







Cliff Jensen

Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

October 3, 2011

"It's Cliff Jensen in the hottest, 'balls' out jerk n' grind session you've ever seen. Cliff is an athletic, well-hung hottie who enjoys tugging his meat after kicking around on the soccer field. Watch this young man's bubbly ass gyrate as he rubs his hard boner on the bed and soccer ball, working himself into quite a heated frenzy. Then see him blow a hot load just for you, play with his cum, and even give it a taste! Enjoy!

WATCH Next Door Male Cliff Jensen

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Silent Strokes

Featuring Cliff Jensen and Paul Wagner
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

July 21, 2011

"Sometimes words just get in the way and cloud up a good thing. Such is the case between Paul Wagner and Cliff Jensen. Theirs is an understanding that doesn't need words. Just a furtive glance and they both know it's on. Watch them down in the dungeon as the tension grows, and so do the cocks. Enjoy!

WATCH Silent Strokes Featuring Cliff Jensen and Paul Wagner
















To The Mat

Featuring Cliff Jensen and Steven Daigle
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

April 7, 2011

"Cliff Jensen & Steven Daigle have a standing workout appointment at the gym every week. You know the routine: a little lifting, a little cardio, a little bag work, and then a little grappling. Of course, once the wrestling begins, anything is possible. Once the competitive spirit kicks in, and the adrenaline gets going, you kind of can't help getting overly excited. Well before you know it, Steven and Cliff are on the mat in nothing but their jock straps and fighting is the last thing on their minds. Enjoy!"

WATCH Cliff Jensen and Steven Daigle in To The Mat








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Jack Room

Featuring Alexx Snow, Cliff Jensen, and Logan Tyler
Next Door Studios | Next Door Twink

March 29, 2011

"Cliff Jensen, Logan Tyler & Alexx Snow have formed a sort of informal club. Gathering once a week, the meet to discuss the stories of their recent personal sexual conquests. Usually it gets pretty hot pretty quickly, but today, Cliff has a special treat: video footage of his latest tryst. Before you know it, the three of them are all really horny, and decide to whip out their dicks and go to town. Watch as the three of them trade stories, then trade positions. Enjoy!"

WATCH Jack Room Featuring Alexx Snow, Cliff Jensen, and Logan Tyler














Three Fuckin' Knuckleheads

Featuring Brandon Lewis, Cliff Jensen, Hunter Ford
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

February 3, 2011

"Cliff Jensen is late as usual. Ever the jokester, he is laughing it up one afternoon while his buddies start without him. By the time he gets with the program, Brandon Lewis & Hunter Ford are already knee deep in naked pleasure. Already having a blast with just the 2 of them, the good times really get rolling when Cliff finally arrives. After he does, the three of them proceed to suck, fuck and joke around until they all cum on Cliff's chest. Enjoy!"

WATCH Three Fuckin' Knuckleheads Featuring Brandon Lewis, Cliff Jensen, Hunter Ford















Layin' Some Pipe

Featuring Cliff Jensen and Katie Summers
Next Door Studios | Next Door Hookups

January 20, 2011

"Katie Summers has been having problems with her shower, and has decided to call for help. Cliff Jensen has diagnosed the problem and decided that while her shower is definitely in need of fixing, his “tool” would be best utilized servicing something else: Katie's body. Watch as Cliff & Katie take turns orally before moving on to different positions, ultimately climaxing when Cliff's huge pipe finally bursts. Enjoy!"

WATCH Layin' Some Pipe Featuring Cliff Jensen and Katie Summers

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Pleasure Is Afoot

Featuring Cliff Jensen and Kurt Wild
Next Door Studios | Next Door Twink

January 11, 2011

"Cliff Jensen & Kurt Wild know how to combat boredom. Sitting around one lazy afternoon, and with nothing else really happening, they decide to compare their private endowments. After working themselves up individually, they finally succumb to that age old addage, that 'two heads ARE better than one', and so inevitably, Kurt & Cliff proceed to join forces in their quest for cum. But more than just fucking & sucking, what Kurt is really wanting is a nice foot fuck, and Cliff is more than happy to oblige his wishes. After some hot dick-tac-toe, Cliff proceeds to have his way with Kurt's sweet tender ass, fucking him all over the room until he has had his fill. Enjoy!"

WATCH Pleasure Is Afoot Featuring Cliff Jensen and Kurt Wild

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Bitch Dodgeball

Featuring Cliff Jensen and Micah Andrews
Next Door Studios | Next Door Twink

December 21, 2010

"It's the hot new action sport that's sweeping the nation - BITCH DODGEBALL!!! There's drama, excitement, and pulse-pounding action as Cliff Jensen hurls his balls at the blindfolded Micah Andrews. Cliff is a ruthless competitor with a rocket arm and Micah is a helpless twink at the mercy of Cliff and the neon thonged madman, Angry Pete.

You've got front row tickets to witness the intensity as young Micah goes from dodging balls to licking them when Cliff decides he wants some action from this bitch. And from the way Micah sucks his cock, Cliff knows his asshole will be nice and tight for his enjoyment. So join us in the NextDoor dodgeball arena...just don't piss off Angry Pete! Enjoy!"

WATCH Bitch Dodgeball Featuring Cliff Jensen and Micah Andrews

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Cliff Jensen

Next Door Studios | Next Door Twink

November 23, 2010

"Here's a new stud: Cliff Jensen. He's young, he's hung and he's got a fat load of cum.

He also like to party like a madman!

We caught up with Cliff after a night of extreme drinking and, apparently, from the lipstick markets all over his body, a night of lots of sex!

After Cliff wakes up and gets his senses in order, he realizes that some sexy action must have taken place. This turns him on. Too bad all alone!

This leaves him only one thing to do, pull out his hard cock and get himself off.

Cliff is unique though. He strokes his cock, but to get off, he has to grind, or dry hump something. So if you're into ass clenching humping, you'll definitely get off watching this guy grind his way to a gushing orgasm.

Give Cliff Jensen a warm welcome. Enjoy!"

WATCH Next Door Twink Cliff Jensen

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"Fall For a Cliff"

Cliff Jensen & Ridge Michaels
Pride Studios | CircleJerkBoys

May 6, 2011

"Open the windows cuz it’s gonna get hot here at as we welcome back Ridge Michaels and Cliff Jensen. Cliff and Ridge are on the couch as Ridge starts to comment on his body looking so much better. Ridge attributes it to working out and a good diet as Ridge lifts Cliff’s shirt up to get a better look. Ridge starts to lick his nipples as Cliff moans. They kiss and explore some more before setting their cocks free. Ridge drops to his knees as he gets a mouthful of cock. Cliff groans in ecstasy as Ridge sucks that cock. Ridge then gets on his back so that Cliff can fuck his face. Ridge is ready as he straddles Cliff’s cock. Ridge starts to grind his hot ass back onto that dick driving Cliff wild. Then Cliff gets Ridge off his cock and lies behind him so he can slide that cock back inside from behind. Cliff then slides onto the floor and slides his thick cock back into that ass missionary. He grabs Ridge by the waist and impales him on his aching cock over and! over. Cliff hits Ridge’s sweet spot and it sends him over the edge as he coats his chest and abs. Cliff isn’t far behind as he pulls out and blows his own wad all over Ridge."

Logan Drake and Cliff Jensen

"Ace in the Hole"

Logan Drake and Cliff Jensen
Pride Studios | CircleJerkBoys

March 25, 2011

"We have two familiar faces back with us this week at CircleJerkBoys as we welcome back Cliff Jensen and Logan Drake. Both of these hotties are Florida natives and we’re glad to have them both in Miami. Keeping with the local Oscar buzz, we asked them if they could walk down the red carpet with anyone who would they want on their arm. Cliff would want Jesus on his arm. Logan couldn’t decide on just one date; so he wants to bring along Rod Daily, Britney Spears and throw in Cher for good measure. Now that’s an entourage. We then asked these studs if they had any special techniques when it came time to pleasuring themselves. Cliff has an odd way of getting himself off. He likes to lie on a tee shirt and grind his dick into it until he nuts. Apparently that was the way he had his first orgasm as a kid and just went about perfecting that technique to this day. Logan says he discovered his left hand after hearing that if you sit on your left hand til it goes numb then rub one out with it, it feels like it’s a totally different person doing it. Apparently it worked. Lol Well fortunately none of these studs will be needing to jack off this afternoon so lets get these two started.Playing a game of poker, these two get bored as Cliff wonders what game they could play next. “Fuck the cards’ smirks Logan, —fuck ME!” That’s all the invitation Cliff needed as they start to make out. Their clothes come off piece by piece as their tongues intertwine. Logan kisses Cliff’s smooth pecs and abs as he makes his way south to his growing crotch. He tugs on Cliff’s boner through his briefs a bit before hauling it out. He grabs his smooth balls and opens wide as he wraps his lips around Cliff’s thick cock. Cliff’s eyes roll back in ecstasy as Logan worships his dick. Logan licks and sucks on that meat, taking his time making sure to drive Cliff wild. Logan then stands and goes back to making out with Cliff as he drops his own drawers. Cliff pulls down Logan’s boxers freeing his rock hard cock. They stroke their cocks together before Logan lies back and offers Cliff some cock. Cliff kneels between Logan’s legs and goes to work swallowing that cock to the hilt. He savors every inch as Logan fucks his face on the chaise. He services Logan for a while before they reconvene on the couch in a scorching 69 so that they can each get as much dick as they want.Logan is horny and ready for that fuck he asked for as he gets on all four on the ottoman and offers up his sweet ass. Cliff suits up and slides his thick cock inside Logan’s tight ass. Logan groans as he accommodates Cliff’s thick meat. Cliff’s smooth balls are soon slapping away at that hot ass as he pounds that hole. He fucks him doggy style burying that dick deep for a while before they switch positions. Cliff the sits back and spreads his legs to give Logan all the room he needs to sit on his meat. Logan straddles his club and impales himself on it. Once he gets all that cock back inside him he starts to ride that dick hard. He can’t get enough of Cliff’s dick as he grinds his tight ass all the way down to the hilt. But wait—there’s more. Cliff then gets Logan on his back as he shoves his meat back inside missionary. Cliff can bury his dick as deep as he wants in this position and as he does he’s ramming into Logan’s prostate. Logan can’t help but jack his throbbing cock as he gets nailed. “Awww you’re gonna make me cum” grunts Logan as Cliff fucks him harder. Logan blows his wad all over himself as Cliff fucks him. Cliff is next as he pulls out and unloads all over one load-covered Logan."

Hunter Vance and Cliff Jensen

"Bone Breaker"

Hunter Vance and Cliff Jensen
Pride Studios | CircleJerkBoys

November 12, 2010

"Have we got a hot episode in the making this week as we welcome back Hunter Vance. Hunter couldn’t have come at a better time as we introduce recent discovery Cliff Jensen to the site. Cliff, the hot 21 year old Florida boy made his debut last week on and we figured that at 6’3 there would be more than enough of him to go around. Trust us. For those of you not familiar with Hunter, Hunter is now 27 and is originally from Tampa, FL. We asked these two what their fantasy cars would be. For Hunter it would have to be a Lamborghini. It would have to be white with a black interior. Cliff keeps it simple and just wants to kick it with a sweet JEEP Wrangler. “I don’t care what color it would be—it’s gonna be dirty!” he grins. Gotta love that. We then asked them if they had $1K in their pocket and had 3 days off where they would take their car on a trip. “I’m pretty sure he’s gonna pay his car insurance for the week’ laughs Cliff ‘and I’m going to the beach, maybe California to go surfing” Vance is grinning ear to ear and admits after paying his car insurance he’d probably head to Vegas. ‘Trouble’ this one. We then asked what the biggest difference between being with a guy vs. a girl is being as they’re both bisexual. “The smell.” answers Vance before cracking up. The smell! Really!? How do you follow that? ——you don’t. lol Cliff is chillin with Hunter and tells him it’s been hard to deal with the cast on his broken arm. There are so many things he can’t do alone. Hunter offers to help out any way he can. Cliff asks him to help him out of his clothes cuz he’d love a shower. As his shorts come off Hunter notices Cliff does need help—on his growing dick. Hunter squeezes it and takes it out of his boxer briefs. Cliff is throbbing by the time Hunter goes down on him. He sucks on his thick cock finally giving Cliff the relief he’s needed. Hunter kneels and goes to work again. He shoves as much as he can down his throat without gagging. Cliff groans as he helps bob Hunter’s head on his cock. Hunter then stands to kiss Cliff a bit before sitting on the couch and giving Cliff access to his own aching cock. Hunter can only moan with pleasure as Cliff deep throats every inch of his cock with ease. Some one’s done this before. “Your mouth feels so good” coos Hunter seconds before he bends over on the weight bench. Cliff moves into position as he starts to tease that hot ass. He fingers that smooth hole getting Hunter horny for his thick dick.Hunter grimaces as Cliff starts sliding his thick 8?½” cock deep inside his tight ass. “Oh my God, that dick’s SO big” grunts Hunter as Cliff starts giving him the dick he needs. It isn’t long before Cliff has all of his massive cock buried deep inside Hunter. Cliff latches onto Hunter’s broad shoulders as he starts to impale him even deeper. Cliff then sits back on the couch as Hunter sits on his cock in a reverse cowgirl position. Cliff licks Hunters nips and lats as he watches him ride his cock. Cliff then moves to the floor as Hunter squats right back down on that dick. Cliff’s cock is rock hard and sliding deep into that hole as Cliff slams his cock up into Hunter’s tight ass. Hunter is in ecstasy as Cliff fills that tight ass up. Cliff slams his cock deeper and deeper inside Hunter who does his best to steady himself. Cliff’s cock is hitting Hunter in all the right spots and it doesn’t take too long before Hunter is on the verge of creamin’. Hunter explodes all over his cock as volley after volley of thick jizz fly up into the air and splatter back all over it. Cliff isn’t far behind and once Hunter’s done he too jerks his cock off all over his defined frame."

Hunter Vance and Cliff Jensen

Hunter Vance and Cliff Jensen

Hunter Vance and Cliff Jensen

Hunter Vance and Cliff Jensen

Hunter Vance and Cliff Jensen

Hunter Vance and Cliff Jensen Hunter Vance and Cliff Jensen

Hunter Vance and Cliff Jensen Hunter Vance and Cliff Jensen
Cliff Jensen and Val Aris

"Cliff Humping"

Cliff Jensen and Val Aris
Pride Studios | ExtraBigDicks

November 3, 2010

"November is upon us, but wait ...there's more. Today one lucky guy will have more than just November 'upon' him. Today we have two new faces for you. The first, and afore mentioned, is Val Aris who is 25 and from the Windy City, Chicago. Last, but definitely not least, is a native Floridian that goes by the name, Cliff Jensen. Cliff is 21, a meager 6'3' tall, has seductive blue eyes and a thick 8.5 inch cock. Bare with us, we know how much you HATE a stud with a huge cock. We digress; we asked these boys what their favorite birthday to date had been. Cliff loved turning 21 because he could finally drink without having to hide it. Val loved turning 18 because he could finally fuck anyone he wanted without being jail bait. Birthdays can be over rated at times and so can certain sexual acts. Cliff agrees but more specifically thinks some people, not positions, are over rated when it comes to sex. The package doesn't always fit the sales pitch. Amen Brother! That's something we can all relate to. Val thinks that when it comes to sexual positions, anything done in a car is over rated. Seriously--get a room! Well, that won't be a concern this afternoon. --this room's paid for."

Cliff Jensen and Val Aris

Cliff Jensen and Val Aris

Cliff Jensen and Val Aris

Cliff Jensen and Val Aris

Cliff Jensen and Val Aris

Cliff Jensen and Val Aris

Cliff Jensen and Val Aris

Cliff Jensen and Val Aris

Cliff Jensen and Val Aris

Cliff Jensen and Val Aris

Under Control

Featuring Cliff Jensen and Shane Frost

February 22, 2011

"Cliff Jensen doesn't like to be kept waiting, especially when his fuck buddy Shane Frost is 30 minutes late for his afternoon "snack." Of course, when the penalty is sucking on Cliff's ample cock, Shane may never be on time again! From what we can tell, Shane must be damn good at giving a blow job since Cliff's man meat stretches out to its maximum length after just a few gulps. It's as thick as it is long and Shane gets smacked around by it before he's ordered to strip down, lie on the bed and do as he's told. It turns out that Shane's pretty well-endowed himself and after he gets some jaw-dropping head from Cliff it's time for the main attraction. Cliff slips on a condom and slowly eases that 9-inch fuck stick inside Shane's waiting (and tight!) ass. But once our bottom boy loosens up, hang on 'cause he's about to be drilled like crazy! Our cameras capture every moment in all its glory, complete with both men's cum shots, truly the creme de la creme."
















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Slap n' Tap

Featuring Cliff Jensen and Donny Wright

December 10, 2010

"Every once in a while we'll match up two studs that fit together so perfectly all we need to say is 'action' and they'll take it from there! Cliff Jensen and Donny Wright are such a pair. Cliff loves a nice ass and Danny has the perfect ass for slapping and tapping. Danny, on the other hand, likes a big cock to suck on and Cliff has the super-sized dick Danny's been waiting for. Danny should give lessons in how to deep throat a big, fat dick...he's that good! Cliff loves it all: sucking, eating ass, and, of course, pounding a nice butt long and hard. When he bends Danny over, slips on his condom, and enters that tight hole, well, it doesn't get any better than that. Just wait 'til you see Danny's cum load. In this video you get quality and quantity!"













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Cliff Jensen & Alexa Cruz

November 26, 2010

"Cliff Jensen is a fresh-faced Florida boy who likes to surf and once worked as a lifeguard. When it comes to sex, he calls himself an "equal opportunity lover" who likes to dominate the action. He's especially turned on by public sex and loves being watched while fucking on the beach. We brought this hot-blooded stud indoors and introduced him to Alexa Cruz, who is just as adventurous as he is. She's on her knees and deep-throating his cock in no time. Cliff lets her have her way before displaying the pussy-pleasing technique that has made many a woman moan in ecstasy. Cliff fucks Alexa with such abandon you'll want to lick the sweat right off his rock-hard body. By the time he finishes, spewing a huge load of cum all over Alexa, you may be sweating yourself!"

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BOUND PRISON Part 1: Bad boy inmate Cliff Jensen breaks in new guard DelRay

Featuring Cliff Jensen and Michael DelRay
Kink | Bound Gods

June 28, 2018

"BOUND PRISON Part 1: It's a quiet day on the cell block and bad boy Cliff Jensen is bored. He starts stroking his cock and is rudely interrupted by new guard Michael DelRay. Officer DelRay is fresh out of the academy, ready to throw his weight around, and put Cliff in his place. As they talk, Cliff steals Officer DelRay's handcuffs, handcuffs him to the cell door, and wrestles his baton away from him. Now Michael is at the mercy of the inmate he's heard so much about. Cliff grabs some gear from around the prison, ties Michael's legs open, and puts him in metal stocks. He rips off the officer's shirt and punches his sensitive stomach. He uses Michael's belt to beat his thighs and makes Michael sniff his cock before shoving it deep in Michael's throat. Michael fights to get away, but there's no where he can go. He takes Cliff's cock deep, drool leaks from his lips as he chokes on it. Cliff senses Michael's reluctance and brings out the zapper for some encouragement. Michael yelps around Cliff's dick as Cliff zaps him all over his torso and arms. Next, Michael is tied on his hands and knees, with rope and a spreader bar holding his legs open. Cliff flogs, spanks, and grabs Michael's ass. Michael curses Cliff out, struggling as each hit makes his ass redder and redder. Cliff smiles as he breaks out the violet wand touch plate. This tool makes Cliff one big electrode, capable of shocking whatever he touches. Cliff runs his hands over Michael's backside, causing Michael to twitch in his bonds. Every touch sends a spark of electricity to Michael's exposed skin. Finally, Michael is gagged and tied on his back with his legs open. Helpless and exposed, he cries out as Cliff pushes his fat cock into Officer Del Ray's tight ass. Cliff fucks Michael's ass, stretching it open, as he jerks Michael off. Michael cums hard, shooting cum all over his own face. Then Cliff jacks off on Michael's face, glazing it with his hot cum. He takes off Michael's gag and makes him suck his cock clean. Cliff leaves Officer DelRay covered in cum as he goes to look for other implements to use on his new toy. To Be Continued on Men on Edge."



















Muscle stud Cliff Jensen lays claim to prison bitch Tony Orlando

Featuring Cliff Jensen and Tony Orlando
Kink | Bound Gods

May 31, 2018

"C.O. Sebastian Keys drops off fresh faced inmate Tony Orlando with his new cellmate, ripped bad boy Cliff Jensen. Cliff knows a bitch when he sees one and immediately starts pushing Tony around to see what this little quivering prison mouse is made of. Tony tries to act tough but his act doesn't last long. Cliff can smell the fear coming off him and starts fucking with his new boy. Cliff gives Tony some ink of his own, laying stake to the ass he's about to claim, but first he decides to have some fun. He ties Tony to the metal bed frame by his neck and ankles, with this arms behind his back. Tony struggles helplessly as Cliff manhandles him and spanks his tight ass until it's bright pink. Each smack and gruff whisper from Cliff makes Tony harder and harder. Cliff wraps his hands around Tony's cock, unsurprised to find his new bitch getting off on such rough treatment. He makes Tony get his cock hard before climbing on to the top bunk and fucking the shit out of Tony's mouth. Tony strains to reach Cliff's huge cock, eager to have it filling up his mouth. Next, Tony is gagged and suspended from the bed frame as Cliff lounges beneath him. Cliff smacks Tony around and then begins to decorate his nipples and belly with mean clover clamps. Tony cries out around his gag, moaning with pain and pleasure as Cliff strokes and sucks his hard dick. After Cliff removes his gag, Tony goes to work swallowing Cliff's hard cock as Cliff fucks his mouth. Then Tony it put in a vet-wrapped hood and handcuffed to Cliff's bunk face down with his ass in the air. Cliff gives Tony's tight asshole a hard fucking pounding, slamming into him over and over again as Tony moans in ecstasy. Cliff flips Tony over and Tony blows his load all over his belly. Cliff gathers it in his hand, pushing it into Tony's open mouth, making him clean up his filthy mess. Then Cliff releases Tony and pushes his mouth down on his hard cock. Tony works Cliff's cock until Cliff's had enough. Cliff pushes Tony off and then cums hard all over his stomach, and uses Tony's face to clean it up. Cliff cuts off Tony's hood and pulls him up, holding him tight as he falls asleep."























Cruising for Sex with Noah

Featuring Cliff Jensen and Noah Brooks
Kink | Bound In Public

April 22, 2011

"Nick Moretti takes the innocent student Noah Brooks into the public restroom for some afternoon cock. The men are horny at this cruisy hangout and they all want a piece of this hot fresh meat. Noah is made to suck anonymous cocks while getting his clothes ripped off. Strangers smack his ass and grope him all over. They use him to his limits and he's begging for more. Noah gets gang fucked and receives hot cum all over his face."













Kink Men

Cliff Jensen bound and beaten for the first time

Featuring Cliff Jensen, Matthew Singer, and Van Darkholme
Kink | Bound Gods

April 21, 2011

"Bad ass Cliff Jensen is bound in leather straps while Matthew Singer services his fat cock. Getting flogged by Van, Cliff smirks and throws some attitude. As the beating becomes harder and harder, the bound stud gets an attitude adjustment and yells as he reaches his limits. Cliff gets to work on Matthew as a reward. Matthew endures upside down suspension, the crop, the zapper, the flogger, and a hard suspension fuck."
















Bad Biker and a Daddy's Boy

Featuring Cliff Jensen and Troy Daniels
Kink | Bound Gods

February 24, 2011

"Ripped and tall biker, Cliff Jensen is always available for a rough scene. Troy Daniels is a handsome junior executive who's craving for a rough scene. It's past midnight at Troy's apartment and boys will be boys. Cliff works Troy over and makes the boy worship his ripped muscles. Cliff resents studs who have everything and he takes it out on them. Troy endures rough cock sucking, foot worshiping, crazy bondage, heavy corporal and a hard bondage fuck. This daddy's boy is used up and worn out but only for the night."
















Cliff Jensen Fucks Alexander Garrett

January 27, 2011

In this HOT Dominic Ford scene, monster cock Cliff Jensen fucks the HELL out of hard-bodies Alexander Garret. The chemistry is amazing, and you can tell they couldn't wait to start and didn't want it to end! Watch the full movie at

Cliff Jensen and Cameron Adams

November 4, 2010

Take 8 models, put them in rooms at the Coconut Cove Guesthouse in Fort Lauderdale, and outfit their rooms with camcorders. What do you get? A whole lot of sex. In this exclusive series, watch Dominic Ford's guys have spontaneous and uninhibited sex during their Florida vacation at Coconut Cove. First up is Cliff Jensen and Cameron Adams. Cliff won the award for "Best New Comer" on Ford's "So You Think You Can Fuck" and Cameron played "Himmione Grainghim" in Ford's award-winning movie "Whorrey Potter." Watch the full movie at

SYTYCF Episode 5

Cliff Jensen and Brock Richmond

October 7, 2010

This is the fifth episode of Dominic Ford's hotly anticipated, ground-breaking reality game show "So You Think You Can Fuck." In it, 12 contestants compete for the titles of "America's Favorite Pornstar." You can vote for your favorite at In this episode, two newcomers show the camera what they've got! Watch the full movie at

Cliff Jenson and Matthew Singer

"Why not get paid for it?"

Cliff Jenson and Matthew Singer

February 10, 2011

"So, here`s the scoop. Cliff our Bait guy for this video has been doing porn for a while now. He is a super hot 21 year old dude with 190lbs of very lean, long muscle on his perfectly proportioned 6`3`` frame. His blue eyes, brown hair, 8.5`` cock, and great personality rounds off this hot stud package. Cliff`s straight buddy since high school, Matthew, has been asking lots of questions about the movies his friend makes lately and admitted he was curious about gay sex. Matthew is quite the piece of ass himself. He`s also 21, he`s 6`, 175lbs with blue eyes and brown hair. He has a really nice body with a light layer of hair which he wears very well and a big thick 8.5`` cock which is almost a twin to his buddy Cliff`s. Well, with all that interest Matthew was showing, Cliff convinced him that it would be safer for him to experiment with his bud - but ``why not get paid for it?`` That`s when he decided to call Robins & Caruso ... and it was on.

Right from the start the experienced Cliff gets very hands on with Matthew who himself is not shying away. Both guys sit side by side with their thighs pressing in to one another jacking off to get their dicks hard - it doesn`t take long before we are looking at two very big, thick, suckable erections. Standing side by side with their beautiful dicks and sexy bubble butts on display, one hairy, one smooth, just makes our mouths water. Matthew then gives his first blow job ever to his high school buddy and you can tell he`s very turned on - although later he was hesitant to admit it. When Cliff has the opportunity to swap and go down on his straight buddy - he really chows down - you can even hear his moans. And though he`s had plenty of hot sex with many guys - doing it with his straight bud is really turning him on. When we tells Matthew it`s time for him to lose his cherry - he appears shocked. He`s somehow under the impression (Matthew fibbed) that HE was going to fuck Matthew. With some convincing he agrees to try. And as he looks over at his buddie`s big, thick hard cock he says ``that`s not a training penis!`` How right he is. He howls a bit as he`s penetrated for the first time -but he manages a moaning finish with the entire 8.5 inches stuffed in his hot bubble but! This is one hot video."

Cliff Jenson and Matthew Singer

Cliff Jenson and Matthew Singer

Cliff Jenson and Matthew Singer

Cliff Jenson and Matthew Singer Cliff Jenson and Matthew Singer

Cliff Jenson and Matthew Singer Cliff Jenson and Matthew Singer

Cliff Jenson and Matthew Singer

Cliff Jenson and Matthew Singer Cliff Jenson and Matthew Singer
Blind Lust

Blind Lust, Scene 2

Starring Cameron Foster and Cliff Jensen
Falcon Studios | Jocks Studios

September 21, 2011

"Jesse Santana watches his two buddies, Cliff Jensen, a huge-cocked tattooed hottie and Cameron Foster, a statuesque blonde hearthrob. They're both blindfolded and stunning Cameron fumbles around near a picnic table until he follows Cliff's voice and finds him. Keeping the blindfolds on as Mason, the host, instructed, they have no idea what the other one looks like, so they feel each other's tight hot bodies clad only in underwear. Feeling the hard, thick dick underneath Cliff's underwear, Cameron goes right for the goods and pulls them down so he can give Cliff a wet and wild blowjob blindly pleasuring Cliff until they can't wait any longer to see what they're working with. They like what they see, and Cliff returns the oral favor while he strokes his big boy. He can't wait any longer because he wants to plant his massive trunk in the waiting hole of Cameron. Laying back on the picnic table, Cameron gives his perfectly round ass to Cliff, who know how to pound the hot stud well ramming his wood deeper and deeper into Cameron. The table top gets even more use when Cameron gets on all fours and serves his ass doggie style. Cliff slams it home as Cameron's hole devours this prize-winning cock. These studs work each other out until they both decided to lay back on the picnic table and serve up two hot loads to go!"












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Fleet Week 2

Fleet Week 2, Scene 2

Starring Cliff Jensen, Cole Streets, and Conner Habib
Falcon Studios

March 11, 2011

"Cliff Jensen and Cole Streets hit a porno shop to see what they can pick up. They spot Conner Habib cruisin' them and quickly head his way. Conner's been hankerin' for hunky seamen and guzzles their dicks down. Then all three shuffle off to a private playroom where they strip down and engage in a more vigorous 3-man exercise sucking cock and eating ass. Cliff and Cole tease Conner as they jam fingers up his booby hatch making him whimper and gasp. Then Cliff lays back so Conner can suck his cock and rim his ass while Cole is behind fucking the civilian's hole. Soon it's all hands on deck as they line up for a daisy-chain fucking with Cole in the lead, Conner in the middle and Cliff taking up the rear. The men rock back and forth generating enough sexual heat that leaves them wanting even more. Cliff multi-tasks as he fucks Cole while sucking Conner off. More rimming, more intense fucking and even more cocksucking follow until all three finally blast their wads."









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Parker's Mirage, Scene 4

Starring Cliff Jensen, Jake Austin, Logan Drake
Falcon Studios | Jocks Studios

February 23, 2011

"Jake Austin and Logan Drake are relaxing poolside, already busy at play when Cliff Jensen swims up to join them. Logan stuffs his mouth full with Jake's dick while he's hungrily feeding on Cliff's cock and balls. It's a win-win situation for all three as they lose themselves in this lusty 3-man exercise. Logan then sucks off both his companions, Cliff first, then Jake, then both of them simultaneously. Logan gets down on his knees and Cliff mounts him. Both of their butts are staring Jake in the face and he attacks their assholes with his tongue. Then with Logan on his back with his legs in the air, Jake fucks his asshole with hard thrusts while Cliff watches with approval. The men switch things up and Logan porks Jake while he's busy fellating Cliff. Then Jake sits on Cliff's lap to bounce up and down his big cock until he ejaculates. Logan jerks himself off and discharges; and Cliff jacks off, squeezing out milky drops of cum to end the session."





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Shane's Pool Party, Scene 5

Starring Cliff Jensen and Dylan Roberts
Falcon Studios | Jocks Studios

January 26, 2011

"Even though his boyfriend is fast asleep, Cliff Jensen can't settle down. He grabs hold of his cock and starts to masturbate. Dylan Roberts is rousted awake with all the commotion and once he gets a glimpse of Cliff's stiff dick, he's on it in a flash. Dylan sucks on Cliff's cock letting his lips slide up and down the shaft while savoring the salty sweetness of his flesh. Soon they switch roles and Cliff opens wide to let Dylan's uncut cock inch in and out of his mouth. Dylan climbs aboard his partner, skewers himself onto Cliff's dick and rides him hard. He then lays back and the two continue fucking, building up a sweat and going harder and faster until they both cum."









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Power-Top Cliff Jensen's Poolside Seduction of Troy Daniels

Heat Wave 2, Scene 5

Power-Top Cliff Jensen's Poolside Seduction of Troy Daniels
Lucas Entertainment

September 26, 2011

"After spending the day at the beach sunning themselves and horsing around, buddies Cliff Jensen and Troy Daniels get hot for each other as the high afternoon approaches. They start kissing passionately on the beach, and eventually move back to a private home where Troy works on Cliff's gorgeous, lean body with his tongue and lips: he licks his nipples, chest, and armpits. The boys hop in the pool, Cliff leans back against the deck, and his stiff erection stands tall for Troy to suck and swallow. With Cliff's hands behind his head, Troy goes to town and gets Cliff hard and stiff with his excited mouth. The two reverse roles and Troy sits on the edge of the pool, presenting his uncut cock to Cliff, who spits on and sucks it while floating in the pool. But they both hop out of the water when Cliff is ready to fuck: Troy gets on all fours like a dog and Cliff starts fucking him with vigor: his tight torso clenches, revealing his sexy six pack, as his cock drills in and out of Troy! Cliff reaches his climax with Troy opened up wide, coming in the bottom's hungry mouth!"

Power-Top Cliff Jensen's Poolside Seduction of Troy Daniels

Power-Top Cliff Jensen's Poolside Seduction of Troy Daniels

Power-Top Cliff Jensen's Poolside Seduction of Troy Daniels

Power-Top Cliff Jensen's Poolside Seduction of Troy Daniels

Power-Top Cliff Jensen's Poolside Seduction of Troy Daniels

Power-Top Cliff Jensen's Poolside Seduction of Troy Daniels Power-Top Cliff Jensen's Poolside Seduction of Troy Daniels

Power-Top Cliff Jensen's Poolside Seduction of Troy Daniels Power-Top Cliff Jensen's Poolside Seduction of Troy Daniels

Power-Top Cliff Jensen's Poolside Seduction of Troy Daniels Power-Top Cliff Jensen's Poolside Seduction of Troy Daniels
Muscle stud Cliff Jensen pounds rookie cop Steven Daigle

Muscle stud Cliff Jensen pounds rookie cop Steven Daigle

Assassin, Scene 3

Muscle stud Cliff Jensen pounds rookie cop Steven Daigle
Lucas Entertainment

April 25, 2011

"Rookie police detective Steven Daigle is casing the crime scene with boss Wilfried Knight. Steven is hot on the case of discovering who shot Junior Stellano but it's a tough job and he needs a cocktail to help take the edge off. Bartender Cliff Jensen is happy to oblige, but it's more than just a shot of liquor he winds up giving Steven. With his fly already down, Cliff hops over the counter, pours a drink over his hard cock and tells Steven to take a stiff drink. Steven does so without hesitation and takes Cliff's smooth, cut cock all the way down his throat. While Steven gives him a wet blowjob, Cliff makes a grab for Steven's gun to compare which is bigger. Rest assured -- it's Cliff's. Soon after, Steven gets serviced himself; he peels off his cop clothes and hops up onto the counter where he aggressively pumps his dick down Cliff's throat. They role-reverse again and Cliff lays on the counter spread eagle so Steven can give him a deep, slurping rim job. It doesn't take either of them long to get ready for some fucking: Cliff turns Steven over on the counter, and starts pounding his smooth ass. Steven takes every inch of Cliff's 8.5-inch cock, though he's groaning and grabbing the counter during every, last second of it! Steven proceeds to jump onto his back so Cliff can drill him balls-deep until neither one of them can stand it anymore. The cop blows his load on Cliff's leg and slurps up every last drop before falling to his knees and receiving Cliff's cum all over his face."

Muscle stud Cliff Jensen pounds rookie cop Steven Daigle

Muscle stud Cliff Jensen pounds rookie cop Steven Daigle

Muscle stud Cliff Jensen pounds rookie cop Steven Daigle

Muscle stud Cliff Jensen pounds rookie cop Steven Daigle

Muscle stud Cliff Jensen pounds rookie cop Steven Daigle Muscle stud Cliff Jensen pounds rookie cop Steven Daigle

Muscle stud Cliff Jensen pounds rookie cop Steven Daigle Muscle stud Cliff Jensen pounds rookie cop Steven Daigle
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