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Johnny Rapid & Jay Rising

Johnny Juice

Featuring Johnny Rapid & Jay Rising
Drill My Hole at

August 29, 2015

"Johnny Rapid has a new lemonade stand and he’s really making us thirsty. But what’s going on behind his curtain? Jay Rising stops by to fuck Johnny with his massive cock."

Johnny Rapid & Jay Rising

Johnny Rapid & Jay Rising

Johnny Rapid & Jay Rising

Johnny Rapid & Jay Rising

Johnny Rapid & Jay Rising

Johnny Rapid & Jay Rising

Johnny Rapid & Jay Rising

Johnny Rapid & Jay Rising

Johnny Rapid & Jay Rising

Johnny Rapid & Jay Rising

Johnny Rapid & Jay Rising

Johnny Rapid & Jay Rising Johnny Rapid & Jay Rising

Johnny Rapid & Jay Rising Johnny Rapid & Jay Rising

Johnny Rapid & Jay Rising Johnny Rapid & Jay Rising
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Newstepdadisaperv-top Newstepdadisaperv-bottom


My New Stepdad is a Pervert Part 3

Featuring Adam Herst, Jay Rising and Travis Stevens
Drill My Hole at

April 25, 2015

"Jay Rising stops by to visit his friend Adam Herst who has something to get off his chest. He tells Jay that he recorded his stepson, Travis Stevens, getting fucked while he hid in his closet. Jay doesn’t believe it and wants to see the video for himself. The two pervy daddies start to touch themselves as they watch the video of Travis getting his cute ass ravaged by his friend. Travis walks in on them, but is so turned on by these hung daddies that he offers them the real deal."

Adam-Herst---Jay-Rising---Travis-Stevens---2-22-15---0405 Adam-Herst---Jay-Rising---Travis-Stevens---2-22-15---0487

Adam Herst, Jay Rising and Travis Stevens Adam Herst, Jay Rising and Travis Stevens



Adam Herst, Jay Rising and Travis Stevens

Adam Herst, Jay Rising and Travis Stevens


Adam Herst, Jay Rising and Travis Stevens

Adam Herst, Jay Rising and Travis Stevens

Adam Herst, Jay Rising and Travis Stevens

Adam Herst, Jay Rising and Travis Stevens


Adam Herst, Jay Rising and Travis Stevens

Adam Herst, Jay Rising and Travis Stevens

Adam Herst, Jay Rising and Travis Stevens

Adam Herst, Jay Rising and Travis Stevens


Desperate Teens Part 3

Featuring Jay Rising and Travis Stevens
Drill My Hole at

January 28, 2015

"Travis Stevens is having car trouble and is stranded on the side of the road. Just when he thought nobody would stop to help, Jay Rising drives up and makes him an offer he cannot refuse. Jay says he will help Travis, just as long as he can stuff his mouth with his enormous cock and then ravage the desperate teen’s hole until he delivers a massive load to his face."

Note: The above description is a fictional portrayal for entertainment purposes only.













0015 0025

0027 0030

0056 0062

Desperate Teens Part 2

Featuring Cayden Wyatt and Jay Rising
Str8 to Gay at

January 21, 2015

"Cayden’s bitch girlfriend has left him stranded which leaves him no choice but to get in Jay Rising’s car and service his massive cock in exchange for cash and a place to stay. It is a win-win for Cayden as he thoroughly enjoys every inch of Jay’s meaty dick as it jams his sweet sexy hole."

Note: The above description is a fictional portrayal for entertainment purposes only.

DesperateTeensPart2DMH01 DesperateTeensPart2DMH02

DesperateTeensPart2DMH05 DesperateTeensPart2DMH06

DesperateTeensPart2DMH07 DesperateTeensPart2DMH10

DesperateTeensPart2DMH15 DesperateTeensPart2DMH17










Desperate Teens Part 1

Featuring Jay Rising and Max Bradley
Drill My Hole at

January 14, 2015

"Max Bradley is stranded an hour away from home after spending the night partying. Luckily, Jay Rising drives by and offers Max a ride. He only asks that he be able to plow Max’s teenage hole with his 10 inches of thick cock. Max obliges as he does really need a lift home, and his parents are probably expecting him."

Note: The above description is a fictional portrayal for entertainment purposes only.

DesperateTeensDMH03 DesperateTeensDMH04

DesperateTeensDMH10 DesperateTeensDMH11

DesperateTeensDMH13 DesperateTeensDMH14

DesperateTeensDMH15 DesperateTeensDMH16









Kink Men

30MinutesOfTorment Jay Rising

Stud with a 10 inch fat cock gets torment to the extreme

Featuring Jay Rising
Kink | 30 Minutes Of Torment

December 2, 2014

"Straight, East coast, stud Jay Rising begins his test in The Pit where Van works over all 10 inches of his fat cock. After getting hard from some ball squeezing Van promises to bring things full-circle before punching Jay's abs and chest. An intense flogging brings Jay to the brink and earns him his next chamber, The Padded Cell.In a full leather harness Jay is helpless as he's tossed around the room like a rag doll. The impacts bring him to his knees and with his ass exposed Van introduces the bamboo cane. Jay's ass, chest, and thighs, welt beautifully from the deceivingly painful whacks. Another round of slamming the cocky stud around the room gives Jay the impression the station is over, until Van returns with the crop to slap the sensitive welts all over Jay's body until he screams.Gagged in The Electric Chamber, Jay gets an electrified butt plug shoved up his ass while he endures the electric pads on his thighs. The Violet Wand agonizes the stud as the current from the plug fucks his ass. After using the mini-taser all over his body, including his tongue and cock, Jay has finally made it through his 30 minutes. Van maintains his promise to bring the ball squeezing full-circle as he grips Jay's nuts hard while the stud's monster cock oozes cum."

30MinutesOfTorment Jay Rising

30MinutesOfTorment Jay Rising

30MinutesOfTorment Jay Rising

30MinutesOfTorment Jay Rising

30MinutesOfTorment Jay Rising
Jay Rising and Sebastian Keys

Straight Giant Cock!

Featuring Jay Rising
Kink | Men On Edge

June 24, 2014

"Hung stud Jay Rising sits on his couch and decides to pull out his big dick to jerk one out. Little does he know Sebastian is right outside, touching himself as he peeps through a hole in the wall. Once Jay passes out, Sebastian sneaks in on him and quickly ties him up. The hung stud wakes up in bondage as his captor begins teasing his cock. No matter how hard he struggles, Jay's cock can't help but get hard. Sebastian sucks and strokes on the stud's cock while putting tit suckers on his nips. Bound with his feet in the air, Jay has his boots removed so Sebastian can worship every one of his toes. A dildo is shoved up Jay's ass while his cock is continuously edged. Once Jay finally blows his load he receives post-orgasmic torment on his cockhead before Sebastian tickles the hell out of him."

Jay Rising and Sebastian Keys

Jay Rising and Sebastian Keys

Jay Rising and Sebastian Keys

Jay Rising and Sebastian Keys

Jay Rising and Sebastian Keys

Jay Rising and Sebastian Keys

Jay Rising and Sebastian Keys
Trenton Ducati and Jay Rising

The Creepy Handyman vs His New Replacement

Featuring Trenton Ducati and Jay Rising
Kink | Bound Gods

March 13, 2014

"Jay Rising is minding his own business at work when creepy handyman Trenton Ducati approaches him. When Jay explains that he's the there to replace the current handyman after complaints have been made, Trenton pounces on him from behind and holds Jay captive. Locked in a cage, Jay wakes up to the creepy handyman, tormenting him with the zapper before prying Jay's mouth open to suck cock. Bound in rope, Jay endures a flogging as his captor relentlessly beats him, his big cock swinging in the air as the whip hits his skin. Trenton then suspends his captive in the air and fucks him from both ends. Tied down on his back, Jay squirms in his bondage as hot candle wax is poured all over his body before his captor milks a load out of his cock. The creepy handyman finishes Jay off with a face full of cum and has him suck his cock clean."

Trenton Ducati and Jay Rising

Trenton Ducati and Jay Rising

Trenton Ducati and Jay Rising

Trenton Ducati and Jay Rising

Trenton Ducati and Jay Rising

Trenton Ducati and Jay Rising
Jay Rising and Sebastian Keys

Straight stud with a giant cock relentlessly edged against his will

Featuring Jay Rising
Kink | Men On Edge

February 18, 2014

"Sebastian is working part time in a warehouse to earn some extra money when he notices his hot straight co-worker, Jay Rising. When Jay least expects it, Sebastian pounces on him from behind and quickly ties him up. He calls up Van to come join in on the fun and the two tear away Jay's clothes as he's bound and blindfolded. The straight stud is a little feisty so the two pervs smack him around till he's ready to submit. He settles down as the two get his cock nice and hard, teasing him with hitachi's vibrating on his cockhead before going off to take their break. Tied up in the chair, Jay moans in his bondage as Van ad Sebastian enjoy a cup of tea. They torment the bound stud by taking a gulp of tea and spitting it back onto Jay's hard cock. When Jay threatens to tell on the two pervs they take some blackmail photos of Jay sucking Sebastian's cock for insurance. Jay then has a vibrator shoved up his ass as the two pervs continue to edge his cock with the fleshjack. The pervs shove a prostate massager up Jay's butt as they milk a load of cum out of his cock and give him some post-orgasmic tickling."

Jay Rising and Sebastian Keys

Jay Rising and Sebastian Keys

Jay Rising and Sebastian Keys

Jay Rising and Sebastian Keys

Jay Rising and Sebastian Keys

Locker Room Fuck

Featuring Austin Wilde and Jay Rising
Next Door Studios | Austin Wilde

February 11, 2012

"Jay Rising is a thick dick, relative new cummer on the scene, and Austin Wilde has him in his sights and in the gym. Jay pulls out his 9-inch cock and Austin's jaw drops. Easily the biggest cock Austin has ever taken, the anticipation of Jay's cock pulsating through him has Austin chomping at the bit, and nibbling on the cock. The two of them recline on the bench and Jay shoves his massive cock down Austin's throat before slowly inching it in Austin's tight ass. Once inside, Jay starts to really rise, and pounds Austin into a frenzy before the two of them both drop a jizz bomb all over Austin's chest. Enjoy!"

WATCH Locker Room Fuck Featuring Austin Wilde and Jay Rising

WATCH On The Set - Locker Room Fuck













17883_036 17883_052

Fresh Pump

Featuring Marcus Mojo and Jay Rising
Next Door Studios | Marcus Mojo

January 13, 2012

"The man with the Best Body in Porn, Marcus Mojo, is back in the gym, this time with his friend, Jay Rising. Jay is a very well built dude who can hold his own right alongside Marcus. They're both primed for pumpage and ready to move weight like gym room dominators.

They're starting out with Marcus's rigorous pushup routine just to get the blood flowing. Then it's on to bench press. Marcus is really impressed with Jay's pecs and his ability to put up the bar. But when Marcus takes position, get ready to be blown away by his display of raw power! You won't believe his lifting performance as Jay spots this incredibly chiseled dude. And if you think Marcus can pump weight, wait until you see him pump Jay's luscious cock in and out of his salivating mouth! Then it's Jay's turn to enjoy Marcus's beautiful dick as he uncovers and slurps a rock hard boner. Jay has been eagerly looking forward to stuffing Marcus's moist hole during the entire workout and he's not about to hold back. Check out these two guys with gorgeous physiques while they unleash pure pleasuring power in this lean, mean, muscle-bound pump fest! Enjoy!"

WATCH Marcus Mojo and Jay Rising in Fresh Pump


17689_003 17689_006

17689_009 17689_010

17689_020 17689_028

17689_029 17689_041

17689_043 17689_059





Working Stiff

Featuring Brittany Amber and Jay Rising
Next Door Studios | Next Door Hookups

February 12, 2012

"Jay Rising has been a very naughty employee! His boss, Brittany Amber, has been receiving complaints about him lately. The most recent has come from a distraught young woman claiming Jay asked to put his 'penis in her mouth and pooper.' Jay isn't denying anything. Brittany has brought him into her office to get to the bottom of the issue. Sure enough, Jay wants to be able to have sex at work. Jay's confidence has Brittany curious. She figures he must have quite a large man piece in his pants. Well now she's finding out! Jay has no problem following Brittany's orders to sit still while she removes his clothing and wraps her lips around his throbbing cock. He's happy with how this afternoon's turning out so far. But if he doesn't pound Brittany with his hulking dick, he COULD lose his job. He wouldn't want that. Enjoy!"

WATCH Working Stiff Featuring Brittany Amber and Jay Rising

Working Stiff Featuring Brittany Amber and Jay Rising
















Full Moon Rizzing

Featuring Drake Jaden and Jay Rizzing
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

February 1, 2012

"Packin' more than the average hottie, Jay Rizzing is back this week to show everyone the top 10 reasons why our members love him. By 'reasons' we, of course, mean inches; and who better to appreciate such a monumental task than our good friend, Drake Jaden. Drake is 27 and a local Florida boy. Jay is 24 and a product of the Big Apple. We asked these two what the last thing they watched on TV was and for Drake it was The Grinch with Jim Carry. Jay watched Family Guy which he can't get enough of. We then asked these two what the biggest dick they've ever seen. Drake's thickest would be his buddy Girth Brooks who is EBD alumni and as for the longest dick he's seen it would be a guy he hooked up with this past weekend. 'It was practically down to his knee' he says 'it was insane.' As far as Jay is concerned, his is the biggest dick he's ever seen and just another perk of packing a 10' pole. To wrap things up we asked these two porn lovers what kind of porn they watch to get themselves off. Drake likes to watch any type of porn that he could see himself doing in. For Jay, who used to love watching girls get gang banged now watches his own videos watching himself fuck onscreen... Sign us up!Jay is squeezing his thick dick through his pants as Drake goes in to investigate. He starts to grope at that dick as they make out. Jay then stands up and puts his crotch in Drake's face as Drake pulls down Jay's shorts and wraps his lips around that horse hung dick. Jay moans as Drake takes it all the way to the hilt. Do no try this at home, boys; Drake is a trained professional. Drake hauls out his own fat dick and starts to beat off as he continues to ram that thick cock down his throat. Jay then sits back as Drake continues worshipping his fat dick remembering to pay attention to his smooth balls as well. Drake shoves that dick all the way down his throat and holds it down as long as he can before gagging on it and having to come up for air. Jay is in awe as he watches Drake take his dick better than most. Drake then stands and strips to give Jay the opportunity to give back. Jay grabs Drake's throbbing meat and sucks on it. He bobs his head up and down on that throbbing meat getting as much of it down his throat as he can. He jacks Drake's dick into his mouth as he sucks on his knob. Both of these studs are packing serious meat as they go back and forth pleasuring each other's boners.Jay then gets Drake on the floor as he kneels behind him and starts to rub his fat dick along that hot hole. Drake moans quickly turn to groans as Jay's dick starts to slide inside. 'You like that big fuckin' dick?' Jay taunts 'does that fill you up?' Drake grimaces as his ass gives in and takes that fat dick balls deep. Jay is soon tappin' that ass deep as Drake starts to back that ass up onto his meat wanting every inch of it inside him. Jay's thick meat slides in and out of that hungry hole with ease as Jay moans in ecstasy. Jay then gets Drake to lie on the couch so he could fuck that ass missionary. He grabs Drake's ankles as he goes right back to laying that pipe deep. Drake just begs for more as he gets that hole hammered by Jay's str8 dick. That mammoth meat is feeling damn good as it rams inside; but wait...there's more. Jay then lies on the floor and holds still as Drake sits on that cock. He bounces up and down on that dick fucking himself harder and harder until it sends him over the edge as he explodes all over Jay's smooth chest and abs. Jay is next as he jacks his own thick load all over his already cum-covered navel. Well, welcome back Mr. Rizzing."

Duo194__04 Duo194__35

Duo194__39 Duo194__50

Duo194__68 Duo194__96

Duo194__97 Duo194_102







Bait: Javier Cruz and Straight: Jay Rizzing

January 31, 2019

"This week, we bring you another special edition of BaitBuddies starring Jay Rizzing and Javier Cruz!

Gio was talking to Javier and he asked him that if he had to choose a small list of guys on BaitBuddies that he thought was hot, who would he choose and why? Well, he made his list and gave it to Gio. Gio started making calls and one of Javier's choices happened to be in town. That guy is Jay Rizzing and we haven't seen him in about 7 long years! Jay is hot and hung, and he still considers himself straight. And, he makes it clear that he only goes gay for pay!

Gio called up Javier and told him the good news so Javier hurried over to get what he's been dreaming of... Jay Rizzing and his 11inch cock! That thing is a beast and Jay sure knows how to use it!"














Bait Plus 8'

Bait: Rex Wolfe and Straight: Jay Rizzing

December 29, 2011

"This video might better have been titled 'Bait Plus 10...and married' which more accurately describes our straight guy, Jay. Caruso tells our two guys that they are auditioning for a 20 guy on one girl gang bang and the guys need to all be hung with 8 inches or better. And, when they work up their cocks he finds that they have inches to spare. Our Bait Rex has 9 inches and Jay has 10 really thick and perfect inches. Both guys are tall, built, smooth and handsome - but you'd have to call our Straight boy Jay a super stud. He's athletic, muscular, masculine and a self admitted thrill seeker who loves his street bike, parasailing and anything else that can give him a rush. Jay is also married and says his wife knows where he is and what he's doing - fucking pussy for cash. She's pretty open minded as when they met he was stripper and danced nude for large audiences of very horny women. Rex, our Bait is bi-curious or you might say straight-curious. He hasn't done much, but knows he has an attraction to guys and has fooled around jacking with a buddy before - but not much else.

Once they pass their audition by proving they are hung and can get it up fast and keep it up, Caruso offers them a way to make money right away. And we all know what that is...double the pay to go a little gay. Jay gets that look - you can tell he's pissed and says 'no way'. Rex, as you might imagine feigns a bit of shock, but in reality he's been waiting for this ever since he set eyes on Jay. So, fast forward past Caruso's convincing argument about why gay4pay is no big deal and see what kind of fun 19 inches of cock attached to two very hot dudes, one bi-curious, one straight, can have. Don't miss 'After the Shoot' where 10 inch Jay tells us why he thought he had a small cock up until just a few years ago!"

PC155565 PC155625

PC155636 PC155661

PC155646 PC155651

















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