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ALIAS: Gerin, Jackson Reed
SITES: Chaosmen, Falcon Studios, NakedSword, Next Door Twink, Next Door Studios, Str8 to Gay, Southern Strokes

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An Unexpected Love

Jackson Taylor and Troy Accola
Next Door World | Next Door Twink

January 14, 2015

"They're not just roommates, but friends. Jackson Taylor is a busy college student and Troy Accola is a hard working dude, just trying to make his way. Jackson's class schedule can be pretty intense, and that means he has to do things quickly around the house to save time wherever he can. This morning, he kicked Troy out of the bathroom, then ate Troy's last piece of toast on his way out the door. Needless to say, Troy was bummed.

But when Jackson returns home from school, he knows he has making up to do. That's why he's having a heart-to-heart with Troy. Telling his friend that he knows he's sacrificed a lot, and endured much shitty behavior, Jackson hopes Troy will forgive.

Well, due to some strategically placed hands, forgiveness turns into hot, jubilant sex! Troy is so surprised that Jackson is being so sweet and SEXUAL, his dick hardens like a rock. Jackson is happy to suck Troy's throbbing beast as a way of saying, 'sorry.' And Troy doesn't hesitate to show his forgiveness by returning the favor. Jackson is so glad that not only is he out of the doghouse, but definitely IN the right spot!

The boys progress from sucking each other's firm cocks, to some rimming, as Troy enjoys tasting Jackson's tender hole. He gets it just nice and wet enough to slide his large erection right into the warm pocket. See Troy fuck his good pal, and sincerely apologetic roommate in this hot, fun, sexy encounter. Enjoy!" WATCH An Unexpected Love Featuring Jackson Taylor and Troy Accola















Bottom Poker

Jackson Taylor, Tripp Townsend, Troy Accola
Next Door World | Next Door Twink

December 24, 2014

"What's more fun on a lazy afternoon with some friends than a game of poker? What about STRIP poker?! Jackson Taylor has invited over Troy Accola and Tripp Townsend to hang out. Little did they know, themselves and their host would end up with their clothes off! Once the game of strip poker is underway, Tripp perks up a bit at the sight of Troy's and Jackson's healthy bodies. He makes a joke saying he's gonna fuck the losers of the game, but Jackson treats it as much more than a silly comment. Jackson flicks the cards out, spreading them all over the floor, and the boys get into a three-way dick sucking formation. Jackson slurps on Tripp's fat cock, while Troy enjoys Jackson's swollen dick. After some good, deep sucking, they switch things up so Tripp can fuck Jackson's sweet hole. As he takes Tripp's firm meat, Jackson goes deep on Troy's big dick. Then they switch it up so Troy can look down on Jackson as he rides Tripp and bobs on Troy's throbbing dong at the same time. Check out this intense, epic three-way action. Enjoy!" WATCH Bottom Poker Featuring Jackson Taylor, Tripp Townsend, Troy Accola















Milk Bone

Featuring Dane Riley, Jackson Taylor, and Trevor Laster
Next Door Studios | Next Door Twink

October 16, 2012

"Dressed in white and loading up on calcium, these guys are ready to do a body good. After getting in their daily dose of vitamin D, Trevor Laster, Dane Riley and Jackson Taylor are ready to get a daily dose of cock. Quickly they melt into the loveseat and disrobe, Trevor stripping Dane as Jackson blows both of them. Trevor slides behind Jackson and begins to tongue his ass, prepping it for penetration, as Dane strokes his cock into Jackson's mouth. As Trevor's cock enters Jackson's sweet asshole, he moans and the sound vibrates the head of Dane's cock still in Jackson's mouth. Trevor pumps Jackson from behind as Dane strokes himself to contentment, his load building as he watches the two lovers fuck. Trevor fucks Jackson's hole into submission as Jackson rides him and explodes all over his chest simultaneously, so Trevor pulls out and lets his load fly as Dane leans in and blasts Jackson's chest with his gooey goodness. Now that's how a body gets done. Enjoy!"

WATCH Milk Bone Featuring Dane Riley, Jackson Taylor, and Trevor Laster


Strip Pool

Matthew Keading and Jackson Taylor
Next Door World | Next Door Twink

September 18, 2012

"When Matthew Keading and Jackson Taylor meet up to play an innocent game of pool, things get a bit risqu�. Talk of Prince Harry's scandalous game of strip pool leads Matthew to suggest they play a round themselves.Jackson is first to lose his shirt and Matthew takes serious notice of his killer body. The two have been friends for a couple years, but Matthew's never seen Jackson looking so toned, tanned, and tempting! Soon they're both down to underwear and Matthew's becoming a bit chubby in his boxers. Jackson takes it as a cue to make a grab and come in for a smooch. Sure enough, Matthew's ready to have himself a nice piece of his gorgeous pal. While Matthew sits on the pool table, Jackson sucks his hard cock, enjoying its girth and firmness. Matthew can't believe how good Jackson's mouth feels. But he wants a taste of Jackson's meat too. After some nice, intense slurping, the boys 69 on the pool table. Jackson loves the way Matthew's soft balls feel on his face while taking his erect dick deep. Then comes time for Matthew to experience Jackson's tight hole. Watch these two fuck with true passion when this pool game explodes with sweet sensuousness. Enjoy!" WATCH Strip Pool Featuring Matthew Keading, Jackson Taylor


Triple Dare

Featuring Jackson Taylor, Jacques Le Coque, and Trevor Laster
Next Door Studios | Next Door Twink

September 4, 2012

"Happy couple Trevor Laster and his boy toy Jackson Taylor are prepping for a house guest one afternoon. And by prepping, that of course, means scheming. Plotting a way to get new friend Jaques LeCoque out his jeans and into their mouths. Prepping for a silly old game of Truth or Dare, Jackson and Trevor are giggly in anticipation of Jacques arrival. For his part, Jacques is a pretty open minded guy, but when his new friends suggest he try getting his dick sucked by a guy, Jacques is skeptical, but he figures 'What the hell?' so he gives it a try. To his surprise, as Jackson starts to swallow him, he realizes it feels fucking amazing. Jackson deep throats him all the way down to shaft and Jacques' legs almost buckle as Trevor tongues Jackson's ass. Sliding his cock in while Jackson sucks Jacques off, Trevor pounds away at his boyfriends ass, smashing his face deeper and deeper into Jacques' pelvis. Then the two of them switch, and Jacques pops his man-cherry as Jackson moans from the size of Jacques full hard cock. Pumping him like that while Trevor strokes off, Jacques pulls out and Jackson remounts Trevor, riding him as he strokes his dick into cumming oblivion, where Trevor then pulls out and squirts a hot load on Jackson's thigh as Jacques beats off and blows a load in Jackson's face. Sure seems like the dare worked. Enjoy!"

WATCH Triple Dare Featuring Jackson Taylor, Jacques Le Coque, and Trevor Laster


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Rub Me Right, Scene 3

Connor Maguire and Jackson Taylor
Falcon Studios | Guys Like Us

July 19, 2013

"Connor Maguire assumes the role of top man in a sultry bedroom encounter with dick-hungry Jackson Taylor. Jackson is smooth and slim, with perfect hair and ass cheeks. They stand naked, clasped in each other's arms, kissing. They fuck each other's mouths with their tongues. Jackson then puts his tongue and lips to work on Connor's cock, in a slow, titillating display of oral expertise that leaves young Jackson's ruddy cheekbones hollow from suction. Jackson's wide doe eyes look up for approval, and they get it from Connor moaning and grasping him by the hair and pushing his cock deeper into Jackson's throat. Connor sits in a nearby chair and Jackson climbs aboard his cock for a lap dance. Jackson's ass is so tight it doesn't even ripple as he works it in every direction. Connor rises to his feet and fucks Jackson in midair, then tosses him onto the bed, plunging him to a noisy, breathy cum shot. Exhausted, Jackson sucks Connor to a wet climax that lands in his mouth."

WATCH Rub Me Right, Scene 3 Starring Connor Maguire and Jackson Taylor


















Tahoe - Snow Packed, Scene 2

Jackson Taylor and Angel Rock
Falcon Studios

May 10, 2013

"Angel Rock and Jackson Taylor are out enjoying the wintry views of Tahoe when a snowstorm sends them scurrying to the lodge. What better way to warm up than to share body heat? Angel's hairy gymnast's pecs practically burst out of his shirt when Jackson unbuttons it. Jackson is all contrasts: darker, slender and smooth. His slim body moves rhythmically as he and Angel smooch. Angel's cock is poised for action, defying gravity as it rises and bobs in response to Jackson's lip, teeth and tongue at his nipples. Angel's cock is a work of art - long, curved and uncut. As fat as Jackson's wrist. You wonder how Jackson makes it disappear down his throat. When Angel leans back on the sofa, Jackson straddles his face like a saddle, spreading his tight, smooth butt. Angel's tongue quickly finds the soft, tender hole. He makes Jackson's two tight handfuls of ass quiver and tremble. Grasping Jackson's tiny waist in two hands, Angel guides him to his waiting cock. Penetration is instant. Jackson takes charge, swiveling and gyrating his hips to stimulate every square inch of his hungry fuck chute. In a breathless climax, Jackson sprays cum wildly across his thighs and torso, triggering a thick ball-basting from Angel."











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Mountain Tops Part 2, Scene 4

Jackson Taylor and Jason Stark
Falcon Studios | Jocks Studios

April 17, 2013

"A Jeep's roll bar serves multiple purposes and none better than to bend a cute guy over and fuck him. Jackson Taylor is the cute guy and Jason Stark does the fucking. As the shirts come off and Jason stoops to lower Jackson's shorts, Jackson hangs from the roll bar, showing very sexy pits; Jason shows plumber's crack. Every syllable of Jackson's body language says 'do me,' from the way he arches his torso to the way he runs one hand across his neck. He smashes his face into Jason's groin, groping for cock and balls with his hands and mouth, guiding hard meat into the hollows of his cheeks and the recesses of his throat. And then there's the moment they climb into the Jeep, their feet on the seat, their bodies emerging through the open top, Jackson bent over with his hips lifted to meet Jason's thrusts. Jason slams Jackson against the frame until there's nowhere left for him to go, then they move to the ground and the pounding resumes, with Jackson riding Jason's cock in the crab position, shaking his tight, tan-lined booty until they both erupt."

35557_01 35557_05














Mountain Tops Part 1, Scene 1

Danny Palick and Jackson Taylor
Falcon Studios | Jocks Studios

January 18, 2013

"A shaft of sunlight penetrating the tree canopy reveals Danny Palick and Jackson Taylor necking in the woods. Danny's farmer tan gives him a country boy appeal, but when he slips the wife beater off Jackson's lithe, tan body and runs his tongue down one of Jackson's cum gutters, you know this country boy has got some serious libido. Jackson's jeans come down and his boner pops up and out, defying gravity, right into Danny's hot mouth. They trade positions. Looking down, Danny gets a great view of his cock gliding smoothly between Jackson's lips, which part with the pressure while still grasping Danny's hard, fat shaft.While Jackson's head moves rhythmically in and out, he reaches up to twist Danny's nipples, never breaking eye contact. Danny sucks his precum off Jackson's tongue, then Jackson sits on the cock that's lubed with his spit. The cowboy position lets them make out while they fuck. Danny clasps Jackson's tan-lined buns while Jackson bounces. They exhaust three more ultra-hot positions before the probing and pounding pushes Jackson over the edge and he sends a fountain of jism across his washboard abs, soon to be joined by Danny's thick, wet load."








Sc_15986_01_01 Sc_15986_01_03

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Sc_15986_01_13 Sc_15986_01_14

Danny Palick And Jackson Taylor Suck Each Other Off

Falcon Studios | Members Exclusive

September 19, 2012

"It's oral combat when studs Danny Palick and Jackson Taylor pit their mouths against each other's cocks. All that stands between them are their matching boxer briefs. These collegiate jocks have wrestlers' bodies of hard flesh, which are clean-shaven and smooth, sporting little ink. Danny's cock is ready to burst the pouch of his shorts as Jackson molds his mouth over flesh and fabric at the same time. Spiky-haired Jackson closes his eyes as if in a dream while Danny slowly slides cut cock into his gullet and out again. Danny responds by slapping Jackson's face with his wet hardon until Jackson's cheeks turn pink. This is tummy-licking, ball-squeezing oral worship at its most devoted. When Jackson lays out flat for Danny to reciprocate, he displays acres of abs that flex ands ripple in response to the tingling Danny conjures in his balls. Realigning head-to-cock, they form a closed circle of sucking fervor. Meat and mouths meld, leading to convulsed eruptions that glaze their faces with spooge."



Sc_12689_01_01 Sc_12689_01_02

Sc_12689_01_03 Sc_12689_01_04

Sc_12689_01_05 Sc_12689_01_06

Sc_12689_01_07 Sc_12689_01_08

Servicing Clayton

August 24, 2012

"Jackson was the first boy I thought of, when Clayton Jasper said he was up for getting his cock sucked by another dude. Jackson was so excited to get his hands on Clayton that I knew it was gonna be a blow job to remember for our Southern Muscle Stud. Did I mention that I love seeing a beefy guy like Clayton getting serviced by a small bottom boy.

Clayton was a little hung over on the day of our shoot and he was moving a little slow. We started with a blindfold on Clayton and let Jackson explore his body with his mouth. Jackson started on Clayton's mammoth concrete guns kissing and rubbing them as Clayton sat their naked with a semi-hard cock.

Jackson worked his tongue down to Clayton's beefy ass; gently darting his tongue in and out of Clayton's tight hole. (much to Clayton's pleasure). After giving him a complete tongue bath, Jackson took Clayton big thick rod in his hands and slowly worked his tongue up and down Clayton's shaft.

Clayton was obviously getting the best blowjob of his life as he grabbed the back of Jackson's head and started to fuck his mouth. This only made Jackson want Clayton's cock all the more. What Jackson really wanted was to taste the nutt of this stud. Jackson finally went to town on Clayton's cock with reckless abandon until Clayton squirted his huge sticky load in the back of Jackson throat. Jackson savored Clayton's salty seed befor spitting it out onto Clayton's still pulsating cock."










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Servicing22 Servicing26

Alexandro & Gerin: RAW

January 21, 2011

"Alexandro has a big fat cock, and it took me a while to find someone willing to take it. Gerin was just the boy.

As usual Gerin responds to be bossed around, and Alexandro, while maybe not bossy, he definitely takes control of the situation and I think he totally got off on finding someone to take really take his cock. Especially after knowing he likes to fuck girls up the ass.

Gerin enjoyed it too, as his cock finally springs to life while being fucked. Must have been a Latin Love Connection!

Gerin rides Alexandro's cock too, and the two get some chemistry going.

Alexandro couldn't believe Gerin was taking his cock, and I think it kind of turned him on more when he realized that Gerin was going to cum from his ass pounding.

A lot of times the Top just can't seem to stay hard long enough to make another dude cum, but I think Alexandro actually gets harder.

Gerin delivers an awesome load, followed by Alexandro quickly cumming all over and in Gerin's eager hole.

Not sure how often I can find guy's to take Alexandro cock, but the dude can really fuck!"



















Eli Hunter & Gerin & Taylor: RAW

August 27, 2010


I thought I would put the ultimate bottom, Gerin, with two of my most hung guys. Because Gerin's motto is, 'The bigger the better!' it just had to be done!

This is the first time Taylor and Eli Hunter have worked with an actual "full-on" gay guy, and I worried it might freak 'em out a bit. They seem to be fine when working with another straight guy. They can relate to the situation, but add a gay guy and whole set of things start playing through their minds.

Needless to say, I didn't have to worry.

Gerin became their bitch while Eli and Taylor, well, they were all about each others' cocks...and kissing! The couldn't get enough of each other.

I don't think Taylor has worked with a guy with a dick his size, and it was funny to see him in awe of another guy's cock. Eli and Taylor both kept saying their cocks were shamefully smaller than the others. Frankly I think they are evenly matched.

The main focus for this video was for them to treat Gerin as their bitch. And they do that in spades. But what I think is awesome is Taylor and Eli threw a lot of energy at each other. I seriously think they were both into each other as well.

There are giant cocks splitting Gerin in two and a lot of spit roasting action!

Gerin felt sure that he could do a double penetration, but I think he is used to working with smaller-dicked-dudes.

We do give it a try. Doesn't last too long as Gerin realizes any DP he had done in the pas was with smaller sized dicks. We bruised his hole, and frankly this video runs 27 minutes, so I was already maxing out the time.

Eli is always fine with getting fucked, so we do get some fine daisy chain fucking. This always worries me as the guy in the middle always shoots prematurely, but Eli did grat and they do get a rhythm going, with Taylor pulling out, hardening his dick, then shoving it back in.

Since Gerin is so flexible, I wanted to do an upside down cumshot with his asshole as a bowl. I knew it was unlikely he could cum that way, but Taylor fills up Gerin's bruised hole (abuse from the double penetration attempt remember!) and I will be damned if Eli unloads right on top of Taylor's load within seconds. Awesome timing!

He then shoves it in, cum oozing out, and dripping down Gerin's cock. It is TRULY astounding!

It is for sure one of the best creampies you will ever see!

Poor Gerin was cramped up from being upside down, so we gave him a break and have him cum while he sucks on the cocks that just unloaded inside of him!

I don't think I say it too often (well maybe I do?), but this is a video you just can't miss! The energy and complete raw sex is amazing!"



Chaosmen_eli_gerin_taylor_hires_14 Chaosmen_eli_gerin_taylor_hires_20





















Gerin & Hagan: RAW

May 28, 2010

"Let's say just say it. Gerin is a Bottom with a capital B. Sweet!

I am so happy to have this little tyke doing scenes for me. He is more than happy to get as big of cock in him as he can, so I thought I would start off with the biggest one I had available. Gerin said Double Penetration wouldn't be out of the question too, so I am hoping to make that finally happen.

Some of the gay guys that work for me struggle to do a scene with a straight guy. They realize quickly that the dude they are working with IS really straight, and though they can get into having sex, and put full energy into it, there really there isn't any true "magic" (usually) going happen. Yes, I get some great energy between them, but for some reason, the gay guys struggle when they learn that the straight guys aren't really going to be "into them" and we depend on straight video playing for them to recharge.

Gavin and Elliott are perfect examples of gay guys who don't care what the straight guys are like. They get off to just working with a straight guy, and don't take anything personally.

I had Gerin all prepped emotionally for working with a guy that might not be able to toss sexual energy back at him.

Hagan, as we have learned, is very quiet, but his dick always had, but he is definitely a "stealth performer." Even the girls he is with complain he doesn't even breathe.

I think I figured out why he is like this. His cock is so big, that he can't properly fuck. He has leaned to to cum with very little motion. So when is IS actually fucking he is literally trying to not cum the entire time.

Gerin easily takes Hagan's monster cock, and I think Hagan 'let go' a little when he realized this little guy half his size was going to be able to really FUCK. It's fun to watch Gerin really pound back against Hagan, with wild abandon.

My favorite part of this video is when Gerin rides Hagan's cock in reverse cowboy position. We really get to see Hagan's cock slide in and out of Gerin's hungry hole.

We got a great cumshot out of Gerin as the always-hard Hagan pummels Gerin till he nuts.

Hagan nuts all over Gerin's ass, plunging his cum-soaked cock in and out. His aim was a little off, but it turns out to be an awesome creampie ending!"





















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