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Manifest Men Caesar



December 17, 2009

"Because of his ruggedly handsome tough-guy looks and thick-muscled physique you might mistake or fantasize erotic star & bodybuilder Caesar as a wrestler or boxer or UFC fighter. You'll also find this tattooed stud to be gregarious & versatile, a dynamite combination that complements his edgy looks. The legendary Caesar has never looked better than in his debut with Manifest Men."


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Manifest Men Caesar Green


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Manifest Men Caesar Black

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Manifest Men Caesar Tie

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"Studio 1010"
Video Gallery Update

December 8, 2009

"If you like gritty aggressive verbal muscle worship then you'll love seeing Caesar in his Manifest video debut. Lying in bed Caesar looks right at you confidently knowing that you want him talk to you forcefully as he flexes and poses. Caesar stands up right away and puts on a muscle show, pointing out every hard muscle and in his cocky tone demands that you stroke in front of him. After roughly handling his steel hard muscles, and punching his own rock hard abs Caesar lies back again & continues his verbal assault as he flexes. Knowing that he's being watched and jacked off to as he flexes and talks nasty is exactly what Caesar needs to grip his own cock and jack it like he's handling a power tool, Even after he shoots on his fuzzy abs he still has the energy to give you a verbal send off and a flex of his arms. Caesar is a modern legend!"














The Boxer: Chris Steele & Caesar

May 9, 2013

"This classic movie is brought to you by some friends of ours who gave it to us. We didn't film it, but we thought it was hot and knew you would like it. Boxing? Sex? Hot guys? What's not to love? Watch the full movie at"

Playing With Fire 3

Playing With Fire 3

All Worlds Video

"A three-alarm sex hoedown! Continuing in the tradition of the previous PLAYING WITH FIRE series, this one's just as scorching as the first two! These firemen are so hot, that you'll keep cumming back for more and more!"

Playing With Fire 3

Playing With Fire 3

Playing With Fire 3

Playing With Fire 3

Playing With Fire 3

Hail Caesar

Catalina Video

"CHI CHI LARUE is famous around the globe for discovering talent. This time the talent can also be considered royalty. His name? CAESAR. With a body kissed by the gods and a face to match, this stud-puppy takes it fast , hard, and below the belt! Joined by an outstanding cast of co-stars this one named phenomenon is a true star like no other!"


Catalina Video


Catalina Video

"Shot in Vermont, Key West, and onboard the Pillage & Plunder cruise off the Florida coast, this feature from director Josh Eliot features international sensation CAESAR! Ray Harley and 15 other well hung studs join in on the fun!"

Groom For Hire

Catalina Video

"Trust us, if this groom was really for hire, you'ld be booking him in! Versace print ad model CAESAR explodes onto the screen in this feature from Director Peter Romero. William Higgin's 80's model CHAD JOHNSON makes a grand return to the screen after nearly a decade, and that huge uncut 11"er of his is still breaking hearts!"

Justin Dragon, Caesar, Jackson Price

The Violation, Part 2: Surrender, Scene 2

Justin Dragon, Caesar, Jackson Price
Jocks Studios / Falcon Studios

"While searching for his boyfriend in the woods Jackson Price comes upon Justin Dragon and Caesar. Jackson just wants a ride, but he gets that and a lot more in the back of their van."

Justin Dragon, Caesar, Jackson Price

Justin Dragon, Caesar, Jackson Price

Justin Dragon, Caesar, Jackson Price

Justin Dragon, Caesar, Jackson Price

Justin Dragon, Caesar, Jackson Price

Justin Dragon, Caesar, Jackson Price

Justin Dragon, Caesar, Jackson Price Justin Dragon, Caesar, Jackson Price
Cameron Fox and Caesar

Sprung, Scene 3

Cameron Fox and Caesar
Jocks Studios / Falcon Studios

"The attraction between Cameron Fox and Caesar is intense and too strong to ignore. Immediately the two men go at it. Caesar dives onto Cameron's cock, swallowing it howle and sucking away at the mushroom tip. Cameron returns the favor, taking each inch of Caesar's dick down his throat. He starts to rim Caesar, tongue-fucking his hole, getting it primed and ready for some tight ass-packing. Cameron slides his dick in and begins to pump away, sending muscleman Caesar into ecstasy. They groan and moan in harmony as Cameron continues grinding his dick deep inside Caesar's ass. He shoots his load over Caesar's abs as Caesar strokes himself to orgasm and the two satisfied studs linger in a sticky embrace."

Cameron Fox and Caesar

Cameron Fox and Caesar

Cameron Fox and Caesar

Cameron Fox and Caesar

Cameron Fox and Caesar Cameron Fox and Caesar
Caesar - Bodybuilder and Gay Pornstar

Caesar's favorite toy

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Posing at the annual Bad Boys Pool Party

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Cameron Mitchell

2004 NPC Junior Nationals Men's Backstage Posing Part 2

"Every year, the Junior National Championships delivers an incredible array of new and up-and-coming bodybuilding talent from across the nation. We're proud to provide exclusive video of this unforgettable show with our year 2004 coverage of this contest being the biggest yet. The Backstage Posing Part 2 video is currently our longest backstage posing video in our entire collection with FOUR HOURS of non-stop up-close muscle as the light-heavyweight, heavyweight, and super-heavyweight men from this contest pose exclusively for our cameras in our private backstage posing area. Not limited to just standard poses, the Backstage Posing video brings you an up-close and unique look at each competitor’s physique in stunning detail. Featuring Steve McLeod, Blair Mone, Cameron Mitchell, Chad Martin, and many others. Featured as a two-disc DVD set or two-casette VHS set."

Tom Katt (David Papaleo) and Caesar in Cowboy from Blue Blake Productions





Caesar & Tom Katt_02

Tom Katt and Caesar

[2] Magazine
May/June 2003

"Superstars Tom Katt (David Papaleo) and Caesar wrap their arms, legs and other appendages around each other's massive, muscled physiques. It's a wild one!"

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