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Randy Loren


ALIAS: Randy Rock
SITES: Jimmy Z Productions, Maskurbate, Next Door Male, Nude Male Dancers, Str8 Bodybuilder

Randy B

December 16, 2014

Comments from Pascal:

"Patience is a virtue. Almost a year after I made him an offer to appear on Maskurbate, Randy finally accepted. The tallest model to date (6'5) is also a great athlete. He plays hockey all year round. It's his passion. So days before Christmas I get to meet him for the first time. He really is a gentle giant. A little bit shy, always smiling, in a good mood and ready to help anyone in need. A really good guy! Of course when we say giant, we wonder if he's big everywhere. In fact he was kind of modest when he told me his dick was 8 inches long. It was more like 8.5 to 9 in my opinion but due to his height, it looked average. Even if he looks really calm and reserved, Randy has a sexual wild side. He loves sex. He loves women in uniform. When asked where was the most unusual place he had sex, he answered:'I had sex in a little blue chemical toilet during a rock concert'. Randy is definitely a great addition to Maskurbate. Enjoy!"








Str8Bodybuilder Randy Loren

Tattoo Sex

Featuring Randy Loren and Gen
Str8 Bodybuilder

July 31, 2014

"Randy loves pussy and he is in luck with Gen, who's pussy loves the attention of a strong man with a hungry mouth and big cock. This horny couple is covered in tattoos and enjoy each others bodies. Gen gets a mouthful of Randy's cock and he returns the favor by eating her out til she is wet and ready. He fucks that juicy hole and makes her squirt. Randy does his own squirting on Gen's beautiful face."

Str8Bodybuilder Randy Loren

Str8Bodybuilder Randy Loren

Str8Bodybuilder Randy Loren Str8Bodybuilder Randy Loren

Str8Bodybuilder Randy Loren Str8Bodybuilder Randy Loren
Jimmy Z Productions Randy Loren


Showtime Part 2

Featuring Randy Loren
Jimmy Z Productions

November 4, 2012

"In Part 2, Randy Loren continues his sexy show at STOCK BAR where he gets ready to heat up the shower stage. His wet body glistens under the stage lights as he gets all his muscles soapy and clean. His uncut cock and smooth ass get special attention as he brings his show to its climax."



Randyloren_showtime055_ Randyloren_showtime064_

Randyloren_showtime082_ Randyloren_showtime084_

Showtime Part 1

Featuring Randy Loren
Jimmy Z Productions

September 2, 2012

"In Part 1, we meet Randy Loren, a tall and built dancer at STOCK BAR and we see him as he preps his body and muscles before he goes on stage. Pumped up and ready to dance, Randy hits the stage and the pole and begins a sexy striptease revealing his body to the crowd. Going fully nude he shows off his big hard cock."




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Randy Rock

Randy Rock

"Rock Hard At Home"

July 18, 2011

"Randy Rock is sleeping his night off in his bedroom. Hazy are the memories from the night before, but he seems to recall a few things. The drinks, the music, and the raging boner in his pants. When he reaches down and feels between his legs, he realizes that, at the very least, he still has the boner. So he starts by massaging his throbbing cock, running his hands all over his chiseled body, flexing and stroking for your amusement." Check out Randy Rock at Next Door World for all-in-one access!

Randy Rock Randy Rock