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Daddy's Big Boy 2, Scene 4

Brad Kalvo, Kory Houston, and Tayveon Martin

November 24, 2015

"Tayveon Martin and and Kory Houston are sitting in bed with Brad Kalvo, who is forced to come clean to his boys about the fun he's been having with each other on the side. Although Kory puts up a fight when Brad suggests that they try something between all three of them, his mind is changed when Brad showing passionately kisses him. Neglecting Tayveon is not an option and Brad kisses him with equal intensity. But Kory doesn't like to be replaced so pulling down Brad's shorts, he sucks on the furry Daddy's hard dick, before being pushed aside by Tayveon, demanding his own turn at sucking it.

Tayveon works his Daddy's dick, sucking it hard as strings of precum flow from the tip. As Brad is being sucked by the other boy, Kory presents his smooth boy ass to his Daddy. Brad fingers his tight hole, and Tayveon notices this competition is going on, also presenting his bubble ass to his Daddy. Brad pushes his middle finger into their waiting asses. Backing his ass onto the stroking finger, Brad rims Tayveon's ass, as Kory takes another turn servicing his thick cock. Getting it wet, Kory isn't sure he can take Daddy's dick, but Brad pushes it into him slowly, Kory taking it up his ass.

His other boy vying for his attention he rubs his furry chest, and Brad makes out with him. Motioning to move onto the bed, and Tayveon kneels down, and moves his black bubble ass onto Brad's thick meaty dick. Grabbing his slender hips and pulling him into him, the boy bounces his sweet ass on his daddy's dick.

Kory, feeling left out, comes around and cock slaps Tayveon's forehead, who takes his long white dick in his mouth eagerly. Brad flips Tayveon onto his back, and fucks the cum right out of his thick cut black dick. Watching the tick cum pulse out of him, Brad pulls out and unloads his thick creamy seed onto the younger man's taught ebony stomach. Kory and Tayveon take turns making out with brad as the scene cuts out." WATCH Brad Kalvo, Kory Houston, and Tayveon Martin













62677_05 62677_06
Armond Rizzo and Brad Kalvo

Forbidden Encounters, Scene 3

Armond Rizzo and Brad Kalvo

December 3, 2014

"Sexy muscle bear Brad Kalvo needs to meet up with young stud Armond Rizzo to figure out their family drama. Brad is married to Armond's sister, making them brothers-in-law, but the two have been fucking around behind her back. The temperamental teen hasn't been getting enough attention lately, so he pouts until Brad takes off his shirt and pushes Armond down on the bed for a passionate kiss. The two slowly remove their clothes and Brad pins little Armond down under his big, hairy body. Armond wiggles on top and starts teasing Brad, rubbing his ass against Brad's erect penis. Armond blows him and licks his balls while running his hands over Brad's chest hair. The guys roll over and Brad puts his stiff cock into Armond's little hole, pinning him down again and having his way with him. Armond jumps on top and rides Brad deep while the bear plays with his own nipples. Armond twitches as his uncut dick is drained by his brother-in-law and Brad dumps his load onto Armond's muscular stomach."

Armond Rizzo and Brad Kalvo

Armond Rizzo and Brad Kalvo

Armond Rizzo and Brad Kalvo

Armond Rizzo and Brad Kalvo

Armond Rizzo and Brad Kalvo

Armond Rizzo and Brad Kalvo

Armond Rizzo and Brad Kalvo Armond Rizzo and Brad Kalvo

The Legacy

Featuring Brad Kalvo and Johnny Rapid
Big Dicks at School at

August 12, 2014

"Johnny Rapid needs a letter of recommendation from a much older friend of his dad's. Brad Kalvo is happy to help out but knows how to navigate the situation to get his big daddy dick in Johnny's tight little hole. Although hesitant at first, Johnny soon comes around and bounces on that dick like there's no tomorrow."

TheLegacyBDAS02 0020

TheLegacyBDAS14 TheLegacyBDAS15

0085 TheLegacyBDAS20

0093 0097

















Ryan Sharp and Brad Kalvo

Gay Dreaming

Featuring Brad Kalvo and Ryan Sharp
Drill My Hole at

August 4, 2013

Gay Dreaming Featuring Brad Kalvo and Ryan Sharp

Ryan Sharp and Brad Kalvo

Ryan Sharp and Brad Kalvo

Ryan Sharp and Brad Kalvo

Ryan Sharp and Brad Kalvo

Ryan Sharp and Brad Kalvo

Ryan Sharp and Brad Kalvo

Ryan Sharp and Brad Kalvo

Ryan Sharp and Brad Kalvo

Ryan Sharp and Brad Kalvo

Ryan Sharp and Brad Kalvo

My Sexy Tenant

Featuring Brad Kalvo and Nick Fitt
Pride Studios | Dylan Lucas

October 1, 2018

"Nick Fitt is renting a room from Brad Kalvo and he thinks he is a really hot Daddy type bear but he doesn't think Brad would be into him. Nick just got home and he's telling a friend about how he wants Brad's cock in his ass but what he doesn't know is that Brad is in the kitchen listening in. Nick hangs up the phone and Brad comes in and mentions to him that he is very interested and soon after Nick is down on his knees worshipping his Daddy. Nick deep throats Brad's hard dick balls deep taking every inch he has. Brad loves it as he plays with his nipples while looking down at Nick worshipping his dick. Brad moves the young college kid over to the couch and bends him over so he can bury his face deep in his ass. Nick bends over and spreads his ass for his new Daddy and lets him lick him deep making him nice and wet for his throbbing cock. Brad pushes his throbbing dick into Nick's tight young ass making him squirm with pleasure. Brad fucks Nick doggy for a bit before taking him to the ground and having him ride his hard cock deep. Nick rides that dick like a champ bouncing up and down feeling the enjoyment. Brad can feel his nut about to blast out so he pulls his dick out and they kick back on the couch as Brad strokes his cock and Nick plays with his balls until he shoots his load right up and out. Nick licks up the cum off his Daddy's juicy cock. Enjoy!"

WATCH My Sexy Tenant Featuring Brad Kalvo and Nick Fitt

96407_01 96407_002

96407_03 96407_04

96407_05 96407_08











Brad Kalvo And Dean Monroe

"Fur Worship"
Pride Studios | HighPerformanceMen

March 19, 2013

"Dean Monroe is on all fours licking the feet of Brad Kalvo in the locker room. He slowly makes his way up Brad's massive hairy legs and begins to sniff the man scent out of his jock-strap which is bulging with Brad's hard cock throbbing to get out. Dean continues up Brad's body to his massive furry chest where he licks and chews on Brad's thick hair before the two embrace in a deep passionate kiss. The two soon have their cocks out of their jocks and Dean begins by deep throating Brad's hard cock all the way to his hairy crotch. He works over Brad's cock and balls all the while loving the thick patch of pubic hair covering everything. Dean then brings his own uncut cock up to Brad's and does some docking before Brad is on his knees sucking Dean's hard cock. Brad turns Dean around and goes to town eating his beautiful ass as Dean begs him to get his ass all wet so he can fuck him. Brad then gives Dean what he has been begging for and drives his cock deep inside as Dean moans in delight. Dean then climbs on top of Brad and rides his cock with abandon before lying on his back and letting Brad fuck the cum out of him. Brad shoots a nice load all over Dean's hairy body and the two lap up each others cum from their fingers before swapping a deep and passionate kiss at the end. Enjoy!"

Full Load - Minute Man 40, Scene 1

Starring Brad Kalvo

October 25, 2012

"Floating in the pool we find hairy muscle-man Brad Kalvo taking in some sun. Donning his dark sunglasses and tight bulging swimsuit he is the picture of rugged masculinity on full display. His hands explore his body as he strokes his pecs, tweaks his hard nipples and gropes his ample bulge. Leaning back on the edge of the pool Brad indulges in some self-satisfaction, flexing and caressing his hard muscles with a devilish grin on his lips.Turning around Brad lowers his suit, revealing his hard tight butt. Grabbing a handful of each luscious mound Brad spreads his ass cheeks invitingly, giving us a mouthwatering view of his hot and hairy manhole.Fully aroused Brad turns to face the pool with his rock hard cock in hand. His reflection off the water mirrors his perfectly sculpted body, creating an intoxicating double vision. Slowly stroking his manhood his big balls begin to swell from his excitement. His cock pulsates when he pauses, just long enough to keep himself at the edge. Resuming the stroking action Brad’s juicy dick just can’t hold back any longer. Arching his back as he erupts, Brad lets his FULL LOAD fly as jet streams of white steamy cum gush from his stiff cock."


27667_001 27667_002

27667_003 27667_004

27667_005 27667_006

27667_007 27667_008

27667_009 27667_010

27667_011 27667_012

27667_013 27667_014

27667_015 27667_016

Fur Mountain, Scene 5

Starring Brad Kalvo and Damien Stone
Colt Studios

September 20, 2012

"Laying out in the sun, Damien Stone shows a hot ass in his tight yellow jock as he lays face down in the back yard. Burly Brad Kalvo notices that hot butt and moves in to help apply some oil to the bronzed furry butt cheeks. Applying oil turns into an extended full body massage, which makes both men very hard and very horny. Flipping over on his back, Damien’s cock is busting out of his jock. Brad strips out of his shorts and lies down with Damien for a hot, manly and bearded fur-on-fur session.

Damien feeds Brad his big swollen cock, slowly driving his cock deep down Brad’s throat. A long session of cock sucking has both men dripping with pre-cum, and swollen balls. Standing side by side they stroke as Damien can no longer hold off. A thick load of cum drains from his pulsing cock. Brad is close behind as a hot jet of cum flows from his cock, leaving thick streams of cum dripping from the head of his cock."

23427_001 23427_002

23427_004 23427_007

23427_009 23427_011

23433_006 23433_013

23433_017 23433_018

23433_022 23433_027






















Fur Mountain, Scene 2

Starring Brad Kalvo and Shay Michaels
Colt Studios

July 26, 2012

"Beefy stud Shay Michaels and muscle-bound Brad Kalvo come together for a hot and heavy, outdoor play session. Shay drops straight to his knees, eager to get at the meaty package inside Brad's bulging pants. Once that hefty piece of meat is unleashed, Shay goes to town swallowing every inch of Brad's thick, hard cock. Brad returns the favor and gets down on his knees, worshipping Shay's thick monster with a deep throated hunger for cock.

Kissing and grinding their cocks together, Shay asks "you want some ass"? Turning around he bends over and offers Brad his beefy, hairy butt. Spreading those muscled mounds wide, Brad drives his tongue deep into Shay's hot, manly hole, slapping those furry cheeks as he buries his face. "Get in there" says Shay as Brad takes his rock hard cock and rams it in deep. Brad gives that ass a solid pounding, flipping Shay over on his back to drill his ass even deeper. Shay spreads his legs wide and takes it hard. “Yeah, keep fuckin' me” Shay begs as his throbbing cock swells. Pounding his meaty cock in hand, Shay jacks out a gushing load. Seeing Shay's cum flying high sets Brad’s swollen balls on fire. Pulling out Brad strokes a thick and steamy load, drenching Shay in hot, white cum."

23426_001 23426_002

23426_003 23426_009

23428_001 23428_003

23428_012 23428_016

23428_027 23428_028























Brad Kalvo Barebacks Jeremy Stevens

Brad Kalvo Barebacks Jeremy Stevens

June 5, 2015

"Beefy bear Brad Kalvo and stud Jeremy Stevens passionately kiss and feel each other's bodies. Brad works his way down to suck Jeremy's big cock. After getting his pole sucked Jeremy gets on all fours and thrusts his ass high in the air, giving Brad notice to bury his tongue deep inside his hole. After Jeremy's ass is nice and wet, Brad barebacks Jeremy doggy-style. Jeremy moans as Brad gives him every single inch of his long cock. They both stand up next to the bed. Jeremy gets on his knees and deep throats the long pecker as Brad plays with his nipples. Jeremy stands up and leans on the door while Brad shoves his cock raw into his tight ass. Jeremy moans in ecstasy with each plunge of Brad's raw cock. Jeremy lays on the bed as Brad continues to bareback his hole. Brad Kalvo lays next to Jeremy and watches him shoot his load all over his stomach. Brad has a taste of cum and kisses Jeremy Stevens. Brad unloads a fat wad on Jeremy's balls, then teases Jeremy's hole a few times before bending over and planting a kiss on his lover's lips."

Brad Kalvo Barebacks Jeremy Stevens

Brad Kalvo Barebacks Jeremy Stevens

Brad Kalvo Barebacks Jeremy Stevens

Brad Kalvo Barebacks Jeremy Stevens

Brad Kalvo Barebacks Jeremy Stevens

Brad Kalvo Barebacks Jeremy Stevens

Brad Kalvo Barebacks Jeremy Stevens

Brad Kalvo Barebacks Jeremy Stevens Brad Kalvo Barebacks Jeremy Stevens

Brad Kalvo Barebacks Jeremy Stevens Brad Kalvo Barebacks Jeremy Stevens

Brad Kalvo Barebacks Jed Athens

January 29, 2015

"Brad Kalvo's and Jed Athens' hard cocks throb with excitement as they make out on the bed. Jed goes down on Brad, stimulating every inch of his stiff rod. Jed turns over so Brad can drive his raw cock deep inside his hole. Jed moans as Brad barebacks him. Jed hops off and sucks Brad's cock. Brad slams his raw cock back in before Jed flips over on his back. Jed, his legs in the air, lets Brad pound his hole long and hard while he strokes his cock. Brad spits on Jed's hole and plows him bareback. Brad spoons Jed and shoves his cock into Jed's tight ass. Jed sucks Brad's cock then rides his pole bareback, swallowing the raw cock with his ass. Jed climbs off and sucks Brad's cock before riding it again. Jed hops off and bends over to seize Brad's fat wad in his mouth. Brad's cock is covered with cum and Jed sits on it again, squeezing every last drop of cum. Jed Athens sucks Brad's sensitive cock before blasting his load on Brad's hairy chest. Jed licks up his own cum and kisses Brad Kalvo, snowballing his cum before hugging and kissing after a hot fuck session."

Brad Kalvo Barebacks Devan Bryant

June 5, 2014

"Muscle bear Brad Kalvo moans as ginger stud Devan Bryant blows his thick rod. Devan can’t get enough and deep throats the long pecker as Brad plays with his nips. Devan kisses Brad’s hairy pits and chest before climbing on top to ride. Devan sits on the thick, raw cock and slowly fills his ass. He moans as every inch pushes deeper inside. Devan hops off and sucks Brad’s cock clean before going for another joy ride. He turns to face us and writhes on Brad’s hard cock. He climbs off and turns Brad around so he can rim his ass. Devan batters Brad’s sweet hole with his tongue and Brad moans with each lick. Brad shoves his cock raw into Devan’s tight ass. He barebacks Devan hard and plows him deeper with each thrust. Devan lays on his back and the hot duo make out passionately. Brad slides his raw pipe back inside Devan’s stretched hole and fucks him. Devan yells as Brad barebacks his wet hole. Brad Kalvo pulls out and unloads a fat wad on Devan’s balls. He licks up the cum and gives Devan a wet kiss. Brad sucks Devan Bryant until he bursts in Brad’s mouth. The studs lay on top of each other and have a scruffy wet make out session."


Brad Kalvo Barebacks Mike Dozer

November 15, 2013

"Brad Kalvo fucks Mike Dozer doggystyle on the bed. Brad slides his bareback cock into Mike's raw hole feeling the full warmth of Mike's ass. He fucks Mike hard, making him moan for more raw dick. Mike sucks Brad's cock before it gets shoved right back in his ass. Brad pounds Mike making his ass hungry for more. He lays down and lets Mike deep throat his throbbing cock. Mike gags on the dick, shoving it deeper down his throat. They jack their thick cocks and Mike rides Brad's dick. He turns around to face us and bounces swiftly on Brad's pecker. Mike lays down on the side of the bed and Brad fucks him standing up. Brad pulls out and deep throats Mike's thick cock while fingering his sensitive hole. He slides his cock back inside Mike's ass. Mike Dozer cums on his own hairy body. Brad Kalvo releases a huge load on Mike's balls. He shoves his cummy pole back inside Mike's ass breeding his hole. Mike always gets what he wants."














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13 14
Brad Kalvo and Tate Ryder

Brad Kalvo and Tate Ryder

February 21, 2013

"Tate Ryder can't keep his hands off of super hairy muscle bear Brad Kalvo. Tate's hands rub Brad's hairy pecs, shoulders, and arms as he kisses down his body. Tate unbuttons Brad's pants and slips them off. After playing with Brad's ass, Tate decides to deep throat Brad's hot cock. Once Brad Kalvo's cock is rock hard he tosses Tate Ryder onto the bed where he proceeds to take his pants off and suck Tate's dick. Tate then gets on all fours and Brad digs his tongue into his tight hole. Brad slips his stiff cock into Tate's ass and pounds away as Tate moans. Tate sits on Brad's cock and rides it rough as Brad plays with his own nipples (this really turns Brad on). Brad decides to take back control and fucks Tate face to face until Tate shoots his load all over his abs. Brad Kalvo pops his warm load all over Tate's cock and ball. Tate Ryder takes some cum and spreads it on his nipples then Brad leans over for a sexy "thank you" kiss."

Brad Kalvo and Tate Ryder

Brad Kalvo and Tate Ryder

Brad Kalvo and Tate Ryder

Brad Kalvo and Tate Ryder

Brad Kalvo and Tate Ryder

Brad Kalvo and Tate Ryder Brad Kalvo and Tate Ryder

Brad Kalvo and Tate Ryder Brad Kalvo and Tate Ryder
Brad Kalvo & Parker London

Brad Kalvo & Parker London

February 17, 2012

"Brad Kalvo and Parker London just got back from a movie and it made Parker SUPER horny. Brad asks Parker to show him just how horny it made him, and Parker promptly does so by throating Brad's delicious dick. Big Brad makes sure he gets a taste of Parker too before before bending him over and stuffing his tight asshole. The look of pure bliss on Parker's face is priceless as Brad continues to fuck Parker until he sprays his load all over his chest. Parker fingers and licks up his own cum and then begs Brad for more. Brad deposits a thick load onto Parker's pubes and then licks it up."

Brad Kalvo and Jay Roberts

Brad Kalvo and Jay Roberts

December 20, 2011

"Chiseled and furry Brad Kalvo has smooth and chiseled Jay Roberts to play with. Both hunks can't help but admire each others sculpted physics and, of course, their BIG dicks. Brad is the first to take a knee and a mouthful. Jay shoves as much of his thick meat down Brad's throat as he can handle. Brad then gets his rock hard cock serviced by Jay. They take turns getting comfy on the couch and having their assholes eaten out. The butt buffet gets each stud ready to fuck! Brad eases himself inside Jay's hole and starts pounding away. It doesn't matter if it's behind, on-top, or below, Jay loves taking every inch of big Brad deep inside him. With Brad still parked firmly in his ass, Jay sprays a huge cumshot all over himself. Brad follows him up, dropping a thick load of his own on Jay's cock and abs. Brad has a lick and gives Jay a sensual kiss. Hot!"

Brad Kalvo & Alessio Romero

Brad Kalvo & Alessio Romero

October 25, 2011

"Do you like your guys big? Do you like your guys hairy? If so, then you'll LOVE this combo of Brad Kalvo and Alessio Romero. We've just set up our new studio and Brad and Alessio can't wait to break it in for us. These two studs were all over each other before we could even say "Action!". It's great to find strong chemistry between models and when you do it's best to just let them do their thing. We let the cameras roll as they claw and paw each others' furry bodies. The cocks come out and big Brad is the first to get his dick gobbled. Brad gets down on his knees and swallows Alessio's thick rod. Still hungry, Brad bends Alessio over so he can bury his tongue deep in his hairy hole. Alessio strokes his cock anticipating Brad's meaty member in his ass. Brad's massive muscles flex as the moans begin to flow from Alessio's dirty mouth. Riding Brad brings Alessio to the brink and he jumps off to give Brad a BIG facial. Brad follows suit with a wet load on his furry belly, which Alessio greedily laps up."

Morgan Black & Brad Kalvo

Morgan Black & Brad Kalvo

September 13, 2011

"Two of our hottest studs, Morgan Black and Brad Kalvo, team up for one of our most sexually-charged videos ever. Sprawled out on the bed next to Brad, Morgan gets things started by groping his buddy's crotch. He slides off Brad's briefs then licks, sucks and swallows his growing cock. After servicing his buddy, Morgan lays back to enjoy a 5-star blow job of his own. These hairy hunks move on to a mutual rimming scene which makes Morgan start to beg Brad to fuck him. Morgan straddles Brad's thighs and slides his hungry hole onto Brad's dick for an extended ride before switching positions. Now on his back, Morgan gets to experience the thrill of being drilled by a huge cock. Brad gets close to cuming when Morgan reaches up and tweaks Brad's nipples, finally spewing his load into Morgan's crotch. Morgan gives as good as he gets and drops a huge load onto Brad's furry chest."

Logan Scott and Brad Kalvo

Logan Scott and Brad Kalvo

July 29, 2011

"Brad Kalvo and Logan Scott team up for a sizzling session of sex that leaves them breathless and will have your heart pounding as well. Both guys love kissing and nipple play. Logan is really turned on by Brad's furry chest and slowly works his way down to Brad's cock. Logan then drops trou and lays back on the bed, his legs spread apart and his dick waiting for Brad's mouth and tongue. After some 69 action and ball-licking, Logan gets on all fours for a rim job and some extended pounding. Brad drills that beautiful ass so hard and fast you can see the sweat and hear Logan moan in ecstasy. For the finale, these hunks lay side-by-side and jack off, with Logan shooting first, his cum proving to be a tasty treat for Brad before he releases his whopping gusher."

Logan Scott and Brad Kalvo Logan Scott and Brad Kalvo

Logan Scott and Brad Kalvo

Logan Scott and Brad Kalvo

Logan Scott and Brad Kalvo

Logan Scott and Brad Kalvo

Brad Kalvo and Josh Thomas

February 4, 2015

"It's hard to imagine two hotter muscle bears than Josh Thomas and Brad Kalvo together. Maybe they're out there but these two come pretty close to muscle and fur perfection. Enjoy as horny bottom Josh gives everything he's got for beautiful Brad as these two fuck on the sofa at the end of a long day!"

Hot Older Male Brad Kalvo

Brad Kalvo (4)

January 18, 2015

"Brad Kalvo is a hairy-chested, tight-assed, hard-cocked muscle daddy up for any adventure. He's an anything goes top! Brad is into kissing, pissing, ass-eating and a hardcore gang bang. Who could resist all that Brad has to offer?"

Hot Older Male Brad Kalvo Hot Older Male Brad Kalvo

Hot Older Male Brad Kalvo Hot Older Male Brad Kalvo

Brad Kalvo (3)

August 27, 2014

Hot Older Male Brad Kalvo Hot Older Male Brad Kalvo

Hot Older Male Brad Kalvo Hot Older Male Brad Kalvo

Brad Kalvo and James Ryder

"James Ryder is one lucky guy to have massive, hairy, muscle stud Brad Kalvo as his daddy. After cleaning the house, he has one more thing to do, please his daddy. Brad pulls him towards him, kissing him. James feels his hairy chest, he then goes on kissing Brad's biceps. James pulls Brad's briefs to his thighs and slurps down Brad's cock while playing with his nipples. Brad loves it when his nipples are played with. After getting sucked he pulls the lad up, taking a taste of James' cock. Brad flexes his muscles for the lad to worship. They sit on the couch and Brad leans over and deep throats his cock, making him moan. James ask if he can take a turn on servicing Brad's cock. Brad doesn't hesitate a moment. James jerks his cock while sucking on Brad's dick. Brad slaps his ass and plays with the young lad's hole. James gets on all fours on the couch and Brad pounds his ass. James sits on Brad's cock while his long dick swings up and down slapping against Brad's thigh. They find their way to missionary position. James shoots his load all over himself while getting fucked. James plays with daddy's nipples and Brad Kalvo cums a huge load on James Ryder's cock. They lay on each other kissing, exhausted and happy. Now who's going to clean up this sticky mess?"

Brad Kalvo & Ian Levine

Brad Kalvo & Ian Levine

June 8, 2014

"Scruffy muscle dad Brad Kalvo is in his hotel room reading when smooth, muscled lad and housekeeper Ian Levine shows up with fresh towels. Brad asks the lad to massage his sore legs and Ian happily obliges. Things heat up quickly and it’s not long before dad and lad make out. Ian feels Brad’s hard-on through his boxers and Brad removes the lad’s shirt. They stand and kiss as Brad undresses Ian. He goes down on Ian and deep throats his cock. Ian fucks Brad’s mouth and Brad strokes his own cock at the same time. Ian blows Brad and slobs on his cock. They kiss on the couch and Brad turns the lad around to rim his sweet hole. Ian moans as Brad playfully eats his ass. Brad penetrates Ian with his daddy dick as they fuck doggystyle on the couch. He pounds the Ian’s tight hole. Ian sits on Brad’s dick and rides it. He bounces his cute bubble butt in the air while kissing Brad. Ian faces forward and rides the long pole. His cock flails in every direction as he enjoys the ride. The lad lays on his back and Brad drills deep into his hole. Ian Levine cums while getting fucked and launches a hot load on himself. Brad licks it up and kisses Ian, swapping the spit. Brad Kalvo pulls out and shoots his spunk on Ian’s cock. Dad and lad share a hot wet, kiss."

Brad Kalvo & Blake Stone

Brad Kalvo & Blake Stone

March 30, 2014

"Muscle bear Brad Kalvo and cute lad Blake Stone kiss standing in the living room. They rub each other's cocks against their jeans. The shirts come off and Blake can't keep his eyes and lips off Brad's bulging muscles. The lad kisses Brad’s hairy body. He makes his way down the furry chest and belly then pulls Brad's jock down. Blake sucks Brad's big dick, massaging his balls as he deep throats the prick. They kiss tenderly and Blake gets undressed. Dad and lad get comfortable on the couch as Brad blows Blake. Blake sniffs his muscle daddy's jock while getting sucked. They make out, tongues entangling each other. Blake deep throats Brad once more before turning around and letting Brad indulge on his tight hole. He moans as Brad rims his ass in preparation for fucking. Brad plugs Blake's hole with his daddy dick and fucks him doggystyle on the couch. Blake rides Brad's dick with his bubble butt bouncing enthusiastically on the thick pecker. He lays on his back and Brad rams his dick into Blake even deeper. Brad Kalvo pulls out and strokes the cum from his oozing cock. The lad eats Brad's hot cum and sucks him clean. Blake Stone releases a huge load across Brad's hairy body. He rubs his cum into Brad's muscular chest and they kiss."

Brad Kalvo & Trelino

Brad Kalvo & Trelino

January 17, 2014

"Coach Brad Kalvo and athlete Trelino just finished a tough practice. Trelino emerges from the shower as his coach is getting undressed. Trelino asks his coach if his squats are making his butt muscles stronger. Brad squeezes Trelino's thick ass and definitely feels improvement. Trelino “drops the towel” and Coack Kalvo goes down to eat Trelino's waiting ass. Trelino moans as Brad spits and licks his hole. Coach Kalvo teases the young athlete, sliding his hard cock up and down the lad's shaft before entering in one swift thrust. Trelino opens up for Brad's man meat and gets his ass pounded. Brad pulls out and the two face each other and kiss. Brad sucks Trelino's thick uncut cock, licking the wet foreskin. Trelino kisses Brad's muscles and hairy chest before giving him a sloppy blow job. He rides his coach on the locker room bench, scoring points with each bounce. Trelino spreads his ass and sits even deeper on Brad's stiff pole. They fuck doggystyle on the locker room floor with the lad commanding Coach Kalvo yelling, "open my hole"! Trelino flips on his back so he can see Brad plow his hole. Trelino gives coach his load and releases a thick load on his own abs. Brad Kalvo pulls out and cums on Trelino's cock and balls. He licks up the hot cum and goes in for a sticky kiss."

Brad Kalvo & Liam Troy

Brad Kalvo & Liam Troy

October 4, 2013

"Young Liam Troy loves watching porn star daddy Brad Kalvo in his videos, even while at the office! His new boss comes in and catches him in the act, but to his surprise it's Brad himself. Liam knows how to keep a secret. He goes down on Brad and sucks his already stiff cock. He wraps Brad's tie around Brad's cock and pulls it deeper down his throat. Liam undresses Brad as he continues sucking his cock. They make out as Brad plays with Liam's cute bubble butt. Brad blows Liam's uncut cock, swallowing it with his mouth. Liam can't get enough of Brad's hairy, muscular chest. Bearish dad Brad relaxes in an office chair and lets Liam work on his cock and balls. He returns the favor by eating Liam's young, smooth ass. Liam moans loudly as Brad pokes his hole in preparation for his hard rod. Brad penetrates Liam and pounds ruthlessly. Liam takes the dick with a smile, calling out, "Daddy!" with every thrust. He lays on his desk so Brad can fuck him deeper. Brad Kalvo pulls out releasing his thick load on Liam Troy's smooth chest. Liam cleans Brad's dick with his tongue before shooting his own load on Brad's scruffy pecs."

Brad Kalvo and Doug Acre

Brad Kalvo and Doug Acre

June 15, 2012

"Coach Kalvo and wrestler Doug just got back from a wrestling match. Doug did well, but hurt his neck a little bit. Brad says he'll help him take care of it and escorts him to the bedroom. Brad starts to massage Doug's shoulder and neck, and then kisses it. Doug stops him and asks "What are you doing?" Brad replies "You just be quiet and let me take care of that." Within no time the two are making out, causing Brad to get a massive erection poking through his wrestling attire. Seeing this, Doug gets down and begins to work Brad's cock with his mouth. His neck is already starting to feel better! Brad has his student get down on the bed so he can swallow his thick cock and eat his gaping asshole. Doug can't wait for Brad to plunge his lumber deep inside him. Brad starts feeding Doug's ass some fingers, before filling it with his huge dick. "You're splitting me in two!" cries Doug and Coach Kalvo pounds him from behind. Things really get hot when Doug sits on Brad's fat fuck stick. Doug's cock flops up and down as he rides his coach. Doug spins and squeezes Brad's cock with his tight ass before they settle into missionary where Doug begs for Coach Kalvo to fuck him faster and deeper. Brad cums all over his star student's thick dick. Doug squeezes out a thick load onto his coach's furry chest and mouth."

Brad Kalvo and Dustin Fitch

Brad Kalvo and Dustin Fitch

March 23, 2012

"Muscle-daddy Brad Kalvo is no stranger to my other site, Cocksure Men, but this is his first time playing here. Young and cute, Dustin Fitch can't wait to play with his hairy, muscular daddy. Dustin takes off Brad's shirt, revealing his massive hairy chest. Dustin follows his furry trail all the way down to Brad's big dick and starts sucking. Brad goes down on Dustin's smooth cock and then tongues his sweet hole. Dustin begs for Brad's cock in his ass so that's just what Brad gives him. Brad fucks Dustin hard, any which way he chooses. Dustin blows his load while still getting pumped by Brad's hard pole. Soon after Brad sprays Dustin with his warm cum all over his tight stomach."

Brad Kalvo Massaged

Brad Kalvo Massaged

September 14, 2012

"Brad Kalvo is one of my favorite hunks. He's pretty much the epitome of manliness. He's a wall of muscle and he's a great fuck, trust me I know. This time Brad stops by for a quick massage. I start off by rubbing his back and working my way to his ass, down his thick thighs and to his muscular legs. I slide my hands back to his bubble butt and spread his cheeks wide open. I can't resist and I dig my tongue into his pink hole, my face buried in between his bubble butt. The more I licked and bit his hairy ass, the harder I got. I took my dick out placing it in Brad's hand and he started stroking me for a short while. I made sure every inch of his back and ass were explored. He turned over and I continued to rub oil over his hairy, muscular chest, arms, thighs and legs. I know how to push Brad's buttons so I began to lick his nipples. He threw his head back in pleasure. I moved on to his armpits and licked every inch of the sweaty, hairy pits. He got rock hard and his breathing got faster so I wrapped my mouth around his cock one last time. It wasn't long before Brad Kalvo let out a loud moan and busted his load all over his abs and chest. Wish I could massage Brad every day!"

Brad Kalvo and Jake

Brad Kalvo and Jake

August 3, 2012

"I love muscle bears, especially really sweet ones. And muscle bears don't get sweeter, or sexier, than Brad Kalvo. I had a blast playing with Brad on the bed. He's a fantastic kisser. And Brad Kalvo isn't a bad cock sucker either! But he really excels at fucking and boy did he pound me. Sweet turned a little bit nasty. I couldn't stop hugging his massive torso or running my fingers against his furry chest. Brad Kalvo shoots his load onto my belly then takes my spunk on his tongue. Brad then gives me a cummy kiss. Damn I'm spoiled!"


One Thing Leads To Another

Starring Brad Kalvo and Tate Ryder

May 21, 2013

"Things aren’t looking good for criminal Tate Ryder. Officer Brad Kalvo tries to show him the bright side—some time off the streets can be good. “Will I end up with a build like yours?” Tate asks of his jail time. “If you keep at it,” advises Brad, flexing his massive bicep for Tate to feel. Brad’s huge, hairy chest is soon released, Tate grabbing it and tonguing the cop’s pec. The smooth Tate licks down Brad’s bod, engulfing his bushy boner as his own big dick throbs out of his boxers. Brad sucks him back, looking up as the bad boy smirks down at him. The beefy Brad pushes Tate against the lockers, burying his tongue inside the jock ass. He then fucks him from behind, Tate reaching back to grab the top’s bicep as he gets plowed. On his back, Tate stays stiff as he gets plowed some more—the top soon shooting his load, rubbing it into the bottom’s smooth abs."


Down And Dirty, Scene 2

Starring Brad Kalvo and Stany Falcone

January 15, 2013

"As he inches down a ladder, beefy Brad Kalvo is met with a welcoming hand by Stany Falcone. “You like that, huh?” asks Brad, the two kissing and shedding their shirts to reveal their hairy muscle chests. Brad pins Stany against the ladder, licking his body and pit. He sucks the bearded beauty, whose bicep is bursting with a massive vein that pops off the screen. Stany’s uncut rod points to the ceiling, his balls tightening to his body as he gets slurped. He grabs Brad’s head and fucks his face, then returns the favor by burying his lips to Brad’s bushy crotch. Brad turns his bud around, eating him against the ladder while stroking his cock underneath. Brad works his tongue in deep, burying his scruffy chin inside. He then fucks him before turning the bottom over, a great aerial shot capturing his steel shaft going deep in Stany’s tight hole. The bottom squirts as he gets fucked, then rubs Brad’s nipple as another load gets dumped on his stomach."

Shove It!

Starring Brad Kalvo and Tibor Wolfe

October 5, 2012

"Beefy and hairy Brad Kalvo wastes no time going for the huge slab of tall and tattooed Tibor Wolfe, who slams his thick meat deep inside the dark-haired stud’s throat. Tibor returns the favor—then bends over to get butt plugged. But the bottom wants more: “Gimmie that fuckin’ cock! Go deep! Just like that!” Tibor’s ass ripples as he gets plowed, his huge shaft and dick head beautifully splayed underneath his legs against the edge of the box. “You like that dick?” asks Brad as the two get more verbal. On his back, Tibor shows off his boner as he gets abused some more, the top stroking him off as he fucks him. Brad then lubes up and slides his fist inside—his monster bicep filling the frame as he twists his arm, ass juice dripping to the floor. Still impressively stiff, Tibor shoots a huge stream of piss up into his mouth and all over his body, soaking himself. He then sits down on a massive red dildo, riding it before the two jack off."


Head Trip, Scene 2

Featuring Brad Kalvo and Will Swagger

June 5, 2012

"On location, businessman Brad Kalvo surveys his empty room while on the phone with a colleague. In the background, a buff vision appears -- the huge smooth chest of bearded Will Swagger, who moves mysteriously closer in an instant as if by magic. Will moves in for a kiss, rubbing Brad's bulge as he presses him against a post. Will undresses the hairy stack of beef, burying his lips to the base of Brad's bushy groin, the two squeezing Brad's nips along the way. Brad returns the favor, dropping down and opening wide for Will's big and thick beauty. Will bends over, his ass getting munched as Brad strokes the stud's boner underneath. The pleasure oozes off Will's face, his eyes and forehead frozen in ecstasy. Brad slides inside, fucking the breathless bottom -- who continuously shows off his hot boner. On his back, Will's gorgeous bod is captured in a memorable aerial, Brad smiling at him before the two release."





HeadTrip_BradKalvo_ Wil SwaggerH01

HeadTrip_BradKalvo_ Wil SwaggerV02

HeadTrip_BradKalvo_ Wil SwaggerV03

HeadTrip_BradKalvo_ Wil SwaggerV04

HeadTrip_BradKalvo_ Wil SwaggerH02

HeadTrip_BradKalvo_ Wil SwaggerH03

HeadTrip_BradKalvo_ Wil SwaggerH04

HeadTrip_BradKalvo_ Wil SwaggerH05

HeadTrip_BradKalvo_ Wil SwaggerH06

HeadTrip_BradKalvo_ Wil SwaggerH07

HeadTrip_BradKalvo_ Wil SwaggerV05

HeadTrip_BradKalvo_ Wil SwaggerH08

HeadTrip_BradKalvo_ Wil SwaggerH09

HeadTrip_BradKalvo_ Wil SwaggerH010

HeadTrip_BradKalvo_ Wil SwaggerH011

HeadTrip_BradKalvo_ Wil SwaggerH012

HeadTrip_BradKalvo_ Wil SwaggerH013

HeadTrip_BradKalvo_ Wil SwaggerH014

HeadTrip_BradKalvo_ Wil SwaggerH015

HeadTrip_BradKalvo_ Wil SwaggerH016

HeadTrip_BradKalvo_ Wil SwaggerH017

HeadTrip_BradKalvo_ Wil SwaggerH018

Hot Wired, Scene 2

Starring Brad Kalvo and Trenton Ducati

April 24, 2012

"On his knees, hairy Brad Kalvo opens wide for the bulging boner of chiseled Trenton Ducati -- whose smooth and tattooed frame towers over him. Trenton's super-thick shaft slaps Brad's face, then arches up into his mouth -- the sideburned sucker grabbing hold of Trenton's huge quad as he gets face fucked ("Spit on it!"). Trenton sucks back, sliding down to the bushy root as his own boner pulses below. Trenton's smooth ass gets slurped, spit sliding down as beefy Brad plays with his bud's boner. Trenton fucks Brad's face again ("Like my dick?"), the two then taking turns sitting on each other's tongues before coming on Brad. Trenton bends over and grinds his ass as his muscles tighten, his boner bobbing as he gets plowed. Brad slaps Trenton's ass, going all the way in and out before slamming the bottom on his back. "Keep fucking me!" begs Trenton as Brad hits the spot. "Oh, there!" The bottom shoots as Brad thrusts in, the top soon unloading."











Reckless, Scene 3

Featuring Brad Kalvo and Devin Adams

May 22, 2012

"Deliveryman Devin Adams arrives with a package for beefy Brad Kalvo, who’s strapped for cash. “Is there any other way I can pay you?” asks the hairy Brad, guiding Devin down and taking out his cock as the smoothie sucks down to the bushy groin. The sideburned Brad then has Devin lay back and enjoy, beautifully working the moaning stud’s big dick. Devin places his hand on Brad’s head, holding him down on his cock as he rub’s the sucker’s bod—Brad’s huge chest, shoulders and arms filing the frame. “Suck that shit!” says the jock-voiced Devin, whose balls get worked over. Devin smiles as his cock gets stroked while Brad’s fingers enter his ass, warming it up and teasing it. Devin snaps his cock as he talks dirty. “Beautiful ass!” compliments Brad, who soon fucks Devin doggie style, the bottom showing off his stiff shaft as he gets rammed. On his back, the bottom gets it some more—his body soon coated in both of their loads."















Loud And Nasty

Starring Brad Kalvo and Jessie Colter

May 8, 2012

"Massive muscle man Brad Kalvo ties up inked sex pig Jessie Colter to a St. Andrew's cross before breaking out a flog that he throws against Jessie's back. Jessie closes his eyes and -- initially -- quietly endures the first few strokes of Brad's beating, his back slowly reddening under the blows. Brad pulls off Jessie's neoprene shorts to reveal Jessie's rock hard tool, rubbing up against the wooden cross. Brad, his own proud cock standing at attention, slowly works Jessie with the flog, pounding him with heavier strokes that bring out the grunts in Jessie. Brad, in a leather harness and jock, uses his powerful shoulders and arms to beat Jessie's back and now ass until his skin is red-hot. Brad lays down on his back beneath Jessie, points Jessie's still-hard cock down, and lets himself get sprayed in Jessie's piss. He swallows and spits out the river of piss, then returns to beating Jessie's butt. Brad works up a sweat, changing up his strokes and punishing Jessie's perfect fuzzy ass, getting the captive, horned-up bottom to grunt and cry out from the heavy blows. Brad finally unties Jessie, bends him over a padded bench, then kneels down and tongues Jessie's red, abused ass and hole. Brad strokes his hungry tool as he pushes his tongue inside Jessie's hairy hole till both studs are dripping for more. Brad stands and works his hard meat into Jessie's eager upturned ass, pushing down on the sexy bottom's back to penetrate deeper and feel every tight inch clamped down on his cock. He flips Jessie on his back and plunges back into his steamy hole, working him with slow, deep strokes and jacking Jessie's achingly hard cock. Jessie sprays his load over his own chest before Brad marks Jessie's chest with his own thick load."


Sticking Point

Starring Brad Kalvo, Jayden Grey, and Race Cooper

March 14, 2012

"Stumbling upon Jayden, a horny Race takes advantage of the situation. Up against the wall, he gets his big beauty devoured by the famished drifter. Jayden's mouth makes love to Race's meat: spitting on it, whipping it on his face, snapping it up and sucking it like a pro. Race then wraps his lips around Jayden's red-hot slab, deep-throating him as stunning side shots show off his skill. Jayden whips Race's face: "Suck on my balls, too!" Race complies, soon deep-sucking him again as Jayden steadies himself from the suck. Brad joins in, Race taking turns on their cocks. He gags as the two kiss above him, Brad soon dropping down to slurp his buds. Jayden fucks the beefy sucker's face, the three letting out their loads to end the intense oral action."


Sticking Point, Scene 2

Featuring Brad Kalvo and Race Cooper

February 22, 2012

"Cleaning up the pool, beefy and hairy Brad Kalvo inches up behind smooth jock Race Cooper. Brad slurps on Race's big beauty, his face dick-whipped before his mouth gets fucked. Race returns the favor, sliding down to the base of Brad's bushy groin. Race gets his hole munched, Brad stroking Race's big boner as he eats him. Race gets plowed from behind before getting on his back, his abs tight and his cock stiff. Race's exclamations intensify before he unleashes his load, Brad then dumping his jizz on the bottom's sac. Still stroking, a turned-on Race repeatedly moans, "Oh God!" as he lets out another impressive wad."