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ALIAS: Davey Biggz, Davey Jones
SITES: Badpuppy, Cocksure Men, Dylan Lucas, Extra Big Dicks, Gay Creeps, Jake Cruise, Pride Studios, SG4GE

Seth Bond Tries to Top Dave Jones

Pride Studios | Dylan Lucas

December 31, 2014

"Dave Jones can't get Dylan Lucas Exclusive Seth Bond and his hot ass out of his mind since he fucked him a couple of weeks ago. But Seth was not willing to bottom again until he got to top Dave Jones. Dave agreed hoping he would be able to distract the bottom blond Seth with his big cock that he could avoid bottoming, which he has never done before. Surprise, it worked! And Dave told Blond bottom Seth Bond he will just have to try again!"

Davey Jones Tops Seth Bond

Davey Jones Tops Seth Bond

Pride Studios | Dylan Lucas

April 11, 2014

"Dylan Lucas Exclusive Seth Bond was watching as Dave Jones jerked off at the beach. Seth follows Dave to his car and they talk about what he saw. Dave Jones decides to see if Seth Bond has a place they can hang out at. Before you know it big dicked Dave Jones is giving Seth Bond the ride of his life! Enjoy new power bottom Seth Bond's latest scene!"

Davey Jones

Pride Studios | Dylan Lucas

March 28, 2014

"Long time friend of Dylan, Davey Jones, finally decides to take Dylan's advice and show off his big cock! Davey Jones jerks off on the beach and decides that he wants to meet some of Dylan's friends. Watch for Davey Jones coming up in a future scene with one of Dylan's friends!"

Daev Extra Big Dicks

"Ripple Me This..."

Daev (Dave)
Pride Studios | ExtraBigDicks

"Mix the laid back sexiness of a surfer dude with the body designed by the Greek Gods and throw in the dark brooding good looks of a soap opera heart throb all together and you have our Daev at ExtraBigDicks, our man for this week. Could you possibly want for anything more in a man? Oh about a huge 9" cock and oh yes, that is exactly what this package is packing. With just enough left over dumb college jock to him to be all the more endearing, he wastes no time in lifting his shirt to show off a powerful chest, ripped abs decorated with but a single line of dark brown hair, leading to the promised land wet dreams are made of.As he strips down, your eyes will scan him as if you had a bionic eye, keying into every exquisite detail of his anatomy that is, as you will see when he lets those pants and boxers fall to the ground, baked golden brown by the sun, yet totally free of any tan lines. With back side carved from marble and legs that could power a steam engine, one look at the rear view and you will want to toss him against the wall and fuck him silly until he bends over. That huge hose and low hanging sack will have you dropping to your knees and probably forgetting your own name in the process.He sits down and invites the camera in close, down the sharp ridge of his obliques to that mammoth cock, so fat, so hard, so long, that even a blind man could tell he is well hung! Using one hand, with plenty of skin exposed above and below it, it gently works out every nuance of pleasure from that considerable pole. When he holds it up straight, and the tip almost seems to touch his nips, make sure you listen closely to hear the low, primal growl that escapes from his lips over the deep moaning that will be escaping yours. He bends over again, offering us the perfect view of the best of everything including both of his heads, either one is more than worthy of a close up, but even better when we get to see them both drooling in lusty expectation. He then tenses up one final time and covers the black leather couch cushion with just the hell of a big load you would expect from a hell of a big cock!"

Daev Extra Big Dicks Daev Extra Big Dicks
Daev Extra Big Dicks Daev Extra Big Dicks
Daev Extra Big Dicks Daev Extra Big Dicks
Beau Flexxx & Blade Woods

Beau Flexxx & Blade Woods

September 13, 2013

"Hot smooth lad Blade Woods and power top dad Beau Flexx kiss passionately before stripping off their shirts. Blade kisses Beau's chest, abs and then moves down to his crotch. Blade pulls down Beau's tight boxer briefs revealing Beau's huge cock. Blade wastes no time putting Beau's thick dick into his mouth. Soon Beau's cock is at full mast as young hunk Blade stuffs it deep down his throat. They move onto the bed where Blade keeps sucking on Beau's hard-on. Beau takes his turn at slobbering on some meat and sucks Blade's cock. Blade turns around and gets on all fours. Beau can't resist and eats out Blade's smooth, young ass. Beau rubs his cock up and down Blade's ass crack before plunging his pole deep into his hole. Beau jackhammers his huge prick into Blade's ass. Blade drops down flat on his stomach as he takes Beau's dick like a pro. Beau lays down on the bed and let's Blade ride his meat stick hard. Blade lays on his back and takes Beau's massive cock deep. Beau Flexxx pounds away at Blade's ass, pulls out his cock, and shoots his thick load all over Blade's chest and abs. Blade Woods jerks his meat as Beau's cum load slides down his chest and after a few seconds he shoots a warm load all over himself."

Beau Flexxx and Landon Conrad

Beau Flexxx & Landon Conrad

August 2, 2013

"Beau Flexxx is known for his huge cock and Landon Conrad is a true porn star. Landon is anxious to get at Beau's mammoth pole. They make out passionately and slowly strip their clothes. Landon gets to his knees. Beau stands up, slipping out of his shorts, revealing a huge bulge ready to burst out of his underwear. Landon massages Beau's big package as he strokes his own thick cock. Landon pulls Beau's meat stick out and deep throats it. Beau bends Landon over the couch and digs his tongue deep into his bubble butt's. After getting it wet and ready, Beau works his long and thick rod into Landon's horny hole. Beau takes a break from pounding Landon's ass and they suck each other's cocks on the couch. Landon lubes his tight hole again and squats his firm ass down on Beau's huge dick. Landon rides Beau's cock hard. The deeper Beau's cock goes into his ass, the louder Landon moans. Landon Conrad gets on his back and takes Beau's massive cock in until he shoots his load all over his abs. Beau Flexx pulls his dick out of Landon's ass and shoots a huge thick load all over Landon's cock and balls."

Beau Flexxx and Landon Conrad

Beau Flexxx and Landon Conrad

Beau Flexxx and Landon Conrad

Beau Flexxx and Landon Conrad

Beau Flexxx and Landon Conrad

Beau Flexxx and Landon Conrad Beau Flexxx and Landon Conrad
CocksureMen Beau Flexxx and Blake Daniels

Beau Flexxx and Blake Daniels

April 11, 2013

"Blake Daniels says "You've got a nice big dick," which is the understatement of the year after seeing Beau Flexxx's HUGE tool. Beau is a specimen all around, but his cock is a thing of absolute perfection. Blake drops to his knees to try and take as much of Beau in his mouth as he can. His throat proves to be no match for Beau's thick dick which is just too long and wide to be swallowed. With both studs at full mast they stand up and rub their cocks together. Blake then lays back on the couch and Beau goes to work, sucking Blake's tasty meat. The guys switch it up and then frott a bit more before Blake gets on all fours to thrust his ass in the air. Beau doesn't hesitate and buries his tongue deep in Blake's hole. Wet and ready, Blake begs for Beau's thick dick. Beau eases himself into Blake's ass and begins pounding. "Gimme that big dick!" shouts Blake as Beau fucks him harder and faster. Blake Daniels cums all over his tights abs while Beau continues to thrust away at his tight ass. Beau Flexxx deposits his warm juice all over Blake which he then rubs into his smooth skin."

CocksureMen Beau Flexxx and Blake Daniels CocksureMen Beau Flexxx and Blake Daniels

CocksureMen Beau Flexxx and Blake Daniels

CocksureMen Beau Flexxx and Blake Daniels

CocksureMen Beau Flexxx and Blake Daniels

CocksureMen Beau Flexxx and Blake Daniels

CocksureMen Beau Flexxx and Blake Daniels

CocksureMen Beau Flexxx and Blake Daniels

CocksureMen Beau Flexxx and Blake Daniels

CocksureMen Beau Flexxx and Blake Daniels
Beau Flexxx and Bobby Hart

Beau Flexxx and Bobby Hart

February 15, 2013

"Beau Flexxx and Bobby Hart, both massively hung, are a treat. Beau is at full mast as soon as his dick leaves his pants. Bobby immediately drops to his knees to worship Beau's unit with his mouth. When Bobby gets undressed it turns out he's got a BIG surprise waiting for Beau. Bobby is packing some serious heat! Beau goes in to cool that cock down and sucks Bobby long and deep. Back and forth, the studs exchange blow jobs until Beau gets Bobby down on all fours to tongue his ass. Beau gets it wet and ready to receive his huge schlong. Beau eases himself in and fucks Bobby from behind. Bobby jerks his cock as Beau continues to pump his tight hole. Bobby hops on top of Beau's pole so he can take in every last inch. Bobby is rock hard as he gets pounded from below. He continues to stroke his massive tool until he pops a creamy load onto his chiseled stomach, all why Beau Flexxx thrusts hard. After watching Bobby Hart cum, Beau pulls out and adds to the mess with a hot load of his own."

Beau Flexxx and Bobby Hart

Beau Flexxx and Bobby Hart

Beau Flexxx and Bobby Hart

Beau Flexxx and Bobby Hart

Beau Flexxx and Bobby Hart
Beau Flexxx Massaged

Beau Flexxx Massaged

April 1, 2011

"Beau Flexxx is huge. No one can deny that his 9 inches of hard steel is impressive. Previously I serviced Beau and I personally know what a pleasure it is to have that massive cock deep down my throat. Now, in his return engagement, Beau is treated to an erotic massage by the very talented Jasun Mark. Beau's rock hard body is kneaded thoroughly, his abs and chest glistening with every stroke. Jasun lets his tongue get to those often-neglected anal muscles and slides Beau's rock hard cock way down into his throat. With Beau's huge rod in hand Jasun pumps a load out that is soon gobbled up eagerly."

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Beau Flexxx Serviced

Beau Flexxx Serviced

November 12, 2010

"Like a solid piece of exercise equipment, Beau Flexxx is hard, durable and a pleasure to work on. I was impressed right away by Beau's V-shaped frame and lightly touched his rock-hard abs before checking out the bulge beneath his workout shorts. He gladly struck a few bodybuilding poses, which made the prospect of taking care of him even more erotic. He smiled shyly when I asked him to strip down. Starting slowly with my tongue sliding up and down his shaft, I was soon swallowing all 9+ inches. As this young stud lay back on the bed looking down at me, I serviced him from several angles, I teased him by bringing him to the edge of pleasure several times before holding back. I took my time orally, tasting his hard-on and letting him feed it to me from above before our hot session reached its climax."

Beau_Flex_Serviced3 Beau_Flex_Serviced5

Beau_Flex_Serviced6 Beau_Flex_Serviced7











Beau Flexxx

July 2, 2010

"We got us a big one! Beau Flexxx sports a big, thick, massive dick and a big, proud smile when he shows it off. Beau says he loves to "get dirty" and fuck where ever the mood strikes him. A bit of an exhibitionist, Beau tells us how people watching him fuck heightens his excitement when having sex. So while you're feasting your eyes on him, he's getting off knowing you're watching. Reena Sky explores his whole body, taking out his huge pole, playing with his tight ass and low-hanging balls. The two of them fuck hard, both yelling out as he slams his cock hard into her beaver, his toned muscles flexing, getting Reena off over and over before blowing one of the biggest cumshots we've ever seen. Big dick, big smile, big cumshot all from one very big guy. "

Beau_Flexxx1 Beau_Flexxx3

Beau_Flexxx4 Beau_Flexxx5

Beau_Flexxx15 Beau_Flexxx16









Boy Toy Dreams

Featuring Beau Flexxx and Stefan Nash
Gay Room | Gay Creeps

June 26, 2012

"Stefan Nash is so cute. His ass is perfectly round and fits right into his boyfriend, Beau Flexxx's hands. Beau had been craving for his sweet ass for days now. Stefan's been playing hard to get but Beau eventually gets what he wants."
























Davey Biggz

Davey Biggz

December 4, 2008

"His name says it all! Mr. Biggz is bulging in all the right places. From his manly pecs and abs, massive quads, firm ass and rock hard cock Davey flexes every muscular inch. He tears away from his gray boxer briefs showing off his naturally smooth physique. His big balls are a load lighter by the end of this shoot."