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Zeb Atlas & Sean Duran

Zeb Atlas & Sean Duran


July 6, 2014

Comments from Zeb Atlas:

"Caught Sean Duran working out his abs so I helped him up. It seemed that Sean had better workout in mind when he kissed and caressed my body. He went down to suck my big hard cock and when I fucked his ass he liked it. He got a mouthful load too." Watch the preview of Zeb Atlas & Sean Duran

Zeb Atlas & Sean Duran

Zeb Atlas & Sean Duran

Zeb Atlas & Sean Duran

Zeb Atlas & Sean Duran Zeb Atlas & Sean Duran

Zeb Atlas & Sean Duran Zeb Atlas & Sean Duran

Stiff Sentence, Scene 2

Brian Bonds and Sean Duran
Hot House

January 21, 2016

"It's been reported to sexy Officer Brian Bonds that unruly inmate Sean Duran got into a fight and needs to be disciplined. When inmate Duran in brought in for questioning, he accuses Officer Bonds of staring at his cock in the shower. Bonds denies the accusations until inmate Duran pulls out his throbbing hard-on. Officer Bonds stares at it plenty and then swallows Sean's massive member balls deep. After choking on Inmate Duran's cock, Officer Bonds bends over and spreads his cheeks while Duran dives face first into his eager ass. After teasing Brian's hole, Inmate Duran asks 'you want something bigger than my finger in there?' Office Bonds agrees and takes Duran's cock deep - in several, hole-stretching positions. After switching from doggie, Officer Bonds lies on his back and oozes his load onto his furry abs as Inmate Duran feeds his load into Officer Bonds' mouth."

WATCH Stiff Sentence, Scene 2 Starring Brian Bonds and Sean Duran













Trunks 8, Scene 4

Fabio Stallone and Sean Duran
Hot House Video

August 14, 2014

"Fabio Stallone has been hired to erase some incriminating footage of a three-way that was captured by security cameras the day before. Sean Duran sees Stallone and decides to go out to clean the pool in hopes of getting a closer look at the bulge growing in the muscular stud's trunks. As soon as Stallone comes down off the ladder he whips out his giant uncut anteater and shoves it down Duran's hungry throat. Duran makes a pig of himself on Fabio's huge cock then kicks back on a lawn chair so Fabio can return the favor. Stallone sucks Sean's rock hard dick and licks his sweaty bubble-butt but it's not long before he flips him over to fuck his ass. Fabio thrusts his mammoth meat deep in Sean's hole and pounds him mercilessly under the blazing sun. Stallone and Duran move over to the grass where Sean gets on all fours and opens his hole wide for more hardcore ass pounding. Fabio slams Duran's ass then pulls out and shoots his load all over the tanned hunk. Duran rolls over and jerks a load out of his own thick dick while Fabio continues to beat his still-hard meat. Looks like he's ready for more!"

WATCH Trunks 8, Scene 4 Starring Fabio Stallone and Sean Duran






















Control Room, Scene 1

Marcus Ruhl and Sean Duran
Hot House Video

April 21, 2014

"Sean Duran has a problem with authority so he's sentenced to the Control Room where Marcus Ruhl teaches him to respect a man in uniform. Officer Ruhl secures Duran in shackles hanging from the ceiling and flogs the arrogant young stud until he begs for mercy. Ruhl frees Duran but the training session is far from over. He persuades Duran onto his knees and shoves his thick cock down his throat. Duran seems to enjoy getting his face fucked so Ruhl decides to step up his game. He pushes the tattooed young stud onto his knees and spreads his ass cheeks. He lubes up Duran's tight hole with his hot mouth and tongue then stands up and slams his cock in his ass. The more Duran complains the harder Ruhl fucks him until Duran finally surrenders by shooting his load all over his own rock-hard abs. Satisfied that Duran has finally learned his lesson, Ruhl pulls out and jerks a wad out of his cock."

WATCH Control Room, Scene 1 Starring Marcus Ruhl and Sean Duran















My Doctor Rocks

My Doctor Rocks, Scene 1

Angel Rock and Sean Duran
Hot House Video

February 10, 2014

"Sean Duran visits HH General expecting a follow-up exam from Dr. Santoro so when Dr. Angel Rock comes in he's a bit agitated. All of Duran's fears that Dr. Rock won't prescribe the right treatment are extinguished when the horny doctor goes straight for his cock and swallows it to the base. Dr. Rock shoves his gloved finger into the muscular patient's tight hole and massages his prostate then stands up to feed Duran his thick uncut cock. Duran pays special attention to Rock's foreskin then opens wide to take every inch of the hot doctor-dick. The twisted exam continues as Dr. Rock orders Duran to bend over the exam table so he can fuck his huge ass. Rock shoves all 8+ inches into the stud's hole and pounds him hard. Duran rolls over on his back and strokes a load out of his own big cock followed by Dr. Rock who jerks his meat and blows all over the handsome patient's washboard abs."

WATCH My Doctor Rocks, Scene 1 Starring Angel Rock and Sean Duran
















Exclusive Web Scene

Xavier Saldana Gives Up His Ass To Sean Duran
Lucas Entertainment

June 15, 2015

"In Xavier Saldana’s model profile, he makes his sexual preference very clear -- in his own words it’s all about “anal penetration.” With that said, the production team expected him to deliver a performance as a hungry bottom, and he didn’t disappoint. That’s why he was paired up with Sean Duran, who knows how to give a bottom just the right amount of pounding. A favorite moment in the scene, based upon the opinion of your humble porn content writer, is around the 2:38 timestamp. Sean kicks back and Xavier sets out in pleasuring his man orally. Hey, if Xavier is submissive then he might as well work for it all the way. But Sean rewards Xavier for his hard work. Don’t believe me? Check out 21:15 and judge for yourself."

Sean Duran Teaches Rafael Lords And Armond Rizzo How To Breed

Raw & Ready, Scene 1

Sean Duran Teaches Rafael Lords And Armond Rizzo How To Breed
Lucas Entertainment

May 29, 2015

"The young lads Rafael Lord and Armond Rizzo are going at it again -- bless the libido of youth -- in Sean Duran’s summertime home. They’re his guests, and they cannot keep their hands off each other. They strip and throw each other around sucking dick, kissing, and licking hole. Rafael even gets Armond on his back and throws some pumps in him. All the while Sean Duran catches on and watches through the back sliding glass door. The action is hot, and Sean starts chubbing up in his speedo. Sean invites himself in on the action where he takes turns getting his dick sucked and fucking the guys in their asses bareback!"

Sean Duran Teaches Rafael Lords And Armond Rizzo How To Breed

Sean Duran Teaches Rafael Lords And Armond Rizzo How To Breed

Sean Duran Teaches Rafael Lords And Armond Rizzo How To Breed

Sean Duran Teaches Rafael Lords And Armond Rizzo How To Breed

Sean Duran Teaches Rafael Lords And Armond Rizzo How To Breed

Sean Duran Teaches Rafael Lords And Armond Rizzo How To Breed

Sean Duran Teaches Rafael Lords And Armond Rizzo How To Breed Sean Duran Teaches Rafael Lords And Armond Rizzo How To Breed

Sean Duran Teaches Rafael Lords And Armond Rizzo How To Breed Sean Duran Teaches Rafael Lords And Armond Rizzo How To Breed
Sean Duran Barebacks On Camera For The First Time Ever

Exclusive Web Scene

Sean Duran Barebacks On Camera For The First Time Ever
Lucas Entertainment

April 24, 2015

"Sean Duran barebacks on camera for the first time ever, and he chose Lucas Entertainment as the studio to make his debut. When a special occasion like this comes around, someone with true gay porn chops is needed to make sure the encounter is a success. So why not call upon the raw talents of Pedro Andreas? Every scene he films is just as good (if not better) than the last. Pedro is at his strength when he’s a top, so he sits back and lets Sean suck on his cock like a hungry animal. The raw penetration occurs around 7:40 when Pedro pulls Sean Duran’s ass close to him and slides his cock in bareback. If Sean is to be given credit for anything, it’s his ability to take a pounding. At one point Pedro mounts him (at the 10:18 time stamp) and taking it easy is not what Pedro Andreas has in mind. But it looks like Sean Duran is enjoying himself, so a job well done!"

Sean Duran Barebacks On Camera For The First Time Ever

Sean Duran Barebacks On Camera For The First Time Ever

Sean Duran Barebacks On Camera For The First Time Ever

Sean Duran Barebacks On Camera For The First Time Ever

Sean Duran Barebacks On Camera For The First Time Ever Sean Duran Barebacks On Camera For The First Time Ever
Raging Stallion The Night Riders

The Night Riders, Scene 5

Featuring Dante Colle, Riley Mitchel, Sean Duran, and Woody Fox
Raging Stallion Studios

February 8, 2019

"Sean Duran makes a revelation that will alter the course of Riley Mitchel's life forever in a dark, intense orgy featuring Riley, Sean, Dante Colle, and Riley's priest, Woody Fox. After a mysterious ritual, Riley bends over to accept his fate. Dante slips his cock inside the horny stud as Riley takes Woody in his mouth. Dante can't get enough of Riley's tight hole and keeps plugging away until the priest wants in. Woody takes over stretching Riley's ass as Dante moves on to let Sean suck his cock. All that dick in his mouth makes Sean ready to get fucked and he lies back to let Woody plug his hole. Woody pounds away on Sean's hole that leaves him begging for all the cock he can get in each one of his holes. Every stud is hard and ready to blow and the sight of Sean getting stuffed with dick is enough to push them all over the edge. With Woody still pumping in and out of Sean, Dante is the first to succumb. He dumps his creamy white load all over Sean's sweaty, muscled-up body. As he's finishing up, Woody fucks to the point of no return and pulls out to spray Sean's tight sack with his load. Sean needs fresh cream in his mouth and opens wide for Riley to deliver it right from the tap. Riley spills into Sean's mouth completing the circle, which gives Sean permission to blast onto his own ripped abs. The ritual is complete, and the outcome of 'The Night Riders' is revealed in this stunning conclusion."

WATCH The Night Riders, Scene 5 Featuring Dante Colle, Riley Mitchel, Sean Duran, and Woody Fox

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99486_010 99486_013












Raging Stallion The Night Riders

The Night Riders, Scene 4

Featuring Dillon Diaz and Sean Duran
Raging Stallion Studios

February 4, 2019

"Sean Duran finds Dillon Diaz on the floor of the shop with Riley Mitchel chained up nearby. As Riley looks on, Sean gets to work sucking on Dillon's ass. All the tongue action on his hole gets Dillon revved up and soon he's no longer able to resist the temptation of Sean's massive cock. Dillon gets it all down his throat and pays special attention to Sean's full sack, getting Sean in the mood to taste some dick. Sean gets Dillon up on the work bench and satisfies his cravings by slurping on the throbbing pole between Dillon's legs. The cock-hungry stud can't get enough dick down his throat and keeps up his sloppy sucking as Dillon moans out from all the pleasure. Sean is still horny and stands up to jack their thick rods together. The suck off session gets both studs ready to blow, and after one last taste of Dillon's sweet ass, Sean dumps a load right into Dillon's open mouth. That's all it takes for Dillon to let go and he jacks his meat until he covers the floor with a thick, creamy load. Riley is still looking on when Sean gives him a terrifying surprise and life-altering choice that will affect both Riley and Dillon's fates forever."

WATCH The Night Riders, Scene 4 Featuring Dillon Diaz and Sean Duran

99485_01 99485_03

99485_05 99485_06












Trapped, Scene 3

Starring Jason Vario and Sean Duran
Raging Stallion Studios

October 13, 2017

"Tegan Zayne has been missing for a week and the police are baffled by his disappearance. Jason Vario is a detective from the city who is forced to work with local officer, Sean Duran, on the case. The two disagree on how to tackle finding Tegan and when their words get heated, Sean tells Jason to prove that he has the bigger dick. Jason is cool as a cucumber when he whips out his big monster cock. Officer Sean can see that he's been outsized and gets on his knees to get the whopper down his throat. Sean does his duty and gets Jason's massive pole hard as a rock as he slobbers on the shaft and sucks his big sack. Jason doesn't want to be left out of the cock sucking fun and helps Sean out of his clothes. Jason takes his turn by getting Sean's thick dick in his mouth. He savors the flavor and works every inch of Sean's tatted and muscled up body. After getting his fill of dick, Jason wants a taste of Sean's hairy hole. He bends the stud over and opens him up with his tongue to make way for what he's about to get next. Jason slides his meat deep into Sean as he grunts with every thrust from the detective. Jason pounds away on his counterpart, literally fucking the cum right out of him. After Jason sees that Sean has gotten what he needs, he pulls out and drains his balls all over Sean's tight and toned ass. Now that their differences have been put aside, they'll need to pull together and get to work finding Tegan before it's too late."

WATCH Trapped, Scene 3 Starring Jason Vario and Sean Duran

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91139_02 91139_03

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91139_06 91139_08

91139_10 91139_15







Gun Show

Gun Show, Scene 4

Starring Jaxton Wheeler and Sean Duran
Raging Stallion Studios

July 31, 2017

"Good ol' boy gun lovers Jaxton Wheeler and Sean Duran, pull up to the gun show and park in the parking lot. Sean is excited to head in to see all the automatic and semi-automatic weapons but Jaxton is a little reluctant saying he'll catch up with Sean later. Sean discovers that Jaxton has a boner and needs to take care of it before they can head into the show. Sean reveals that he's got a hard-on too, so to avoid getting arrested for beating off in the car, the two head into the building to find a private spot to rub one out. This 'Gun Show' has the studs so turned on that they enter a storage room and take to their own corners to jack their raging boners. Sean keeps edging closer to Jaxton, who protests with every step closer that Sean takes. Sean won't shut up and wants to finish as fast as possible so they can head in to see the gun demonstrations. 'Dude, you take too fucking long,'' Sean says as he gets on his knees to service his buddy. Jaxton is reluctant at first and responds with: 'What the fuck are you doing, ya faggot?'. But once he feels Sean's lips wrapped around his thick cock, Jaxton relents and lets the tatted hick take his cock down his throat. Jaxton fucks Sean's face as Sean jacks his own big hairy cock. After sucking Jaxton's dick for what seems like forever, he stands up and once again tells Jaxton that he's taking too long. 'It's your turn now,' Sean declares. After a bit of protest from Jaxton on account of not knowing how to suck a dick, Jaxton finally agrees to give it a try. It's a rocky start on Sean's pulsing shaft, but Jaxton gets the hang of it and is able to service his buddy without another hitch. It's almost as if Jaxton was born to suck cock. He doesn't miss and inch and even gets in to suck on Sean's big low hanging balls and fuzzy taint. When Sean is close, he pulls out and paints Jaxton's black hairy beard white. With all of Sean's sticky jizz clinging to his face, Jaxton returns the favor and sprays his muscled-up buddy with his own brand of relief. Once they're done, the party is over and they immediately search for a cum rag to wipe down and clean up before they head back out the door to join the masses of gun-loving patriots."

WATCH Gun Show, Scene 4 Starring Jaxton Wheeler and Sean Duran

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Gun Show

Gun Show, Scene 3

Starring Rikk York and Sean Duran
Raging Stallion Studios

July 28, 2017

"Second Amendment activist Sean Duran is handing out right wing literature at the 'Gun Show' and sets his sights on Rikk York. Sean tries explaining to Rikk that 'cry-baby liberals are gonna take away all our guns!' Rikk likes what he sees in Sean and offers to talk about Sean's concerns in a more private setting. The minute they get alone, Rikk makes his moves on the tatted stud and goes in to give him a kiss. Sean protests at first, not understanding what the hell is going on. Rikk calms Sean's little conservative brain by telling him to relax and by reaching into his bulging camouflage pants to rub his growing chub. It only takes a second for Sean to whip out his dick and peel off his Ted Nugent vintage Tee. Rikk isn't quiet about sucking on Sean's hot rod and gags and spits as he slobbers all over it. The guys are within ear shot of the gun booth owner who keeps turning around to see if what he's hearing is real. He sneaks over to get a better listen as Rikk bends over and gets his asshole eaten out by Republican Sean and his not-so-conservative ass licking tongue. When Sean is sure he could fit the barrel of a Glock 17 firmly all the way up Rikk's butt, he splays the muscle jock over a container with his legs in the air and inserts his weapon of choice. It's a beautiful thing to see two horny studs fucking in front of a rack of guns at a public show, and both hung dudes are getting off to the idea. All the guns surrounding them and the sensation of Rikk's tight ass enveloping his giant cock is all that Sean can handle. He pulls his meat out and dumps his load all over Rikk's hot ass. After all the action, Sean is thirsty and needs to taste what's inside Rikk's loaded pistol. He gets under Rikk's big hairy dick and opens his mouth to get every drop that Rikk has in his emptied-out chamber."

WATCH Gun Show, Scene 3 Starring Rikk York and Sean Duran

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89698_03 89698_04

89698_05 89698_07












Wasteland, Scene 4

Rafael Lords and Sean Duran
Raging Stallion Studios

January 20, 2017

"After stumbling into a post-apocalyptic dungeon full of dangerous men, Rafael Lords is trying to escape when Sean Duran stops him. 'Why don't you turn around... Show me what I won today!' says Sean. 'Pretty nice ass,' he adds. 'Think you can handle more dick in there?' Bending Rafael over a table, Sean spreads Rafael's cheeks open and shoves his tongue down Rafael's hole. Submitting to the will of his captor, Rafael gets down on his knees and services Sean's massive cock. Sean grabs his nipples to enhance his pleasure as Rafael continues to slobber on his thick rod. Ready to take his ultimate prize, Sean picks Rafael up, lays him flat on a desk, and thrusts himself inside. Feeling Sean's meat filling up his hole makes Rafael grab his own hard cock. Sweat covers their bodies as the action gets more and more intense. Rafael flips over to take Sean's cock doggy style, and he gasps and moans as Sean's pounding picks up speed. With Sean still inside him, Rafael loses control and shoots his load, which pisses Sean off. 'Who the fuck said you could cum?' he bellows. Jerking his own cock, Sean blasts Rafael's hole with thick, white cum. 'What am I going to do with you now?' questions Sean."

WATCH Wasteland, Scene 4 Starring Rafael Lords and Sean Duran














Raging Stallion Studios: State of Arousal

State of Arousal, Scene 1

Sean Duran and Tyson Glover
Raging Stallion Studios | Hard Friction

December 9, 2016

"When Tyson Glover sees Sean Duran, their mutual erotic chemistry propels them both into a heightened state of arousal. Sean, tattooed from head to toe, sits upright as Tyson services his cock. Tyson - lean, tanned, and with both nipples pierced - feeds off Sean's dominant energy, putting himself fully at Sean's service. As Tyson uses his tongue to slather Sean's cock with spit, Sean reaches for Tyson's ass and probes with his finger. Eager to get a taste, Sean lays flat so that Tyson can sit on his face. As he eats Tyson's ass, Sean's cock throbs with uncontrollable erotic spasms.

With their senses heightened by their intense connection, Tyson and Sean take things to the next level. Pointing his cock straight up, Sean invites Tyson to sit down and go for a ride. As he sinks down on Sean's thick rod, Tyson's ass stretches wide. Sweat glistens on their toned bodies as they alternate between Sean thrusting up from below and Tyson raising and lowering himself from above. Getting on his back, Tyson spreads his legs wide and invites Sean to plow the depths of his hole. With his muscles bulging, Sean ramps up the speed of his thrusting, bringing them both to the brink of orgasm. Sinking to his knees, Tyson sucks Sean's cock, then opens his mouth as Sean's thick, hot load explodes over his face. Jerking his cock, Tyson unleashes his own gushing cumshot which erupts like a geyser all over the floor. Rising to his feet, Tyson presses his lips to Sean's in a final, passionate kiss."

WATCH State of Arousal, Scene 1 Starring Sean Duran and Tyson Glover















Tyson Tyler and Sean Duran

Fuck Hole, Scene 3

Tyson Tyler and Sean Duran
Raging Stallion Studios

May 8, 2015

"Sean Duran is an edgy stud with badass tattoos and a confident swagger that manifests right away as he leans back on his elbows to confidently watch Tyson Tyler suck him with vigor. The oral service makes Sean's nipples are glass-cutting hard and his stomach crunches in reflexive pleasure. After enjoying the warmth of Tyson's hungry mouth, Sean eats Tyson's sweet fuck hole like an animal. Once it's lubed and basted with saliva, Sean's cock slides in swiftly as he can't wait to feel Tyson's ass swallow and engulf his dick. Sean powerfully pumps his cock into Tyson ass. After an energized first round, Tyson flips onto his back so the two studs can explore every inch of their flesh with even more steamy intimacy. The new position showcases Tyson's high, round bubble-butt and beads of stick sweat collect in the hollow of his throat as his ass clenches hard around Sean's driving shaft. In an explosive climax, Sean grabs Tyson's cock and it spews white juice onto Sean's chiseled chest and abs. Sean pulls out his cock and then feeds his load to Tyson."

Tyson Tyler and Sean Duran

Tyson Tyler and Sean Duran

Tyson Tyler and Sean Duran

Tyson Tyler and Sean Duran

Tyson Tyler and Sean Duran

Tyson Tyler and Sean Duran Tyson Tyler and Sean Duran
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