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Santi Aragon (2)

Miami, 2013

August 12, 2013

"Now 25 years old, bodybuilder Santi Aragon works as a fitness model and personal trainer. Living in South Florida, handsome young Santi first starred in our pages in 2010. In the three years since, while he has not competed, he has spent many hours in the gym refining his amazing physique. Take a good look at the new, bigger, and harder Santi!"



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Santi Aragon

Miami, 2010

"Just 21 years old, bodybuilder Santi Aragon works as a fitness model and personal trainer. Currently living and going to school in South Florida, Santi's amazing conditioning and solid muscularity are matched by his ease and comfort in front of the camera. His ambition is to turn pro - and we're sure with his positive attitude and discipline that he will reach his goal. Members can enjoy 17 video clips of Santi at the gym, on the beach and in an extended photo shoot at our Miami studio."

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Santiago Aragon

2008 NPC Teen & Collegiate National Bodybuilding Championships

"The nation's best teen and college aged bodybuilders compete for the national bodybuilding title! You won't believe your eyes as these young athletes step on stage to show off their incredibly ripped and developed physiques in this heart-pounding evening show video. The evening show video features the top competitors for each weight class as they perform their choreographed posing routines and receive their awards in the finals of this contest. Shot in both wide shots and close-ups so you see the symmetry as well as muscle detail. The next best thing to a front row seat!"







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Height: 5'7
Weight: 165
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Waist: 29
Neck: 16
Chest: 41
Complexion: Medium
State: Florida
Country: USA


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Santi Aragon


"Santi Aragon is a bodybuilder, personal trainer and fitness model from Miami. He never really intended to get into bodybuilding, but sort of fell into it. He was a travel ice hockey player from the age of 7 to 18 years old. After being offered to play at many different prep schools and colleges, Santi realized that the love for the sport was not there anymore for him. Being a competitive athlete his whole life, he needed to focus his competitive nature in something else. Santi was familiar with the gym since he did a lot of conditioning training in the offseason for jos travel season. He always had good proportions and oversized legs for his height due to all the skating but with all the cardio that he did on the ice, it didn’t allow his body to grow and get heavy. As soon as Santi cut the cardio, his muscles started to grow and people started to notice that maybe he should consider competing one day. He instantly got hooked and read everything he could to learn about training and nutrition so that one day he could compete. And compete he did! After winning his first show, Santi has been hooked ever since. He won 7 straight shows at the age of 21. At the 2007 NGA Florida Championships he took 1st in Teens, 1st in Novice; at the 2008 NPC Mid Florida Classic he took 1st in Open Mens Middleweight; at the 2008 NPC Southern States he took 1st in Teen Middleweight; and at the 2008 NPC Teen & Collegiate Nationals he took 1st in Teen Lightweight and 1st in Collegiate Lightweight. Currently living and attending school in South Florida, Santi's amazing conditioning and solid muscularity are matched by his ease and comfort in front of the camera. His ambition is to turn pro, and we are sure that with his positive attitude and strong discipline that he will reach his goal soon. He took a long year and a half off to finish some school work and then decided that it was time to hit the stage again to get that pro card. He's been working with his trainer Yano Garcia who has competed in various National Level shows including the 2009 NPC Nationals. In 2010, Santi returned to competition and again entered the NPC Southern States Bodybuilding Championships, in which he won his Open Welterweight Class and nearly took the overall title from the Super Heavyweight winner. Santi, who stands just 5'5" tall, is nicknamed "Mighty Mouse" because of his reputation of beating the bigger guys and taking overall titles. Santi most recently took the stage at a National pro-qualifier, the 2010 USA Bodybuilding Championships in Las Vegas, where he took 5th Place in a very competitive Welterweight Class. We look for Santi to achieve that pro status in the near future. We photographed Santi a week out of the 2010 Southern States show and he looked fantastic. We are very pleased to be able to add Santi Aragon to our roster of top bodybuilding and fitness models at NorthAmericanBodies.com!"

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Mat Rats 13 - Match 1

Chaos vs Might Mouse (Big vs Little Match)

"Chaos standing over 6 feet 2 inches and 250 pounds is our latest addition to Team Thunder and was up for any challenge. Enter our latest fan favorite Might Mouse, the new kid on the block who has guts to take on anyone, any size, which is awesome when you consider he's only 5 feet 5 inches tall and 175 pounds. Might Mouse has real guts and the heart of a champion to take on a guy Chaos's size. In this match up you will see Chaos show off his power in this match with a rack, choke slams, bearhugs, and he constantly keeps picking up Might Mouse for another power move. You'll see Chaos throw Might Mouse in a backbreaker and even a few body scissors. Chaos definetly wants to show off how strong he is in all kinds of ways. You will love it. If you saw Chaos on Thunder Tv with Joe, you know this guy can wrestle! Watch him attack Mighty mouse with power move after power move he tosses Mighty Mouse, he lifts Mighty Mouse, and benches Mighty Mouse, he even reminds us that Mighty Mouse can fly!"

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CONTEST HISTORY 2020 IFBB Tampa Pro 212 and Under (8th)


2020 Arnold Classic MEN'S CLASSIC PHYSIQUE (6th)



2019 IFBB Puerto Rico Pro Men's Classic Physique (2nd)


2019 IFBB Europa Dallas Pro 212 and Under (3rd)


2019 IFBB Atlantic Coast Pro Men's Classic Physique (5th)