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Sweaty Athletes, Scene 1

Andrew Fitch and Kory Houston

August 9, 2016

"Young athletes Andrew Fitch and Kory Houston are bros with benefits, and after an intense, hot workout session seeing each other's sweaty glistening bodies makes the two hungry for cock! They decide why not give each other a good fucking! It's about to get even hotter with a boy on boy dick sucking session. Getting deep with full on ass penetration, it's all about sexual satisfaction with these two bad boys!" WATCH Andrew Fitch and Kory Houston





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Andrew Fitch and JD Phoenix

Central Park Cruising Part 2

Featuring Andrew Fitch and JD Phoenix
Drill My Hole at

October 11, 2014

"If you've never picked up a stranger in Central Park, taken him to your place and either fucked his brains out, or had yours fucked out, watch this scene! You're definitely going to want to strut you stuff around the most famous park in the world so you get some hot action like JD Phoenix who gets pounded by Andrew Fitch."

Andrew Fitch and JD Phoenix

Andrew Fitch and JD Phoenix

Andrew Fitch and JD Phoenix

Andrew Fitch and JD Phoenix

Andrew Fitch and JD Phoenix Andrew Fitch and JD Phoenix
Trent Ferris and Andrew Fitch

Trent Ferris and Andrew Fitch

"I came for a girl!"

October 2, 2014

Wow! A straight former high school football star - and fuck if he isn't one sexy, masculine dude! Big muscles, big cock and super big balls - and wait till you see the big cum shot at the end! Andrew, an Italian stud, looks like he could've been a roommate on MTV's 'Jersey Shore'. Caruso mentions this to him and he says he actually spent a lot of time at the Jersey shore - obviously strutting his stuff on the boardwalks and beaches. At 5'11'' inches, this athlete sports a thick 7'' cock and has a torso that tapers to a narrow waist and then blossoms into one of the sexiest bubble butts you'll ever see. He is all man! But, is he ready for our new Bait boy, Trent. Trent is the boy next door, just turned twenty with blond hair and blue eyes and a really nice body, cute butt and a thick 7.5'' cock. Trent tells us that he's bi, in high school he was much more interested in pussy - he even talks about fucking his date, fully clothed, on the dance floor during a homecoming dance - mostly undetected. He said since he's been out of high school and hasn't had the social pressure from classmates, he's had the opportunity to experiment with guys and is now leaning that way. Trent is really looking forward to meeting Andrew as he loves straight dick, so Caruso introduces the boys to each other and explains that they have to get naked and prove they can get hard in the studio environment. Caruso asks Andrew if he has a problem being naked in front of another guy. Andrew answers ''as long as we don't touch''. Of course Caruso keeps a straight face knowing what's coming. The boys strip down and... you have to see it for yourself - these two are hot as hell. Andrew's cock gets hard right away, he's excited being in the studio and watching pussy porn and the atmosphere is just sex-sex-sex, as he looks forward to showing off his stuff which he obviously knows is primo. Caruso is satisfied and goes to get the girl, so the boys pass time talking about the porn they're watching. The bad news is then delivered ''no girl'', and Caruso gives them the double the money pitch for having sex with each other. ''What - are you crazy!'' says Andrew, ''I came for a girl'', ''are you serious!'' After Caruso explains the porn business to him and how you have to be flexible, and that it's not gay to have sex with another dude, he comes to the conclusion that he'll do it for the money. Then Caruso adds ''what about getting your ass fucked?'' ''Hell no!'' says Andrew... but Trent says he's up for it for double the money, to which Andrew replies ''God bless you''. Caruso gets them started by having Trent grab Andrew's gorgeous straight boy cock and stroke it. Once Andrew is rock hard, he takes his hand and pulls it over to his own cock. Andrew reacts to this by saying ''I have to touch his too!'', but does it anyway - and you'll notice how he soon can't take his eyes off Trent's cock as he jacks it. Trent then goes down on Andrew's cock and both dudes are loving it - Andrew says ''I think he's done this before'' - oh yeah he has! When Caruso tells Andrew it's his turn to suck cock, Andrew says ''You want me to suck him!'' - yes of course - it's only fair. So, Andrew tentatively puts the tip of Trent's big cock in his mouth and sucks it a little. Trent tells him to go deeper, so Caruso adds ''do it like your girlfriend does you'', ''but this is weird'' says Andrew as he finally able to deep throat all 7.5'' of Trent's thick cock. Caruso now has them stand and do a little cock2cock frot, which is Trent's cue to pull Andrew in for a kiss. Andrew pulls back and asks ''what are you doing'' to which Trent replies ''let's kiss'' and so Andrew just gives in and you'll see a pretty hot kissing session between the two. The boys are pretty turned on by now, you can just tell, so Caruso has them move on to fucking. Trent gets into the doggy position and we see Andrew pumping into Trent's tight hole. Trent gets super horny and tells Andrew to ''pound it!'' and he complies and fucks that boy's cunt silly. Trent wants to finish off on his back and he gets his wish. Andrew is pumping his cute butt pretty hard, but when Trent is felling like he's on the edge, he tells Andrew he's cumming and yells ''fuck me!''. Andrew goes wild and gives Trent one of the hardest poundings of his young life until his cum literally sprays like water all over his torso. It doesn't take him but a few more pumps and hunky Andrew pulls out and sends an explosive rocket of cum onto Trent's belly, chest and all the way into his hair... someone was turned on! Caruso then sends the two cummy, sweaty dudes to the showers, Trent is so sore from the fucking he received that we notice he kind of walks funny into the shower. In the end, Caruso asks Andrew what he liked best - ''I loved fucking Andrew's tight hole'', what about sucking dick ''not a fan''. Would you do it again?... ''Probably (he pauses) and then says YES!''

Trent Ferris and Andrew Fitch

Trent Ferris and Andrew Fitch

Trent Ferris and Andrew Fitch

Trent Ferris and Andrew Fitch

Trent Ferris and Andrew Fitch Trent Ferris and Andrew Fitch
Kink Men

Andrew Fitch

Andrew Fitch

July 9, 2013

"Ripped straight stud Andrew Fitch has tied up his girlfriend once before but today he's eager to know what it's like to be on the receiving end. We have him strip down into nothing but his underwear as we bind him with tight belts. Andrew's eyes are blindfolded as his cock grows in his underwear from Sebastian's teasing. Andrew's uncut cock stays rock hard as we apply tit suckers to his nipples. Just as he's about to blow his load, we torment his nipples and punch his ripped abs, giving him the mixture of pain and pleasure all at once. Andrew's ass is wide open for us to play with as he's bound to a metal device with a bit gag in his mouth. His huge cock is tied up as we shove dildos in both of his holes and give him a taste of the flogger. Strapped down to a suspended ladder, we tease Andrew's cock, surprising him with the vibrations of the hitachi. When Andrew starts getting feisty to cum, we shut him up with a dildo gag before milking a load out of his giant cock. We tease his sensitive cock and give his entire body some tickle torment before leaving him covered in his own cum."







Hard Training

Featuring Andrew Fitch, Colt Rivers, and Mark Long
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

December 4, 2014

"For Colt Rivers, starting at his job has been rough. Falling behind and concerned that he's already in the doghouse, Colt stays late to finish some reports, when his manager, Andrew Fitch enters his office. Sensing that his new hire is having trouble getting acclimated, Andrew assures Colt that support is available if he's willing to accept it and join the team. Colt, unsure exactly what Andrew is referring to, seems confused, so Andrew makes it much clearer, unzipping his pants and unfurling his hardening cock. Colt seems to take the hint, but more importantly, he takes the cock, gagging on Andrew's dick, spitting on the head and then choking it down again. As Colt blows Andrew, janitor Mark Long happens by, and since Andrew's managing philosophy is 'the more the merrier' he invites Mark in, who unzips his cover-all to reveal an even bigger cock. Now with two cocks occupying both holes, Colt gets the training he needs, as Mark pounds him from behind while Andrew continues to fuck his mouth. Moving over by the window, Colt mounts Andrew's cock while Mark watches, and Andrew shows why he's in charge, taking control and fucking the cum out of Colt before he and Mark both empty quite a workload all over the new hire's waiting stomach. Enjoy!"

WATCH Hard Training Featuring Andrew Fitch, Colt Rivers, and Mark Long

Hard Training Featuring Andrew Fitch, Colt Rivers, and Mark Long

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Andrew Fitch and Jack Patrick"Jock Invasion"
Andrew Fitch and Jack Patrick

May 30, 2013

"Andrew Fitch is making his way over to the gym to get in his workout, same as he does 5 days a week. Jack Patrick is up early and has already worked out, now standing in front of his locker undressing to shower. As he does, he looks around, and realizes he's alone. Taking the private moment to indulge somewhat, he sneaks into Andrew's locker and sees Andrew's jock hanging up. Thinking of Andrew's body filling out the garment gets Jack all hot and bothered, and as he sniffs the jock and inhales Andrew's scent, the fantasy becomes that much more tangible to him. It's right about that time that Andrew walks up, sees Jack invading his privacy, and gets mad about the intrusion. Storming into the locker room, he confronts Jack, who is both speechless and without remorse. Seems the only way to teach him a lesson is to give him what he wants, so Andrew pushes Jack down onto his knees and shoves his crotch into Jack's face. With his fantasy so close Jack does not pretend or protest, instead he lets Andrew use him any way he sees fit. Andrew feels Jack's mouth on his cock and realizes almost immediately that what started out as punishment will actually end up as reward, as he plunges his rock hard cock down Jack's throat before bending him over the bench and then slamming him from behind up against the lockers, Finally unleashing his pent up load all over Jack's chest, Andrew decides he's not only doled out enough punishment, but also that he's had his workout for the day. Enjoy!" See more of Andrew Fitch and Jack Patrick!
Ndb"NURU Massage"
Alexander Gustavo and Andrew Fitch
Next Door Buddies

May 9, 2013

"Alexander Gustavo leads Andrew Fitch upstairs to the bathroom, promising him a new form of massage. Andrew is curious and anxious, but in a good sort of way, as Alexander walks him through the order of a NURU massage. First a delicate showering off of Andrew's body in the tub, followed by a sensual, soapy scrub and another rinse. Andrew's cock grows stiff as a board underneath Alexander's delicate touch. Next Andrew lays down and Alexander begins to drizzle him with oil, before covering himself as well, and then he commences to rub his body against Andrew's, his cock sliding up and down Andrew's back, his stomach pressed up against Andrew's ass, his lips hot on Andrew's neck. Andrew has never been so turned on, and when Alexander flips him over and begins to playfully nibble on the tip of Andrew's cock, Andrew feels ready to explode. So he turns Alexander around and pushes his cock deep inside. It slips right in as Alexander emits a satisfied moan of pleasure, and Andrew fucks him from behind with all of his energy. The oil glistens off of Alexander's back as he looks over his shoulder, letting Andrew know he's about to cum. Exploding his load as Andrew keeps pumping, Alexander is exasperated, as Andrew pulls out and blasts his load all over Alexander's face, falling back onto the mat in a sweaty, slippery sated haze. Enjoy!" See more of Alexander Gustavo and Andrew Fitch!
Falcon Studios He's Got The Moves

He's Got The Moves, Scene 2

Starring Ryan Rose and Andrew Fitch
Falcon Studios | Guys Like Us

September 20, 2013

"The full moon brings out the sexy beast in Ryan Rose and Andrew Fitch. Before hitting the sack, they curl up on the sheets for some sizzling 69 action. Ryan's smooth skin is tanned to mahogany, making a stark contrast with his pale buns. Andrew's olive complexion is set off by nipples that beg to be tweaked. Ryan literally screws Andrew's ass using the fingers of both hands like a corkscrew, causing Andrew to squirm with ecstasy. He is so high on endorphins that he can barely speak. All he can say is 'yes' as Ryan rolls him over and slides his cock into his ass. Ryan's muscles ripple and Andrew's balls sway as flesh contacts flesh in distinct slaps. Andrew's spine arches to absorb the shock as Ryan slams him harder, faster and deeper. In a switcheroo, Ryan lies on his back and hooks his arm behind a thigh to spread his cheeks inviting Andrew's tongue to his eager hole. Ryan grabs Andrew's head and rubs Andrew's face against his hole. Now it's Andrew's turn to sink his shaft deep into Ryan. As Andrew plows away, he rubs the sweat into Ryan's damp torso like massage oil. The hot, tight grip of Ryan's hole on Andrew's hard on soon has their balls churning up twin loads of creamy white jizz."

WATCH He's Got The Moves, Scene 2 Starring Ryan Rose and Andrew Fitch
















Andrew Fitch_WEB5America's Next Hot Bottom, Scene 3
Brett Summers, Jayden Ellis and Andrew Fitch
Jet Set Men

July 5, 2013

"The final competition is the SuperHero Challenge where all five contestants must show off their asses on the runway for the judges wearing their favorite SuperHero costume. Shane Jacobs stands out in his purple power-ranger outfit and Brett Summers shines as Captain America while Jayden Ellis dons the Green Hornet costume and Riley Banks is Robin. Andrew Fitch wears a blue outfit that the guys all say gave him a camel toe. During the confessionals Jayden Ellis reveals that he thinks Brett Summers has an amazing ass and as a bottom himself he would love to top him. He goes on to talk about what he would do if he had his way with both Andrew Fitch and Brett Summers. The trio starts off with three hard dicks and three hungry mouths. The trio can't seem to get enough of each other's cocks taking every inch they can and taking turns blowing each other. Jayden moves down and spreads Brett's perfect blond ass cheeks apart and dives his tongue in deep setting the stage for the self professed bottom to take a turn at bat as a top. Both Jayden Ellis and Andrew Fitch take turns fucking Brett Summers repeatedly until all three line up and jack hot loads of of their dicks!"

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ANDREW FITCH_WEB18Muscle Bangers, Scene 2
Johnny Torque & Andrew Fitch
Jet Set Men

June 3, 2013

"We start off with a nice close up show of Johnny Torque's big beautiful perfectly shaped cock. The tattooed muscle stud strokes his cock for the camera showing off every inch. But Johnny's not here to jerk off, he's here to fuck some hot ass. We introduce Johnny to newcomer Andrew Fitch who is filming his very first porno in this scene. Andrew is a hot stud from NY with a great body and some big cum filled balls. Johnny services Andrew's cock and then puts him face down ass up on the sofa and proceeds to plow his hot ass. Johnny has his way with Andrew fucking him in several positions before hammering a hot load out of his ass."