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Best in the Biz

Featuring Tyler Torro, Kyle Quinn, James Huntsman
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

December 26, 2013

"When Kyle Quinn decided he was gonna become a personal trainer, he call on the Best in the Biz! He had done some scouting around local gyms and seen Tyler Torro putting on clinics in the weight room. Kyle had to have him. After striking a deal where Tyler would bring himself along with a friend who also happens to be a fantastic trainer, the three met up at Kyle's place. Kyle hired a camera man to capture the instructional session for later viewing.

Tyler showed up with James Huntsman, a top trainer with an incredible body. Once the two pros took their shirts off, Kyle knew he would need to see more. He noticed both guys had fattening erections under their workout shorts. Kyle figured he'd test the waters by grabbing Tyler's boner. That's when all three guys realized the only way Kyle was going to understand the proper discipline required to train gym patrons was by taking two hard dicks in his mouth. Switching back and forth between cocks, at a fevered pace, Kyle started to get it! Then Tyler bent Kyle over and slid his fat dong into Kyle's tight, sweet hole. Even though the position wasn't something Kyle was used to, it felt VERY good. If this is what training is all about, Kyle's gonna be great! Enjoy!"

WATCH Tyler Torro, Kyle Quinn, James Huntsman in Best in the Biz






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Muscle Maid Services (Bareback)

Tyler Torro, Christian Cayden, Conner Hastings, Hugh Jazz, Taylor Wolf
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

November 14, 2013

"When the mess in your house is unsightly, and the dirt starts to get grimy, there's only one team worth calling to make things beautiful again: Muscle Maid Service. 'Clean with a side of dirty,' is their motto and they know what they are talking about. With just one quick call, their team of hot guys will show up to spruce up the whole place, and if you are lucky, they just may help you make a new mess. Either way, though, you have to keep an eye on them, because with or without you, they came to play, and won't be leaving until they've rubbed every inch and given it a proper 'hose down'. Muscle Maid Service: you're gonna like what you see! Enjoy!"

WATCH Muscle Maid Services (Bareback)

42777_011 Tyler Torro and Dominic Reed in Summer Slam

Summer Slam

Featuring Tyler Torro and Dominic Reed
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

August 1, 2013

"They're just chillin' by the pool, talking about working out. You know, guy shit. That's when Tyler Torro got out of his chair to demonstrate a few lifting techniques to Dominic Reed. From that point, Dominic's cock became noticeably more swollen underneath his swimsuit.

It's weird how fast a boner can sneak up on you. One minute you're hanging out with a buddy, the next you're thinking about his fat dick in your mouth. For Dominic, this was a surprise. But Tyler's incredible physique caught him a little off guard today. When Tyler lays down and removes his shorts so Dominic can oil him down, Dominic knew if he wanted to taste Tyler's meat, this was the opportunity. Sure enough, when Tyler turns over, he exposes a raging hard on. And Dominic knows the proper thing to do for a good buddy with a cranked up fatty is to suck that throbbing thing like a true friend. So he does. Tyler LOVES the sensation of Dominic's mouth slurping his big thang. It makes him want to slide his dong into Dom's tight hole. And so he does. Watch him slam Dominic's tender pocket like a sex hungry stud. If you can't beat the heat, make some of your own! Enjoy!"

WATCH Tyler Torro and Dominic Reed in Summer Slam






42777_009 42777_013

42777_034 42777_038

Chain Linked

Featuring Tyler Torro, Reed Royce, Trey Turner
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

June 20, 2013

"Reed Royce is living out every guy's fantasy. Tired of seeing the frat bros having their way, he has taken advantage of their reckless intoxicated state and managed to tie them up in his basement. Reed Royce has a basement? Fuck yeah he does, and right now he's got Tyler Torro and Trey Turner hogtied and they are not too happy about it.Tyler is incensed, imploring Reed to let him and his schoolmate go, but Reed is determined to teach the guys a lesson. Only one problem: Reed's insatiable lust for jock cock. Staring at Tyler's restrained package has Reed's lips whetting, and Tyler sees this, inviting Reed to have a look. Trey can only watch as Reed falls to his knees and takes Tyler's cock into his mouth. Tyler stiffens up and clenches the fence as Reed deep throats his entire rod. Clearly both guys are enjoying themselves, so Reed lets Tyler out and they move over to Trey, still hogtied with ass in the air. Reed pulls down his underwear and gives him a hearty smack on the ass as Tyler shoves his cock down Trey's throat, before Reed decides to untie Trey as well. Once freed, Trey and Tyler turn on their would-be captor, putting him in the middle for a good old fashioned Pig Roast that ends, predictably, in a gloopy puddled mess. Enjoy!"

WATCH Tyler Torro, Reed Royce, Trey Turner in Chain Linked








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The Dungeon Club

Featuring Johnny Torque, James Huntsman, Connor Maguire, James Jamesson, Cameron Foster, Tyler Torro, Brody Wilder, Donny Wright, Campbell Stevens
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

December 27, 2012

"Deep in the recesses of the Next Door shoot house, there's a party going on. With 9 hot guys getting loose in the basement, something is about to go down. James Huntsman is serving up the drinks to fellow Next Door studs Tyler Torro, Connor Maguire, Brody Wilder, Johnny Torque, Campbell Stevens, Donny Wright, James Jamesson and Cameron Foster, and as the libations pour, the action heats up. With their drink already properly on, the guys look to satisfy their other urges, as steely glances give way to a den of flesh. Before long, the bodies begin to converge and the clothes come flying off. Tyler Torro and Johnny Torque takes turns with Cameron Foster's sweet ass, while James Jamesson & Brody Wilder trade off fucking Donny Wright's mouth. Getting in on the action, bartender James Huntsman takes turns with Connor Maguire as Campbell Stevens swordfights the two hunks in his mouth, before James flips Connor over and begins pumping him from behind. Tyler and Johnny switch up and Cameron Foster lets out a shriek as Johnny enters, the whole room turning into a skanky sweaty mess of musky men and funk as the guys line up and, one by one, shoot their loads like a firing squad. This is one party you'll be glad to crash! Enjoy!"

WATCH The Dungeon Club Featuring Brody Wilder, Cameron Foster, Campbell Stevens, Connor Maguire, Donny Wright, James Huntsman, James Jamesson, Johnny Torque, and Tyler Torro


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29409_301 29409_306

29409_310 29409_316






24902_005 Rod Daily, Tyler Torro & Andrew Stark in The Long Cock of the Law

The Long Cock of the Law

Featuring Rod Daily, Tyler Torro & Andrew Stark
Next Door Studios | Rod Daily

August 17, 2012

"Rod Daily thought he had committed the perfect crime. Absconding with Andrew Stark’s bag, Rod suspects that he’s made a clean getaway until Andrew and cop friend Officer Tyler Torro roll up and discover him walking the side of the road. Caught red-handed, Rod is at the mercy of Officer Torro, who is clearly prepared to handle things in a somewhat unorthodox manner. Rather than taking him downtown, Tyler has decided on a little bit of payback- so he shoves Rod into his trunk and transports him back to his private garage. Once there, Tyler lays out the rundown for a confused Rod and Andrew. Rod can either take his punishment here in the garage or he can take his chances downtown. Rod chooses the former, and so Andrew shoves his dick down Rod’s throat as Tyler undresses and strokes his cock. Bending Rod over, Andrew first wets his hole with a little ass eating, then plunges his cock deep into Rod’s waiting ass as Tyler chokes Rod with his dick. Sucking Tyler off as Andrew pounds him from behind, Rod’s own dick is growing rock hard. Moving down to the floor, Rod rides Tyler’s night stick as he sucks on Andrew, jacking his dick and spraying a load in the process. The whole sight is too much for Tyler to take, and almost immediately he rips off his condom and explodes as well, which is shortly followed by Andrew showering Rod with his own load. Guess it’s just like they say: A couple loads to the face beats some jail time any day. Enjoy!"

WATCH Rod Daily, Tyler Torro & Andrew Stark in The Long Cock of the Law


24902_033 Rod Daily, Tyler Torro & Andrew Stark in The Long Cock of the Law

24902_045 Rod Daily, Tyler Torro & Andrew Stark in The Long Cock of the Law

24902_053 Rod Daily, Tyler Torro & Andrew Stark in The Long Cock of the Law

24902_066 Rod Daily, Tyler Torro & Andrew Stark in The Long Cock of the Law

24902_077 Rod Daily, Tyler Torro & Andrew Stark in The Long Cock of the Law

Perfect Practice

Featuring Rick McCoy and Tyler Torro
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

August 9, 2012

"Rick McCoy is on the wrestling team but struggling to achieve success. He asks Varsity member Tyler Torro for some pointers one day after regular practice. Tyler agrees soon enough he’s putting Rick through different paces and structuring some drills to increase Rick’s stamina. Rick and Tyler both begin sweating from the extra work and the close quarters. During one takedown, Rick notices Tyler’s cock is thick and hard under his wrestling tights. Somewhat inadvertently, he rubs the shaft and to his surprise, Tyler responds with a moan of satisfaction that tells Rick not to stop. So he doesn’t, ripping Tyler’s tights off and exposing his trimmed physique, Tyler’s cock pops out in Rick’s face, and Rick wastes no time gagging it down his throat in a slobbery throbbing mess. Tyler grows hotter and harder by the minute, and since no one is around, he turns Rick over and plunges his cock into Rick’s ass as he braces Rick’s chest with one solid arm bar. Pushing Rick’s face into the mat as he pounds away at his ass, Tyler is tingling, and Rick can feel a similar sensation throughout his body every time Tyler thrusts into him. Ready to burst, Tyler turns Rick over and Rick strokes his dick and blasts himself with cum as Tyler just keeps on fucking, before finally pulling out and dropping a jizz bomb all over Rick, the tights, the mat, and half the gym. Now Rick knows why Tyler is Varsity, huh? Enjoy!"

WATCH Tyler Torro and Rick McCoy in Perfect Practice


24896_012 24896_019


24896_034 24896_036

24896_038 24896_043













3 Fucking Studs

Featuring Cody Cummings, Brandon Lewis, and Tyler Torro
Next Door Studios | Cody Cummings

July 11, 2012

"When Cody Cummings, Tyler Torro and Brandon Lewis get together in the gym, the iron starts moving, the sweat starts beading and the muscles start flexing. Showing the same voracity for cock that he does for the bench, Brandon Lewis first fondles Cody’s chest and 6 pack abs before pulling down his shorts and taking his dick into his mouth. Tyler leans up against a punching bag and begins to fondle himself as he watches, and Cody, ever the ambassador of cock, suggests that Brandon quit being so selfish with the head and include Tyler as well. So now Tyler and Cody are taking turns fucking Brandon’s mouth, and Tyler gets the great idea that Brandon has two holes for fucking, so he pulls up behind Brandon and all of the sudden, Cody and Tyler are both being served. Brandon is being poked from all directions and he clearly loves it, spraying his load as he rides Tyler, who doesn’t stop even as Cody unleashes his spunk all over Brandon too, finally pulling out and adding to Brandon’s personal little pool of cum. 3 fucking studs showing you how it’s done. Enjoy!"

WATCH 3 Fucking Studs Featuring Cody Cummings, Brandon Lewis, and Tyler Torro













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22684_11 22684_15

Tickle Fight

Featuring Paul Wagner and Tyler Torro
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

May 31, 2012

"Lurking in the bushes, Paul Wagner awaits. Silent, patiently he holds steady to ambush his prey, and as Tyler Torro comes aimlessly strolling, unknowingly falling right into Paul’s trap, he springs out and Tyler catches a face full of Paul’s water cannon. Having committed the perfect ambush, all Paul needs to do now is make is get away. Light of foot and swiftly he moves with a heated Tyler hot on his heels. Through the screen door and onto the bed, Paul ducks for cover as Tyler jumps on top of him a moment behind, pins him in a classic position and then predictably exclaims, “Tickle Fight!”Having none of that Paul struggles out of Tyler’s grasp, but in doing so, brushes up against Tyler’s cock, which he can tell is semi-hard, even through Tyler’s shorts. Seizing the opportunity, he grabs Tyler’s cock and Tyler soon abandons the wrestling for a different sort of grappling. Paul deftly takes Tyler’s cock into his mouth as Tyler clumsily tries to take off his clothes. Pulling at Paul’s shorts, he slides a finger in Paul’s asshole as Paul continues to suck him off.Paul then mounts Tyler and rides him reverse while Tyler smacks Paul’s ass, but inevitably Tyler takes control of the situation and slides to his side, fucking Paul against the side bed rail and pulling out just in time to cum all over Paul’s hairy chest. Guess one huge blast deserves another! Enjoy!"

WATCH Paul Wagner and Tyler Torro in Tickle Fight






19172_014 19172_021

Wrong Place, Right Time

Featuring Brec Boyd, Marko Lebeau, Tyler Torro
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

May 10, 2012

"Marko LeBeau has made an epic mistake; dressing in the Varsity locker room when one is not a member of the Varsity squad is strictly prohibited and the punishment is simple. Not a member, then you get the Member(s). Tyler Torro and Brec Boyd are well versed on the rules. Having come up in the system, they have made the same mistake and been made to serve the requisite punishment, so they have little compassion for Marko as he pleads his case of innocence. Instead Tyler shoves Marko’s face into his sweaty crotch, then makes him repeat the same thing on Brec. Whipping their cocks out, Tyler and Brec take turns fucking Marko’s mouth and there is nothing he can do about it. Moving along, Tyler bends Marco over a bench, and while Brec shoves his cock in and out Marko’s mouth, Tyler does the same with Marko’s ass, instantly realizing when Marko shrieks with pleasure that he enjoys it, and that this is maybe not so much punishment after all. So Tyler puts the pedal to the metal and really tries to fuck Marko extra hard, but the harder he tries, the more Marko seems to love it, as he reaches down and begins stroking his own dick. Marko figures if you can’t join them, beat them (off), so he pulls on their cocks longingly until they both cum all over him, whereupon he is so turned on that he cums as well. As he does, Marko thinks to himself, “This is a mistake I’ll have to make again very soon.” Enjoy!"

WATCH Brec Boyd, Marko Lebeau, and Tyler Torro in Wrong Place, Right Time








Short Shafted

Featuring Trystan Bull, Tyler Torro, Justin Beal
Next Door Studios | Trystan Bull

April 29, 2012

"Justin Beal is either brilliantly conniving or he has terribly fortunate luck. Either way, when he gets together with Trystan Bull and Tyler Torro, no matter what they decide to do, he never seems to come out ahead. Like today, when the guys decide to draw lots, Justin pulls the short one and doesn’t even seem phased by it. Of course, it could be that with these guys, getting the shaft means actually getting the shaft. Two of them, in fact. Totally used the drill, Justin assumes the position and in no time Tyler and Trystan both have their dicks out. Pressing them together, Justin takes them into his mouth as their heads rub against each other in his mouth. Getting ready to go for the gusto, Trystan bends Justin over as Tyler fucks his face. Justin has been here before and he willingly gives his ass over to Trystan as Trystan pounds him into submission. Tyler decides to get a little bit for himself and they switch, flipping Justin over as Trystan sits on his face while Tyler fucks him missionary and he jacks himself off, cumming as he sucks on Trystan’s sweet hole. With the spooge party already started, Trystan and Tyler both turn around and spray Justin down with their meat hoses, covering him in a sticky sweaty mess. As he rubs it into his skin, one gets a feeling that in Justin’s mind, this is the kind of “shaft” he’d gladly take again and again. Enjoy!"

WATCH Trystan Bull, Tyler Torro, Justin Beal in Short Shafted










Neighborly Invasion

Featuring Jimmy Clay, Marcus Mojo and Tyler Torro
Next Door Studios | Marcus Mojo

March 23, 2012

"Marcus Mojo and Tyler Torro are rehearsing for their upcoming strip show, just running through the possibilities and working on logistics. Jimmy Clay is the nosy neighbor who drops in from time to time totally unannounced. Sometimes it’s a nuisance, and sometimes it’s a blessing. Today it is the latter, as he walks in to discover Marcus and Tyler stripped down to their skivvies and gyrating like a couple of naked animals. They quickly incorporate Jimmy into their charade, ganging up to strip him down, and then taking turns taking advantage. Jimmy, for his part, doesn’t mind. In fact, that’s sort of what he hopes for when he comes by, so when he looks up to find double cocks in his face, he goes to town on them like a dinner buffet. Bending him over, both Tyler and Marcus have a cock in one of his holes, and they all seem to love it, at least gauging by the massive triple shot of cum that ends up all over Jimmy’s chest. Enjoy!"

WATCH Marcus Mojo, Jimmy Clay and Tyler Torro in Neighborly Invasion















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18621_033 18621_034

Athletic Approach

Featuring Tyler Torro and Connor Maguire
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

March 22, 2012

"There're a lot of ways to get certain things done. When it comes to stretching Tyler Torro and Connor Maguire like to end with a nice massage. They both know how nice it feels to relax the most tense muscles. They're taking turns rubbing each other down. But when Connor notices one of Tyler's muscles experiencing increased blood flow, he uses a very special technique to soothe it. After removing Tyler's workout shorts, Connor places his mouth on Tyler's hard dick, sucking it hard and bobbing his head up and down in a rhythmic fashion. Then Connor is licking Tyler's sweet hole, just before slapping his firm boner on it. Tyler does indeed enjoy this, and it gives him another idea. Connor is definitely on-board for what Tyler's thinking. By shoving his fat, erect cock into Connor's tight asshole, Tyler is employing an ancient method of tension relief. Watch Connor take a hard fucking from Tyler and his strong, eager muscle. Enjoy!"

WATCH Tyler Torro and Connor Maguire in Athletic Approach







18584_072 Rod Daily and Tyler Torro in Doctor FeelGood

Doctor FeelGood

Featuring Rod Daily and Tyler Torro
Next Door Studios | Rod Daily

March 16, 2012

"Rod Daily is in to see the Doctor for a short notice physical in order to secure his new job. Tyler Torro, who is definitely a different kind of doctor, is more than ready to administer the examination. Only fix is that Rod has no insurance (who does these days?). But luckily, Doctor Torro has a special payment plan for situations like this. Of course, Rod knows this, which is why he frequents this clinic. So with all formalities out of the way and Rod’s physical health assured and verified, he drops to his knees and gets even more physical with Torro’s body. Slurping and sucking on his cock, he bends Tyler over the examination table and eats his ass moist and proper, then flips around and lets Doctor Feelgood have his way with Rod’s ass. Doctor Feelgood? More like Dr. FeelsGreat! Enjoy!"

WATCH Rod Daily and Tyler Torro in Doctor FeelGood


18584_015 Rod Daily and Tyler Torro in Doctor FeelGood

18584_016 Rod Daily and Tyler Torro in Doctor FeelGood

18584_031 Rod Daily and Tyler Torro in Doctor FeelGood

18584_047 Rod Daily and Tyler Torro in Doctor FeelGood

18584_049 Rod Daily and Tyler Torro in Doctor FeelGood

18584_024 Rod Daily and Tyler Torro in Doctor FeelGood 18584_027 Rod Daily and Tyler Torro in Doctor FeelGood

18584_059 Rod Daily and Tyler Torro in Doctor FeelGood 18584_064 Rod Daily and Tyler Torro in Doctor FeelGood

Voodoo Love Spell

Featuring Tyler Torro and Joe Lander
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

February 23, 2012

"Joe Lander was willing to try anything! His boyfriend Tyler Torro is NOT interested in sex anymore. Joe just wants to get fucked and his last resort is the voodoo doll he ordered from a black magic priestess last week.When the package arrives, Joe finds the instructions say to gather a specimen of pubic hair from the victim, attach to the doll, then watch the spell take hold. Joe sneaks into the bathroom as Tyler showers to snatch a few pubes, then scurries back into the bedroom where he finishes the directions and disrobes. When comes in from his shower, he's sporting a very perky and hard erection. 'I don't know what's going on here!' he tells Joe. But Joe knows! The magic is working, just as the priestess said, and Joe is reaping the benefits. Watch him slurp hard and deep on Tyler's fat cock. After Tyler takes control with a little face fucking, Joe climbs aboard for a nice, solid pounding, the way Tyler used to bang him, when they first began dating. Then witness Tyler bend Joe over and slam his tight asshole from behind. But will the spell last long enough for Joe to be showered in his boyfriend's hot load?? Find out in this sexy, bewitching adventure! Enjoy!"

WATCH Tyler Torro and Joe Lander in Voodoo Love Spell

Tyler Torro and Joe Lander in Voodoo Love Spell

18150_004 Tyler Torro and Joe Lander in Voodoo Love Spell

18150_014 Tyler Torro and Joe Lander in Voodoo Love Spell

18150_019 Tyler Torro and Joe Lander in Voodoo Love Spell

18150_032 Tyler Torro and Joe Lander in Voodoo Love Spell

18150_008 Tyler Torro and Joe Lander in Voodoo Love Spell 18150_024 Tyler Torro and Joe Lander in Voodoo Love Spell

18150_025 Tyler Torro and Joe Lander in Voodoo Love Spell 18150_035 Tyler Torro and Joe Lander in Voodoo Love Spell

Next Door Diva

Featuring Tyler Torro and Brittany Amber (2)
Next Door Studios | Next Door Hookups

January 15, 2012

"Tyler Torro is just another in a long line of models who let the attention of their job go straight to their heads. Its an industry cliché and one that is well earned. But Brittany Amber isn’t trying to hear it. She expects that when a model represents her agency, that they will conduct themselves with a level of respectability and a modicum of decorum. So much for that though, with this Torro character. She’s been having nothing but trouble with him from the start, and the tension is starting to reach maximum levels. For his part, Tyler is feeling the pressure too, and convinced that his “agent” isn’t taking his career seriously.

It all boils over at the Next Door shoot (where else?) when Tyler leaves the set and confronts Brittany back at the office. Before too long an argument ensues, tempers flare and the heat gets the best of both of them. The tension turns to passion in a blink of an eye when a hesitant Brittany finally gives into her obvious lust for Tyler. Maybe this will satisfy his “special attention needs” and we can all get back to the photoshoot. Enjoy!"

WATCH Tyler Torro and Brittany Amber in Next Door Diva


The Hole In The Wall

Featuring Tyler Torro and Brody Wilder
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

January 12, 2012

"Brody Wilder is lurking in the men’s room, waiting in the stall, just stroking with his dick out in the hopes that a hot guy will come through the door soon enough. His patient plan is rewarded when Tyler Torro enters to take a leak. Hearing the noise coming from the stall, Tyler takes a peek through the glory hole and when he sees that it is Brody inside making all the noise, his dick gets rock hard. Brody also steals a look a Tyler, and the thought of Tyler watching him makes Brody even more horny, so he reaches through the glory hole and begins to stroke Tyler’s dick through the wall. Tyler can only take so much of this before he has to come around and put a face to the hand, as it were, so the two of them hunker down in the stall where Brody takes Tyler’s thick shaft all the way down his waiting throat. This is just teasing Tyler though, for now what he wants is pound Brody’s sweet ass, which Brody is more than willing to accommodate, so Tyler pumps Brody against the stall and then Brody rides Tyler’s cock until he cums all over his own chest with Tyler still inside him. Feeling this throbbing contraction, Tyler is then ready to explode himself, doing so all over Brody’s waiting face. Enjoy!"

WATCH Tyler Torro and Brody Wilder in The Hole In The Wall





17256_030 17256_034

17256_050 17256_060

Tyler Torro (4)

Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

January 9, 2012

"Tyler is resting out underneath the clouds, getting back to mother nature and taking in the simple goodness of the sun's rays, nestled snug and secure in his knapsack one fine day. Turning over in his slumber, he awakens to discover a raging hard on in his underwear. His inhibitions freed by the open air and the feeling that comes with roughing it in the Great Outdoors, Tyler decides to go ahead and indulge his urges. Grabbing his cock at the base and seizing it until it is rock hard, he then decides a little pillow-fuck is in order, before he gets really serious and takes the matter into his own hands. No need for the birds and the bees here, Tyler's got a firm grip on the situation, and he's ready to burst. Enjoy!"

WATCH Tyler Torro (4) at Next Door Studios






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