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Stepfather's Secret Part 8

Featuring Dirk Caber, Asher Hawk, Johnny Rapid, Trevor Spade
Jizz Orgy at

October 24, 2014

"In this sexual fantasy, Dirk Caber can't stop fucking his stepsons. Part 8 of "Stepfather's Secret" escalates to a triple penetration in the most intense Jizz Orgy ever! Dirk Caber is the first man in gay porn to successfully get Asher Hawk, Johnny Rapid and Trevor Spade - three stepson cocks inside one daddy asshole!"



















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Stepfather's Secret Part 6

Featuring Dirk Caber, Sam Northman and Trevor Spade
Drill My Hole at

October 10, 2014

"Trevor Spade brings his hookup (Sam Northman) back to his room for some hardcore fucking. When the guys realize they're both tops, finding stepdad Dirk Caber spying in the closet makes it more convenient than creepy! Both guys take turns fucking the dirty daddy's ass!"

















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Neighbors Part 3

Featuring Billy Santoro and Trevor Spade
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July 15, 2014

"Trevor Spade is locked out of his apartment but luckily his landlord (Billy Santoro) lives next door with a spare key. The horny tenant lures Billy to his bedroom and gets naked making it impossible for Billy to not fuck his tight ass."



















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Neighbors Neighbors

Dylan Drive & Trevor Spade

Neighbors Part 2

Featuring Dylan Drive and Trevor Spade
Drill My Hole at

July 8, 2014

"Part 2 of Series "Neighbors" features a hot flip fuck between Dylan Drive and Trevor Spade. This is Dylan's first scene on"














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Men Series: Stepfather's Secret Men Series: Stepfather's Secret


Stepfather's Secret Part 4

Featuring Dirk Caber, Johnny Rapid, Scott Harbor, and Trevor Spade
Jizz Orgy at

April 25, 2014

"When 3 step brothers realize they've ALL been fucked by dirty step dad Dirk Caber they confront him. But boys will be boys and before long they're all naked. Everyone gets fucked - Johnny Rapid, Scott Harbor, Trevor Spade, Dirk Caber. All three stepsons fuck daddy in the hottest Jizz Orgy scene this month!"



















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Men Series: Stepfather's Secret Men Series: Stepfather's Secret


Stepfather's Secret Part 2

Featuring Dirk Caber and Trevor Spade
Drill My Hole at

April 11, 2014

"After getting with his new stepson Johnny Rapid, dirty daddy Dirk Caber moves onto number two - hot twink Trevor Spade. An anatomy lesson quickly turns to a hardcore fuck session."

















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"Under Surveillance (Bareback)"
Trevor Spade, Sam Truitt & Trent Ferris

May 6, 2014

"It's just a chill-back type of lazy afternoon over at Trevor Spade's house for Trevor and his friend Sam Truitt. It's too hot outside for much activity, so the boys are watching some daytime television. When Trevor notices Sam is squeezing and playing with something chubbing up in his pants, Trevor asks Sam if he needs any 'help.' Sam's not one to turn down some sexy action, so Trevor dives right in and pulls out Sam's incredibly large cock. It's already pulsating, ready to be sucked.

As Trevor enjoys Sam's thick meat, they notice a camera-mounted remote control vehicle cruising the room. Trevor knows it belongs to his roommate, Trent Ferris. Trevor and Sam aren't trying to put on a show, so they find Trent and make him pay! First Trent is pulling some sucking duty on Sam while Trevor fattens up Trent's big dick. Soon Trent is facing even harsher consequences as Sam slides his bare cock into Trent's sweet, tender hole. While he gets fucked, Trent enjoys a face fucking from his roomie, Trevor. Next it's Trevor's turn for serious revenge. Sam sits down on his firm, uncovered dick and takes a hot ride. Watch Trent bounce with pleasure while Trevor pounds upward into his beautiful ass. And it's not over until Sam gets another turn. Catch this explosively fun, spontaneous three-way bang session as these pals take a relaxing afternoon at home to a whole 'nother level!"

James Hamilton Barebacks Trevor SpadeJames Hamilton Barebacks Trevor Spade

April 4, 2014

"Hung stud James Hamilton and sexy Trevor Spade are moving into their new place. Unloading the truck is hard work and James gets horny. He squeezes his fat cock and tells Trevor to suck it. He pulls his shorts down and Trevor swallows the thick man-meat. James face-fucks Trevor, making the stud choke on the huge cock. He pulls Trevor's jeans off and blows his dick, getting him nice and hard. Trevor lays back with his legs in the air and James barebacks his sweet ass in one deep stroke. Trevor moans as James fucks his tight asshole with his raw pole. Trevor's legs still in the sky, James squats on his feet and pile-drives his cock bareback. Trevor lays on his side and James sits up to fuck his ass even deeper. James twists and turns hitting the raw hole in every angle. Trevor takes James's rod face down and ass up. James stretches the stud's hole in every direction and fucks him bareback doggystyle. James Hamilton pulls out and shoots a massive load around Trevor's hole before sliding back inside. Trevor Spade strokes a hot load from his cock and shoots on his abs."

James Hamilton Barebacks Trevor Spade
James Hamilton Barebacks Trevor Spade
James Hamilton Barebacks Trevor Spade
James Hamilton Barebacks Trevor Spade
James Hamilton Barebacks Trevor Spade
James Hamilton Barebacks Trevor Spade
James Hamilton Barebacks Trevor Spade
Sam Truit & Trevor Spade
"Useless Banana"

March 19, 2014

"Sam is really horny and he's waiting for Trevor to come back so they can play with his banana but when Trevor comes back he has a banana sticking out of his pants and Sam doesn't think it's funny one bit! So he throws the useless banana out of the way and pulls out the real fruit that craves much needed attention. Sam has a huge thick cock and Trevor is patiently waiting for the moment when Sam is ready to squeeze it in his tight small ass. They both passionately start to play rubbing and touching all over. The intimacy of kissing the tip of the cock slowly and intensely is Trevor's specialty and eventually Sam is ready to fuck. Once that thick beast is deep inside he takes his time with slow planned out pumps moving his hips precisely. Trevor is a great bottom and indeed he never thought anyone could make him cum while he was being fucked but behold we have a winner. Enjoy!"

Trent Ferris & Trevor Spade
"Undeniable Proof"

March 13, 2014

"Trent and Trevor are hanging out in the dorm room studying hard for midterms. While studying Trevor leans over to grab another notebook but what he finds inside is not school work but rather nude photos of men. Trent is somewhat embarrassed but the cat is now out of the bag. They both admit that they have been curious about other men and what it would be like to go all the way with one. Soon enough Trevor is rocking a big boner which is clearly seen pitching a tent through his shorts. Trent is excited yet nervous but he does the right thing and pulls his study mate's cock out and begins to deep throat it. After some great cock sucking from both of these college studs Trent is finally ready to have Trevor pound his sweet smooth tanned ass. The rest is history but midterms ehhhh who cares about that."

Nicoli Cole and Trevor Spade Swap BJs and Cum

Nicoli Cole and Trevor Spade Swap BJs and Cum

August 25, 2014

"Nicoli Cole and Trevor Spade sneak around back from a party to release their innermost and very primal urge for dick. It's the kind of urge that needs to be satisfied immediately, not the kind that Nicoli or Trevor can wait for. As soon as they have a bit of privacy, Nicoli is down on Trevor's cock faster than a drunk to a bottle. Nicoli gets the party started, deep throating Trevor and showing off his skills for several minutes until Trevor can't wait for his piece of dick any longer. Trevor goes down to show off his own skills. Nicoli is absolutely enjoying this knob job, and Nicoli's pleasure keeps Trevor going at it with even more verve! Soon, Nicoli is seated on the wooden staircase and Trevor is nude but for his sneakers, and Trevor is still going strong. Trevor sucking off Nicoli puts one in mind of a vacuum cleaner. A bit selfishly, however, Trevor begins sticks out his beautiful bubble butt and fingers his ass while he is pleasuring Nicoli. Whatever Trevor is doing, though, it is getting Nicoli close to cumming. Nicoli drops a huge load right into Trevor awaiting mouth. Now that Nicoli is satisfied, he turns his attention to getting Trevor off, and Nicoli sucks off Trevor some more. As Trevor gets close, his moans of ecstasy get louder, and before long he pops." Preview This Scene

Nicoli Cole and Trevor Spade Swap BJs and Cum

Nicoli Cole and Trevor Spade Swap BJs and Cum Nicoli Cole and Trevor Spade Swap BJs and Cum
Donny Forza and Trevor Spade

Donny Forza and Trevor Spade Barebacking

"Donny Forza feels horny and wants to play naughty with his cock so Trevor Spade helps him out for more excitement. Trevor gives Donny a terrific blowjob and to return the favor, Donny bangs Trevor in his ass as he spreads off his legs on bed." See more of Donny Forza and Trevor Spade

Donny Forza and Trevor Spade

Donny Forza and Trevor Spade

Donny Forza and Trevor Spade

Donny Forza and Trevor Spade Donny Forza and Trevor Spade
Nate Oakley and Trevor Spade

"Get it in!"

Nate Oakley and Trevor Spade

February 27, 2014

"'Get it in!' Words from what you might call an anxious Bait boy, and you can tell that Nate, a 22 year old newbie from Chicago with a hot, defined, slender body he got from running marathons is anxious to get fucked. And what gay boy wouldn't be in a hurry to get plowed when the fucker is Trevor, a very straight 20 year old who's a little rough around the edges, maybe from his time in the Navy. Trevor has a great body, everything is just right, muscles, bubble butt, great legs, lots of tatts and a beautiful, thick 7'' cock that's picture perfect. During his introduction Caruso asks him if he's ever had a three way with another guy and Trevor in his cocky straight boy voice replies ''I fucked my buddy's sister with another dude'' - hot - wish we could see a video of that action! The boys are now side by side on the couch proving to Caruso how they can get their dicks hard under hot lights in front of a camera and each other as they watch some pussy porn - actually Nate was more interested in watching Trevor. With both dudes sporting some rock hard erections Caruso goes to fetch the 'girl'. Unfortunately due to her attendance at a 'chili festival' of some sort she got too much sun and her skin was glowing red so she couldn't do the shoot - that was the story he made up by Caruso this time. Since no other girl was available at the time Caruso offers the guys an alternative, double the money if they have sex with each other. At first Trevor was a definite 'NO', he tells Caruso that he never even jacked off with a buddy. The only thing he did was have a few threesomes with another dude and a girl. After Caruso explained that the girls in lesbian scenes aren't all lesbians, they just do it because it's porn and they're getting paid - Trevor agrees to give it a try. The anxious Nate is so cute when he quickly tries to grab Trevor's cock, but Trevor recoils and indicates that he needs to take a few breaths to get ready. Finally Nate is stroking that delicious looking cock and when it's Trevor's turn he appears to be OK with it and curious enough to watch his own hand jack a dude's cock for the first time. Caruso then asks Trevor to stand up which is Nate's cue to suck his cock. Keep an eye on Trevor's face and watch the absolute shock of realizing a dude is sucking it! When Caruso tells Trevor it's his turn to suck Nate, he says ''No dick is going in my mouth!'' and after he says it in a few different ways, Caruso knows that it's not happening this time. Next Nate stands up and tries to initiate a kiss, but Trevor backs off. When Caruso prods him to try it, Trevor reluctantly does a little kissing, no tongue though, but you can see by the way he kisses Nate back that he's a pretty damn good kisser and very erotic. Caruso asks Trevor if he'll do a little fucking and he has no problem with that. As they're lubing up, Trevor is still watching and talking about the pussy porn that's playing on set and soon Nate, who has been waiting on all fours wanting that fat straight boy dick, loses his patience, shouts ''put it in!''. Caruso then tells Trevor to fuck Nate like the guy on the video they're watching is fucking the girl. Trevor doesn't disappoint as he stuffs that big cock right up Nate's boy pussy and fucks him real good. Trevor is moaning like a whore when it goes in, but before long a look of ecstasy comes over him and he's loving every second. One he's flipped on his back, it doesn't take long before Nate announces that he's cumming and it is a good one - you can almost feel his pleasure. Trevor is now ready to bust, so he rips off the rubber and jacks a load onto Nate's body. Once they come down from the sexual high we see them in the shower soaping up and joking around. When Caruso gets them back on the couch for an interview he asks Trevor how it was and he tells Caruso ''I guess it was OK, I busted a pretty good nut''. Nate was just happy that Trevor 'got it in' and got him off real good. This is one very hot video with two young, hot, sexy dudes and we're sure you guys will get off real good too!"

Nate Oakley and Trevor Spade

Nate Oakley and Trevor Spade

Nate Oakley and Trevor Spade

Nate Oakley and Trevor Spade

Nate Oakley and Trevor Spade

Nate Oakley and Trevor Spade

Nate Oakley and Trevor Spade