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ALIASES: Paul PowerHouse, Trent West
SITES: JockButt, Legend Men, Paragon Men


Trent West

2012 Paragon Man of the Year

June 2012

"Strapping Trent West was on the cover of the first issue of Paragon Men in August 2008. In that first shoot, we couldn't convince this mouth-watering hunk to display his massive erection, but when he came back last year, Trent was a lot less shy! Needless to say, this gorgeous physique model, who has graced the covers of all the major fitness and bodybuilding magazines, was voted 2012 Paragon Man of the Year by our readers by a landslide!

Trent is 6'3, 215 pounds of pure muscle. He's straight and enjoys all sports, particularly football, which he played in high school and college. We forgot to ask what position he played, but tight end would seem appropriate.

Been waiting to see more of Trent West? Now you can enjoy ALL of Trent's body and share his most intimate moments in the Paragon Men Penthouse..."

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Trent West (2)

December 2011

"The Holidays are here at Paragon Men! December is filled with packages too phenomenal to keep wrapped up. Get your fix here of the hottest muscle studs found across the cyber galaxy. From breathtaking galleries to the explosive Penthouse performances– testosterone presents are primed, pumped (and pumping) to please!

Live action hero Trent began it all for Paragon Men, starring in our inaugural issue over two years ago. After so many (some would call them threatening) emails begging us to get this masterpiece hung bare ass naked, he’s baack – and forward for full frontal! The first time was a charm, but the second time is a wank bank motherlode! We’re waiting anxiously for a third visit – and the highly prized DNA deposit.

The fitness cover model we dubbed “most lusted-after man on the web” is still a sweat-inducing sensation sweeping the globe. Yes, he is the new Zumba. Trent’s got a “Pride” tattoo, which he says refers to his Leo star sign, and this king of the jungle is not abdicating his crown! Still, he remains a humble plumber –now laying his own thick rigid pipe (more like a railing) in a XXX PH pictorial spread.

Much like Europeans smashed up against a World Cup fence, Trent’s manly allure is asphyxiating. Mercifully, he’s serving up enough hefty trunk and carved ass for all those clamoring for his meat. Speaking of trunks, his is a rare (mighty) South Carolina sequoia. It’s been said this is the best wood to keep a fire burning."

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Trent West

August 2009

"Talk about southern decadence! With those blue eyes, full lips, and chiseled face, this South Carolina muscle stud has us ready to hike that proverbial Appalachian trail! Whether he calls himself Trent West or Paul Powerhouse or Trent Titus, you are gazing at one of the most lusted-after men on the web!

Trent loves seafood, a good rodeo, and personal training. He also works as a plumber, just in case you want to watch how he lays pipe. Yes, he is everything and the kitchen sink! When we shot Trent at the South Carolina coast, picnicking families stopped to feast on his glistening perfection. Fun for the whole family!

Come back this fall, when we plan to shoot him again. This time, for our Penthouse..."

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Trent Titus

HEIGHT 6' 4", 193 cm
WEIGHT 225 lbs., 102.3 kg
HAIR Dark brown
LENGTH 9 inches, 22.9 cm
GIRTH 6.5 inches, 16.5 cm
CUT Mouth-wateringly
SMOOTH Incredibly
SIGN Virgo
BOXERS Sometimes
BRIEFS Almost always
CHEST 48.5 in, 123.2 cm
BICEP 18.5 in, 47.0 cm
QUADS 26 in, 66.0 cm

LOAD More than most
GUYS No, but they can look
GIRLS Of course!
ANAL Sometimes with a wild one
ACTIVITY As many as possible
J/O In a pinch
WANTS TO COME On her back

ROCK BAND Nickelback
CAR Fast
SPORT Football
T-SHIRT Ed Hardy


Paul PowerHouse

• 6' 2"
• 240 Pounds
• 27 years old
• 20-inch biceps
• 51-inch chest

"Tall, dark, handsome AND built. They don't come any better than Paul!"


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