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Nate Christianson


ALIASES: Dave Nathan, David Nathan
SITES: Legend Men, Manifest Men, Muscle Worship, Ryan Boyd Models

Manifest Men Nate Christianson

Nate Christianson


Age: 33
Height: 6'3" 190.5cm
Weight: 277 lbs 125.7 kg
Biceps: 21" 53.3cm
Chest: 53" 135cm
Waist: 34" 86cm
Quads: 32" 81cm
Shoe: 12 US 46.5 EU

"Nate Christianson with his beautifully handsome face and blonde hair will remind you of an All-American crossed with a Norse god. His statuesque muscular frame and rippling muscles are almost majestic. Like a redwood tree Nate Christianson stands tall & proud, a man comfortable in his own body and free to show it off. When he poses Nate seems to grow and expand before your eyes as if flexing was a super-power."

Manifest Men Nate Christianson

Muscle: Best Served HOT

Featuring Nate Christianson

In his debut video with Manifest Media, Nate shows us what made him Men Magazine's "Man of the Year"!"

"When handsome muscle chef Nate Christianson whips off his jacket after cleaning up in the kitchen and flexes his huge body you'll realize just how much protein goes into his cooking. Every camera angle and every movement that Nate makes as he strips, flexes and shows off will show you how huge this titan is. It's a good thing that Nate is captured in widescreen format!"

Manifest Men Nate Christianson

Manifest Men Nate Christianson

Manifest Men Nate Christianson


Featuring Nate Christianson

"Nate Christianson is big and blond with the looks of a Nordic God. He loves to flex and strut and probably spends a lot of time in front of the mirror just for his own amusement. (You can tell he has had practice!) Though he's slightly coy about it, you can tell he loves to play to the camera. He is also unafraid of stripping down naked without much coaxing. If you had that body wouldn't you want to show it off?

From a slow strip tease in the bedroom to primping in the bathroom mirror, Nate eventually makes it to the shower. His erection gets firmer the farther you get into the video, and you can definitely see him enjoying himself as he soaps up that 8+ inches of cock."

Manifest Men Nate Christianson

Vin Marco & Nate Christianson


"In this pulse-pounding trilogy you'll follow Vin Marco & Nate Christianson on a trip to Palm Springs as they work out together. In Parts 1 & 2, Vin & Nate spot each other at the gym, lifting incredible amounts of weight and verbally pushing each other harder. Veins & muscles bulge unbelievably and when they strip off their shirts to flex and work out more, you may think their muscles are going to burst out of their skin. If the sights and sounds of these two huge men getting bigger doesn't turn you on, you're in trouble."

Manifest Men Vin Marco and Nate Christianson

Manifest Men Vin Marco and Nate Christianson

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Manifest Men Nate Christianson



Nate Christianson

Nate Christianson


HEIGHT 6' 2", 187.9 cm
WEIGHT 220 lbs., 100.0 kg
EYES Hazel
HAIR Dirty blond
LENGTH 6.5 inches, 16.5 cm
GIRTH 5.5 inches, 14.0 cm
SMOOTH When shaved
HAIRY A little
SIGN Pisces
BOXERS Boxer briefs
BRIEFS Sometimes
NECK 17.5 in, 44.5 cm
CHEST 50 in, 127.0 cm
BICEP 18.5 in, 47.0 cm
WAIST 33 in, 83.8 cm
QUADS 26 in, 66.0 cm
CALVES 16 in, 40.6 cm
INK None
A.K.A. Dave Nathan

LOCATION Dining room table
MEN Are welcome to admire
WOMEN Are my preference
READY Anytime

CITY Paris
DRINK Red wine
HOBBY The gym
PROFESSION Chef / Restaurant owner

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Nate Christianson Gallery 3 15 Nate Christianson Gallery 3 23

Video II


October 19, 2014

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Muscle Worship

Dave Nathan

Cinema 332 / 547

"Sexy, tight, rock-hard and hotter that his all-American boy look, Dave Nathan would be the guy we'd most like to wake up with, so we chose him as the classic man for the week."

Muscle Worship Dave Nathan

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Ryan Boyd Models

Dave Nathan


"Dave Nathan is one of the most sought after fitness models in the industry. His images have graced many publications, greeting cards, calendars and has appeared on television. Aside from having an amazing face, great body and personality, he is a well established, and extremely talented gourmet chef with his own catering company."

Ryan Boyd Models Dave Nathan Ryan Boyd Models Dave Nathan

Ryan Boyd Models Dave Nathan Ryan Boyd Models Dave Nathan

David Nathan


Birthdate: February, 1971
Height: 6 2, Weight: 230 to 240
Neck: 17 Chest: 49 1/2
Arms: 19 Waist: 33
Quads: 28 Calves: 17 1/2

"I was born and raised in the rainy city of Seattle. There I spent 29 years of my life going to college and laying the foundations for the career choices I have made thus far in life. My fascination with lifting weights at the gym started when I was 16 years old and has never diminished. I can remember getting up at 5 a.m. long before any of my classmates awoke and making my mother drop me off at a local gym that was the epitome of the sweaty and grungy muscle-head gyms that were popular back then. Today those types of gyms have all but vanished being replaced by the mega-million dollar franchise health clubs. I remember my first lesson on how to perform a proper squat taught to me by a professional power lifter named Willie, who's limbs were as thick as tree trunks and who's life was ruled by how many plates were stack on the bar. From there I attended college at the University of Washington studying Microbiology and Biochemistry. Yes, I was a lab geek. Even with working full time on the weekends and taking full semester loads I was still able to keep my commitment to weightlifting. It didn't matter how late I was up studying or drinking beer I still set the alarm for 5 a.m. and dragged my roommate out of bed to go workout at the university gym everyday. I can remember doing lunges down the length of the aerobics floor and feeling the burn and adrenaline rush through my body. It was here in college that my fascination with food developed. I had always loved to eat......I was a regular at the all-you-can eat pizza buffets and 5 Big Mac lunches were always on the menu for me. Yes, I was being gobbled up by America's love affair with fast food and I was rapidly becoming fat as a pig. I started cooking at this point for roommates, family, friends and girlfriends and I quickly became enamored with it. At first it was Hamburger Helper and Rice-A-Roni but soon I ventured out on my own and started reading cookbooks and cooking magazines and inevitably became intrigued by the countless possibilities.

Finally, after five long stressful years, I graduated college and became a full-fledged science nerd in a laboratory. I tipped the scales at 240 lbs and was portly looking with a double chin. There wasn't an ounce of self-esteem to me. I hated my body and myself. It was obvious at this point that despite going to the gym everyday my diet was not fitting into the equation of being in shape. Something had to be done and it was at this point that I attended my first bodybuilding show, the Emerald Cup, and bought a subscription to Muscle and Fitness Magazine. My life was forever changed. It was an epiphany. I can remember going cold turkey, trading those Big Macs for a can of tuna, the 48-ounce Big Gulps for protein shakes. I saw instant results in the form of strength and muscle endurance but I wanted more than just that, I wanted to compete as a bodybuilder. I set a goal that will be forever burned into the very depths of my soul as the single most excruciating and life-altering year of my life. In the course of that year I transformed my body from the average overweight male to a lean vascular statue weighing 212 lbs and 3% body fat. By the week of the contest I was ready to quite and head to the pizza parlor. I remember telling my wife that nothing else mattered in life except being able to EAT. I think I could've eaten a cardboard box at that point. I used to make my wife eat her dessert in the garage of our house and immediately hid the evidence in the trash as to not tempt me in my time of need. But I did it; I made it to the contest and competed on stage in front of thousands of strangers in nothing more than a string bikini. Afterward I swore to myself that that I'd do it again and again, each time honing my body to look better and better. Bodybuilding is not about winning or losing against your peers, it's about achieving your personal goals that you've set.

I soon felt the urge to return to college and earn my culinary degree in hopes of someday becoming a chef. I traded in my white lab coat for a white chef coat and my microscope for a bag of knives. I trained in four-star restaurants under talented chefs who taught me all the tricks of the trade that you don't learn in school. I learned to be creative and efficient simultaneously and I learned that to be a chef I was required to work 12-16 hours a day without breaks. The culinary industry is the toughest most demanding field I ever known, but it can also be one of the most rewarding. Over the years I've become an expert at Asian, French and Italian cuisine and have dipped my feet in every other aspect of the culinary world. I'm sure biggest question on everyone's mind is "how do I look like this and work in a restaurant surrounded by all the good food." The answer: Willpower. Other than using my tasting spoon that is with me always to adjust seasoning I don't eat the food I prepare. I show up to work everyday with cans of tuna and chicken breast.

After being a chef and a bodybuilder for so many years I decided it was time to meld the two professions together. When I meet the average person either at the gym or on the street who wants to improve his physical attributes the very first things he or she asks me is "what do I eat". What one eats is 90% of getting that Adonis-like body that we all strive for. Hence, the need for a website that offers advice on not only the subject of eating healthy, but working out as well.

Working with John Mitchell was an enriching experience for me both as a physique model and on a personal basis as well. He works with the model and for the model instead of merely in pursuit of his own agenda. As a photographer John has combined years of experience with fitness and landscape photography to produce a first-rate finished product. John is very accommodating and thoughtful which is sometimes a forgotten trait in this line of work. I worked with John over the course of the weekend and became not only good friends but un-official business acquaintances as well, agreeing to do more photo sessions and network each other's names to potential clients.

Over all, flying clear across the states in the middle of the night with layover and plane changes was worth it. I would definitely recommend John Mitchell to first time models trying to build their portfolios and to experienced models as well. Working with John was a pleasurable experience and I would do it again."

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In the lair of the Muscle Chef

Dave Hatfield shows his wild-game culinary skills at 3456' Cafe
By John Gottberg Anderson

February 15, 2008

David Nathan Hatfield is not your everyday chef. Once a clinical microbiologist and self-professed “lab geek,” later a competitive body builder and fitness model, he has built a career and a reputation out of two talents that might not seem to complement one another.

First, he has a deft culinary touch with such wild game as bison, elk, antelope and even yak.

Second, most women (and some men) think he looks very, very good in a sleeveless shirt.

Hatfield, 36, a Seattle native, has lived in Bend since 2000. He first cooked at Broken Top, served as Jody Denton’s sous chef in Merenda’s first year, then was executive chef at the Restaurant at Awbrey Glen. After a hiatus to promote himself as Muscle Chef Dave Nathan, including television, magazine and Internet work in Southern California, he returned to focus on his Central Oregon catering business, Muscle Culinaire.

About a year ago, Hatfield established a casual breakfast and lunch spot on the second floor of the Professional Air building at the Bend Municipal Airport. Its name, the 3456’ Cafe, reflects the elevation. East-facing windows enable aviation buffs to gaze upon Cessnas, Epics and other small private planes landing and departing from the airstrip.

By keeping early hours at the 3456’, Hatfield continues to cater dinners throughout the greater Bend area. He’s particularly popular at women’s gatherings. But the cafe also enables him to work with the game of which he’s so fond. Elk-and-black bean chili, Nalgai antelope and Tibetan yak burgers have found their way onto his lunch menu with the more commonly seen bison burger. And there are other dishes, as well, not often found in regional restaurants.

Because of its location, five miles beyond The Forum shopping center, Bend’s east-side hub, the 3456’ Cafe largely caters to a clientele of ranchers and blue-collar airport workers rather than the business community it might attract in town. No doubt, that is a factor in its brand of casual, no-frills service.

Climb the stairs, check out the aviation-themed photo collages, and find a seat at a table. It may not be clean when you sit, but a waitress will wipe it off when she hands you a menu and silverware wrapped in a napkin. Somewhere along the way you’ll get water and a drink — the 3456’ serves beer and wine, along with bloody marys — and the food will follow.

As you wait, study the stunning bronze-and-steel propeller-assembly sculpture by local artist Greg Congleton. You may also be entertained by the chef’s young son, who often putters in a corner play area as his mother, Sarah, who is also Hatfield’s catering partner, handles business.

The cafe seats 50-plus guests, with room for another dozen or so on a seasonal deck. On summer mornings, with the day’s first light streaming in, this is a wonderful place for a meal.

Two breakfasts

I’ve had breakfast twice in recent weeks at the 3456’. On my first visit, I ordered the Cessna skillet, a scramble of eggs, house-made bacon, elk sausage, bell peppers, potatoes and smoked cheddar cheese, served with a side of toast. I found it very tasty, and I especially enjoyed the elk sausage.

On a second morning visit, Hatfield recommended his Dutch baby, a European-style pancake baked like a soufflé and served in a hot skillet. In consistency somewhere between a crepe and a frittata, it was delicious, made of egg, milk and flour, with cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg for seasoning. The 3456’ served it with maple syrup, butter and a choice of two jams.

Next time, I may try the brioche French toast with cranberry-apple compote.

Midday options

The lunchtime choices are tougher. There are the bison and antelope burgers, a lamb burger with grilled eggplant and Greek tzatziki sauce, an open-faced croque madame topped with an egg. I look forward to the elk-and-black bean chili, and the shepherd’s pie is something I don’t think I’ve ever seen except on British pub menus.

But the Tibetan yak burger called my name, especially after Hatfield told me there would be none left by spring; his freezer was slowly running out of the butchered beast. Besides, I had never tried yak.

It turned out to be a very lean meat, much more so than that of its beef-cattle cousins. The burger was served on a hearty bun dressed with guacamole and roasted red peppers, and topped with Swiss cheese. Tasty sweet-potato fries came on the side. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Accompanying my burger, I had a salad of mixed baby greens: veggies like arugula and radicchio, but no lettuce. It was served with a creamy, tangy house-made green goddess dressing, the ingredients of which include tarragon, parsley and chives. Again, wonderful.

As a fitness model, Hatfield is very conscious of serving healthy food. He knows wild game typically has far less fat than more commonly served domestic meats. Less fat means less grease … which pays additional benefits unseen in the dining room.

“It occurred to me,” said the Muscle Chef, “that I almost never have to have my stove hoods cleaned.”


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Dave Hatfield