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ALIAS: Vasily Shepelin, Vaskil Sherklov
SITES: Colt Studios, Gentlemens Closet, Jimmy Z Productions, Mark Wolff, Muscle Worship, MuscleHunks, North American Bodies, Paragon Men, Powermen

Worship Me

Featuring Various Performers

May 22, 2020

"Gentlemenscloset, the industry leader in anything sheer has released its first all foot worship compilation! Years of amazing scenes have been edited down to just show the masterful licking of sheer and feet along with sniffing of slightly worn dress shoes. Just what you want no sex this time we made this just for you the real lover of sheer covered feet. We made it for our long term members who love the worshipping of a good sole. We slowly went through our library of hundreds of scenes and picked only the best. Gentlemenscloset loves its members and we hope you love this."











Inside Out, Scene 1

Featuring Eric Valentin and Jasper Van Dean
Colt Studios

"As Eric awakens he finds his head resting on Jasper Van Dean’s hard washboard abs. Still in a dreamy state Eric reaches out and begins to help himself to that inviting package. Jasper awakens with a start but he quickly surrenders to this most excellent morning greeting. The tight briefs are stripped away as Eric settles in for a long and sensual session of cock and body worship. Jasper reaches forward to run his fingers along the opening crevasse of Eric’s inviting ass, probing his way to ward the center, teasing Eric’s twitching hole. Positioning himself between Eric’s open legs, he glides his long arching shaft deep into the thick globes of Eric’s muscle ass. Holding Eric’s legs back he spreads that ass open wide as he pile drive his long shaft to the hilt with every pounding thrust. In a mutual explosion both men fist-pound their cocks like jackhammers. Sweat and cum erupt in hot draining loads all over their rock hard bodies."





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Colt Studios Jasper Van Dean

Hangin' Out - COLT Minute Man 31, Scene 3

Featuring Jasper Van Dean
Colt Studios

"Hangin’ Out in bed COLT Man Jasper Van Dean wakes in the morning with a hungry look in his eye. He strips away the covers and reveals a hard muscled body that anyone would be more than happy to see in their bed. Like most men, Jasper finds his cock has been up and ready to go long before he ever awoke. And what better way to greet the day than with a little self love.

Grinding away in the bed Jasper gets his own juices flowing. Stripping away the boxers he lets his massive tool stand in all its glory. Giving in to his most natural yearnings Jasper gives his meat a long and sensuous stroke session. Giving his cock a good morning workout and teasing us with hot glimpse of his tight man-hole, Jasper knows what a real eye opener is."

Colt Studios Jasper Van Dean Colt Studios Jasper Van Dean

Colt Studios Jasper Van Dean Colt Studios Jasper Van Dean

Colt Studios Jasper Van Dean Colt Studios Jasper Van Dean

Jasper Van Dean

December 2010

"From Russia with love! Striking Jasper Van Dean hails from Moscow, and he’s built like a big bottle of Smirnoff – hard, thick, and with a whole lot of proof! The piercing blue eyes, the strong jawline, the muscles, the cock. Even his foreskin is flawless!

Of course Jasper knows this, and when we ask which is his favorite body part, he declares, “All of them!” We wouldn’t want to choose either. 30 year old Jasper is now in Las Vegas – the perfect place to pull the lever on his famous slot (it’s always a jackpot, BTW!)

Get a load (or a gulp!) of his hit performance in our Penthouse shower, where he gave Greg’s camera quite the surprise with his kinky golden performance!! It’s perestroika!"

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Jimmy Z Productions Rick Hammersmith, Daniel, Jasper Van Dean and Simon


Bodybuilders' Jam #26 Group Posing Finale

Featuring Rick Hammersmith, Daniel Morocco, Jasper Van Dean and Simon Gimenez
Jimmy Z Productions

November 15, 2009

"This event is a muscle-worshipper's dream come true. Hosted by SIMON GIMENEZ from Argentina, we present DANIEL MOROCCO (also from Argentina), whose mind-blowing physique shows all his muscles, and we mean "all his muscles"; JASPER VAN DEAN, who professionally dances in Las Vegas, did an incredible dance routine for the crowd as he whips his tool around for everyone to enjoy; and certainly, the star of the show, RICK HAMMERSMITH, who showed up to the LIVE event with his tight muscled-body, had the audience gasping as he joyfully and willfully stripped down all his clothes so the crowd could see it all in beautiful majestic quality. These hot guys made the cold weather outside feel so boiling hot inside the venue on stage."




Jimmy Z Productions Jasper Van Dean

BBJAM #26 Solo Performance

Featuring Jasper Van Dean
Jimmy Z Productions

November 23, 2008

"Meet Jasper Van Dean known as the Russian Candyman. He’s beautifully built with a killer smile. His body is perfection and he loves to show it. Dancer, stripper and frickin sex God, Jasper speaks of his coming to America and life in Vegas. He then takes center stage at the Faultline where he dances strips and shows us his stuff. Jasper only has a 9 inch cock which he says is average in Russia. Moscow here we cum."

Jimmy Z Productions Jasper Van Dean
Muscle Worship

Cinema 661: The Russian

Cinema 661: The Russian

"This week a new video of a young Las Vegas entertainer and escort we call, "The Russian". Everywhere else, he's known as "The Candyman". However you know him, he's a handsome, blond, perfectly proportioned musclegod who truly loves to show off for people, to be worshipped by muscle addicts, to do muscle worship scenes, and to be a strong, muscle master and bodybuilder video star for muscle lovers around the world. Enjoy..."

"Ever had a "thing" for muscle-bound young bicyclists? The ones that wear the shin tight and sweaty spandex? That's just how I met the Russia. It was in Las Vegas, on the strip, one hot hot afternoon. His muscles were bulging out of his shorts and when he pulled up next to me at the stop light, I just stared at him. He turned and must have noticed my (hungry) stare 'cause he stared back. And then smiled. And then nodded his head for me to follow him. He turned onto a little back street and said in his thick Russian accent: "Like what you see, don't you? Follow me. To my apartment...and I'll show you more. A lot more." What would you have done?"

Cinema 661: The Russian
MarkWolff Jasper Van Dean

Jasper Van Dean

"Hot outdoor set of 29 yrs old, 5'11 215lbs "Russian Candyman". Currently working as a dancer in Las Vegas."

MarkWolff Jasper Van Dean MarkWolff Jasper Van Dean

MarkWolff Jasper Van Dean MarkWolff Jasper Van Dean

Russian Candyman

"Nice 'N' Leazy"
Photography By: Satori Studios
Men Magazine September '09

"Nikolai, Ilya, Sergei. Something like that. We’ve been calling him “Russian Candyman” for so long, I can’t remember what his real name is. We just call him R.C., the hottest bartender in town. Growing up in a country headed by a Communist regime practically makes him an undercover superagent that spreads his joy and sexual satisfaction wherever he goes."

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From Vaskil With Love!

Featuring Vaskil Sherklov

"A little bit classy and little bit trash, Vaskil Sherklov is the man to call when you need something handsome on your arm and something naughty in your bed. This winning combination of sophistication and nymphomania are sky rocketing Dynamite Discovery Vaskil to the top of the pile. A charming smile and suggestive winks mask an intelligent man with a fantastic, thick, uncut cock, round bubble butt and nothing to hide!"

WATCH Vaskil Sherklov in From Vaskil With Love! at!

Powermen Vaskil Sherklov



Vaskil Sherklov Vaskil Sherklov

Vaskil Sherklov Vaskil Sherklov

Vaskil Sherklov Vaskil Sherklov
MuscleHunks Vaskil Sherklov

Vaskil Sherklov

"If class is the look and trash is the mood, you'll certainly want to check out the original Mr. Still Waters Run Deep Vasily Shepelin. Ever had a quiet Sunday afternoon with the Sunday papers, when you suddenly realize you can't last another minute and a half without a good hot stuff Old Reliable handshake for yourself and yourself alone? Sure....but do you throw these kind of contortions into it? Betting not....see just exactly what we mean by Cum Acrobatique!"






MuscleHunks Vaskil Sherklov MuscleHunks Vaskil Sherklov

MuscleHunks Vaskil Sherklov MuscleHunks Vaskil Sherklov

MuscleHunks Vaskil Sherklov MuscleHunks Vaskil Sherklov

MuscleHunks Vaskil Sherklov MuscleHunks Vaskil Sherklov

MuscleHunks Vaskil Sherklov MuscleHunks Vaskil Sherklov

MuscleHunks Vaskil Sherklov MuscleHunks Vaskil Sherklov

MuscleHunks Vaskil Sherklov MuscleHunks Vaskil Sherklov

MuscleHunks Vaskil Sherklov MuscleHunks Vaskil Sherklov

MuscleHunks Vaskil Sherklov MuscleHunks Vaskil Sherklov
Vasily Shepelin 013


"While visiting Las Vegas during the NPC USA's Bodybuilding Championships, we came across an extremely personable, handsome and muscular entertainer named Vasily. Known as the "Candyman", Vasily's energetic dance routines performed in various Las Vegas clubs account in large part for his amazing conditioning. But he is also a recreational bodybuilder who regularly pumps iron at his local gym. Vasily's experience as a performer showed in the creativity of his posing for our cameras. He is 5'11" tall and weighs 200 lbs. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a tight 32" waist. We think you will truly enjoy Vasily's sexy and artistic portfolio, and we are very pleased to add Vasily to the roster of top bodybuilding and fitness models at!"

Vasily Shepelin 118

Vasily Shepelin 018 Vasily Shepelin 020

Vasily Shepelin 010 Vasily Shepelin 014

Vasily Shepelin 023 Vasily Shepelin 026

Vasily Shepelin 105 Vasily Shepelin 114