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SITES: Men of Montreal


"Mickelo Takes Dustin Over the Edge"

Mickelo Evans and Dustin Dewind

October 17, 2014

"After his solo performance, Dustin Dewind was hesitant about taking things further too quickly. In fact, he isn't sure how far he wants to go yet. So, to help him along, we quizzed him on what was he willing to try. When we suggested he receive a BJ servicing from one of our gifted suckers, he agreed. That is when we decided to call on talented Mickelo Evans to do his handy work. No question about it either, Mickelo certainly knew how to get Dustin off.

What better way to do that than providing a massage table and Mickelo's talented hands to get Dustin in the mood.

From the outset, Marko Lebeau told Dustin that Mickelo was one of our best, and there was no mistake about that once Mickelo got to work. Sporting our new Men of Montreal Ts (soon available online), Mickelo quickly got to work. And Dustin was more than ready for his servicing.

We should mention that there are a couple of side stories to this scene. First, towards the end of the photo shoot, we decided to have the guys get up close and personal, with one sitting and the other lying on the massage table. That is when the table actually gave way beneath them, which obviously freaked them out. One end of the table quickly collapsed and fell half way down to the floor. You may recall about a year and half ago, Christian Power broke the table with the sheer weight of his massive body. We fixed it then, but this time the table will need to be replaced. You will notice that during filming we had to keep the guys at the other end of the table for most of the scene, only to avoid it giving way completely... Oh well, this time no fixin'. We need to get a new table!

Second story behind this shoot is related to Mickelo's rather talented cock-sucking work. He was so good at maneuvering his tongue and lips onto and around Dustin's cock that early on in the shoot, Dustin had trouble holding back and he abruptly interrupted Mickelo's masterful effort. Bewildered, we paused the cameras and asked what was wrong. Seconds later, Dustin was squeezing his cock, trying to hold back. But to no avail; his rock hard piece of meat spewed out a half load of sweet white spunk. The look of, first, surprise, then, of embarrassment on his face was priceless. Unfortunately, we had stopped filming and thus missed this priceless moment. Mickelo had a smile on his face, knowing that he has mastered the art of cock sucking.

After a brief break, we resumed shooting and the guys carried on like real troopers. Dustin came a second time at the end of the shoot. How else could this finish given Mickelo's talented achievement? Will Dustin be willing to move on to the next level? Nobody knows at this point. Stay tuned. "




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Dustin Dewind

"'Trisexual' Dustin Dewind Breezes Through His First Time"

September 30, 2014

"This was Dustin Dewind's first time in front of a camera. Working with this guy, there is never a dull moment. He has a great attitude and loves to joke around. He's like a breath of fresh air breezing through a room. When asked by Marko Lebeau if he was nervous about his first time on camera, he answered no/yes, or somewhat... When asked by Marko if he was straight, bi or gay, he answered he's 'Trisexual', not wanting to exclude any sexual leaning.

But this attitude is not surprising as Dustin is another one of Montreal's men of the night. He works as a male stripper at Campus Bar, one of the city's renowned gay nude dancers' clubs. Clearly he works out quite a bit. At 6'1', he's an imposing guy, weighing in at 205 lbs. or so. Oh, did we forget to mention that Dustin sports a massive 8.5 inches of uncut meat. He's a mature guy at 33 y.o., but doesn't look a day over 25.

His smile is engaging, his slightly hairy butt hole is sumptuous and his dick just begs to be deep-throated. Dustin gave us a good show jacking himself off and playing with his asshole, before delivering a silent but generous load of white jizz on contrasting dark abs. Now, let's see if we can get him in for more."






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