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Uberto Ugo


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Uberto Ugo


August 23, 2010

"Uberto Ugo is not just a huge bodybuilder with sex appeal. He is also a financial adviser in a big bank. In this video he shows us why he always arrives early for board meetings. That way he can prepare papers and work off some stamina based pressures. You might enjoy to watch that."





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Heat 2

Featuring Uberto Ugo and Emil Garin

"When challenger Emil Garin confronts muscleman Uberto Ugo in a Bucharest gym, Uberto knows the arrogant young street tough is not kidding. But Uberto's also got a sense of humor....and maybe he deliberately lets the bodybuilding boy pin him more than a few times, just for the fun and pleasure of it all! What's up with Uberto? Check out the 20 all-new video clips to see what the man Uberto REALLY wants..."


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MuscleHunks Arkady Zadrovich


Featuring Arkady Zadrovich and Uberto Ugo
MuscleHunks.com Store

"Fresh new Romanian hot n' hard musclemeat is on display at MH.com! You've asked us repeatedly for duos: and so now we present the Dynamite Duo of 2006: Arkady Zadrovich and Uberto Ugo in an instant DYNAMITE STUDIOS classic: "HEAT"... It's a cold night in Bucharest, Romania, and into a grim, hard-core city gym come two steaming muscle monsters: fresh from the streets and hot for contact! Watch them as they train, box, and wrestle - and with no punches or holds pulled! Then after a relaxing shower, the two men unwind in a hot sauna, and let the juices fly...With plenty of muscle flexing and posing, lots of close-up butt action - and no fluffy, staged, or faked wrestling scenes, either: this is the real thing - you won't believe your eyes!"

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