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Starring Marky Best & Ronnie J

September 19, 2014

Marky Best & Ronnie J in Ubriaco at

Marky Best & Ronnie J in Ubriaco at GentlemensCloset
Men Over 30 Ronnie J

"Ronnie J Shows Us The Way"

Ronnie J.
Pride Studios | MenOver30

March 21, 2013

Ronnie J. in "Ronnie J Shows Us The Way" from at Pride Studios.

"Strokin' Off"
Ronnie J

April 2, 2012

"Hot solo scene with cocky muscle jock Ronnie J. Watch this well-built hunk strip off his clothes, flex his muscle and stroke his meat hard before cumming in a glass cup waiting for you to drink it up."
Ronnie J"Fireman"
Ronnie J

November 12, 2011

"Tattoo muscle hunk Ronnie J performs a hot and wild strip show in full firefighter attire. His muscle built body brings a thrilling solo performance as he strips off naked, jerks his fire hose of hard meat and shoots a load of gushing cum on his chest making your wildest man in uniform fantasy come true."

"Naked Battle"
Frank The Tank vs Ronnie J

March 12, 2012

"Ronnie J was hired by Frank The Tank to work on his backyard while he go workout at the gym. When Frank returns home he finds Ronnie sitting on the job and jerking off to pictures and videos of his girlfriend on his cell phone. Frank grabs Ronnie and told him the only payment he will receive for his work is pain as he lifts up Ronnie and slam him to the ground. The two muscle guys battle it out with leg locks, full nelson, and camel clutch in this hot nude wrestling match follow by a bonus scene of the guys showering each other off."
"Naked Battle"
Ronnie J vs Vic Scorp

February 13, 2012

"Ronnie J caught Vic Scorp sleeping with his girlfriend. To settle their differences Ronnie challenge Vic to a wrestling match of power and strength. Watch the intense battle between these two muscle studs as they strip off their clothes and dominate each other on the mat in the buff. They pound each other with their cock and balls exposed. Find out who comes out the winner and gets the girl at the end."
Ronnie J vs Marky Best

"Naked Battle"

Ronnie J vs Marky Best

October 3, 2011

"Newcomers Ronnie J and Marky Best battle it out in this latest Naked Battle wrestling series. Marky Best, a law-breaking citizen who despises cops and Ronnie J, a bad ass cop who thinks he is above the law. After trash talking each other these two muscle hunks start the match with a push up contest to see who can do the most reps. The competition doesn’t end there. In fact they are just warming up for some muscle on muscle actions. Watch these guys dominate and pound each other on the mat in the buff with their cock and balls exposed and see who comes out the strongest."

Ronnie J and Todd Parker
"Muscle Service"

"Todd has had a HUGE hard on for Ronnie J for years. He saved and saved and saved until he had enough money to have his icon Ronnie J to come over his place and allow Todd to worship his rock hard body. Todd secretly wants to have a chance at Ronnie's cock. He knows he can satisfy Ronnie's cock better than any woman ever could, and little does Todd know, but he is about to be put to the test."

Todd Parker Gym Bound and Fucked

"Handsome muscle twink Todd Parker finds himself abused with no mercy by tattoo muscle hunk Ronnie J. The young muscle stud gets tied up and used by the unmerciful Ronnie J who can't resist to punish his victim's helpless body. Todd gets restrained and dildo fuck in the ass in this wild man-man punishment."

Ronnie J Hogtied and Tortured

"Ronnie J finds himself in trouble by the brutal muscle man Frank The Tank. He is helpless and hogtied on the floor as Frank tortures him and stripped his clothes off exposing his naked tattoo muscle body and cock."

Ronnie J Bound and Tickled

February 23, 2012

"Our latest model Ronnie J, a male stripper from Pennsylvania, takes on his first tickling bondage experience. He strips completely naked and is strap down to the bed. We invited his stripper buddy Marky Best the honor of tickling the tattoo muscle hunk. Bound and unable to move, Ronnie is subjected to extreme tickling to his feet, side and armpits as well as a bear hug tickle. The intensity of the tickling gets too much for Ronnie to handle who struggles with laughter."

Ronnie J

August 27, 2011

"Ronnie J is a 31 year old stripper from Harleysville, PA. It's 2:30am and with his shift over, Ronnie J decides to get a shower at the club before heading home for the night. As he gets ready to shower, he peers in the mirror at his awesome body and decides since he's pleasured everyone else this evening, it's now time to for a little self entertainment. He gets good and wet, applies soap to his hands and begins to wash his body all over. After drying off, Ronnie J sits down, leaning back against the concrete wall and begins stroking and massaging his cock and balls with both hands! With his tool thick and hard, he cannot turn back now. Bending forward, he begins reaching back taking hold of his goods, pulling and tugging downward. Ronnie J sits back down, determined to blow away some stress, by blowing his load and that he does. With some fast, firm stroking action, he releases several spurts of cum across his 6 pack abs, finishing with a bang!"

Ronnie J. and Marcelo "Ronnie Fucks Marcelo"
"Ronnie J. and Marcelo"

December 18, 2011

"Ronnie J. was enormously popular when he made his debut here at TheGuySite and I couldn't wait to get him back for some man on man action. Here, he's paired with Marcelo who's back to his hairy sexy Italian self again. The movie turned out great. The guys got along well and Ronnie can really plow ass."

Marky, Mario, Ronnie at The Guy Site

Marky, Mario, Ronnie

"Friends that Cum Together Stay Together"

Comments from TheGuySite:

"I've had so many hot guys applying to be on the site lately that it truly is an embarrassment of riches. When the chance presented itself, why not have three jerk off all at once? Marky, Mario, and Ronnie had so much fun one even said they should have paid me! I left in a lot of footage that might otherwise get scrapped so you'll be able to hear all the laughs, and, even all the farts."

Marky, Mario, Ronnie at The Guy Site

Marky, Mario, Ronnie at The Guy Site

Marky, Mario, Ronnie at The Guy Site

Marky, Mario, Ronnie at The Guy Site

Marky, Mario, Ronnie at The Guy Site

Marky, Mario, Ronnie at The Guy Site

Marky, Mario, Ronnie at The Guy Site

Marky, Mario, Ronnie at The Guy Site

Marky, Mario, Ronnie at The Guy Site
Mike Rivers and Ronnie J"Our Situation"
Mike Rivers and Ronnie J

July 28, 2011

"With David Hasslehoff - of the Baywatch days - as inspiration, our Jersey shore lifeguard, Ronnie - yes, the irony of his name is not lost on us - has stripped naked for his photo shoot and is displaying what can only be described his very own, very hot ''Situation''. When this very masculine - wait 'till you hear his voice - very straight, bodybuilder happened into our studio looking for work we knew he was going to be our next play thing on This real life, one time Jersey shore lifeguard is so confident and sure of himself he appears just as comfortable sporting nothing but his tattooed muscles as he is fully clothed and without hesitation tells us about the more kinky aspects of his straight sex life with his girlfriend including her playing with his butt hole and getting rimmed to his trysts with his girlfriend and a big boobed tranny.

We paired our straight super stud, body builder, Ronnie, with an experienced Bait Boy, the very hot and adorable Mike Rivers - no, we didn't miss the Jersey shore irony with his first name either. Since we know lifeguard boy is into pushing the sex envelope, we also know that he would be a pretty easy convert for us - and of course just a few extra bucks and he was ready to try his first sexual experience with another dude. The action gets super hot really fast as we quickly move him from stroking to sucking. Ronnie loves getting is cock sucked and for the first time ever, takes another guy's dick into his mouth. Then Ronnie gets his butt rimmed by Mike. What a sight watching Mike's tongue stabbing at Ronnie's perfect hole like he's found a new love. Mike even says ''you have a beautiful asshole'' to which Ronnie says ''thanks'' - could you get any more romantic? In the final scene, Ronnie is pumping the lust out of Mike's hot, tight, little bubble butt when in true sexual ecstasy he screams out to Mike ''Do you want me to cum all over you, baby!'' and then one right after the other they shoot explosive loads all over Mike's chest. Well, we may not have had a ''Joey'' or a ''Snooki'', but we sure did have one fucking hot 'Situation'!"

Mike Rivers and Ronnie J Mike Rivers and Ronnie J
Mike Rivers and Ronnie J Mike Rivers and Ronnie J
Ronnie Gets A Happy Ending
Alexander Garrett and Introducing Ronnie

July 28, 2011

"Introducing a new face to the porn world. Ronnie is a hot straight boy who was curious to try porn. So, we called in one of our experts: Alexander Garrett. Alexander gives him a massage and then starts blowing him. I thought that was all the scene was going to be, and then Ronnie asked if he could fuck Alexander? Well, you don't have to ask me twice!! We got more than we bargained for, and Ronnie is smoking hot! Alexander was NOT complaining. In fact, he came twice! Watch the full movie at"