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Best in the Biz

Featuring Tyler Torro, Kyle Quinn, James Huntsman
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

December 26, 2013

"When Kyle Quinn decided he was gonna become a personal trainer, he call on the Best in the Biz! He had done some scouting around local gyms and seen Tyler Torro putting on clinics in the weight room. Kyle had to have him. After striking a deal where Tyler would bring himself along with a friend who also happens to be a fantastic trainer, the three met up at Kyle's place. Kyle hired a camera man to capture the instructional session for later viewing.

Tyler showed up with James Huntsman, a top trainer with an incredible body. Once the two pros took their shirts off, Kyle knew he would need to see more. He noticed both guys had fattening erections under their workout shorts. Kyle figured he'd test the waters by grabbing Tyler's boner. That's when all three guys realized the only way Kyle was going to understand the proper discipline required to train gym patrons was by taking two hard dicks in his mouth. Switching back and forth between cocks, at a fevered pace, Kyle started to get it! Then Tyler bent Kyle over and slid his fat dong into Kyle's tight, sweet hole. Even though the position wasn't something Kyle was used to, it felt VERY good. If this is what training is all about, Kyle's gonna be great! Enjoy!"

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Featuring James Huntsman, Rex Raw, Kayden Hurley
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

October 24, 2013

"It's gonna be a rough day for Kayden Hurley, as James Huntsman and Rex Raw are primed and eying his bones like a panther in the jungle. Kayden is definitely a prize and James & Rex know it, and they've been instructed to show no mercy and spare no quarter. For Kayden, there are worse ways to pop your man-cherry, but not many more brutal, as James crams his cock deep down Kayden's throat while Rex looks on, then they switch and Rex mouth fucks Kayden while James prepares for the tender meat of Kayden's ass, ramming him from behind as Rex continues to have his way with Kayden's mouth. At first a little pensive, Kayden discovers what a cock pig he is as James continues to bone away, until both he and Rex shower Kayden with their loads as Kayden strokes himself off in between them. That's one beating Kayden will be sure and thank them for! Enjoy!"

WATCH Mercy! Featuring James Huntsman, Rex Raw, Kayden Hurley





















Blue Steel

Featuring James Huntsman and Dante Martin
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

August 22, 2013

"Dante Martin has had his eye on fellow officer James Huntsman for quite a while. James doesn't know it yet, but when Dante offers to show him a secret part of the jail that only he knows about, the trap is set and the con is on. As James checks out the abandoned cell, Dante checks out James' ass tucked tightly into his uniform pants. James catches Dante spying, but rather than being offended, he is actually flattered, so much so that he thinks, 'What the hell?' And before he knows it, he's laying on his back and Dante is throat deep on his hard cock. With the object of his affection placed firmly in his mouth, Dante seizes the opportunity and puts it on James, sucking his balls, licking his taint, deep throating his shaft and spitting and nibbling on the head. James responds by throwing Dante down on the old mattress and pumps him from behind as Dante grabs the bars to brace himself. James thrusts away as Dante turns over and mounts him, riding and grinding on James' dick, until James turns him back over. Fucking without abandon, James slams Dante as he jerks his cock into a frothing cumming mess, at which point James pulls out and unleashes a massive load all over Dante's sweaty chest. Sort of gives new meaning to the old adage, watching your partner's back! Enjoy!"

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Naked Guns

Featuring James Huntsman and Ray Diaz
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

July 11, 2013

"They're friends on the force and casual pals when off duty. James Huntsman and Ray Diaz find themselves chatting in the police station locker room just as James finishes a long shift. Ray has been assigned to cover the strip club district this evening. It's an area James knows very well, but not from patrolling!

Ray isn't a big strip club guy, but he can tell that just the talk of erotic dancers is making James excited. Ray can see a bulge forming in James's pants. He decides to take advantage of the moment and see if James wants to blow off some steam after his long shift. Sure enough, Officer Huntsman is eager to cut loose a bit and enjoy Ray's warm mouth bobbing on his fat, juicy cock. Ray is a fiend for hard dick and has been eyeing James's incredible body for months. Now that he's getting to taste that amazing man meat, he's taking it deep. But the passionate sucking only gets James even hornier. He's taking advantage too by sliding his pulsating erection into Ray's tight hole for a proper pounding. Then watch Ray climb on top of James for a ride-along you won't forget! You'll see James shoot the deputy in an awesome, hot and sticky blast. Enjoy!"

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Tailored Fit

James Huntsman and Luke Milan
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

May 16, 2013

"Donning fine men's garments is an experience every gentleman should enjoy. James Huntsman has found himself in a position to have a renown tailor visit him at his home. Luke Milan has an expert's eye for fashion. He can analyze individual male forms and arrange a custom outfit to suit any occasion. Luke is more than happy to analyze James's form.

Luke suggests James strip down to his underwear to try on some of the options. Once James disrobes, the thought occurs to Luke that he may very well be able to trick James into taking off his undies, thereby become completely nude. Luke would certainly like to see how James is hung, just for his own naughty enjoyment. From there, there could be an opportunity to seduce the young man. Luke concocts a story about a matching pair of underwear James should try. Without any coaxing, James is wearing his birthday suit. Luke finds an excuse to bend down near the enormous dick, and takes it in his mouth. James can't believe his tailor is sucking his fat cock. But he's certainly not stopping him! Luke is a true dick fiend, made evident by the manner in which he ravenously slurps James. Watch him take good care of the whole package as Luke jerks his own meat too. Then see Luke lay back so his client can fuck his sweet ass nice and hard. James isn't the usual customer, with his very well built physique. His strong muscles work hard to ram Luke's tender hole. Then Luke is climbing on top for a nice, intense ride. You'll love seeing these two hot guys work on finding the perfect fit! Enjoy!"

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James Huntsman (5)

Next Door World | Next Door Male

May 6, 2013

"James Huntsman likes to move fast, and as such, he's sort of a hard person to catch up with, but we've managed to slow him down just long to steal a few intimate moments with him. Finding him in the garage, he waxes down his motorcycle and tunes any imperfections. It's hot and sweaty work, and so it's only a matter of time before James loses his shirt in an attempt to cool down. But relief is nowhere in sight, and so James turns his thoughts back to riding through the cool breeze, the wind against his face as he pushes the throttle higher and higher. Lost in his fantasies, he finds himself stiffening up in the pants, getting hard at the thought of the speed and the freedom. He unzips his pants and his cock pops out, standing at full mast and ready for some waxing of its own, so James slowly runs his hands down his chest and spreads his fingers around the shaft, teasing the head with his fingertips and caressing all around the base of his cock. Reclining on the bike, he spreads his legs around its chassis and leans back, working his dick back and forth and spreading his legs as wide as possible, before he nuts all over the concrete floor in a splashing drizzle of milky jizz. Enjoy!"

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Multiple Options

Johnny Torque, Cameron Foster, James Jamesson, Vinny Castillo, Samuel O'Toole, Connor Maguire, James Huntsman
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

March 21, 2013

"James Huntsman reclines on a sofa seat running his fingers up and down is chiseled physique, eyeing himself in a mirror and getting hard at the thought of some satisfaction. Wishing for some companionship, James is about to get more than he asked for, as six of the hottest guys in the house file into the room one by one. Cameron Foster and Samuel O'Toole are first to emerge, and Cameron immediately falls to his knees and begins to suck James off while Samuel gropes and kisses at his neck. Connor Maguire soon takes Samuel's attention away from James and moves him over to the bed, while Johnny Torque and James Jamesson to fill in. Johnny joins James and Cameron and Jamesson gets up on the bed and shoves his cock into Samuel's mouth. Lastly, Vinnie Castillo arrives on scene, and as Johnny moves over to accomodate his massive cock into the mix, Vinnie shoves his cock into Johnny's mouth as James Jamesson watches lustfully from across the room. Next Cameron and Conner each bend over, allowing anyone that wants a piece to get a piece. James Jamesson pounds Connor missionary as Conner sucks O'Toole's giant cock, and James Huntsman fucks Cameron as Johnny teases Cameron's mouth with the tip of his cock, before gathering around Conner and Cameron and blasting them with one hot shot of cum after another. Enjoy!"

WATCH Johnny Torque, Cameron Foster, James Jamesson, Vinny Castillo, Samuel O'Toole, Connor Maguire, James Huntsman in Multiple Options











Begging For It

Featuring Darcy Tyler and James Huntsman
Next Door Studios | Next Door Hookups

January 27, 2013

"When Darcy Tyler wants something, she's used to getting it. But her boyfriend, James Huntsman, is no pushover when it comes to the one thing that's usually the most important thing on his brain - SEX! Darcy wants to hit the club early tonight, but James wants to get his fuck on first. She doesn't want to miss out on the first round of drinks with her ladies, but James is a pretty convincing arguer. He's promising they have time to bang out a hot session before leaving the house. Darcy finally agrees to a little kissing, which leads to James unleashing his fat, hard dick. She'll stroke it a bit, but just for a minute! That cock feels so good in her hands, it's almost impossible to refuse putting it in her mouth, but only just a few slurps, they gotta get going! Well ok, now there's no way she's leaving the house until James pumps that throbbing erection into her and they both get a little satisfaction before hitting the town. Enjoy!"

WATCH Begging For It Featuring Darcy Tyler and James Huntsman

James Huntsman

The Dungeon Club

Johnny Torque, James Huntsman, Connor Maguire, James Jamesson, Cameron Foster, Tyler Torro, Brody Wilder, Donny Wright, Campbell Stevens
Next Door Buddies | Next Door World

December 27, 2012

"Deep in the recesses of the Next Door shoot house, there's a party going on. With 9 hot guys getting loose in the basement, something is about to go down. James Huntsman is serving up the drinks to fellow Next Door studs Tyler Torro, Connor Maguire, Brody Wilder, Johnny Torque, Campbell Stevens, Donny Wright, James Jamesson and Cameron Foster, and as the libations pour, the action heats up. With their drink already properly on, the guys look to satisfy their other urges, as steely glances give way to a den of flesh. Before long, the bodies begin to converge and the clothes come flying off. Tyler Torro and Johnny Torque takes turns with Cameron Foster's sweet ass, while James Jamesson & Brody Wilder trade off fucking Donny Wright's mouth. Getting in on the action, bartender James Huntsman takes turns with Connor Maguire as Campbell Stevens swordfights the two hunks in his mouth, before James flips Connor over and begins pumping him from behind. Tyler and Johnny switch up and Cameron Foster lets out a shriek as Johnny enters, the whole room turning into a skanky sweaty mess of musky men and funk as the guys line up and, one by one, shoot their loads like a firing squad. This is one party you'll be glad to crash! Enjoy!"

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Hard Work Pays Off

Featuring James Huntsman and Nikki D
Next Door Studios | Next Door Hookups

November 18, 2012

"James Huntsman has been working all day setting up for the party. Nikki D has noticed James' hard work, as well as the bulge in his pants, so as the day begins to wind down, she catches him out by the pool setting up some tables. After striking up a conversation, she invites him to take a load off. He smirks at the thought, but initially declines, until she insists and he takes a seat next to her. Kissing his mouth as she unbuttons his jeans, the two of them quickly end up in the Jacuzzi, and she goes down for a closer look at James package. Taking it in her mouth, she gags on it as it swells in her mouth, and he grabs the back of her head and begins to face fuck her while taking off her bikini top. Both fully undressed now, James slides his cock inside of her as she screams from the pounding, feeling secure and helpless as James picks her up and fucks her standing up, before setting her back down and fucking her tits until he truly is ready to 'lose a load'. Enjoy!"

WATCH Hard Work Pays Off Featuring James Huntsman and Nikki D

Hard Work Pays Off Featuring James Huntsman and Nikki D















Pumped and Pounded

Marcus Mojo and James Huntsman
Next Door World | Marcus Mojo

October 5, 2012

"Marcus Mojo fans everywhere have been clamoring to see Marcus with a very special scene partner...James Huntsman! They're finally coming together, in the gym, for a hot session of pumping iron and cranking up some sexy action.Both Marcus and James are gym rats who spend significant time fine-tuning their incredible physiques to look perfect. I think it's safe to say their efforts have paid off! James's body is amazing, and his dick is thick and luscious. Marcus has salivated at the idea of welcoming James onto his set for a long time and is showing it by slurping hard and deep on that hard, pulsating cock. Watch him squeeze and shake James's toned but plump ass cheeks while enjoying this physical masterpiece. Then it's time for James to experience Marcus's tight, waiting hole, right here on the weight bench. James giving a powerful pounding, just the type of fucking for which Marcus was hoping. It's a matchup you have to see to believe as these outrageously hot dudes get together for a smokingly sexy training room bang. Enjoy!"

WATCH Marcus Mojo and James Huntsman in Pumped and Pounded









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Dimensional Entry

Brandon Lewis, Donny Wright, James Huntsman
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

August 30, 2012

"Lost in a mysterious, otherworldly passageway, three men, James Huntsman, Brandon Lewis, and Donny Wright, move through tunnels running through the crossroads of dimensions. For eternity before, they've each existed simultaneously, but apart, in other alternate universes. Somehow the fates have brought them together, through the magic of the hallways that exist on the outskirts of what we understand to be reality. As they tread slowly, appearing and reappearing from one place to another, through the strange rules of quantum physics their own minds bring the three men together all at the same time. Each of them feels as if he's been lost in this translation of time and matter for eons. Their need to touch and taste bare skin has been unsatisfied for a long, undetermined length of time. Brandon feels his craving for hard cock in his mouth, so he takes James's hard member and suck hard, with passion. He then takes Donny's and enjoys the firm boner in his mouth. Then Donny indulges his yearning to taste man meat. Then Brandon positions himself on a table to have his ass eaten by Donny while he sucks James. Soon it's time for James to pound Brandon's tight, eager hole. You won't believe the intense passion in this unusual scene that will test your own perception of reality. Enjoy!"

WATCH Dimensional Entry Featuring Brandon Lewis, Donny Wright, James Huntsman


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Functional Training

Featuring Allie Jordan and James Huntsman
Next Door Studios | Next Door Hookups

August 12, 2012

"James Huntsman is the most in-demand personal trainer in the area...Allie Jordan's area anyway. He does outcalls, which is nice convenient for busy Allie. They've already done one session that left her muscles very tight. It also left her hungry for James's fat cock!This time, she's determined to make a move. After some stretching and light toning exercises, James takes his shirt off and lays down next to her. James hadn't said anything, but he definitely picked up the vibes Allie was putting out. He goes in for a kiss and she reciprocates! Things heat up quickly and Allie takes James's large dong in her mouth for some hard sucking. It tastes even better than she imagined! Then James positions Allie on the couch and slides his massive erection into her for an intense, hard fucking. This is exactly the type of cardio Allie had in mind!"

WATCH Functional Training Featuring Allie Jordan and James Huntsman

Functional Training Featuring Allie Jordan and James Huntsman














Rod Daily and James Huntsman

Nude Intruder

Rod Daily and James Huntsman
Next Door World | Rod Daily

July 20, 2012

"When Rod Daily happens upon his pal James Huntsman, he finds him completely naked, having what he thinks is some alone time in ROD's workout room! Now Rod's not averse to the nudity but James could've at least asked, for crying out loud!When Rod confronts James (after watching him in secret for a bit), Rod's surprised to find that JAMES is upset with HIM! What gives?! It turns out James is a little irked that Rod had been checking him out from behind the front door. James is assuming Rod was perving out a little bit and isn't too happy about being secretly watched. Rod can see where he's coming from, so he agrees to take a mouthful of James's fat dong. James is totally fine with this method of recompense. In fact, he was hoping this nude display would incite Rod to kick down and bob his knob. But it was more than just some hot suck job action that James had in mind. He's convincing Rod to bend over the bench press bar so James can fuck his tight asshole. See James unload a hard pounding on Rod's muscular bottom before sitting down to have Rod take a bouncy ride on his thick, meaty pole. It's an intrusion with a hot conclusion when these two incredibly sexy studs have an impromptu workout-room fuck party. Enjoy!"

WATCH Nude Intruder Featuring Rod Daily and James Huntsman


Rod Daily and James Huntsman

Rod Daily and James Huntsman

Rod Daily and James Huntsman

Rod Daily and James Huntsman

Top Shelf

James Huntsman and Cody Allen
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

June 21, 2012

"Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got. James Huntsman knows firsthand how true this modern adage rings. He works his ass off every night, always dreaming of a big, bright future. Tonight he's cleaning up the club after the partying crowds have left. He's working with an acquaintance by the name of Cody Allen. James and Cody have worked around each other at the club for a few months now, but they've never had the chance to sit down alone together and have a drink. As their duties for the evening near completion, James pours himself and Cody a drink to cap off the night. James has had a long, hard shift and is looking forward to relaxing a bit with Cody before locking up. What James doesn't know is that Cody's had a crush on him since they met! When Cody asks him if he wants to fool around to blow off some 'stress,' James is reluctant, but decides a nice blowjob wouldn't hurt. Before wrapping his mouth around James's giant dick, Cody promises not to tell anyone. Soon James is positioned over Cody, face fucking him with explosive intensity. Then when Cody asks James to slide his fat, throbbing cock into his ass, James comes clean. He tells Cody he's 'never fucked a dude before.' Telling him isn't easy but afterwards James feels a sense of relief, followed by excitement in anticipation of getting to pound a guy's asshole for the first time EVER. Get ready to witness this incredibly sexy Next Door Exclusive like no one has seen him. He's a long time bartender who's worked hard enough, especially tonight, to reward himself by finally pulling from the top shelf. Enjoy!"

WATCH Top Shelf Featuring James Huntsman and Cody Allen









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James Huntsman (4)

Next Door World | Next Door Male

June 11, 2012

"James Huntsman is tuning up his ride one afternoon in the garage as the autumn afternoon passes by outside. Sliding underneath the chassis, he finds a discarded phone sex ad under one of the tires. Being a virile young lad in the prime of his sexual potency, this is pretty much all it takes to give him a semi-chubby in his pants. So he sets aside his work for a moment and unzips his coveralls to reveal his rippling chest, chiseled abs and rock hard cock. Leaning back in the passenger side of the Jeep, he spreads his legs and spreads his fingers around his cock like a joystick, working it up and down, back and forth like a piston beating and firing on all cylinders, and when he cums all over the floor, he shoots with the ignition power of 400 horses under the hood. Well, when you are driven you must satisfy the urge. Enjoy!"

WATCH James Huntsman (4) at Next Door World


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Delayed Departure

James Huntsman and AJ Monroe
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

May 3, 2012

"He's a traveler, hardened by too many hours waiting in terminals. AJ Monroe's seen more faces than most do in a lifetime. Some he remembers, most he doesn't. But as he sits by himself at the airport bar, sipping a double vodka, clean, a certain face grabs his attention. It belongs to part-time bartender, James Huntsman. The two notice each other's glances and stumble into a conversation that begins with pleasantries. As they become more friendly, James pours a round of shots for them to share. They clink glasses and drink. As the mood grows intimate, they find themselves discussing the inconvenience of finding sexual outlet while traveling for long periods. They both know toward what this exchanging is leading. Soon there isn't another soul in sight and James is cleaning up from the day, bare chested. AJ takes an interest in James's body, then an even more specific interest in his swollen cock underneath James's underpants. When AJ touches the bulge, James reacts favorably, so AJ moves close, unsheathing the large, bulging erection, and slurping down on it. It provides just the relief James needed and quenches perfectly AJ's thirsting for fresh man meat. Watch these two as they end each of their days with the perfect night cap. Enjoy!"

WATCH Delayed Departure Featuring James Huntsman and AJ Monroe
















Pillow Talk

Featuring Brittany Amber and James Huntsman
Next Door Studios | Next Door Hookups

March 25, 2012

"James Huntsman is not particularly sensitive to the needs of those around him when he's at the gym, and he's not known for whispering sweet nothings into your ear. Brittany Amber is aware of this, but realizes it comes with territory. After all, if she wanted some nice boy she'd go fuck a Preacher. No, what Brittany likes about James is that when it comes time to cumming, James is no nonsense and ready to go. Such is the case after their mid-afternoon workout. James comes back full of vim and vigor, with a little bit of an edge. Brittany quickly seizes on this opportunity and tricks James into taking his angst in bed, letting his dick be the sword of Justice. Enjoy!"

WATCH Pillow Talk Featuring Brittany Amber and James Huntsman

Pillow Talk Featuring Brittany Amber and James Huntsman















James Huntsman (3)

Next Door World | Next Door Male

February 20, 2012

"Next Door Exclusive, James Huntsman, is back for a solo jack off session. James has an amazing physique you won't believe. This time he's making a video for his girlfriend back home. He's been away at school, working hard. Not only will his girl be thrilled see this sensual private show, James is having fun making it. Watch him pull his hard boner with a firm grip as he moves from the floor to the bed, shooting penetrating looks into the camera he has set up. You'll be the first to see James's raw video, before he sends it to his special lady. And look for a surprise guest, a college friend of James, who pops in to stroke with his pal. Enjoy!"

WATCH James Huntsman (3) at Next Door World



Pool Boys

James Huntsman, Brody Wilder, Connor Maguire
Next Door Buddies | Next Door World

February 16, 2012

"Partying, gambling and fucking- that's pretty much what James Huntsman, Connor Maguire and Brody Wilder have in common with each other. Beer is mostly gone and unfortunately, the three of them are all broke, so the only thing to gamble on: cock. Like James says, 'Cock is free.' So they start a high stakes pool game that is sure to end with a dick in somebody's face. Actually that's the bet. Loser is sucking some dick. Brody scratches the 8 ball right on cue. Why? Losing is all perspective. The way he sees it, he just won two hard cocks in his mouth. Taking them both one at a time, he decides some oral is just not enough, so he lets Connor have his way with his ass while James shoves his dick in Brody's mouth. There's pretty much more balls in mouths than on the pool table. And before long, balls aren't the only thing staining the pool table. How much does it cost to clean the cum out of billiards felt anyway? Enjoy!"

WATCH James Huntsman, Connor Maguire, Brody Wilder in Pool Boys









Lazer Sharp

Featuring James Huntsman and Joe Parker
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

January 5, 2012

"In a hot, smoky warehouse, James Huntsman and Joe Parker creep and sneak through a battle zone. They're taggers, lazer taggers, and the stakes this time are high. James has been an avid tagger for some time and doesn't like to lose. He doesn't plan on Joe outmaneuvering him this time. What James doesn't know though, is that Joe doesn't even have the cash to pay up if he loses!

When James finally corners his opponent, Joe is man enough to admit defeat. But when he confesses that he can't pay up, James has no problem finding another way to claim his winnings! Now Joe must wrap his lips around James's fat cock and suck like a beaten, lazer loser. But it turns out Joe is MUCH better at sucking dick than playing lazer tag! You'll salivate when you see James's outrageously perfect body and his rock hard erection. If this is losing, Joe's not interested in learning how to win. Enjoy!"

WATCH Lazer Sharp Featuring James Huntsman and Joe Parker











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17203_08 17203_09

Christmas Orgy

Johnny Torque, James Huntsman, James Jamesson, Brody Wilder, Tyler Torro, Anthony Romero
Next Door Buddies | Next Door World

December 22, 2011

"It's the most wonderful time of the year, and to celebrate, Next Door Studios has an exclusive holiday package just for you. Assembled around the tree and waiting to be unwrapped, we find 6 of our Exclusive Models sharing the holiday cheer (and the Christmas cock). Tyler Torro, James Huntsman, Brody Wilder, Johnny Torque, James Jamesson and Anthony Romero are gathered together to inspect each other's Yule Logs. The temperature may be dropping outside, but inside, things are heating up and getting steamy. Watch as our Exclusives share, fuck and suck each other until they are each ready to fill this special package with their seasonal load. This is one care package you can bet you'll want to keep all to yourself. Enjoy!"

WATCH Christmas Orgy








16995_032 16995_045

16995_093 16995_098

16995_145 16995_150

16995_153 16995_157
James Huntsman and Riley Price

The Professional

James Huntsman and Riley Price
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

December 1, 2011

"For Riley Price, life as James Huntsman's personal assistant is an everyday challenge. Keeping up with James' busy schedule means Riley has got to be right on top of things. Short notice meeting? Check. Last minute amendment to the routine? All over that. Boss has got a raging hard-on? Right on top of it sir. This last one happens more than you would think, so by now Riley is old hand at getting the job done. So when he walks in for the morning debriefing, it is no major surprise that James as a morning erection that Riley is going to have to prioritize above all the other major action items. Slowly slobbing on his cock, taking it all the way down to shaft before James' shows Riley what a power point is all about. Enjoy!"

WATCH The Professional Featuring James Huntsman and Riley Price








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16538_14 16538_15

James Huntsman (2)

Next Door World | Next Door Male

November 21, 2011

"If you haven't had the pleasure of feasting your man-hungry eyes on this hunk, you're in for a treat. This is James Huntsman, a Next Door Studios exclusive that will make your cock swell with delight. Today James is hanging out in the locker room with a soccer ball. He hasn't just finished a workout or a game of pick-up and he isn't about to start one. He's only here because he likes to stroke his fat, meaty cock in a place where he knows other men bring their sweaty unmentionables. He likes the idea that the room is filled with a byproduct of intense effort. He imagines the multitude of tight, well-trained muscles that have been exerted, then have come to rest in this very place. The scent of victory, defeat, and satisfaction mingling together is something that's always stirred a sexual hunger in James. This is why he comes here to work up an erection and free it from its tight, confining jock strap. Watch him slowly and tenderly play with his fattened man meat as he grins wryly. You'll see his ass cheeks contract and loosen repeatedly as he grinds his hard dick on the soccer ball. Share in his ecstasy as it culminates in moment of private glory. Enjoy!"

WATCH James Huntsman (2) at Next Door World

Fountain Head

Featuring Heather Vahn and James Huntsman
Next Door Studios | Next Door Hookups

November 20, 2011

"James Huntsman & Heather Vahn have just finished brunch at a weekend spa where they are staying. The sun is shining, the day is young, and the air is warm, so they decide to rendezvous out on the daybed by the fountain, where they take advantage of the private sun to relax and enjoy each other. Slowly kissing each others bodies, they recline on the bed and Heather takes James' rock hard erection all the way down her throat, then she slowly lowers herself on top of his shaft, bouncing up and down with her sweet ass. Getting worked up, James flips her over and pounds her with his massive cock until he too is spraying like a fountain. Enjoy!"

WATCH Fountain Head Featuring Heather Vahn and James Huntsman

James Huntsman & Tyler Sweet

My Friend's Hot Brother

James Huntsman & Tyler Sweet
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

October 6, 2011

"Tyler Sweet is a young man who knows what he wants and goes after it. When he arrives at his friend Steve's place to hang out, he finds Steve's brother, James Huntsman, lounging in a pair of very skimpy swimmin' shorts. James informs Tyler that Steve left hours ago to hang out downtown and smoke weed behind the mall. Tyler is bummed but also intrigued by the situation.

He popped a chubby in his shorts when he saw James's well oiled body glistening by the pool. When he decides to make a move and go in for James's cock, he's happy to find that James welcomes Tyler's mouth to enjoy his growing hard-on. Watch the incredibly hunky James give Tyler a mouthful in this steamy, backyard suck session. Enjoy!"

WATCH My Friend's Hot Brother Featuring James Huntsman & Tyler Sweet





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14957_014 14957_022

14957_025 14957_028

Blind Hunt

Featuring James Huntsman and Krystal Main
Next Door Studios | Next Door Hookups

September 15, 2011

"Krystal Main & James Huntsman are playing games in the bedroom. Blindfolded, James has to feel his way around to find her. Once he does, the game is on. First it's a little bit of 69 Warm-up followed by a nice round of Hide the Salami and ending in little Face Painting session. We all know James is game. Are you? Enjoy!"

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Sex Drive

James Huntsman and Charity Bangs
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July 7, 2011

"Climb aboard and get ready for a rippin' ride on the back of one badass four-wheel-drive vehicle. You'll join off-road enthusiasts James Huntsman and his main squeeze, Charity Bangs. James has decided to take an unconventional approach to four-wheeling this time. He's not even going to take the vehicle out of the garage or even start up the engine. His plan is to get Charity fully naked and see where the adventure goes.

Charity can feel James's boner swelling as he shows her various functions of the all-terrain machine. She likes the feeling of the seat's leather between her legs and James's warm body behind her. She can't help but surrender to his advances. Once she gets a taste of his rock hard dick, she can't get enough. Watch James give Charity one helluva ride in this sexy garage romp! Enjoy!"

WATCH Sex Drive Featuring James Huntsman and Charity Bangs

James Huntsman

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July 4, 2011

"James Huntsman is ripped and ready to show it off for you. With his chiseled pecs and sculpted abs, his muscular back and jacked up biceps, it's safe to say he's got muscles for days. And they are all on display here, as he flexes and strokes through a full range of motion for your voyeuristic pleasure. Watch has he whips out his dick and takes to the Fleshlight with vigor and esteem. He's cocky alright, but he's packing enough heat to be cocky, and enough cock to keep you satisfied. Enjoy!"

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Featuring James Huntsman and Rubi Knox
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April 28, 2011

"James Huntsman knows that it's all about the tiny details. So while he's supposed to be getting ready for a little friendly dungeon party, the fact is that he has spent most of the day getting the room ready, and very little time getting himself ready. Lucky for him he has remembered one little detail- Rubi Knox's favorite red jock. As soon as she sees that, Rubi goes from crazy mad to crazy horny in no time. See what other tricks James has hidden up his sleeve... and in his pants. Enjoy!"

WATCH PreParty Featuring James Huntsman and Rubi Knox


James Huntsman Solo

May 10, 2011

"James Huntsman is a handsome, very hunky, hung, southern boy who oozes sexuality from every pore. James gives us a one-man show we won't soon forget. James strokes his crotch before taking off his shirt and tank top to reveal his perfect upper body. If you like rock hard abs, you'll love James' rippled muscles. Our camera moves in for a tight shot just as James takes off his jeans, revealing a suck-worthy cock if we've ever seen one! James' massive thighs serve as the perfect frame for his thick dick and reddish-blond pubes. James props himself up on the chair facing the wall, giving us a great view of his butt. Of course the climax of this jack off session is, well, the climax itself. Nice big drops of cum all over his gorgeous body."

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James Huntsman

April 8, 2011

"James Huntsman says he's "living the dream" by making his porn debut. An all-around jock with a big smile, he's a perfect match for Carina Roman. They meet and kiss, Carina lifts up James' black t-shirt and licks his abs before taking if off. James shows her, and us, his beautiful upper body. Carina loves every inch of his torso. She turns James around to showcase his back and we see large tattoos on his muscular back. Carina kneels and licks James' cock beneath his white briefs. Carina lowers James briefs and he's now hard as a rock. She sucks his cock with gusto. Carina has James kneel on the bed so she can show us his beautiful ass. James and Carina kneel on the bed as he takes off her top. She strokes his erect rod as he strips her down. James goes downtown to eat as Carina mewls in ecstasy. James lays on the bed and Carina straddles him and sits on his thick pecker. James fucks Carina hard and they move onto many different positions; each one more passionate than the next. James busts his load onto Carina Roman's belly. Carina takes a taste of his cum then James Huntsman bends over and kisses her."

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