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Jack King


ALIASES: Buddy Davis, Buddy Royals, Dex Carter
SITES: Big Dicks at School, Circle Jerk Boys, Cocksure Men, CockyBoys, CollegeDudes, Dallas Reeves, Damn Thats Big, Drill My Hole, Falcon Studios, Gay Room, Jizz Orgy, Marcus Mojo, Masquerade Men, My Friends Feet, Next Door Buddies, Next Door Hookups, Next Door Male, Next Door Studios, Paragon Men, Randy Blue, SG4GE, Str8 to Gay

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Jack In Dress Socks & Barefoot

December 26, 2017

"All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. So after work he likes to play in his dress socks. And he also like to show off his big bare feet for guys who are into them. His gorgeous size 12 feet combined with his mischevous knack for showing off make sure this Jack is NOT a dull boy!"







Jack King Tickled Naked

June 29, 2013

"Tough, sexy hunk Jack King is super ticklish and we knew that as we tied him to the MyFriendsFeet tickle table. Jack hates being tickled, but then again, he likes it. He He. He laughs his ass off as Cameron Kincade and I work his ribs, armpits and size 12 feet. He writhes around like a wild man too. Cameron and I had a ball and so did Jack. Although for some reason he won't admit it."











Jack King's Size 12 Bare Feet & Flip Flops

June 12, 2013

"Gorgeous, dark haired hunk Jack King kicks back and shows off his perfect size 12 feet and flip flops at MyFriendsFeet. Jack makes my cock hard and everyone elses at MFF too. The way he walks, talks and shows off his peds is enough to make anyone horny as hell. I only hope to some day be able to worship Jack King's incredible size 12s!"





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Cameron Worships Jack King's Feet & Sucks His Cock

April 27, 2013

"In this kinky MyFriendsFeet video Jack King forces submissive foot slave Cameron Kincade to worship his size 12 feet and suck his big cock. Cameron loves being dominated, so this is the perfect kind of pairing. Jack surely has no problem taking total control of Cameron either. He shoves his socked and bare feet right in Cameron's face before making him deep throat his long, thick cock. Then Jack shoots his load all over his own feet!"
































Bryce's Ass Is 'Jack'd'

"Jack is back! We paired him with our favorite muscle bottom stud, Bryce, and they obviously hit it off. Bryce by nature has such a contagious carefree attitude about life and sees sex as just another way to have some physical fun. When he laughs or grins, even while being pounded by a big ass dick, it's genuine. Jack on the other hand is one of those quiet, serious kind of guys, and you never know what he's thinking behind those deep, very dark, handsome eyes of his. You'll see that he definitely intended on dominating Bryce from the start, because that's his own nature obviously, but after a bit he gave in and fed off of his partner's sense of humor about what they were doing to each other. Watch the hot results!"


Sebastian Young, Jack King and Zane Anders

July 28, 2014

"We are very excited to have our first bareback bottom scene with Sebastian Young exclusively on Cum check out Jack King and Zane Anders take turns using Sebastian’s two holes for their pleasure, and all in public in front of hundreds of guys watching! This is one HOT raw three some to watch for sure!" Watch Sebastian Young's first bareback scene poolside in Key West







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Vadim Black and Jack King Bareback

Vadim Black and Jack King Bareback

June 16, 2014

"Vadim Black and Jack King played poker with a twist. The winner will fuck on the loser and chooses what to do with him. There's no better way than to give him a hot big cock bareback." Watch Vadim Black and Jack King Bareback

Vadim Black and Jack King Bareback

Vadim Black and Jack King Bareback

Vadim Black and Jack King Bareback

Vadim Black and Jack King Bareback Vadim Black and Jack King Bareback
Damn Thats Big Beau Irons and Jack King

"Shower Him With Love"

Beau Irons and Jack King
Damn Thats Big at

January 22, 2014

"Beau Irons walks in on Jack King taking a nice and steamy shower. While watching the water drip down Jack's body, Beau couldn't help but get hard. Now that Jack is done getting clean, it's time to get all dirty again!"

Damn Thats Big Beau Irons and Jack King

Damn Thats Big Beau Irons and Jack King

Damn Thats Big Beau Irons and Jack King

Damn Thats Big Beau Irons and Jack King

Damn Thats Big Beau Irons and Jack King

Damn Thats Big Beau Irons and Jack King

Damn Thats Big Beau Irons and Jack King

Damn Thats Big Beau Irons and Jack King

Damn Thats Big Beau Irons and Jack King Damn Thats Big Beau Irons and Jack King

Damn Thats Big Beau Irons and Jack King Damn Thats Big Beau Irons and Jack King
Jack King and Casey Phillips

"Fappin' & Fuckin'"

Jack King and Casey Phillips

May 3, 2013

"Jack King is back with us on CircleJerkBoys and he is not alone this time. Jack made quite the impression when this 26yo Florida boy did a solo for us. This week his playmate comes from Boston and goes by the name of Casey Phillips. Both of these boys have healthy libidos and jack off often. Jack loves to watch young petite girls getting fucked while Casey likes watching blowjobs to get off. Jack lost his cherry at about 14yo and Casey about the same at 15yo. Casey started fooling around with guys by the time he was 17. Jack's perfect girl would have long dark hair, blue eyes, tick hips and waist with a nice ass. For Casey, who likes both sides of the buffet, he likes girls that are fit and tone. For guys he likes them with short blond hair if possible, blue eyes and a big dick. Well, that's always a good thing. Well that's enough chat for now, let's get these two studs naked and see what happens. Jack is home and gets horned up. So he takes out his cock and starts to jerk off. He lubes up that sweet cock and gets it rock hard hoping to get some relief. Casey comes out of his room and walks in on him and offers to help him out. Jack drops his jeans and spreads those thick thighs wide as Casey goes down on his hard cock. Casey swallows that cock til his nose hits Jack's pubes wanting every inch of it. Jack loves it and helps bob Casey's head on his aching dick. Casey gets on his knees as Jack stands up to give Casey better access to that dick. Jack fucks his face as Casey undresses. Once he does he gets on the chair and lets Jack return the favor. Jack gets to work sucking that uncut dick as he jacks his own. Casey's getting hornier by the minute and is soon bent over that same chair as Jack fingers his tight ass. Jack's cock needs some of that. He sits back on the couch and has Casey sit on his meat. Casey grimaces as he takes that hard cock up that ass. Jack can't get enough as he pumps that dick up into that hole. From there, Jack gets Casey bent over the chair again and gets back to fucking that ass doggy style. Casey just whimpers as Jack buries his cock even deeper. He pounds that ass harder and deeper and soon he's ready to bust his nut. He pulls out and jacks that hard cock off all over Casey's back. Once he's done he gets up and goes to shower leaving Casey with a boner and a glazed back. Casey slowly picks up Jack's underwear and claims it as his own."

IMG_4165 web

Jack King

October 2012

"Pillow talk is child’s play. All-action Jack is young, hung, horny and that’s in addition to being a dead ringer for Rock Hudson. We shot this modern-day matinee idol at a retro poolside on an extremely hot day - evidenced by his low drooping sweaty sack (anyone for tea?) The results are a timelessly stunning set that would make Instagram blush!

Jack admits he’s here to show off his body. What else could possibly tear us away from those smoldering eyes? He grew up in Florida fishing and playing football, so he’s used to catching – and what catches his attention are looks, admittedly, but it’s a personality that will keep him occupied. Jack’s favorite personality? Ass and titties.

He likes to shop and cover his creamy hard body with expensive designer clothes (not from cheap outlets!), but don’t worry. Paragon takes this one from riches to RAGS- wait, even less. Less rags, more riches – does that even make sense? This sex King has us all flustered!"

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Fleshjack Foreplay

Parker London & Jack King
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

November 24, 2011

"When Parker London gets horny when he's alone, he usually reaches for his favorite Fleshjack. It always feels so good on his hard cock. Parker's buddy Jack King slept over after the two hit the town last night, and Jack is just finishing up in the shower. Neither of these dudes got laid and Jack is doing some stroking of his own while washing up.

Parker has been meaning to show Jack his awesome sex toy and now's the perfect opportunity. Upon emerging from the shower, Jack needs no help getting his dick hard; it's practically busting out of his towel! Jack is definitely game to try the Fleshjack so Parker eases it onto his dick, nice and slow. Soon he's fervently jerking his friend and salivating at the thought of tasting Jack's mammoth erection. Indulging his urge, he pops the Fleshjack off and devours Jack's fat dong. Jack loves to face fuck and Parker likes feeling cock hit the back of his throat. Then these studs switch it up so Parker can enjoy a taste of Jack's sweet hole. Jack can only handle so much of this before needing to shove his giant dick into Parker's muscular ass. Watch Jack fuck like an escaped zoo animal as he pounds his insatiable buddy. Enjoy!" Visit Next Door World for all-in-one access!


Enter The Mojo

Featuring Marcus Mojo and Jack King
Next Door Studios | Marcus Mojo

October 21, 2011

"In ancient times, the Elders talked of life's great mysteries and the great void. They would speak of a coming warrior whose heart would be pure, and whose ass would be tight. This warrior, it is said, must vanquish apprehension of the unknown, and fear no penis in Heaven and on Earth. It is said that a new incarnation of the warrior will arrive on Earth once every four hundred years, and you will know he is real by the size of the load he spews.

Marcus Mojo & Jack King have been hearing this tale from their trainers for a while now, and truth be told, they'd just assume spar a little then just fuck each other's brains out... leave all that 'vanquish apprehension' mumbo jumbo for Jet Li. Enjoy!"

WATCH Marcus Mojo and Jack King in Enter the Mojo









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Jack King and Nikki D

Pool Toy

Jack King and Nikki D
Next Door World | Next Door Hookups

October 13, 2011

"It's a hot, summery, sultry afternoon in the backyard of one Miss Nicky D. She employs several rotating day-laborers on a regular basis, one by the name of Jack King. Jack is a hard-working young man who likes to keep to himself and stay out of the way, especially of the boss herself.

On this afternoon, however, he's asked to take care of some leaves that happened to be sitting directly under the chair upon which Nikki is sitting, enjoying a glass of pomegranate lemonade next to her pool. Before today, Nikki hadn't noticed Jack's strong build, with its athletic shoulders and toned ass. That was the real reason she called him closer. She liked teasing her workers sometimes while they worked, showing off her body and catching a glimmer of lust in their eyes. But this time is different. Nikki is finding herself unable to resist the this sexy specimen. She's treating herself to a helping of his hard, luscious cock by slurping it with passion. And once she's ready for a nice pounding from her employee, she'll give specific instructions on how he needs to work that cock. Enjoy!" WATCH Jack King and Nikki D in Pool Toy

Jack King

Next Door World | Next Door Male

October 10, 2011

"Jack King is hanging out in a public bathroom today. He likes the feeling of cold, grimy porcelain on his ass. He also likes the idea that another man could walk in on him jerking his fat cock any minute. Oh the trouble in which he would be! If someone were to find him grinding his dick on the stall door, or tugging his boner while spreading his ass cheeks, he'd be totally busted! Lucky for you, Jack is allowing one person to watch the door. Just make sure the coast is clear for your pal Jack, okay? Oh, and if you wanna jerk off too, Jack doesn't mind. Enjoy!" WATCH Jack King at Next Door World


Poolside 2, Scene 3

Colt Rivers and Jack King
Falcon Studios

April 17, 2015

"Jack King and Colt Rivers are horsing around in the pool, blasting each other with their high-powered water guns. The playful competition awakens each man's burning lust, and Colt begins by giving Jack a deep blowjob on an air mattress. Bright sun illuminates Jack's glistening treasure trail and water laps his thighs while Colt squeezes his balls and sucks his cock. The crack of Colt's ass, peering out from the top of his trunks, incites thoughts of fucking. Back on dry land, Colt lies on his back and spreads his legs. Jack can see in Colt's eyes how desperately he wants to get fucked, and Jack is the man to give it to him! As Jack's cock slides into his hole, Colt curls his toes and spreads his cheeks for maximum penetration. They switch to doggy style and Jack's low-hanging balls slap Colt's ass with every thrust, punctuating the arousal. Ready to shoot, Jack towers over Colt's reclining body and pumps out streams of cum that echo the jets of their water guns, while Colt matches him drop for drop." WATCH Poolside 2, Scene 3 Starring Colt Rivers and Jack King














FVP243 Intensity Part 1

Intensity - Part 1, Scene 2

Jack King and Darius Ferdynand
Falcon Studios

July 25, 2014

"Jack King and Darius Ferdynand kiss on the staircase as their twin hard ons reveal mutual lust. Jack is tall, dark, and horny, with a swinging pair of low hangers. Darius is smooth and seductive with an ass that begs for exploration and lips that seal tightly around Jack's thick cock. Placing a hand under one of Darius' thighs, Jack lifts and turns him, lowering him onto his throbbing erection. Cries of ecstasy echo in the cavernous stairwell as their fucking gains momentum. Jack stands and grips Darius' abs and shoulders while thrusting faster and faster until cum flies through the air." WATCH Intensity - Part 1, Scene 2 Starring Jack King and Darius Ferdynand
















Bucks County 2 - Road To Temptation, Scene 5

Jack King and Vance Crawford
Falcon Studios

December 27, 2013

"Vance Crawford and Jack King cool off by spraying each other with the garden hose. Their horseplay turns to wrestling, and trying to strip each other. A surge of sexual energy and aggressiveness leaves them both naked, and covered with lawn debris. They have crossed the point of no return, when they know they're gonna fuck. But when and where? That question is answered when we next see them in the barn with Jack is offering his cock to Vance. Jack has short black hair and dark eyes. Vance has a nice bush and large balls. Vance plays with them before grabbing hold of, and sucking, Jack's cock. As good as Vance's mouth feels, Jack wants his ass. A bale of hay and a horse blanket later, Jack is jamming his cock deep into Vance's hole. The missionary position gives way to a sit-fuck that showcases Vance's colorful ink sleeve and a beautifully shaped ass. The sun is setting and sweat is rolling off their bodies when they cum -- almost simultaneously -- onto Vance's chest and abs." WATCH
















Tahoe - Snow Plowed, Scene 3

Jack King and J.D. Phoenix
Falcon Studios

June 7, 2013

"The air crackles and the snow is knee-deep, but Jack King is intent on a blow job and JD Phoenix is there to oblige. JD's mouth is the warmest thing for miles, but an alfresco bj in the snow has limits. A transition to their cozy room overlooking Lake Tahoe and rugged snow-covered mountains lets JD get on with swallowing while Jack ditches the heavy garments. His sculpted torso is tan, and he has a flat stomach with cum gutters tracing a "V" to his pubes. Jack locks his fingers behind his neck and arches his back, while JD has Jack's cock buried to the balls in his throat. JD takes a moment to strip so we can see his smooth, toned and slender build. Jack pulls him up for a brief tongue kiss then splays JD onto the bed. Grabbing JD by the ankles, Jack pins him down via a cock up his tight ass. JD chews the pillow and slaps the sheets as Jack pile-drives into him, each thrust deeper than the one before. The coupling ends with JD on his back and two cocks spraying high, white arcs of jism across the hard, flat landscape of his torso, leaving sweat and semen dripping down JD's face and body." WATCH Tahoe - Snow Plowed, Scene 3 Starring Jack King and J.D. Phoenix
















Road Trip, Vol. 13 - San Diego, Scene 4

Featuring Jake Lyons, Jeremy Fox, Ricky Larkin, Sebastian Keys, Stefano Ricci
Falcon Studios | Jocks Studios

December 8, 2009

"Poolside frolicking has Sebastian Keys, Jeremy Fox, Stefano, Ricky Larkin, Jake and Dex all ready to bring this sinsational San Diego chapter to a rousing end. Larkin and Dex take turns sucking on Jake's stiff staff, while Stefano feeds his ample slab of meat to both Sebastian and Jeremy. The lusty sextet break into pairs, eventually trading off in a variety of match-ups and positions so that everyone can sample and enjoy the spontaneous madcap buffet of cocks to suck and asses to eat out and more asses to fuck. Then lined up one behind the other, Sebastian, Dex, Stefano, Larkin, and Jeremy take turns blasting Jake with 5 hefty shots of spooge across his chest and perky nipples before he tops them all with his load of cum. This is the exciting finale they all were looking forward to, making them wish they could hit the reset button and start all over again."









Road Trip, Vol. 13 - San Diego, Scene 1

Featuring Dex Carter and Jeremy Fox
Falcon Studios | Jocks Studios

December 8, 2009

"Jeremy Fox hightailed it out of Wyoming's boring cornfields and headed west to sunny California. Dex Carter is one of the beautiful people Florida is famous for. Besides being young, horny and handsome, both jocks share something else in common ... they'd both surrender their asses to Falcon superstar Leo Giamani. So until Leo comes along to sweep them off their feet, these two get it on. Jeremy is the first one on his knees, taking in Dex's gorgeous cock and sucking every tasty inch down his throat. Dex quickly returns the favor and nurses on his partner's knob. Then Jeremy rims Dex's hairy asshole, jamming his tongue deep inside the juiced-up cleft, before he's bending over happily getting fucked up the ass. Dex pumps his cock in and out, then finishes by shooting ribbons of spooge all over Jeremy's face. Jeremy quickly responds in kind, cumming all over his buddy's chest."

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