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LiveMuscleShow Ivan Dragos

Ivan Dragos

Age: 28
Weight: 93 kg
Height: 172 cm
Chest: 140 cm
Waist: 80 cm
Bicep: 51 cm
Thigh: 72 cm

"Forget rock-hard. Ivan is a solid piece of steel. At 5'7 and 210 pounds contest-weight to 240 pounds off-season, Ivan is straight out of the foundry. Even off-season he looks ripped and ready to compete: huge shoulders and massive arms right down to a six-pack that stands out like the Carpathian Mountains Ivan calls home. Yet underneath all the brawn is a serious mischief-maker. His sense of humor - if you can get him to show it - is razor-sharp and ready to laugh at anything, though most likely you'll see his dark eyes twinkle with amusement long before that serious exterior cracks. Ivan is a true athlete. Bodybuilding, though his focus and something he loves, is not his only talent. He's also a skilled swimmer, runner and footballer, and he skis and hikes just for the entertainment. Looking at him, you can just imagine the green hills behind him as he climbs up for a break from the gym."

LiveMuscleShow Ivan Dragos LiveMuscleShow Ivan Dragos
LiveMuscleShow Ivan Dragos LiveMuscleShow Ivan Dragos

Ivan Dragos

Live Archive

"All recent live shows are recorded for your viewing pleasure, and are accessible for free to all MH members."

MuscleHunks Live Archive Ivan Dragos

The Power Within

Featuring Ivan Dragos

December 19, 2009

"You have seen Ivan Dragos wrestle other bodybuilders on Some of you have chatted with him privately one on one at Now ... this is his first solo performance on Enjoy a true Romanian exhibitionist at his best, just like he is in the room with you."






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PowerMen Lucian, Babercar, Adrian and Remus


Featuring Lucian, Babercar, Adrian and Ivan

"POWERMEN aren't born. They're made. They are forged in the ring and on the streets. To be one of the POWERMEN you've gotta be tough. There's no room for the weak here. We took 4 of our newest guys and threw them into the ring together to see if any of them have what it takes. Lucian, Babercar, Adrian and star Ivan Dragos go head-to-head in the "squared circle" to duke it out, then the Men go cock-to-cock in the locker room to work out their pent up energy!"





PowerMen Lucian, Babercar, Adrian and Remus

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2018 Balkan Championships BBFF / IFBB

Men's Bodybuilding 90KG (1st)