Ronnie J.
Kai Greene
Danny Starr


SITES: Men at Play, UK Naked Men



Starring Danny Starr and Logan Moore

September 19, 2014

"Logan Moore is fast becoming a Menatplay favourite spending a good stretch at the number one model position as voted for by members. So we got the Dutch stunner to Tux Up to welcome back Danny Star who, since his last appearance on the site 7 years ago, has turned up the "GRRRR!" factor with his hard muscular body and his sexy dark beard. Poor young Danny has decided he cant afford to go to his own graduation ball but Logan, Danny's Prince Charming, saves the day and takes it upon himself to dress the young stud in one of his own beautiful classic tuxedos. Dressed to the nines, the two can't resist each other,and it seems the Ball can wait. The two look so slick and Bond-like in their tuxes and to see the contrast of these respectably attired young men as they get down and dirty is pure classic Menatplay. Danny buries his beard jaw deep between Logan's ass cheeks as he rims him long and hard, then strips him down and fucks him rendering Logan more and more dishevelled, and yet looking more and more horny. Logan rides Danny's cock until the two men cum and as they lay there, their tuxes strewn across the floor, it's obvious neither of them shall go to the ball. But suddenly they don't seem to care!"


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Danny Audition

Starring Danny Starr

June 20, 2009

"We first spotted British born Danny a couple of years back but somehow nothing ever materialised. But as they say some things happen for a reason. When he contacted us last month and we saw his more recent photos we could see he had seriously beefed up and blossomed into a sexy young man. Gone was the cheeky boy of yester-year, giving way to a cocky, muscular lad with a kinky, exhibitionist side and a real desire to show off his new ripped physique. Well worth the wait!"

Dannystarr14 Dannystarr21

Dannystarr22 Dannystarr33


The Boss

Starring Christian Alexander, Danny Starr, Toby, Bruno Jones & Robert

May 6, 2009

"The best thing about being the boss of a big corporation is that you can make anyone do what you want, when you want. So when Christian Alexander looses patience with his staff during a boardroom meeting he instantly threatens to fire them all on the spot... unless of course they convince him that they really want their job badly. Luckily for Christian that involves him being gang fucked by his employees, one by one until hes totally satisfied about their job dedication."




Boss01 Boss02

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Boss08 Boss10

Poster edit


Starring David Bathory & Danny Starr

March 22, 2009

"When David Bathory clapped eyes on the hot young maintenance boy and asked for his number he didn't quite realise what he was getting himself into. Little did he know that the seemingly shy-faced boy had a kinky side, so when they arrange a secret encounter in the janitor's room the roles of power quickly shift as Danny takes control of the suited exec by handcuffing him to the wall in order to have his wicked way. But as is evident, David was loving every minute, especially when Danny starts riding his hard cock to the point of squirting all over David in pleasure."


Cuffed1 Cuffed2

Cuffed3 Cuffed4

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Cuffed9 Cuffed10