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ALIAS: Ashton
SITES: My Friends Feet, North American Bodies, USAMuscle

Ashton's Feet In Sandals

February 28, 2023

"Hunky Ashton wants to show off his size 11 feet. He takes off his sandals and flexes his feet, then removes his shirt to let us see his muscular chest."








Ashton's Size 11s In Flip Flops

August 17, 2021

"Ashton has been working hard on his body and he wanted me to take some physique shots of himself. I offered to trade for some foot photos with him wearing his new sandals. A perfect body with perfect feet - now that's the best combination."








Ashton's Perfect Size 11s

January 18, 2021

"Personal trainer Ashton is still looking fantastic and always eager to show off his feet for me. This time he's got some white socks he's been wearing for a few days. I love the impression of his wide feet on the socks. That's one of the sexiest things to me - the impression of the sole on the socks. This personal trainer has amazing feet with perfect toes and smooth soles. It's great to see those armpits too!"








Ashton's Dress Socks & Bare Feet

October 22, 2018

"Ashton looks more ripped and sexy every time I see him. His black dress socks look amazing on his perfect size 11 feet. He is one hot businessman in those socks! When he takes the socks off his smooth soles and bare toes are ready to make you drool even more. What an amazing man from head to toe!"

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Ashton Size 11 Feet and Ankle Socks_001

Ashton's Size 11 Feet and Ankle Socks

February 16, 2016

"Gorgeous Ashton is back and I was so glad to see him and his size 11 feet again. He is the epitome of a blond, Floridian hottie and with that he sure loves to tease everyone. He did that by showing up in a sexy pair of ankle socks. Ankle socks get me so horny, anticipating the sight of a masculine pair of bare feet. Ashton's size 11's are wonderful and while I still haven't had the pleasure of tickling them yet, I'm holding onto the hope that some day I just might!"

Ashton Size 11 Feet and Ankle Socks_008 Ashton Size 11 Feet and Ankle Socks_017

Ashton Size 11 Feet and Ankle Socks_030 Ashton Size 11 Feet and Ankle Socks_034

Ashton Size 11 Feet and Ankle Socks_043 Ashton Size 11 Feet and Ankle Socks_058

Ashton Size 11 Feet and Ankle Socks_051

Ashton's Size 11 Bare Feet & Flip-Flops

July 30, 2013

"Ashton seems to get better every time I see him. This personal trainer has amazing feet with perfect toes and smooth soles. I still haven't convinced him to let me tickle him yet, but I'm not giving up yet!"

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Ashton's Size 11 Bare Feet Fresh Out Of Loafers

"As much as I love socks, having a guy peel off his loafers after he's been wearing them all day in the summer time is about as hot as it cums. I took some great pictures of Ashton showing off his size 11 bare feet right after they'd been in loafers. Ashton has some modeling experience, so he knows how to entertain people. The incredibly sexy look in his eyes proves that to us and then some!"



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Ashton's Size 11s In White Socks and Bare

"With his perfect body and gorgeous feet, personal trainer Ashton is practically a Greek god on earth. Both his body and his feet would make Leonardo da Vinci proud!"


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Ashton's Size 11s In Dress Socks and Bare

"Ashton is my friend's personal trainer. He's been talking about how gorgeous Ashton is for a while, but I guess I didn't believe him. When I met him I was stunned. He was wearing soccer slides when I first saw him so I got a good look at his feet - which are as beautiful as he is. Ashton is trying to break into modeling, so I told him I would take some photos of him if he modeled his feet. He said, "No problem," and we set a date. He actually loves to be dressed up, even though he doesn't have to dress up for work, so we planned a dressy outfit for his first shoot. Here he is in his dress socks and bare size 11's. They are amazing..."


Mffhq0909_ashton_034 Mffhq0909_ashton_042

Mffhq0909_ashton_074 Mffhq0909_ashton_080

Mffhq0909_ashton_084 Mffhq0909_ashton_090

Ashton's Flip-Flops & Size 11 Bare Feet

"Gorgeous blond hunk Ashton as some of the most awesome size 11 feet we'ver ever seen. He sure knows how to look sexy, so it was no problem at all taking pictures of him. Ashton takes very good care of his body too, so he's very fit. He loves to prove that by taking off his shirt to show off his abs and chiseled chest. Hot! I sure hope I get to tickle Ashton's perfect size 11s some day!"



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Sheridan Hause

2013 IFBB PBW Pro Championships
Men's Bodybuilding & Physique Finals, Men's Bodybuilding & Physique Prejudging, and Men's Pump Room Part 2

"The 2013 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Championships brought together today's emerging professional bodybuilders and physique champions from all over the world for one unforgettable weekend of muscular competition. The Evening Finals video features the introduction of all competitors as well as posing routines of all top bodybuilder competitors. You’ll also see live judging comparisons and incredible posedowns before the awarding of the trophies. 1 hour 9 minutes"





Sheridan Hause

"Sheridan Hause is an incredible looking 24 year old fitness model from Florida. At 5'7" tall, Sheridan has ventured into both fitness modeling and bodybuilding competitions. He has 15" biceps, a small 30" waist, a 40" chest, 21.5" quads and 14.5" calves. We met Sheridan when he and his friend Colin Grover (also a model) competed at the 2009 FAME International Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships held in Fort Lauderdale. Sheridan placed 2nd in Advanced Bodybuilding and 3rd in Fitness Modeling. A week later, Sheridan competed in the NPC Gold Cup Bodybuilding Championships, placing 2nd in the Lightweight Class and 5th in the Novice Class. Sheridan started training around the age of 6 or 7 with his friend Colin by doing crunches and pushups in-between commercials. Looking now at Sheridan's abs, I guess you can say that paid off big time! He then got into free weights and the total gym around age 12 and got into even more weight training in his freshman year of high school, with powerlifting where Sheridan was the strongest lifter measured by body weight to pounds lifted (he weighed 153 lbs. and benched 405 pounds). After that, Sheridan got into sports training and coached a couple of soccer teams. He was also active in soccer all through school in addition to playing football, baseball and basketball. Sheridan is certified by AFAA as a personal trainer. He is interested in exploring fitness modeling opportunities, and is developing his own line of sports apparel. We are very pleased to add Sheridan Hause to our roster of upcoming fitness models and bodybuilders at!"





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