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Zane Anders and Sebastian Young Flip Fuck BAREBACK

August 31, 2014

"Zane Anders and Sebastian being frolicking in the pool with a little rough-housing and horseplay. This lasts only a little while, though, because Zane is horny as hell in a way only a young healthy stud can be. Sebastian is content to have Zane down on his rock hard cock as he leans back on the pool steps. Both of these studs have chiseled bods and terrific boners, but their sense of eagerness to explore each other's bodies is the highlight of this pool fling! Sebastian loves the BJ, but his tongue is itching to get a taste of his blond jock partner's hole. Zane hops into doggie style and shoves his willing butt up into the air. Sebastian doesn't bat an eye at this invitation, and dives into Zane's bubble butt with a passion. As soon as he has Zane loosened up with his hole, he stands up and inserts his raw cock into Zane. Sebastian knows how to fuck a guy right, with just the right amount of aggressiveness and passion, and this turns Zane on beyond belief! Zane is rock hard as Sebastian thrusts his bare dick deep inside, over and over. Sebastian senses another opportunity, and to take advantage of Zane's boner, ends up his back with his thick muscular legs in the air. Zane grabs onto Sebastian's ankles and goes to town! Zane fucks the shit out of Sebastian, and all the while Sebastian is stroking away, loving the feeling of another jock like himself sliding his bareback sausage in and out with verve. Sebastian can't help himself from spurting a nice load of warm jizz a few minutes into this great power fuck, and as soon as he does, he lets out a sigh of excitement. Zane is close, too, and he pulls his raw cock out of Sebastian's tight man-hole in order to shower Sebastian's chest with cum. Hot bareback flip-flop!" Preview This Scene







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Sebastian Young, Jack King and Zane Anders

July 28, 2014

"We are very excited to have our first bareback bottom scene with Sebastian Young exclusively on Cum check out Jack King and Zane Anders take turns using Sebastian’s two holes for their pleasure, and all in public in front of hundreds of guys watching! This is one HOT raw three some to watch for sure!" Watch Sebastian Young's first bareback scene poolside in Key West







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Vadim Black and Sebastian Young Bareback

Vadim Black and Sebastian Young Bareback

June 30, 2014

"Sebastian Young just caught Vadim Black taking a plunge in the swimming pool and noticed Vadim's hot and chiseled body and provocative bubble butt. Vadim knew Sebastian was a tough stud but he knew how to make his big cock get rock hard so he gave it a bj until he got flipped and felt that big pole inside him bareback." Watch rough bareback session with Sebastian Young and Vadim Black

Vadim Black and Sebastian Young Bareback

Vadim Black and Sebastian Young Bareback

Vadim Black and Sebastian Young Bareback

Vadim Black and Sebastian Young Bareback

Vadim Black and Sebastian Young Bareback

Vadim Black and Sebastian Young Bareback

Project GogoBoy Episode 2

Tommy Defendi and Sebastian Young Fuck With Seth Knight

July 13, 2012

"Last week in Episode 1 of Project GogoBoy, we got a sneak peek into the sordid, sexy lives of rival gogoboys and best frenemies Jake Bass and Max Ryder and DJ Pierre Fitch. This week, we learn more about Max's career as a gogoboy, and how he's been taken under the wing of the spiritual, peace-loving club owner Gabriel Clark. Gabriel believes in treating his dancers with support, respect and love, and his philosophy toward his club is that dancers are there to act as vessels of relief for overworked patrons - unlike some clubs in the area which are "enough to give you nightmares." Cut to Sebastian Young and Tommy Defendi, owners of the seediest club in the city. According to Sebastian, this place is "not a homeless shelter or a pitbull rescue." His boys are there to make as much money as possible, then go home. One of the main dancers at the club is Seth Knight, who appears to be just another naive dancer, only wanting to be admired. However, when Sebastian and Tommy refuse to give Seth a better schedule, Seth decides to pull a Max Ryder and manipulate his way to the top. As Seth says, 'They have no idea what's coming.'"



Tommy-seth-sebastian-08 Tommy-seth-sebastian-10








Sebastian Young Fucks Tyler Ford

June 14, 2011

"For those of you who already know what Sebastian Young does to my bottom boys there is no need for words. For those who don't - no words could possibly describe it. Sebastian decided that he was going to destroy Tyler's tight little hole and that was it. I tried to reason with him but who am I kiddin?? Sebastian gets what he wants, when he wants it. Always. So he made up this story about some chick and how she was supposed to give him a massage but then she never showed up so he called Tyler to come over and help him out and give him a massage... Massage my ass!! Before Tyler could even realize what he was getting himself into Sebastian was already 9 inches deep inside his holes and making himself at home! Now that's 'cockiness' on a whole new level! Enjoy!"

IMG_5843 2










Sebastian Young Fucks Jimmy Clay

Featuring Jimmy Clay and Sebastian Young

May 20, 2011

"Sebastian Young's cockyness knows no limits. The more ass I let him fuck the greedier he gets. He doesn't care if you're a top or a bottom- if he wants to fuck you HE WILL FUCK YOU! And you will take it. Period. So when he saw Jimmy Clay on the site he came up to me and said 'I wanna pound that motha fucker." I was like 'Hell no! Jimmy Clay is a top and he probably won't be able to take it as good as he gives it.' I must have been fucked up on some hardcore shit when I said that because clearly I had no idea what I was talking about. This piece of muscle meat was born to ride cock and hang loose on top of a big giant cock. Since filming this scene it doesn't even make sense in my mind anymore to think of Jimmy without a cock up his ass. With this scene Jimmy Clay officially puts his name on Cockyboy's Hall of Fame under the power bottoms column. It's another masterpiece from Cockyboys! Enjoy."

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IMG_6320_2 IMG_6355_2

Sebastian Young Fucks Trent Diesel

November 25, 2010

"Happy Thanksgiving everybody! This year, I am thankful for Sebastian Young's big monster cock drilling Trent Diesel's muscle butt. Once you see this scene, you will understand what I'm talking about. This is one of those scenes that will go down in the history of porn and become a classic. If you like guys then you MUST see this scene. It's not optional. Ask Sebastian Young - he'll tell you. You asked for it. Well, here it is. Actually, you begged for it. So take it all in. Don't make me repeat. And most important of all- enjoy every drop of it!"

Phenix Saint Fucks Sebastian Young

October 6, 2008

"FINALLY! I got that hot mother fuckin' thug Sebastian to bottom. It took some convincing but it happened. I told Sebastian that you just can't be a cockyboy unless you learn how to take a cock as good as you can give it. As you can imagine, there was no shortage of of volunteers waiting to get into Sebastian's hot ass. Sebastian's only condition was that whoever was gonna fuck him had to be "a dude". I knew Phenix Saint would be a good fit. Sebastian starts off at the weights workin on his lats and Phenix starts off on his knees workin' on Sebastian's cock. After he gets Sebastian's dick nice and hard, Phenix decides its "his turn" and gets Sebastian down on his knees. I was shocked as all hell to see how much cock Sebastian could get down his throat! He actually managed to deep throat P's Dick! Who knew Sebastian would get so into the cock? At one point he starts slapping himself in the face with Phenix's cock. Then...finally...the real action begins. Phenix bends Sebastian over the weight set and gets right to town. He doesn't take it slow and he's not gentle. He just puts his dick in and starts fuckin'. Then he flips Sebastian over to fuck him laying down on the weight bench. You can see the pain on Sebastian's face as he struggles to take every inch of Phenix's cock. In true Sebastian style, he finally takes charge of the situation, pushes Phenix off him, pins him to the ground, and sits down on Phenix's dick. Sebastian rides Phenix until he blows his load, Phenix's cock still in him. Phenix finishes up by flipping Sebastian over and shooting a huge load all over his chest and stomach. As much as Sebastian swears he's not a bottom - he certainly could take a lot of cock....and l know part of him loved it. Check it."

Phenix and Sebastian still 01

Phenix and Sebastian still 02

Phenix and Sebastian still 11

Phenix and Sebastian still 12

Phenix and Sebastian still 14

Phenix and Sebastian still 15

Phenix and Sebastian still 19

Phenix and Sebastian still 20

Phenix and Sebastian still 22

Phenix and Sebastian still 23

Phenix and Sebastian still 26

"Sex, Lies, and Two Hot Guys"

Brody Wilder and Sebastian Young
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

May 17, 2012

"Sebastian Young is very popular among the ladies around town. It's no wonder why. His body is a tight, toned masterwork. His good friend Brody Wilder and he enjoy cruising the main drag, looking for sweet tail. They hit the clubs hard and party together like true buddies. They look out for one another and always have each other's back. But lately Brody's been CHECKING OUT Sebastian's back...backSIDE that is! Sebastian has known for some time that his good pal Brody sometimes hooks up with dudes. Brody's actually pretty well known for his cock-sucking abilities. Sebastian, on the other hand, doesn't have any reputation of the sort. But the truth is that Sebastian has in FACT sucked on a few nice, hard dicks when the moment's been right, but Brody's never known. As Sebastian showers, Brody gussies himself up in front of the mirror. The water and suds really make Sebastian's chiseled features look luscious in Brody's opinion. He decides to proposition Sebastian. And with very minimal prodding, he allows Brody to take his hardening cock in his mouth. Brody works the dick slowly as Sebastian grows harder. Sebastian maintains a slight reluctance, but Brody's passion persists. And when the moment becomes just right, Sebastian accepts Brody's cock into his own mouth, then sucks and slurps with delight. Losing himself in the intensity, Sebastian bends Brody over the counter and inserts his erection into Brody's tight ass. Watch him pound his pal's hole hard while savoring every intense sensation. And when Sebastian confesses the truth, that he has indeed indulged in sensuousness with guys before, you'll find out if Brody is even the least bit surprised! Enjoy!" WATCH Brody Wilder and Sebastian Young in Sex, Lies, and Two Hot Guys










"The Buddy System"

Brody Wilder, Sebastian Young, Trent Diesel
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

March 15, 2012

"A lot of people think Brody Wilder is just another meat head. They see him in the gym, with the muscles and they hear the grunts and growls, and think he's just another badass with a fuck-you attitude. Well he's not.Brody is actually a sensitive guy who likes making new friends, especially at the gym. Because of the whole general perception of him, he has trouble finding like-minded dudes to lift with him and spot him for certain weight drills. When Trent Diesel and Sebastian Young show up in the gym, Brody's stoked because they seem like chill guys who like to power lift and really get a juicy sweat happening. Brody wants to talk to them, but he gets nervous approaching guys at the gym for some reason. While trying to work up the nerve, he discovers Trent and Sebastian came to the gym not only to work out, but to suck each other's dicks as well. Perfect for Brody! He loves getting his dick sucked. Sticking his cock in Trent's face is a great opener. And Brody and Sebastian are becoming fast pals while sharing Trent's luscious mouth. Soon Sebastian is slurping Trent while Trent continues to enjoy Brody's fully pumped dong. Brody's glad these boys know how to crank up a nice suck sesh, but when Trent saddles in for a solid ass pounding on the weight bench, Brody knows he's found a couple of great workout buddies. Watch him slam Trent's tight hole, just before Sebastian takes a turn, ramming his thick cock into Trent for a while before they all max out with a triple-effort load blast. Enjoy!" WATCH Brody Wilder, Sebastian Young, Trent Diesel in The Buddy System











18514_007 18514_034

Party Of Three

Featuring Marcus Mojo, Sebastian Young, Trent Diesel
Next Door Studios | Marcus Mojo

February 10, 2012

"Get ready for a taste of pure, unbridled action. It's Marcus Mojo joined by the strikingly handsome Sebastian Young and luscious Trent Diesel. This MIGHT be the hottest three-way matchup you'll ever see...Marcus has been salivating at the thought of tasting both of these cocks at once, and he's indulging his desires to the max. Sebastian is reciprocating by enjoying every inch of Marcus's hard dick, as Trent services Sebastian's throbbing meat. Then it's time for Trent to get plowed at both ends while Marcus enjoys his tight asshole while Sebastian fucks Trent's face using his powerfully chiseled midsection. But Sebastian's not ending this party without enjoying Trent's eager ass too! It's passionate, wall-to-wall intensity as these three unbelievably hot boys let their raw power and craving for flesh run wild. Enjoy!"

WATCH Party Of Three Featuring Marcus Mojo, Sebastian Young, Trent Diesel


18042_005 18042_016

18042_025 18042_040










Sergeant Miles Rides Sebastian Young’s Throbbing Raw Cock

Ink, Sweat, Cum, Scene 2

Sergeant Miles Rides Sebastian Young’s Throbbing Raw Cock
Lucas Entertainment

May 18, 2015

"A swim to cool off from the Florida heat is enough to get anyone aroused, but two jocks like Sergeant Miles and Sebastian Young take it to a whole new level. This is Sergeant’s premiere scene on Lucas Entertainment, and who better to pair him with than the always sexy dom-top Sebastian. However, for Sergeant, Sebastian isn’t so dominant. Does he fuck the hell out of Sergeant bare? You bet he does (especially when Sergeant is on his back and you see Sebastian’s ass thrusting with each pump) but more than once Sergeant gets his chance to get his dick wet in Sebastian’s hole."

Sergeant Miles Rides Sebastian Young’s Throbbing Raw Cock

Sergeant Miles Rides Sebastian Young’s Throbbing Raw Cock

Sergeant Miles Rides Sebastian Young’s Throbbing Raw Cock

Sergeant Miles Rides Sebastian Young’s Throbbing Raw Cock

Sergeant Miles Rides Sebastian Young’s Throbbing Raw Cock

Sergeant Miles Rides Sebastian Young’s Throbbing Raw Cock

Sergeant Miles Rides Sebastian Young’s Throbbing Raw Cock

Sergeant Miles Rides Sebastian Young’s Throbbing Raw Cock Sergeant Miles Rides Sebastian Young’s Throbbing Raw Cock

Logan Novak Bottoms Bareback for Sebastian Young

Lucas Barebackers, Scene 1

Logan Novak Bottoms Bareback for Sebastian Young
Lucas Entertainment

August 29, 2014

"Logan Novak is new to Lucas Entertainment, but Michael Lucas snatched him right up when he showed interest in filming with the studio. But he put it out there right away that he was a bottom and wanted his first scene to be with a top that knows what’s he is doing. After all, who doesn’t admire a man who is confident in his skill? It just so happens that Sebastian Young was in town, and he was the perfect match for Logan, who was itching for a rough-and-tumble bareback fuck. And that’s exactly what Sebastian gives him!"

Logan Novak Bottoms Bareback for Sebastian Young

Logan Novak Bottoms Bareback for Sebastian Young

Logan Novak Bottoms Bareback for Sebastian Young Logan Novak Bottoms Bareback for Sebastian Young

Logan Novak Bottoms Bareback for Sebastian Young Logan Novak Bottoms Bareback for Sebastian Young

Christopher Daniels' Bareback Premiere, Scene 4

Sebastian Young Fucks Addison Graham Bareback
Lucas Entertainment

August 4, 2014

"This is honestly what it’s all about! Sebastian Young, a favorite around the Manhattan office of Lucas Entertainment, requested to fuck someone who was, well, young, cute, shows off a killer body, and is hungry to take cock and have gay bareback sex -- both down his throat and up his ass. The request was nothing short of perfect timing, because Addison Graham wanted to shoot with the studio again, and when we ran the idea of handing him over to Sebastian Young he was speechless -- the big grin on his face said it all. When you see Sebastian use his fat cock to rough up Addison, you’ll mark this as an instant favorite."







LVP190_04_Sebastian_Young_Addison_Graham_04 LVP190_04_Sebastian_Young_Addison_Graham_06

LVP190_04_Sebastian_Young_Addison_Graham_07 LVP190_04_Sebastian_Young_Addison_Graham_09

Christopher Daniels' Bareback Premiere, Scene 2

Sebastian Young Fucks Christopher Daniels' Ass Raw
Lucas Entertainment

July 18, 2014

"This has been a long time coming: Sebastian Young has only ever worked with Lucas Entertainment once, and even then it was Lucas Raunch, which doesn’t have as wide a reach because not everyone likes piss mixed with their porn. Fear not, however -- Sebastian returns to rail Christopher Daniels up his ass bareback! While we can’t brag that this is Sebastian’s bareback debut, we can brag that we captured some amazing footage of Sebastian doing what he does best: fucking another guy up the ass hard and raw!"




LVP190_02_Christopher_Daniels_Sebastian_Young_01 LVP190_02_Christopher_Daniels_Sebastian_Young_02

LVP190_02_Christopher_Daniels_Sebastian_Young_03 LVP190_02_Christopher_Daniels_Sebastian_Young_08

The Wetter the Better, Scene 4

Sebastian Young Drenches Bitch Bottom Jecht Parker
Lucas Raunch

February 19, 2013

"Jecht Parker doesn’t know what to think when he sees Sebastian Young for the first time: Sebastian is tall, handsome, and jacked beyond compare. He also doesn’t give Jecht much time to think at all: He holds his face and start kissing him slowly and gently, and they both savor every moment of the passion. Jecht takes his shirt off first before Sebastian shows off what he’s got, and he’s built like a prisoner -- and Jecht is about to become his submissive inmate. Sebastian pushes Jecht onto the bed and whips out his cock -- little wonder Jecht swallows it right up as he wraps his lips excited lips around the big thick shaft. Jecht has one of the nicest cocks around, and Jecht shows it and Sebastian gorgeous body all of the attention it deserves. As Jecht swallows Sebastian he starts pissing all over himself, which turns Jecht on so much he rolls the muscle king over and eats out his blond furry hole. Sebastian’s needs rise up to the surfaces after soaking Jecht in piss and getting his dick sucked long and hard, so he spins the bottom around and slides his dick inside. “Oh wow, bro, you’re fucking tight -- have you ever been fucked before,” he says to the hot bottom as he pumps his ass. The two fuck and piss until they blow their loads of cum!"


LVP141_Sebastian_Young_07 LVP141_04_Sebastian_Young_Jecht_Parker_03

LVP141_04_Sebastian_Young_Jecht_Parker_02 LVP141_04_Sebastian_Young_Jecht_Parker_04

LVP141_04_Sebastian_Young_Jecht_Parker_05 LVP141_04_Sebastian_Young_Jecht_Parker_09

LVP141_04_Sebastian_Young_Jecht_Parker_11 LVP141_04_Sebastian_Young_Jecht_Parker_12
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