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Powermen Roy Morris

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August 27, 2014

"Handsome musclepup Roy Morris likes to show off his body on the street - and why shouldn't he? He's young, he's handsome, he's blessed with that tough young profile - and he's right there in his Boy-to-Man muscle period! Boy-to-Man Muscle: that brief blip of time in a young bodybuilder's physique where he blooms with the glow of youth while sporting the thick muscle density of the mature bodybuilder. And by the way, does Roy have glutes! Here's one young muscle turk who prizes his round, ripped ass cheeks as much as he does his powerful engine. Watch him flex! Ah, youth!"





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2015 Arnold Amateur Europe

Junior Men's Bodybuilding (2nd)



2017 Olympia Amateur San Marino

Heavyweight (6th)

With MuscleHunks model Anatoly Demidov