Don Donato
Scott Peters a.k.a. Pete Kuzak
Roy Morris


SITES: Powermen

Powermen Beef Oversupply Featuring Roy Morris

Beef Oversupply

Featuring Roy Morris

March 1, 2022

"Handsome bodybuilder Roy Morris is what we call a real "beefcake". And Roy is ready to serve. If you decide which piece of the cake you want, you might even blow out a candle ..."



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Indecent Exposure

Featuring Roy Morris

April 1, 2020

"Beefcake Roy Morris is ready to show off! He will walk you from the streets right to the bedroom ... just watch!"

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CONTEST HISTORY 2021 NPC Worldwide Champions Cup Pro Qualifier Middleweight (2nd)


2017 Olympia Amateur San Marino Heavyweight (6th)
With MuscleHunks model Anatoly Demidov


2015 Arnold Amateur Europe Junior Men's Bodybuilding (2nd)