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Don Donato

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Don Donato

Age: 24
Weight: 245 lbs
Height: 5'10 ft
Chest: 51 in
Waist: 39 in
Bicep: 20 in
Thigh: 33 in

"Born to perform, Don Donato has quickly become one of our most popular muscle studs, since his arrival here to the pages of LMS! There are many reasons why Don has such a large following of muscle worshipers. Just one look at his pictures tells you most of what you need to know. Don’s perfect combination of musculature and stature, and his very handsome smiling face and twinkling eyes all tell the tale. But more than that, this dude LOVES the camera, and he loves to be spontaneous in front of the lens. Don Donato’s fans keep coming back for more, simply because each new private session with him is more fascinating than the last one. Find out for yourself what all the buzz is about. Contact Don now, only at!"

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