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ALIASES: Andre Watts, Chuck Basher
SITES: Contest Muscle, Manifest Men, PowerMen, Repetrope Production

Contest Muscle

2011 NPC Los Angeles Bodybuilding Championships

Contest Muscle

"Contest Muscle goes behind the scenes to bring you exclusive videos of muscle hunks backstage at competitions pumping, posing, flexing & oiling up before heading out on stage to be judged on who has the best physique. Also, individual bodybuilders pose and flex in a natural setting to show off their hard-earned muscles, and also give interviews on bodybuilding, techniques, training secrets, dieting, and how they prepare for a bodybuilding contest."

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Kali Muscle

2009 NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships Men's Backstage Posing Part 2

"The USA's top bodybuilders converge in Las Vegas for an unforgettable weekend of non-stop muscular competition! Repetrope Productions is there to bring you exclusive, all-access video coverage of one of the year's most highly-anticipated contests. The Backstage Posing Part 2 video brings you more than 40 top bodybuilders from the USA hitting their poses backstage exclusively for our cameras. Our backstage posing area provides a perfect setting for mind-blowing close-ups and awe-inspiring muscle posing. This video features bodybuilders from the middleweight and light-heavyweight classes. 2 hours 11 minutes"

Powermen Chuck Basher

Bashing Your Mind

Featuring Chuck Basher

February 2007

"Once again, you've asked for it, and now you're gonna get it. Right where it hurts the most. Just what you've been begging for. Meet Chuck Basher. Big muscle. BIG BLACK muscle. A soft-spoken man, carrying a really, really big stick...and you're gonna get it, too. Just imagine yourself to be straight-man Chuck's Maytag... and if you don't know what that means, then maybe you're not ready for really hard, big and black muscle and musclecock after all! But we think you do know just what it means. And what's more...we know you can't wait to get it!"

WATCH Chuck Basher in Bashing Your Mind!


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Manifest Men Chuck Basher

Chuck Basher [Kali Muscle]

Age: 27
Height: 6'0" 182.9cm
Weight: 180lbs 81.7kg
Biceps: 18.5" 41.9cm
Chest: 48" 112cm
Waist: 30" 79cm
Quads: 29" 64cm
Shoe: 11 US 45 EU

"Chuck Basher is a bodybuilder in his prime. Black, bald headed and pumped to perfection, he also sports a pair of barbells pierced through his nipples. Part way through the video, he talks to the camera in his charming Southern accent as he proudly displays the results of his hard work and determination. But the twist to the story is that he built this temple of muscle "without juice". And wait till you hear his diet routine!"

Andre Watts


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