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Aiden Cole and Rock

Aiden Cole and Rock

"Big Boys Do Bi"

April 7, 2011

"Rock is a BIG guy. He`s a straight bodybuilder with huge muscles. You may have seen him around on other sites, but it`s Bait Buddies who gave him his first taste of cock ... and since then he`s never looked back. We paired him with a returning Bait boy named Aiden, a 24 year old dude with a nice 7`` cock who`s never said no to a big bodybuilder like Rock. In the beginning, Rock is pretty nervous and having a difficult time getting his 7`` grower out of it`s shell - so to speak. So Aiden, who isn`t known for being shy just dove right in and had his tongue down our bodybuilder`s throat in no time. Rock soon warmed up and the blood rushed to his cock just in time for Aiden`s mouth to engulf it for it`s first visit inside another guy`s mouth. Soon Rock was bent over with Aiden`s cock in his virgin mouth. His first time on the giving end of a blow job was so intense that Robbins remarked ``It looks like you`re chowing down on a protein bar!`` We knew then that Rock was hooked on cock. Don`t miss the final and hottest part of this video when Rock uses all 220lbs of solid muscle to ram his bodybuilder`s cock up Aiden`s butt - yikes!"

Aiden Cole and Rock Aiden Cole and Rock

Doc Rock and Alex Adams

"Paint Break"
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

November 19, 2013

"Painting is so much fun when you have a helper and Doc has Alex who is not only willing to help him paint but also willing to help him with that round firm bubble butt. Alex can't keep his hands off that round tasty ass so he takes Doc's pants off to reveal his tight jockstrap and ready hole. Being bent over the ladder ass up and tongue deep inside sends Doc over the edge and he can't contain himself. It's time for the rock to come out and get his ass taken care off. Alex has his cock ready and dives head first into that eager hole and pounds it out in an array of positions that would leave any novice in awe. If you like older men who are ripped with tasty cum loads than you need to check this out. Enjoy!" Visit 1 Gay Pass for 3 sites in 1


What's UP, Doc?

Featuring Doc Rock & Cameron Kincade
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

October 20, 2011

"Is there a Doctor in the house? This week we welcome back Doc Rock who is looking leaner than usual. Well we're not about to complain and neither is this weeks new addition Cameron Kincade. Cameron is finally 30 and he's from Orlando, FL. We're happy to have him join the club. For those of you unfamiliar with Doc, he's married and originally from New Jersey. We wondered when the last time these two were caught off guard. Doc was recently caught off guard sitting at a Johnny Rockets on Lincoln Rd, a local pedestrian mall, when a guy walked by wearing nothing but a necklace. Cameron had a similar experience only his involved two naked homeless people going at it behind a dumpster. Orlando is crazy like that. We then asked them where they wanted to retire to since they are already in Florida the Mecca of retirement. Doc wouldn't mind retiring here while Cameron would be ok here as well if not maybe Hawaii or Fiji. To wrap up we wondered who they've most jacked off to fantasizing about. Doc jacks off to many different situations and doesn't have a favorite. Cameron admits his neighbor across the street mows his lawn without a shirt on and that gets him off plenty. Doc is flexing for Cameron who is admiring his guns and ripped abs. Admiration turns to appreciation as Cameron starts to lick on Doc's pecs and nips. Doc starts to strip Cameron to see what he's packing. Cameron's shirt comes off as Doc starts to lick his smooth, lean frame. They start to make out as their hands explore the other. Cameron slips south as he pulls Doc's cock out of his briefs and goes to work on it. Doc moans his approval as he helps bob Cameron's head on his throbbing meat. Cameron is totally into Doc's defined body and he does his best to make that dick feel good as he kneels to work it some more. They stand as they continue to make out, rubbing their cocks together for a bit before Doc gets on his knees to return the favor. Doc starts to nurse on that meat as it grows in his mouth. Cameron loves the way Doc sucks that hard cock and Doc couldn't be happier to do it as he shoves that dick so deep it makes him gag on it.Cameron then bends Doc over and gets that ass wet as he shoves his tongue inside. He spreads that beefy ass wide as he tongue fucks him deep. Once that hole is nice and wet, Cameron stands and slides his hard cock inside. Doc's ass gives way as Cameron buries his dick all the way in. He starts fucking that ass doggy style as Doc moans in ecstasy. Cameron looks down and watches as his cock disappears into that muscular ass. He fucks him harder getting that ass used to his hard cock. Cameron then gets Doc in position so he can pile drive that ass. He gets in position as Doc holds his massive legs in the air and starts to bounce up and down into that tight hole. Cameron's never fucked ass in this position but loves how deep he's able to shove his cock. He bounces up and down into that hole faster and faster as Doc jacks his hard cock off. As they get closer, Cameron moves them over to the chair where he pounds Doc's ass missionary making him shoot all over himself. Cameron pulls out and blows his load all over Doc's cum soaked abs."






















Daddy's Workout

Featuring Connor Maguire and Doc Rock
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

July 7, 2011

"Is there a Doctor in the house? ...Is there a Doctor in the house! Gentlemen we have that covered this week as we welcome back Doc Rock. Originally from Charlotte, NC, 42 yr old Doc is going to help us welcome 20yo hottie Connor Maguire who is from right across the bay in Miami. We asked these two what they like best, or miss most, about their hometowns. Doc misses seasons and the changing foliage. Yeah, our leaves only change when you forget to water 'em. For Connor the one thing he misses most when he's away from Miami is the Heat (pun shamelessly intended!) 'GO HEAT! That and with 70 degree weather, our winters are just brutal. We then asked what these boys love to eat using their hands. Yeah, we take our roles incredibly serious here. Doc loves to get his hands dirty on a juicy burger, Five Guys is his favorite. Connor is a bit more practical and loves to devour his Sour Patch Kids. We then turned the topic to the bedroom and wondered what these two would say is their kinkiest experience ever. Connor has had sex on a Ferris wheel. How many tickets do we need for that ride? Line forms to the left. Doc runs away with the kink ribbon as he offers up this gem, 'Well, I've been tied up; gagged and fucked in the ass. I think that's pretty kinky.' Hmm. No arguments there' Role 'em!Doc is reading on the couch when Connor walks in asking him for his roomie that offered to help train him. Doc offers to help him instead. Doc then tells Connor he needs to change into the proper attire. He tosses a tee and some gym shorts his way as Connor starts to change. When he drops his pants Doc insists he change into a jock strap. As he's putting it on Doc's hands start to roam on Connor's exposed ass. When he goes to put on the shorts, Doc stops him altogether and decides he looks much better naked. He strips him as Connor returns the favor. They start to kiss as they explore each other's defined bods. Connor starts to lick Doc's chest as he moves south to taste what the Doc's prescribed. He sucks that cock as Doc helps bob his head on his meat. Doc's dedication in the gym is obvious and we're sure Connor's about to get schooled. Doc sits back and lets Connor take his time worshipping his meat. As he does, we get our first glimpse of Connor's hot ass. By now Connor's cock is aching for some attention of its own. He sets his thick cock free and slides it deep into Doc's hungry mouth. Doc loves sucking cock and Connor isn't about to complain any time soon.They get back to making out as they rub their cocks together. Doc has more plans in the oral department as he turns his attention to Connor's hot hole. He bends Connor over and starts to tease it with his finger before diving into it tongue first. Connor is moaning as he gets that ass eaten. Connor wants more than that tongue and soon the Doc is up in position and making a back door house call. He starts to fuck Connor deep as Connor begs for more. Luckily the doctor ordered more than just a delivery, it also called for a deposit. Connor suits up and slides his extra thick cock home as he start to fuck Doc's muscular ass. Doc can't get enough of that dick as he just moans and groans wanting every inch inside him 'Feels so good' he moans 'aaww yeah, Baby give it to me' Connor pounds away at that ass missionary hitting Doc in all the right places. Doc wants control back as he moves Connor onto the weight bench, fucking him missionary. Connor explodes as Doc continues to bury his meat. Connor coats his furry navel with Doc pumping that ass. Doc then pulls out and shoots all over Connor."

WATCH Behind the Scenes with CONNOR MAGUIRE & DOC ROCK

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Doc Rock & Joey Baltimore

"Good Morning Baltimore"

April 28, 2011

"Doc Rock makes his triumphant return to MenOver30.com and it’s payback as he gets to do some pounding of his own. Today we have a special lad who just a few days ago was home in Baltimore jacking off to the Doc’s performance. Joey Baltimore gets his wish come true. Joey is talking to the Doc about seeing him for the first time and how nervous he is about doing his first scene with him of all people. Doc pulls him to his feet and tells him he’ll make him feel a bit more relaxed as he starts to make out with him. “Just leave it to Daddy” he says. They start to kiss passionately. Joey is in awe as he looks up at the massive pecs and abs that tower over him as he gets his throat fucked. He gags on that dick. Doc then pulls off Joey’s pants wanting to return the favor. Doc then gets Joey back on his knees to keep feeding him dick. “You like being my bitch?” he grunts. “Yeah Daddy, that feels so good” Joey moans as Doc starts to eat that smooth hole. Once that hole’s nice and wet,! he stands and slides his cock inside. Legs in the air; and moaning like he just don’t care—Joey takes that dick ball deep. . Doc watches his cock slide into Joey’s spectacular ass before flipping Joey over on all four. “Yeah Daddy, teach me how to take it” he whimpers. Doc holds Joey by the waist and impales him. He rides it in a reverse cowgirl and asks Daddy for his approval as he grinds that hot ass. Doc pounds Joey so hard that he fucks the cum out of him as he unloads all over his smooth chest and abs. Doc is next as he blows his baby batter all over one happy Joey." Visit 1 Gay Pass for 3 sites in 1

Doc Rock & Joey Baltimore

Doc Rock & Joey Baltimore

Doc Rock & Joey Baltimore

Doc Rock & Joey Baltimore

Phenix Saint and Doc Rock

"Rock Hard"

March 24, 2011

"Doc Rock is back to finish what he started. For those of you who missed Doc Rock’s debut last week, this beefy 42 year old from North Carolina is married and open to more than just the usual on the sexual menu. We knew we had to bring him back to see this str8 cock lover in action. Hmmm. Who ever could we call? Well, wait no more; back by popular demand is the steamy Phenix Saint. This may very well be the last time we see Phenix when he can actually still say he’s 20 anything. At 29 and holding, Phenix will soon join the ranks and more than likely our hot stable of MenOver30. We asked these two studs what was their favorite time of day. “Bed time” grins Doc. Phenix likes to eat so he chimed in with Dinner time as his answer. We then wondered where on the odd couple scale they fell when it came to how clean they were at home. Were they a slob like Oscar or neat freaks like Felix? Doc is somewhere in between. Phenix admits he’s somewhere in between but closer to the neat freak. They both like women in their sexual menu and both agree there’s nothing hotter than finding a chick to give it up to them and a buddy. Well, we’ll have to take their word on that one; but for now it’ll be Doc that will be giving it up. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.Doc is spent after his hot jack off session thinking about his buddy Phenix while sniffing the jock Phenix left behind. He doesn’t have a lot of time to recover before he gets a call from Phenix who is downstairs and back to pick up his jock. Phenix comes in and grabs his lucky jock strap as he starts to admire Doc’s beefy chest. They start to explore each other as their hands start to roam on each other’s muscular frames. Doc stands so that Phenix can feel his massive quads as his hands roam all over. Doc pulls off Phenix’ tee as Phenix starts to lick Doc’s biceps and chest. Phenix strips down to his briefs before getting back to playing with Doc’s muscular frame. He plays with Doc’s cock through his jock before taking it out and suckin’ on it. Doc moans as Phenix takes his dick all the way to the hilt. Doc has a massive bod that he keeps completely hairless. Phenix laps at his smooth balls while Doc moans and groans. They stand and start to rub their cocks together for a bit before Phenix lies back and gets his massive cock worked. Doc gags as he struggles to take Phenix’ meat. Phenix is rock hard as Doc worships his dick. Phenix bobs Doc’s head on his cock burying his dick even deeper.Phenix then gets Doc on his back with his legs in the air so that he can better appreciate that muscular ass. He spreads those cheeks apart and slaps that ass getting Doc ready for dick. Phenix suits up and presses his throbbing cock to that hot hole and pushes his way inside. “Fuck that ass” Doc groans as Phenix sinks his meat deep inside. Phenix loves that hot ass wrapped around his meat and wastes little time before pounding away at that hole. His thick cock slides out almost completely before sliding back inside. Phenix then bends Doc over and gets back to work fucking that tight ass doggy style. Doc can’t get enough of that cock as he takes a proper pounding. Phenix slaps that ass as he buries his meat inside. Phenix then lies back and has Doc ride his dick. He can get all of his cock buried inside this way as Doc fucks himself. He rides that pole bouncing on it harder and faster as Phenix slams his dick up into that hole. Phenix’ hot cock is hitting Doc in all the right places causing him to blow his wad. Phenix is right behind him and unloads seconds after Doc dismounts blowing a huge wad all over his inked navel."

Phenix Saint and Doc Rock

Phenix Saint and Doc Rock

Phenix Saint and Doc Rock

Phenix Saint and Doc Rock

Phenix Saint and Doc Rock
MenOver30 Doc Rock

Doc Rock

"Jock-Strapped Daddy"

March 17, 2011

"This week we have a special treat as we welcome Doc Rock to the site. One look at Doc and you know how this 42 year old from North Carolina got his nickname. Doc is one beefy piece of man meat. He actually got his nickname from his Dad who was also called Rock. His namesake was inherited. You could say he’s a chip off the old rock. He does, however, work out religiously to make sure people keep guessing. Doc is married and loves to get off. He beats off 4 or 5 times a week as well as giving it to his other half every chance he gets. He’s relatively new to the scene but is enjoying everything so far. We wondered what fantasy he would work out if he had the chance to make it happen on cam. “I have so many…I’d like to be in a guy gang bang or orgy with both males and females.” It seems everyone should get a piece of this rock and who knows we may be able to make that happen for you. So stick around and watch as Doc does his thing…Doc starts out on the couch putting away his tennis racquet when he gets a call. It’s his friend Phenix that’s called to say he left his jock strap behind and is on his way to get it. Doc hangs up and starts to smell Phenix’ jock and begins to get hard. He rubs his crotch as he gets hard thinking about all that Phenix has to fill that jock strap with. He stands as he loses himself to the fantasy. He plays with his cinnamon nips as he flexes his massive pecs. The dedication this stud has for working out has really paid off. He starts to flex his guns and licks and kisses his huge biceps. He turns around and gropes his muscular ass through his shorts. He knows how to tease and loves every minute of it. He then slides off his shorts and he’s left in a bright yellow jock strap. The jock frames his beefy ass incredibly well. He bends over and slaps his ass. He pushes that hot ass way up into the air begging for it as we see his smooth hole. He reaches back and teases that hungry hole with his fingers which only gets his cock harder. He then stands up and pulls off his jock strap giving his swollen meat the room it needs to breathe.He strokes his rock hard cock as the camera pans north. His pecs are massive and they flex as he continues pleasuring himself. Doc then moves the party over to the couch where he gets on all four and spreads that beefy ass wide. His gluts are huge and as he spreads that ass we get a great view of his hole and those massive quads that support his frame. After showing off that ass, he flips back over again; takes another whiff of Phenix’ jock and lubes up that dick giving it the attention it needs. He moans softly as he strokes his rod. As he lays back his abs flex and writhe just beneath his smooth skin. He has amazing definition throughout making him rather easy on the eyes. His smooth nuts are pulling up close to the shaft as he picks up the pace. He is at the edge and can’t hold back any longer as he grunts, exploding all over his washboard stomach. He coats his abs leaving him spent and ready for a nap. Phenix better take his time or he’s gonna catch Doc wet handed.To be continued..."

MenOver30 Doc Rock

MenOver30 Doc Rock

MenOver30 Doc Rock

MenOver30 Doc Rock

MenOver30 Doc Rock

MenOver30 Doc Rock