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Pool Shark

Featuring Brandon Lewis and Johnny Rapid
Str8 to Gay at

May 25, 2013

"Pool Shark Brandon Lewis throws a $100 bet to build up Johnny Rapid's confidence in a devious plan to make the bet of a lifetime. Johnny falls for the trap and finds out he lost his ass! Brandon gets blown by Johnny before turning him around and bending him over to fuck his tight hole!"

PoolSharkSTG (2) PoolSharkSTG (9)

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PoolSharkSTG (1)

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PoolSharkSTG (7)

PoolSharkSTG (8)

PoolSharkSTG (11)

PoolSharkSTG (13)


Featuring Brandon Lewis and Rocco Reed
Drill My Hole at

April 28, 2013

"Cheating scoundrel Brandon Lewis comes crawling back to the apartment his boyfriend (Rocco Reed) kicked him out of in hope that his former lover is open to reconciliation. Rocco's broken heart can't stay angry and his dick can't stay soft when he's with Brandon. Rocco is soon getting his dick sucked and pounding Brandon's bubble butt!"

MakeupSexDMH (1) MakeupSexDMH (2)

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MakeupSexDMH (15)


Featuring Brandon Lewis, Jack King and Liam Magnuson
Str8 to Gay at

April 20, 2013

"Super cute gay guy Brandon Lewis is fascinated by the bromance of his straight friends Liam Magnuson and Jack King. A few suave questions later, Brandon takes their bromance to the next level and ends up sucking their straight cocks and get fucked in his gay ass!"

BromanceSTG (1) BromanceSTG (3)

BromanceSTG (2)

BromanceSTG (4)

BromanceSTG (5)

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BromanceSTG (17)
Brandon Lewis & Christian Wilde

The Straight To Gay Show 1

Featuring Brandon Lewis and Christian Wilde
Str8 to Gay at

March 30, 2013

"Brandon Lewis is a guest on the Str8 to Gay Show to get a strategy to seduce the straight coworker who's cock he wants to try out. Back at the office, the advice proves true and the assurance of discretion is all Christian Wilde needs to be convinced to get his dick serviced by Brandon!"

Brandon Lewis & Christian Wilde

Brandon Lewis & Christian Wilde

Brandon Lewis & Christian Wilde

Brandon Lewis & Christian Wilde Brandon Lewis & Christian Wilde

Brandon Lewis & Christian Wilde Brandon Lewis & Christian Wilde

The Jilted Husband

Featuring Brandon Lewis and Haigen Sence
Drill My Hole at

March 24, 2013

"Uh oh, Brandon Lewis is busted for fucking Haigen Sence's boyfriend and now it's time to pay the price! "You fucking with Johnny? I want that shit now, bitch!" Hotter words have rarely been spoken in porn!"

TheJiltedHusbandDMH (1) TheJiltedHusbandDMH (16)

TheJiltedHusbandDMH (15) 0003

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TheJiltedHusbandDMH (7)

TheJiltedHusbandDMH (8)

TheJiltedHusbandDMH (10)

TheJiltedHusbandDMH (12)

TheJiltedHusbandDMH (13)

TheJiltedHusbandDMH (17)

The Strippers

Featuring Brandon Lewis, Colby Jansen, Jack King, Jimmy Johnson and Liam Magnuson
Jizz Orgy at

February 15, 2013

"Strip club owner Colby Jansen only has room for 3 out of 4 dancers and since no one wants the night off, everyone agrees that a (lap)dance-off is the only way to see who's sugar will generate the most money for Colby. Like all good strippers, the guys are not only hard, but also horny and things quickly escalate into a hot orgy with southern stud Brandon Lewis taking 4 boners including Jack King, Liam Magnuson & Jimmy Johnson!"

TheStrippersJO (1) TheStrippersJO (4)

TheStrippersJO (2)

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TheStrippersJO (5)

TheStrippersJO (6)

TheStrippersJO (7)


TheStrippersJO (8)


TheStrippersJO (9)

TheStrippersJO (10)



TheStrippersJO (11)

TheStrippersJO (12)


TheStrippersJO (13)

TheStrippersJO (14)

TheStrippersJO (16)


TheStrippersJO (17)

Shower Bait

Featuring Brandon Lewis and Hunter Ford
Big Dicks at School at

July 22, 2011

"Straight stud Brandon Lewis gets seduced in the shower by his buddy Hunter Ford."















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0079 0094

"Balls Deep"

Brandon Lewis and Tyler Torro (2)

August 15, 2014

"They're long-time friends, out for a little soccer fun in the warm Summer weather. Tyler Torro and Brandon Lewis are constant cut-ups when they're hanging together. And after horsing around outside with a couple balls, Brandon Lewis can't get his mind off Tyler's balls! When they retire and go inside to cool down, Tyler notices the fat bulge in Brandon's shorts. Some silly wrestling leads Tyler to pull his stiffening cock out. Brandon's been more than eager to get that thick shlong in his mouth, so he wraps his moist lips around it and takes it deep. Tyler loves some good sucking after physical exertion and Brandon knows how to enjoy a hard dick. They move to the pool table where more clothes come off and Tyler pours a little water on his boner to get it ready for Brandon's tight ass. Some hard pounding is what Brandon's been craving. Check out Tyler's incredible physique as he slides his pulsating cock in and out of his buddy's hole. Join these dudes as they work up to an explosively hot finally...all over each other! Enjoy!"








51334_021 51334_030

51334_047 51334_052
Brandon Lewis and Tyler Torro

"Bored Buddies"

Brandon Lewis and Tyler Torro

July 4, 2014

"Brandon thinks he's found a way to get what he wants if he can make Tyler Torro bored enough. It's been a really boring day and with nothing else to do so Tyler kicks back and lets Brandon go to work. Brandon takes advantage of the situation immediately. Talking with a quiet relaxing voice Brandon pulls his cock out and rubs it all over Tyler's feet and then brings both of them together so he can fuck between the soles of his cute feet. Moving up to his face Brandon grabs his relaxed friend's hand and has him stroke his rock hard cock slowly and gently. Brandon thinks he has Tyler in his grasp when he goes to stick his cock into Tyler's awaiting mouth. Tyler not fooled by it at all, opens his eyes and throws Brandon down on the couch and whips his cock out and starts fucking Brandon's mouth. Tyler ready to roll and all horned up ransacks that mouth and bends Brandon's sweet hairy ass over the couch and fucks him long and hard. Tyler has the upper hand as he uses Brandon's sweet holes to his very own bidding. Enjoy!"







Country Boys

Brandon Lewis and Marcus Mojo
Next Door World | Marcus Mojo

November 2, 2012

"Marcus Mojo and Brandon Lewis are a couple of simple guys who put in a hard day's work and expect a nice hard reward when they are done. With all the plants watered and tended to, they make their way over to bale some hay. While working, though, they get distracted and decide to take a break. Brandon is sweating from working hard, but Marcus has his mind on other exercise, specifically the bulge in Brandon's pants. Grabbing his friend's package and holding it firmly, Marcus can tell that Brandon would not be opposed, so he unzips Brandon's pants and goes down on him in the hot sun, resting on a bale of hay and stripping out of his clothes, he feels Brandon growing in his mouth. Brandon, always one to give as good as he gets, returns the favor, and before too long, both guys are naked and glistening in the summer heat. Reclining back, Brandon mounts Marcus and spreads his legs as Marcus pumps him from underneath. Brandon strokes his dick as Marcus fucks him and then they switch positions, with Brandon on his knees as Marcus pounds him from behind, before finishing up reclined and stroking off amidst the hay and the heat. Enjoy!" WATCH Brandon Lewis and Marcus Mojo in Country Boys







28500_043 28500_058

28500_073 28500_079

Dimensional Entry

Brandon Lewis, Donny Wright, James Huntsman
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

August 30, 2012

"Lost in a mysterious, otherworldly passageway, three men, James Huntsman, Brandon Lewis, and Donny Wright, move through tunnels running through the crossroads of dimensions. For eternity before, they've each existed simultaneously, but apart, in other alternate universes. Somehow the fates have brought them together, through the magic of the hallways that exist on the outskirts of what we understand to be reality. As they tread slowly, appearing and reappearing from one place to another, through the strange rules of quantum physics their own minds bring the three men together all at the same time. Each of them feels as if he's been lost in this translation of time and matter for eons. Their need to touch and taste bare skin has been unsatisfied for a long, undetermined length of time. Brandon feels his craving for hard cock in his mouth, so he takes James's hard member and suck hard, with passion. He then takes Donny's and enjoys the firm boner in his mouth. Then Donny indulges his yearning to taste man meat. Then Brandon positions himself on a table to have his ass eaten by Donny while he sucks James. Soon it's time for James to pound Brandon's tight, eager hole. You won't believe the intense passion in this unusual scene that will test your own perception of reality. Enjoy!"

WATCH Dimensional Entry Featuring Brandon Lewis, Donny Wright, James Huntsman


26077_01 26077_02

26077_07 26077_09











Side Jobs

Featuring Brandon Lewis and Samuel O'Toole (2)
Next Door Studios | Samuel OToole

August 4, 2012

"Brandon Lewis has struggled lately to find steady work. For a hands-on labor kinda guy, sometimes the jobs just aren't there. Luckily, Brandon's friend Samuel O'Toole runs a successful contracting business. Brandon and Samuel grew up together, so Sammy's usually willing to help out his old pal by giving him a spot on the crew.The boys are hanging out in the shade while taking a break between jobs. Samuel brought a few ice cold beers for them to enjoy. After chatting about work and cooling off with their brews, Samuel gets up to pee. But he finds his dick too hard to get even a drop out! Brandon's impressed by the size of his buddy's cock. He can't help but grab it to test the weight. Sure enough, it's a heavy piece of meat. It's just the right fit to be a perfect mouthful. Samuel lets Brandon go in for a nice suck job. As a long-time job foreman, he knows this is the perfect solution to revive them both for the rest of the day's labor. Brandon's own flesh pole grows into a healthy erection and the guys switch so Samuel can have a taste. Now THIS is the type of break they needed! Watch Brandon finish by exploding all over Sammy's bare feet as these hard working dudes take an opportunity to beat the heat. Enjoy!"

WATCH Side Jobs Featuring Brandon Lewis and Samuel O'Toole


25035_03 25035_05

25035_06 25035_07

25035_08 25035_10

25035_13 25035_14








Because You Deserve It!

Featuring Andrew Jakk, Brandon Lewis, Max Chandler
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

July 5, 2012

"From coast to coast, people want their dicks sucked and their asses fucked. Next Door Entertainment is giving you what you want! You don't have to live in frustration anymore! Do you have a hole that needs stretching? A cock that needs sucking?? Join Brandon Lewis, Andrew Jakk, and Max Chandler, and get satisfaction NOW! Get a fat, hard boner in your ass when YOU want. Take a nice, meaty dick into your mouth when YOU want. Slide your own pulsating erection between two soft, eager lips when YOU want! Don't be limited anymore! NOW is the time to take charge of your sexual fulfillment. Just as Andrew tastes two cocks at once, YOU CAN TOO! After watching Max lick Brandon's luscious ass, you'll want to do the same...AND YOU CAN! Don't let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass you by. You'll wish you would have taken advantage the way Brandon takes control of Andrew's tight, sensitive hole. If these three can do it, SO CAN YOU! If you need adequate stretching, you'll be able to sit down on a stiff piece of throbbing man meat, just the way Max bounces on Brandon. When you see how exciting and easy it is to get what you want, you'll scream from the tallest building, 'It's my cock and it's my ass, and I wanna fuck NOW!' Enjoy!"

WATCH Because You Deserve It! Featuring Andrew Jakk, Brandon Lewis, Max Chandler

Because You Deserve It! Featuring Andrew Jakk, Brandon Lewis, Max Chandler















Erotic Behavior

Featuring Anthony Romero and Brandon Lewis
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

May 24, 2012

"Brandon Lewis is an insatiable cock lover who's taken one Anthony Romero to a nice, below-street-level space he's prepared. He's been trying to get into Anthony's pants for a couple weeks now and Brandon expects this swanky, private atmosphere will do just the trick. Sure enough, the mood and the spirit of the occasion goes straight to Anthony's head. Brandon's hands are down Anthony's pants, squeezing his plump ass cheeks and feeling his growing bulge. Brandon pulls Anthony's fat cock out and takes it deep. The warm feeling of Brandon's mouth makes Anthony alive with sensuousness. He lets his inhibitions go, taking Brandon's dick now in his mouth, sucking like he'd dreamed of doing to Brandon. Then, after Brandon gets a good taste of Anthony's asshole, he slides his throbbing cock into Anthony. It's as tight as he suspected. After warming up, the two switch, with Anthony sitting on top of Brandon for a ride. Watch them share this intense, very sensuous experience as they explore together the many enchanting realms of extreme pleasure. Enjoy!"

WATCH Erotic Behavior Featuring Anthony Romero and Brandon Lewis

















A Fantasy Fulfilled

Featuring Cody Cummings and Brandon Lewis
Next Door Studios | Cody Cummings

December 14, 2011

"Cody Cummings is finally satisfying his deepest carnal desire. He's yearned for this intense passion for too long and can no longer resist the ultimate temptation. Brandon Lewis is joining Cody as he succumbs to the flames of burning desire. His craving for flesh has now become too strong to ignore. Brandon's mouth upon Cody's thick, throbbing cock is pushing this mortal man of flesh to cross his own boundaries into a new realm of forbidden pleasure. As he feels Brandon's warm, inviting breath on his neck and lips, his inhibitions melt. He's experiencing new sensations with every caress, slipping deeper and deeper into the place where his unfulfilled fantasies have been waiting. Enjoy!"

WATCH A Fantasy Fulfilled Featuring Cody Cummings and Brandon Lewis
















16991_020 16991_10

Custodian Dick

Featuring Jeremy Bilding, Brandon Lewis, Steven Daigle
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

December 8, 2011

"Steven Daigle and Jeremy Bilding are a couple of rascals! They've decided to go wild with a couple locker room towels at the gym. They're jumpin' around, slappin' each other like a couple of wild banshees! Goofin' off sure is their forte. When custodian Brandon Lewis enters, he doesn't like what's going on. Brandon has been an outspoken advocate AGAINST horseplay for years and he's trying to put a stop to Jeremy and Steven's antics.

But they don't like this custodian killjoy. Now they're towel snappin' Brandon too and there's nothing he can do! Well except suck their hard cocks! And to show there's no hard feelings, Jeremy and Steven are both gonna slurp Brandon's hard boner together, taking turns enjoying his fat mean meat. They soon figure out how to have SAFE fun, the kind that won't have Brandon worrying someone might slip and fall on a slick spot on the freshly mopped floor. Brandon the custodian is totally fine with Jeremy fucking Steven sweet asshole while Steven bobs on Brandon's throbbing dick. He's also alright with being in the middle of a hot, buddies fuck train, including Jeremy's cock in Brandon's own tight hole and Brandon's hard cock in Steven's ass. Now THAT'S safe locker room fun. The only drawback is the cleanup of 3 giant, hot loads. Enjoy!"

WATCH Jeremy Bilding, Brandon Lewis, Steven Daigle in Custodian Dick










The Three Spooges

Featuring Brandon Lewis, Brody Wilder, and James Jamesson
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

November 3, 2011

"You'll laugh, you'll laugh some more, then you'll stroke your cock! These three hilarious buddies are goofing around together in the billiard room, clowning each other bad! And you know when James Jamesson is in the house, everyone's fair game. But watch out for big Brandon Lewis, 'cause he's firing back at James with a silly headlock and a good slap on the butt cheek! Brandon and James are also having fun giving Next Door's newest exclusive, Brody Wilder, a hard time. Hey, everyone has to pay their dues!

But Brody is a great sport. And to show he can hang with the big dogs, he's joining James while Brandon sucks both fat, hard dicks at the same time. James brought his video camera to capture the hot action for his archives. Don't worry, you'll get to peek behind the lens to and check out his footage. Brody's even going a bit further to show he ain't no scrub; he's letting James fuck his extra tight hole with that thick, rock hard Jamesson cock. While Brody gets pumped full of James's man meat, Brandon enjoys Brody's soft mouth, vigorously slurping his swollen member. Then it's Brandon's turn to take a stiffie in the ass. James is switching spots to give Brandon a pounding everyone will remember. Watch this trio blow their 'Three Spooges' while cranking up the heat for this sexy, fun-filled experience. Enjoy!"

WATCH The Three Spooges Featuring Brandon Lewis, Brody Wilder, and James Jamesson

15554_02 15554_021















Spitshine Clean

Brandon Lewis and Steven Daigle
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

August 25, 2011

"Steven Daigle & Brandon Lewis are trying to sell their ATVs on the internet. But first, they need to be cleaned & photographed. Brandon has the cleaning down and Stephen has the camera out, but it quickly becomes evident that Stephen has little interest in shooting the ATV. Instead the two of them move indoors for a little more candid photos until they just can't take any more. With hard-ons throbbing they go at each other in a raunchy and rough afternoon fuck, before finally shooting all over their ATV helmet. Now put that pic on the internet and see what kind of responses you get! Enjoy!" WATCH Brandon Lewis and Steven Daigle in Spitshine Clean









Room Serviced

Featuring Cody Cummings and Brandon Lewis
Next Door Studios | Cody Cummings

April 20, 2011

"Brandon Lewis is a hard-working, fun-loving guy. While making his usual room service rounds at the resort, he enters the room of one Cody Cummings, just as Cody is finishing up his shower. Brandon figures he'll just leave a few nicely folded, fresh towels in the closet. But before he can duck out, Cody, wearing only a turquoise towel, emerges from the bathroom, a bit surprised to find this attractive visitor in his room.

Wouldn't you know it, Cody remembers Brandon from a cable repair job he did recently. After they have a good laugh over seeing each other again, Cody invites Brandon to spend his break hanging out in Cody's luxurious suite. Brandon can't resist the chance to see Cody drop that towel, so he agrees. As the resort's top bell boy, Brandon seizes every opportunity to go above and beyond, this time it means wrapping his lips around Cody's massive cock. It's the fringe benefits that make his job worthwhile.

And to top it all off, you'll get to see Cody jerk Brandon's incredibly hard dick! Watch Cody enjoy five-star treatment and tip generously as these guys engage in some hot, hotel hijinx! Enjoy!"

WATCH Room Serviced Featuring Cody Cummings and Brandon Lewis








11415_03 11415_08

11415_09 11415_10

11415_11 11415_13

Three Fuckin' Knuckleheads

Featuring Brandon Lewis, Cliff Jensen, Hunter Ford
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

February 3, 2011

"Cliff Jensen is late as usual. Ever the jokester, he is laughing it up one afternoon while his buddies start without him. By the time he gets with the program, Brandon Lewis & Hunter Ford are already knee deep in naked pleasure. Already having a blast with just the 2 of them, the good times really get rolling when Cliff finally arrives. After he does, the three of them proceed to suck, fuck and joke around until they all cum on Cliff's chest. Enjoy!"

WATCH Three Fuckin' Knuckleheads Featuring Brandon Lewis, Cliff Jensen, Hunter Ford















3 Fucking Studs

Cody Cummings, Brandon Lewis, Tyler Torro
Next Door World | Cody Cummings

July 11, 2012

"When Cody Cummings, Tyler Torro and Brandon Lewis get together in the gym, the iron starts moving, the sweat starts beading and the muscles start flexing. Showing the same voracity for cock that he does for the bench, Brandon Lewis first fondles Cody’s chest and 6 pack abs before pulling down his shorts and taking his dick into his mouth. Tyler leans up against a punching bag and begins to fondle himself as he watches, and Cody, ever the ambassador of cock, suggests that Brandon quit being so selfish with the head and include Tyler as well. So now Tyler and Cody are taking turns fucking Brandon’s mouth, and Tyler gets the great idea that Brandon has two holes for fucking, so he pulls up behind Brandon and all of the sudden, Cody and Tyler are both being served. Brandon is being poked from all directions and he clearly loves it, spraying his load as he rides Tyler, who doesn’t stop even as Cody unleashes his spunk all over Brandon too, finally pulling out and adding to Brandon’s personal little pool of cum. 3 fucking studs showing you how it’s done. Enjoy!" WATCH Cody Cummings, Brandon Lewis, Tyler Torro in 3 Fucking Studs










The Watering Hose

Featuring Trystan Bull and Brandon Lewis (2)
Next Door Studios | Trystan Bull

July 11, 2011

"Trystan Bull is showing off his gardens to Brandon Lewis one fine summer day, the two of them just taking a leisurely stroll amongst the flowers. Trystan is walking Brandon through the watering process, and before long, the two of them start dicking around with the hose. After cooling off and relaxing, Trystan realizes which hose Brandon really wants to mess around with, and before too long, Trystan is draining that hose as well. Enjoy!"

WATCH Trystan Bull and Brandon Lewis (2) in The Watering Hose








13314_005 13314_013

13314_021 13314_031

13314_043 13314_047

13314_065 13314_069

Instructor Bull

Featuring Trystan Bull and Brandon Lewis
Next Door Studios | Trystan Bull

December 13, 2010

"We're sure you know by now that Trystan Bull is a personal trainer. He trains himself, and he trains others looking to get buff and be healthy. Today, Trystan will be training Brandon Lewis. Now Brandon is already pretty healthy, but he's been slacking off on his workout routine lately. That's where The Bull comes in. He's lean, mean and ready to pump you up! Oh wait, wrong promo. Trystan is nice, very fit and he enjoys showing people how they can be as in shape as he is. Luckily, he accepts Cash, Credit and blowjobs as payment. Meaning, after doing some bench presses with Brandon, he'll be doing some face fucking and cum dumping. Sorry folks, his schedule is full. We'll let you know when there's an opening for the Trystan Bull Workout ;) Enjoy!"

WATCH Instructor Bull Featuring Trystan Bull and Brandon Lewis

8834_005 8834_008

8834_009 8834_011

8834_020 8834_021

8834_023 8834_025







The Cableman Can Fix All!

Featuring Cody Cummings, Justin Ryder, and Brandon Lewis
Next Door Studios | Cody Cummings

March 17, 2010

"Brandon Lewis is hanging out at Justin Ryders's pad and the cable is out which is no fun especially when all you want to do is kick back and relax. Justin comes into the room and tries to pursade Brandon away from the TV but he wants his dick sucked and something to watch at the same time.

They ran into Cody Cummings at the grocery store a few weeks back and Cody is doing some side work working for Star Cable co. Cody told them to give a call if they ever needed any help with some cable issues and what do you know they need the Codster's help ASAP.

Cody arrives to fix the cable for the two men. Justin and Brandon are shirtless and touching all over each other as the cable man is trying to fix the TV. They think Cody is gorgeous and slowly offer him money and more money to take off articles of clothing and to watch them as they suck and fuck.

Cody's first thought was to just take the money for the cable and leave but the price went higher and higher for some sneak peak under that sexy cable man uniform. Cody gives in and lets these hunks suck him off unleashing a hot three way orgasmic punch ending this cable service call. Enjoy!"

WATCH The Cableman Can Fix All! Featuring Cody Cummings, Justin Ryder, and Brandon Lewis















Office Affairs, Scene 2

Landon Conrad and Brandon Lewis
Falcon Studios

June 10, 2011

"Early for his appointment, Landon Conrad settles down in the waiting room. He sits facing sexy stud Brandon Lewis and begins to fantasize about the handsome young man. 'What's under all those clothes? How big is his dick? Wouldn't it be fun running my tongue all over his body and take his big cock up my ass?' A million nasty thoughts race through his brain. Not the least bit intimidated with being scrutinized, Brandon eyes the new arrival and wonders the same lascivious thoughts. He grows increasingly stimulated and quietly giddy with the thought of lips clamped tight around big cocks sucking away madly; of tongues dipping into puckered sphincters; of thick hard dicks slamming deep inside juiced-up assholes. The two strangers mentally strip each other down, imagining how their rock-hard bodies and rippling muscles must look like; what the other man tastes like, smells like, feels like, fucks like. It's a double fantasy that has both of them sweating in their suits. There is a twitching in their loins, a thundering beating in their hearts and a craving that aches to be realized. Maybe their neckties are strangling clear thinking; but will their sexual appetites ever be fed? "

13023_002 13023_003

13023_001 13023_004

13023_005 13023_006

13023_007 13023_008

13023_009 13023_010

13023_011 13023_012











Brandon Lewis

September 2011

"Don’t let the bashful grin fool you. Brandon Lewis is a cocksure cat who can come on command! And he does in our Penthouse – blowing gobs of hot boy spunk right when we tell him to. Atta boy, Brandon. Dude was in construction until the housing bust forced him to hammer into porn. The A-Frame’s loss is our A-List gain!

Brandon grew up wanting to be a pro baseball player – and guess what? Batter’s still up! If there were a world series of cock, his would be a home run. It’s thick, it’s rich, it’s buttery. You can practically put it on pancakes.

This homegrown hero won our Paragon Men contest at Splash Bar in New York where his shy personae mixed with rock hard moves have those in attendance recalling the night as unforgettable; a legend on par with the slutty blackout of ’03.

In person, he’s got a Southern drawl, cuz he’s from Atlanta and that’s how they speak: A little bit dumb, a little bit Rhett Butler. Yessir, he’s genteel, resurrecting simple courtesies like writing love letters, holding open car doors and shooting pure poetry in our Penthouse. Chivalry is a gooey hot load!

Did we mention he cums on cue? All for you. Now."

05 IMG_5869

IMG_5941 IMG_5952

IMG_5942 IMG_6007