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A Bit Of Both - Part 2

Featuring Ben Rose, Sarah, and Mam Steel

July 3, 2020

"Sexy MILF Sarah is tidying up the house when Ben Rose shows up at the door looking for her step-son Mam Steel. Sarah tells the cute, tattooed twink to come in while he waits for Mam, but once he's inside she can't contain her attraction and offers to help him pass the time. Sarah takes Ben's long smooth cock down her throat telling Ben how naughty what they're doing is but they don't want to stop. Mam is shocked when he comes home to find his buddy's cock in Sarah's mouth but quickly admits there's no better sight to come home to. Beefy blonde Mam joins in on the action, helping his buddy pleasure Sarah while she takes turns deep throating their huge cocks. Soon the sexy trio are deep in a three-way fuck train, Ben's cock deep in Sarah's pussy while Mam slams his tight hole from behind. Sarah straps-on a long dildo and slides it into Ben's ass, stuffing him while he swallows Mam's cock in this hot and heavy bisexual free for all."



















Gabriel Clark, Ben Rose, Emilio Calabria

December 12, 2014

"US Thanksgiving Weekend...

Football is a great excuse to bring guys together for a little competitive spirit. Indeed, for four days on the last weekend of November, it is almost non-stop football playing on American networks.

So, why bother stuffing a turkey when you can stuff one or two of your buddies and give thanks that they are there. Well this is exactly what Gabriel Clark, Emilio Calabria & Ben Rose had in mind (or was it?!) when they stripped naked, bonded and watched Thursday's match up in nothing else but their birthday suits, asses in the air and dicks dangling.

Who was this game's winner? We will let you be the judge of this one. It's all a matter of perspective. Would you rather be a wide receiver, a line backer or a tight end."
















Lose A Bet, Win A Fuck

Featuring Ben Rose, Mario Torrez, Samuel Stone

July 25, 2014

"Last month, the World Cup fever had reached our models. When we shot this scene, a game was on and they were catching a bit of the action during breaks in between fucking. So, to no surprise, this soccer craze inspired us to get the ball rolling with this impressive trio.

Hunky top guy Mario Torrez took on two sexy bottoms in this scene, fucking Ben Rose and Samuel Stone to their hearts' content. Wagering on Germany was a wise move on the part of Mario, not knowing then that the Germans would end up taking all the honours.

The guys really enjoyed themselves in this shoot and the chemistry was torrid. As we did last year, we went to a friend's house some 90 minutes east of Montreal to shoot this scene, and a couple more, taking advantage of the summer warmth. Unfortunately, like last year, the rain wouldn't stay away. The living room thus became our stage for shooting.

So sit back, unzip and enjoy a fine show of horniness coming from these three studs."









51309_005 51309_021

"The Gentle Giant Gets Bossy"

Ben Rose and Christian Power

June 14, 2013

"We get to see a different side to Christian Power in this scene. A bit more assertive, definitely domineering and somewhat bossy towards the much smaller Ben Rose who, in this scene, services our bodybuilder and then gets his ass pummelled by him. This is a scene of contrasts, big vs. small, tanned vs. white, bossy vs. submissive. Prior to the interview, Ben & Christian got to know each other and it was clear while chatting with Marko Lebeau that they had hit it off… joking and laughing throughout the interview. Yet, Ben was still a bit intimidated by Christian’s claim to want revenge in this scene and his massive stature. “He’s 3 times my size!”…

Starting the scene with some mutual fondling, Christian barks off a succession of instructions to the submissive Ben that endure throughout the scene. “Move there”, “Suck man”, “Come here”… The Titan reveals a dominant side that we have never seen before.

Ben starts off by sucking Christian’s cock to get him hard; and he does a fine job of it! In fact, Ben has become quite a well-rounded and talented actor that really gets off on having sex with guys and performing for the camera.

Once Christian is all worked up from the cock-sucking he got, the Beefy man then moves his smaller sized partner onto his back to give him a blow job of his own. Ben strikes a boner in no time, but Christian quickly has other plans. He wants his ass eaten out - a job that Ben takes on with delight and talent. His tongue makes its way past Christian’s massive butt cheeks and darts right into the waiting hole. Our dominating top is clearly enjoying Ben’s attention, jacking off a constantly hard dick. Christian’s cock is still hankering for some sucking so Ben goes back to Christian’s cock. Our 265 lb. bodybuilder is clearly in command as he moves Ben into position for some rimming. This tongue work is warming the Rose’s butthole for the fucking he’s going to get next.

Ben was really turned on by Christian’s powerful ass fucking; first in a sideways position then in a reverse Cowboy. It had been several days since Ben had shot a load, and he kept telling us that he was close to shooting a load. So, it wasn’t long before he needed to fire off a hefty amount of spunk… while still riding Christian’s cock. Hot!

Christian then moved Ben to the edge of the bed so he could fuck him again, this time doggy style, gearing up for his own cum shot. Quickly Christian takes the condom off and jerks out a load of his own all over Ben’s butt. Spent, the guys wrapped it up with a kiss and kudos from Christian for a 'Good Job!'"







Ben's PA Challenge

Featuring Archer Quan and Ben Rose

May 21, 2013

"Ben Rose was subbing for our traveling host, Marko Lebeau and did the intro for this scene. Right from the start, he revealed his fixation and awe at Archer Quan's sizeable Prince Albert. Archer was quite proud of his year old piece of jewelry and encouraged Ben to give it some thought. After talking about the hefty metal piece, it was obvious that Ben was intrigued by this neatly placed object of interest.

All said, it didn't seem to daunt our slender versatile stud, nor his scene partner. Archer was first at getting on his knees, and he gave Ben a good slow suck that kept the eager Mr. Rose quite hard and turned on. His constantly hard dick and ongoing groans were a deserved recognition of Archer's obvious skills and technique. It was then Archer's turn to get serviced and Ben was obviously challenged by his partner's hefty cock and metal piece. But that didn't stop him...

Then came Archer's opportunity to show equally talented ass to mouth talents, rimming Ben with real intensity. Ben returned the favor, spitting loads of saliva down Archer's hole and fingering him with determination. But this was only a warm-up revealing Ben's firm intent to fuck Archer's ass. After some poking and prodding, Ben then pummeled the hole of a moaning and squealing Archer.

From the couch to the floor to the full floor-to-ceiling window, Archer took Ben's cock up his ass like a pro. After an intense fuck session Ben shot his load all over Archer's ass and butt hole, then spread his spunk firmly all over his partner's butt cheeks. For Archer's cum shot, Ben leaned his head onto Archer's abs and readied himself to take the load in his face. To top things off, the guys kissed and swapped cum in the post-sex afterglow."










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Bravo Delta & Gabriel Tag Ben Rose!

Featuring Ben Rose, Bravo Delta & Gabriel Clark

November 6, 2012

"When you throw three dominant guys into a bed together and tell them to fuck, it's always interesting to see which one of them sacrifices his ass for the other two. I knew that it's a tough job convincing Gabriel Clark to bottom (especially when he has his sights set on a hot piece of ass), and Bravo Delta's world famous cock is just too enormous not to be put to good use, so that left the multi-talented Ben Rose.

Ben really means business when he tops, so it was pretty hot to watch Gabriel and Bravo completely overpower him. The two worked well as a team and actually tagged each other so they could each get an equal amount of time plowing Ben's tight hole. It was Gabriel's first time meeting Bravo, but I could tell they were going to get along great. They have a lot in common, after all... they're both no-nonsense tops, they both have huge cocks, and they both used Ben's pecs, abs, and face as a landing ground for their thick, gushing loads! Enjoy!"











Bravo-gabriel-ben-13 Bravo-gabriel-ben-16

Bravo-gabriel-ben-18 Bravo-gabriel-ben-19

Bravo-gabriel-ben-21 Bravo-gabriel-ben-22

Bravo-gabriel-ben-23 Bravo-gabriel-ben-25

Gabriel Clark Dominates Ben Rose!

Featuring Ben Rose & Gabriel Clark

August 23, 2012

"Remember a few weeks ago when Ben Rose shoved his balls in his ass during his solo scene? That's the moment when I knew that this boy was destined to end up with something much bigger in his ass - particularly, Gabriel Clark's dick. It was inevitable and only natural that it would happen. Ben Rose's ass has been hungry for attention for quite some time now and its first time had to be special. He was a bit nervous but that didn't stop Gabriel from being his usual dominant top and plowing into Ben's virgin hole. Needless to say Ben Rose got showered with cum. I mean, after all, it's a Gabriel Clark scene. What else would you expect??"








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Gabriel-ben-02 Gabriel-ben-07

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Gabriel-ben-23 Gabriel-ben-27

Porch Party

Featuring Ben Rose and Trystan Bull
Next Door Studios | Trystan Bull

September 16, 2012

"Trystan Bull and Ben Rose are amped up and excited for this party they have planned to attend later this evening. However, as Trystan calls his friends to make some final arrangements, it turns out the plans have been cancelled, and Trystan and Ben must now figure something else to do with their night. Ben seems a little pissed, but Trystan takes it in stride, and suggests that he and Ben have their own little private party. Ben thinks about it for a second then eyeballs Trystan’s cock, deciding it might be better than the original plans anyway. So he takes out Trystan’s cock and begins to suck it as Trystan undresses. Stripping Ben’s pants off, Trystan cups his ass cheeks and gets turned on at the thought of potentially fucking Ben. Potential turns to actualization a few moments later, when a rock hard Trystan enters Ben from behind and grabs his shoulders, slamming Ben back against his cock as Trystan pumps away. Ben gets fucked in this position for a while then flips Trystan onto his back and rides him while stroking himself off as Trystan fills him full of hard meat. Ben cums on himself as Trystan continues to pump away, and the site of Ben exploding sets Trystan over the edge, as he pulls out and also cums all over Ben. As they lay there cum covered and exhausted, it occurs to them how lucky they were to have their plans cancelled. Enjoy!"

WATCH Trystan Bull and Ben Rose in Porch Party


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Trystan Bull and Ben Rose (25431_028)



Trystan Bull and Ben Rose (25431_045)


Trystan Bull and Ben Rose (25431_064)


Trystan Bull and Ben Rose (25431_075)