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Colby Jansen, Dan Broughton and Woody Fox

Scrum Part 6

Featuring Colby Jansen, Dan Broughton and Woody Fox
Men of UK at

April 17, 2014

"If picking up hot rugby players was a sport, coach Colby Jansen would be world champion! In part 6 of series, SCRUM, Dan Broughton gets his ass pounded by the irresistible coach and Woody Fox!"











ScrumPart6MOUK06 ScrumPart6MOUK17
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Colby Jansen & Woody Fox

Scrum Part 4

Featuring Colby Jansen & Woody Fox
Men of UK at

April 3, 2015

"Colby Jansen was the star of the first 3 parts of series SCRUM. Now the pervy coach has headed over to the UK for 3 new scenes with hot British studs! This episode features Woody Fox as only the second guy in history to pound Colby's famous bubble butt!"

Colby Jansen & Woody Fox

Colby Jansen & Woody Fox

Colby Jansen & Woody Fox

Colby Jansen & Woody Fox

Colby Jansen & Woody Fox

Colby Jansen & Woody Fox

Colby Jansen & Woody Fox

Colby Jansen & Woody Fox Colby Jansen & Woody Fox

Colby Jansen & Woody Fox Colby Jansen & Woody Fox
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Strangers Passing

Featuring Jay Roberts and Woody Fox
Gods of Men at

February 10, 2014

"Woody Fox arrives at Jay Robert's hotel room and finds him naked, ready for sex. The action is slow and sensual but thoroughly satisfying."











StrangersPassingGOM08 StrangersPassingGOM13

Top to Bottom: Woody Fox

Featuring Paul Walker and Woody Fox
Top To Bottom at

January 24, 2014

"Woody Fox is the latest top only major porn star to get fucked on film for the first time! Paul Walker takes it slow with deep, sensual thrusts deep into Woody's virgin hole."

WATCH Top to Bottom: Woody Fox Featuring Paul Walker and Woody Fox on MALE ACCESS




















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Secret Diary of an Escort Part 1

Featuring Gabriel Clark and Woody Fox
Men of UK at

November 2, 2013

"In Gabriel Clark's secret life, he is an escort and he keeps a diary to document his encounters. An especially fond memory was the appointment he had with Woody Fox. Although Gabriel usually only tops he gets his tight French-Canadian ass fucked deep and hard by Woody's big cock!"

SecretDiaryOfAnEscort02 SecretDiaryOfAnEscort06

SecretDiaryOfAnEscort14 SecretDiaryOfAnEscort15












Diary of a Fox: Wednesday

Starring Dario Beck and Woody Fox

January 3, 2014

"It's only mid week and already Mr Fox's reputation has spread to the other side of town. Woody meets slick businessman Dario Beck in his high rise office under the impression he is there on real estate business. It soon becomes apparent to Woody that Dario mearly wants a piece of the action he's heard so much about from his head of finance Justin Harris ( see Menatplays -'Pure Suit' ). After voicing the disclaimer "You do realise this suit of yours is going to get very messy!" Woody gives Dario the fucking of his life. Woody lets Dario taste his perfect juicy cock then yanks down his trousers and fucks Dario over the desk, on his back, on his side, doggy style, making sure he pushes deep in to his hole from every angle. Then Dario rides Woody's cock as he sits in the office chair , bouncing hard until he cums. And its Woody who finally gets a bit of his own medicine as its his suit that gets covered in warm sticky cum. Another notch to Woody's belt - we can't wait to see who gets it next , in The Diary of a Fox!"



DiaryFoxWED_19 DiaryFoxWED_01

DiaryFoxWED_02 DiaryFoxWED_03

DiaryFoxWED_04 DiaryFoxWED_05

DiaryFoxWED_06 DiaryFoxWED_07

DiaryFoxWED_08 DiaryFoxWED_11

DiaryFoxWED_14 DiaryFoxWED_18









Diary of a Fox: Tuesday

Starring Johnny Hazzard and Woody Fox

November 15, 2013

"It's day two in Woody Fox’s hectic working week, but by hectic we don’t necessarily mean busy with work. After bringing back Riley for a late night romp in the office the previous night, Woody still has a serious case of the horn. And with such a handsome colleague as Johnny Hazard he has trouble concentrating on his work - getting lost instead in dirty fantasies about throwing him over his desk, pulling his suit trousers down to eat his tasty ass, and pounding him hard. And while its all merely a fantasy in his filthy mind, Woody can’t help but discreetly touch himself under his desk as he imagines giving his smart colleague a delicious serving of his cum."






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Fox_Tuesday_01 Fox_Tuesday_05

Fox_Tuesday_06 Fox_Tuesday_19

Fox_Tuesday_04 Fox_Tuesday_15

Fox_Tuesday_18 Fox_Tuesday_09

Fox_Tuesday_10 Fox_Tuesday_17

Fox_Tuesday_03 Fox_Tuesday_11

Fox_Tuesday_12 Fox_Tuesday_13

Diary of a Fox

Starring Woody Fox and Riley Coxx

August 8, 2013

"'Diary of a Fox' is the first in a series of scenarios depicting the sexual encounters of Woody Fox, the self assured, slick suited estate agent. In this, the first episode Woody invites Riley Cox, young stud in his leather jacket, back to Woody's office after the closing. Riley is really turned on by the whole situation and to make the role play a bit more real he asks Woody to sit just where he would when he's working . Riley then works his lips and mouth over Woody's beautifully perfect cock and then squats and bounces on Woody so that Woody doesn't have to move a muscle he just lets Riley ride his cock as long as he likes. Suit lovers don't miss this one as Woody stays fully suited and get a great cum facial from Riley, which drips down his chin on to his shirt and tie. Not so slick now Woody eh! But still soooo fucking sexy."












DIARYofFOX_aff11 DIARYofFOX_aff12

DIARYofFOX_aff14 DIARYofFOX_aff09

DIARYofFOX_aff04 DIARYofFOX_aff06

DIARYofFOX_aff08 DIARYofFOX_aff02

DIARYofFOX_aff17 DIARYofFOX_aff19
Puresuit (1)

Pure Suit

Starring Justin Harris and Woody Fox

April 12, 2013

"For those of you who’ve know Menatplay from the start, you’ll be aware that for many years fully suited sex was our main thing. This week Menatplay returns to its roots with two of its best dressed models, Woody Fox and Justin Harris – to produce a film that’s 100% suit and tie fetish sex – nothing comes off, no buttons undone, no trousers dropped, from start to finish the guys have amazing suited kinky sex through a hole ripped in the seat of Justin’s suit trousers!! Woody is the sexy, self assured real estate agent and Justin Harris his willing fuck buddy. So if you don’t like real suit fetish sex, then don’t look out for this one – the rest of you hang on to your pinstripes and get ready! Woody Fox and Justin Harris show us how suit sex is really done."

WARNING: expensive suits and ties were harmed in the making of this movie


Puresuit (18)

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Puresuit (20)

Puresuit (19)

Puresuit (14)

Puresuit (15)

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Puresuit (21)

Puresuit (22)


Puresuit (5) Puresuit (12)

Puresuit (9) Puresuit (8)

Puresuit (6) Puresuit (11)

Puresuit (3) Puresuit (7)

Puresuit (4) Puresuit (10)

Five Brothers: Family Values, Scene 2: Wonderful Distraction

Featuring Nic Sahara and Woody Fox
NakedSword Originals

April 24, 2019

"It's 3am on the Las Vegas Strip and everything is lit, including Nic Sahara who stumbles out of a liquor store and heads to his car. Sexy Aussie Woody Fox sees Nic fumbling with his keys and looking like he’s having a really bad day, so Woody offers to help drive the car and drunk Nic home. As soon as they get to Nic’s, its on! Nic feasts on Woody’s huge cock and Woody fucks his face with tears streaming down his face. Woody flips Nic over his lap and eats Nic’s cute bubble butt. Woody sits back as Nic climbs on top of him and lowers his perfect ass on Woody’s throbbing huge cock. Nic rides Woody reverse cowboy and the giant dick slams into Nic’s hole. They Nic says “Now I want to fuck you!” Woody is hesitant “Uhhh, that’s not really my thing, but ok… why not! Go for it”. Nic bends Woody over and delicately eats Woody’s virgin hole. Then Nic stands to fuck Woody doggie-style… for the first time! He starts slow, then eases into pounding Woody’s virgin white ass. Then Nic begs Woody to fuck him again with his gigantic dick, choking him until Nic blows his load all over then drops to his knees to suck down every drop of Woody’s hot load. Woody’s Aussie charm and huge cock are a wonderful distraction from the haunting troubles of Nic’s dark world."

106837_WoodyFox_0373 107802_NicSahara_0951

106837_WoodyFox_0395 106837_WoodyFox_0427

107802_NicSahara_0805 107802_NicSahara_0914










Angelo Marconi and Woody Fox

Grindhouse Episode 2

Angelo Marconi and Woody Fox
NakedSword Originals

October 25, 2012

"Trenton Ducati may run the hottest show in San Francisco, but he still can't escape his past.

In this case, Angelo Marconi, a shadowy prison pal who comes to the club looking for repayment of an old loan. Trenton doesn't have the cash on hand, so he applies for an extension using handsome Australian dancer Woody Fox as collateral. Angelo is tempted by Woody's sexy voice and fit young body, but it's the Aussie's huge veiny dick that really seals the deal. Turns out there IS sex in the champagne room after all, and it's Angelo who wants his cork popped — with plenty of fizz. But just as the two collapse into a pile of sweat and flesh, a surprise guest walks in — and the real debauchery begins!"

Angelo Marconi and Woody Fox

Angelo Marconi and Woody Fox

Angelo Marconi and Woody Fox

Angelo Marconi and Woody Fox

Angelo Marconi and Woody Fox Angelo Marconi and Woody Fox

Angelo Marconi and Woody Fox Angelo Marconi and Woody Fox
Woody Fox and James Longhill

March 4, 2013

"So here's a life lesson; when you're new in town and ask a total stranger to recommend something fun to do, know that his idea of fun might not be what you had in mind... but when that stranger is Woody Fox and he's offering to show you some new ways to have fun, take our advice and just say yes, you'll have the time of your life."
Woody Fox, Valentin Alsina and Lucas DavidsonWoody Fox, Valentin Alsina and Lucas Davidson

December 31, 2012

"The final episode of this series and the final video of 2012 is unforgettable - well, you know how we like to end things with a big bang... Lucas Davidson will remember it as the day he took two big, uncut cocks in his arse at the same time, Woody Fox, as his first hardcore scene for UKNM and Valentin and ourselves as a great end to a year full of great experiences and amazing performances."
Woody Fox, Valentin Alsina and Lucas Davidson

Woody Fox, Valentin Alsina and Lucas Davidson

Woody Fox, Valentin Alsina and Lucas Davidson

Woody Fox, Valentin Alsina and Lucas Davidson

Woody Fox, Valentin Alsina and Lucas Davidson

Woody Fox, Valentin Alsina and Lucas Davidson

Woody Fox, Valentin Alsina and Lucas Davidson
Woody Fox

November 19, 2012

"All the way from 'down under' Woody's destination is Scotland (lucky Scotland) - and lucky us, being en route! Woody's special mix of Antipodean charm, killer smile and perfectly proportioned, sexy body leaves us gasping for more - and we will have more, very soon. Gentlemen, this time, it's just you and Woody - enjoy."
Bangers and Ass, Scene 1
Woody Fox Pounds Macro Sessions' Ass
Lucas Entertainment

July 19, 2013

"Marco Sessions cruises Woody Fox as he takes a quick trip around the corner to a coffee shop for a pick-me-up. Marco is drifting throughout England and has no place to stay, and has a lot more to offer Woody than a pick-me-up! Marco grabs Woody’s attention, and from that moment he knows he needs to fuck some ass. When Woody gets Marco up into his apartment, he strips off his clothes and shows off his ripped body for the power-bottom. Marco chows down on Woody’s hard uncut cock before getting his ass played with. But no matter how far he can stick his fingers in Marco’s ass, it doesn’t compare to plunges Woody gives to Marco’s ass with his erection. Woody is a top that likes a submissive bottom, and Marco knows how to deliver!"
Woody Fox Makes Love to Kayden GraySurrender to Love, Scene 1
Woody Fox Makes Love to Kayden Gray
Lucas Entertainment

August 16, 2013

"It was love at first sight when Kayden Gray and Woody Fox met on the streets of London. When they first laid eyes on each other the romantic thoughts wouldn’t stop, leading them to renting a hotel room with one another. Their first night together they only slept side-by-side in their underwear, but the following morning they decided to move forward and consummate their feelings. Woody Fox takes the dominant role in their sexual relationship, and Kayden Gray couldn’t be more excited about providing his man with the pleasure he wants and needs. Kayden uses his mouth, hands, and ass to make Woody feel like he’s in heaven!"
Woody Fox Makes Love to Kayden Gray
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