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Jalen & Robbie Rivers RAW


May 24, 2017

"Robbie is obviously a pro, so I was happy to put him with Jalen who had not done a full-sex scene on film. Though, given Jalen's sensual enthusiasm during his Serviced video, I was not expecting any problems.

With Robbie having video experience, we jumped right into a Raw scene.

Robbie is definitely the dude in control in this video, but my guess is that Jalen will be more aggressive once he finds he can also take charge.

It also helped that Jalen was really into Robbie. Jalen is more of a Top, but he proves in this video that he is an eager Bottom as well. I am eager to see Jalen fucking a dude aggressively.

Robbie has some moves. He rides Jalen's cock like a pro with is hard cock bouncing up and down as he grinds Jalen's cock into him. Robbie is also a great Top, fucking Jalen while stroking his buddy's cock.

Jalen gets his ass fucked last, so Robbie squirts his load all over Jalen't hole. Then, Jalen cleans his cock by sucking out that last little bits of cum, and finally blowing his own load!"




















Robbie Rivers Solo


May 15, 2017

"I have been looking for a few experienced guys that really know what they are doing. I stumbled on Robbie Rivers and loved his previous video work.

He is super polite, very comfortable being Bi, and is pretty much down for everything. He likes to Top, but loves to Bottom. Robbie enjoys having an audience, and really tries to turn on the heat for you guys. He loves what he is doing, but also knows you all want it to be hot.

Robbie says he loves to rim guys, and eating another guy's hole turns him on too.

For his solo, I gave him some butt toys and he went to town on his ass.

He gets a little wobbly on his knees, so I have him show-off his ass for a bit. He then gets on his back and inserts the dildo, and that really woke his cock up. Yep! He definitely loves to bottom.

He switches over to the butt-plug, and with the vibration on, he quickly shoots his load.

Robbie will be back next week, likely to do some fucking, so stay-tuned!"

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Robbie Rivers Riding Bareback Gavin Greene's Long Thick Pole

June 23, 2014

"Gavin Greene and Robbie Rivers made out early and went further with their hot pleasure. Robbie enjoyed sucking Gavin's big thick cock and got a doggyfuck bareback. He spread off his legs and got fucked some more taking fresh load on the ass." Preview of Robbie Rivers Riding Bareback Gavin Greene's Long Thick Pole

Robbie Rivers and Gavin Greene Bareback

Robbie Rivers and Gavin Greene Bareback

Robbie Rivers and Gavin Greene Bareback

Robbie Rivers and Gavin Greene Bareback

Robbie Rivers and Gavin Greene Bareback
Playboyee and Robbie Rivers "The Strokenoffs"
Playboyee and Robbie Rivers

April 16, 2014

"Robbie and Playboyee, his stage name, are two friends who met when they were in a band together a few years back. Robbie was the lead singer and guitarist and Playboyee was the drummer. Both are still musicians and are down in Miami hanging and playing after attending the world famous Ultra Music Festival. Playboyee had submitted a model application through the site. He describes himself as straight, athletic, he plays hockey and was formerly married with a kid. When Caruso called to speak with him, he said he'd be in Miami for Ultra and he was coming with his straight musician buddy, Robbie, who is also a semi-pro MMA cage fighter. He tells Caruso that they are really close, like brothers and that he had always wanted to have sex with Robbie. He said that Robbie is totally straight and has been with the same girl for years, but that Robbie is pretty wild and they always had girls hitting on them after their gigs and had plenty of threesomes and foursomes. So, he convinced Robbie that they should do some porn together to make some money to pay for the trip to Miami and the Ultra tickets. The plan was for him to bring Robbie to the studio to do a porn video under the guise of tag teaming a girl - but what he really wanted to do was suck his buddy's cock and get fucked by him. Once you set your eyes on Robbie there won't be any question as to why his buddy is so hot for him. Well, we'll skip the ''formalities'' as it would take way to long to describe all the back and forth banter that went on once they found out the girl didn't show. Let's just say their main concern, at least Robbie's is - who would see them having gay sex. So, here we go... both guys are naked and we see that both are really built, they have 7'' cocks, defined bodies and hot bubble butts, and Caruso has them start stroking each others cock. They're real nervous, so they start joking back and forth. They both come up with names for a new band, Robbie says they'd have to be called ''The Butthole Surfers'' while Playboyee looks down at what they're doing and says no we'd be the ''The Strokenoffs'' - pretty funny. Well, ''The Strokenoffs'' have a super hot first performance. There are mutual blow jobs, some hot kissing - Playboyee even said ''you kissed me like you like me''. The scene ends with Robbie pounding the cum out of his, hot thug wannabee buddy and then shooting his own load all over him. In the end, Playboyee gets just what he wanted and more, hot sex with his good buddy while Robbie is just happy it's over and he's getting paid. Caruso has a private conversation on camera with Playboyee and asks him if he's going to tell Robbie that it was all a set up, but he had not intention of doing that as he thought his friend would be really pissed. It turns out that when Caruso asks Robbie in ''After the Shoot'' if he'd do it again, he says yes, but on the sly...check out Playboyee's reaction when he hears that answer. Caruso tried to get them to come back and do one more scene before they left town - they said maybe - but all of a sudden became unreachable. Who knows, maybe they'll return for Ultra 2015 or maybe when they're out of cash. Whatever happens, don't miss this video!"

Playboyee and Robbie Rivers Playboyee and Robbie Rivers

Playboyee and Robbie Rivers

Playboyee and Robbie Rivers

Playboyee and Robbie Rivers

Playboyee and Robbie Rivers

Playboyee and Robbie Rivers

Playboyee and Robbie Rivers

Playboyee and Robbie Rivers

Playboyee and Robbie Rivers

Playboyee and Robbie Rivers
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Daddy's Club Part 5

Featuring Billy Santoro, Charlie Harding, Colby Jansen, Corey Haynes, John Magnum, Johnny Rapid, Justin Dean, Robbie Rivers
Jizz Orgy at Men.com

January 1, 2014

"The first four parts of MEN.COM series "Daddy's Club" all lead up to a final, spectacular EIGHT MAN ORGY! Daddies Billy Santoro, John Magnum, Colby Jansen & Charlie Harding go to town (including a double penetration) on their younger partners, Johnny Rapid, Justin Dean, Robbie Rivers & Corey Haynes!"

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Daddy's Club Part 1

Featuring Billy Santoro & Robbie Rivers
Drill My Hole at Men.com

December 4, 2013

"A group of daddies get together to recall hot memories before fucking their younger buddies. Billy Santoro met recently 21 Robbie Rivers in a bar and took him to the bathrooms to fuck!"

Billy Santoro & Robbie Rivers


Billy Santoro & Robbie Rivers

Billy Santoro & Robbie Rivers

Billy Santoro & Robbie Rivers

Billy Santoro & Robbie Rivers

Billy Santoro & Robbie Rivers

Billy Santoro & Robbie Rivers Billy Santoro & Robbie Rivers

Billy Santoro & Robbie Rivers Billy Santoro & Robbie Rivers
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Johnny Rapid and Robbie Rivers

Going West Part 2

Featuring Johnny Rapid and Robbie Rivers
Drill My Hole at Men.com

August 23, 2013

"In Episode 1 of Men.com's "Going West" series, cowboy Johnny Rapid was fucked hard by Chris Bines. This time Johnny is on top giving a healthy ass pumping to Robbie Rivers on the train tracks."

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