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Just the Tip

Featuring James Dickson and Mark Long
Next Door Studios | Next Door Twink

August 12, 2015

"What's a better combination than sex and pizza?! Mark Long is getting hungry. But after looking in his refrigerator, high and low, he reaches out and orders up a hot pie for delivery.
As you probably know, Mark is one of the most delicious porn stars out there, and is recognized on the street by fans constantly. Sometimes it's a little nerve wracking, but sometimes the fans are smoking hot themselves. James Dickson, Mark's pizza boy, is one of the sexy ones.
When James Mark opens his door, James nearly pops a fat hard on right on the spot. He's one of Mark's biggest fans! But when James expresses his adoration, Mark brushes it off, pretending not to be who James thinks.
Mark realizes he doesn't have enough cash to give James for a tip, so he invites James in to discuss other options. He explains that he IS in fact James's favorite porn star, and figured that since James is such a huge fan, he would let James suck his dick...instead of a cash tip!
James is more than excited and goes right in toward Mark's crotch. But Mark stops him, and pulls James face towards his own, by James's chin. They kiss deeply for a while. Then James finally pulls down Mark's pants and grabs his huge, swelling cock. He goes to his knees and bobs on the thick erection. Mark loves pleasing his fans and this couldn't be a more direct experience.
James mouth feels so good working his meat that Mark decides to go a little further and give James something to really tell his pizza-boy, pepperoni pals about. He sets James up on a couple kitchen stools and shoves his pulsating sausage into James's sweet hole.
After pounding him for a while, he repositions the appreciative delivery boy so he can slam him from behind for a bit. Watch this fan get to fulfill his wildest fantasy when Mark Long runs out of cash and tries to make it right by giving a lot more than just the tip!"

WATCH Just the Tip Featuring James Dickson and Mark Long


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Valet Serviced

Featuring Derrick Dime and James Dickson
Next Door Studios | Next Door Twink

July 1, 2015

"In the service industry, valet guys have it rough sometimes. James Dickson works his cute little ass off for just enough to get by in a fairly exclusive part of town. Without giving a second thought, big shot executives like Derrick Dime flip James a few bucks when they visit the country club in their shiny, expensive cars. But when Derrick doubles back for his phone, just after handing James his keys to park his ride, he discovers James has a very strong sexual appetite.

Derrick catches James cock-handed as he strokes his swollen dick while looking at a picture of Derrick on the phone he left behind. Derrick can't believe what he's seeing. Although James violated the code of the valet, Derrick has an idea that might make James's day a little more fun.

After an explicit proposition, James takes Derrick to a secluded storage room where they can both get more comfortable and more friendly. Derrick saw the hungry look James had as he jerked off to Derrick's picture, so Derrick is giving this young man the real thing. After kissing passionately for a while, Derrick is serving this valet his big, thick cock. James devours the luscious erection. Derrick moves the two of them to a barrel where James can sit while Derrick gets a nice mouthful of hard dick. James can't believe he's hooking up with such a high-power business player.

It's not long before Derrick takes full advantage of this eager-to-please service employee, and shoves his girthy boner into James's sweet ass. Join these two as Derrick learns the meaning of full-service valet!"

WATCH Valet Serviced Featuring Derrick Dime and James Dickson

Valet Serviced Featuring Derrick Dime and James Dickson










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Civilian Marten & Sergeant Miles

Civilian Marten & Sergeant Miles


February 18, 2015

"Civilian Marten wants to get in better shape like his buddy Sergeant Miles, but doesn't always have time to make it to the gym. So Miles decides to show his buddy some easy workouts that he can do on the go without weights and machines. First, Miles starts off with some leg lifts. Marten stands over his buddy's head and presses back Miles' leg thrusts, showing off just how ripped Miles is. It's pretty clear that Miles enjoys the view also. Next, Miles get his buddy on the floor for some pushups - military style. They keep perfect rhythm as they thrust their pecs and clap hands, showing off tight toned arms and lats. Then they move on to their triceps as they press up from the sofa and pump up their arms even more. But now, Miles has a special exercise he wants to show his buddy. Miles sets his buddy back on the sofa, arms back as he reaches for his belt buckle and slides his buddy's jeans down. Marten is already sporting a stiffy, so it does not take long before Marten has a full rock hard boner going. Miles' lip workout gets more intense as he throats down on his buddy deeper and deeper. Then Marten decides it's time to get his own lip workout going. Miles' fat cock gets a good workout, before he decides to jump down to all fours and give his buddy a chance to work out his hot hungry hole. Marten drives his thick cock in deep enough to get his buddy moaning his approval. Then Miles jumps on his back so he can get railed deeper by Marten's fat cock. Once his boots come off, Miles gets the good deep pounding he was hungering for. Next up, Miles decides to get in a leg workout as he squats down on Marten's rod, taking it balls deep. Miles rides the hell out of his buddy's cock, before he jumps to his knees and lays out his tongue to catch every drop of Marten's massive load. Miles shows off his cum covered tongue before he swallows it all down."

Civilian Marten & Sergeant Miles

Civilian Marten & Sergeant Miles

Civilian Marten & Sergeant Miles

Civilian Marten & Sergeant Miles

Civilian Marten & Sergeant Miles

Civilian Marten & Sergeant Miles Civilian Marten & Sergeant Miles

Connor Maguire Fucks Marten James


January 14, 2015

"Connor Maguire wants to get a little taste of yoga and decides to ask his buddy Marten James to help show him a few stretching exercises as a warm up. Marten is only too happy to show his friend how he got his perfectly toned body. The two start off with some simple back and ab stretches, but Marten wants to make sure he gets the maximum flex he can, so he asks Connor to get behind him and help pull his arms and arch his back to its max. Pretty soon they both find their clothes getting in the way, and drop their pants. But once the pants are off, they both find they have more interest in working out other parts of their body. Connor goes right in and gets his lips on Marten's cock, sliding his throat down the full length of Marten's shaft until his lips bottom out. Then Marten takes over and takes in a mouthful of Connor's huge meat. In moments, Connor's rod is standing tall, and Marten has to give up his throat to get it all in. Connor's massive tool is ready for some serious action, so Marten straddles it and takes it in slowly, balls deep and rides it like a pro. Connor's low hanging balls start slapping against Marten's hole as Connor takes over and starts pounding his buddy deep. Then he pulls Marten over onto all fours and grabs him by the hips to fill that hole with his thick rod. Marten presses his ass into Connor's thursts until his cum filled nut sack is slapping Marten's ass. One good slap on his ass, and then Connor flips Marten over to plow his hole nice n deep. He holds Marten's legs up to his shoulders and commences to fuck him deep and hard. Both studs are right up on the edge of blowing their loads, and Marten can't hold back any more. He blows his load all over his chest and neck before Connor pulls out and unleashes a cum bath on Marten's face and neck before letting him lick it up."

Connor Maguire Fucks Marten James

Connor Maguire Fucks Marten James

Connor Maguire Fucks Marten James

Connor Maguire Fucks Marten James

Connor Maguire Fucks Marten James

Connor Maguire Fucks Marten James

Connor Maguire Fucks Marten James
Trenton Ducati Rails Marten James

Trenton Ducati Rails Marten James


September 11, 2014

"Marten James has been on his feet a lot lately, and they are super sore. Trenton Ducati thinks he has just the answer as he takes his buddy's feet in his giant paws and starts working on slowly releasing all that tension. Pretty soon Trenton brings in some tongue action to help sooth Martens stiffness. But Trenton has one weakness – he gets super turned on by giving foot massages. Within seconds, Trenton is rubbing Marten's foot against the rising bulge in his shorts. But whatever stiffness has gone out of Marten's feet, has sprung up in his own package. It's apparent that Marten's cock could use some tension release too, and Trenton is only too happy to oblige. Once Marten's trousers come off, Trenton is right on that hot cock, throating down until his lips graze that crotch fur. A little spit on Trenton's finger, and its time to bring in some hot butt play to help loosen his friend up. That amazing cock massage deserves reciprocation, and Trenton is ready to collect from his hot boy. Wow, Trenton has one monster of a cock, and Marten does an amazing job in getting his lips down on that bone! Then Trenton really takes charge of his hot boy, grabbing the back of his neck and reaming Marten's throat. Nothing sounds as hot as a nice big man paw smacking a nice smooth hungry butt. But now it's time to get some – Trenton literally tosses Marten onto all fours and lines him up for the railing of his life. He starts off rimming that hot round ass, tongue fucking him to loosen that tight ring. Once he's got Marten's toes curled Trenton pulls that hot ass up and sides right in. Marten's ass wraps around his buddy's cock like a glove, and Trenton has total command of his hot bottom. He flips him over on his back so he can thrust the full length of his rod in deep. At first Marten has to hold Trenton's thrusts back, but once he loosens up, he takes a major pounding and begs for more. Then it's Marten's turn to straddle that thick tool – man his hot muscled ass sliding down on that thick cock until it's balls deep is a hot sight. Trenton slaps that hot ass until Marten sprays a major load all over Trenton's chest and abs. Marten laps every last drop up. Then Marten flips over to let Trenton gush his load all over his buddy's face. Wow."

Trenton Ducati Rails Marten James Trenton Ducati Rails Marten James

Trenton Ducati Rails Marten James

Trenton Ducati Rails Marten James Trenton Ducati Rails Marten James

Trenton Ducati Rails Marten James

Trenton Ducati Rails Marten James

Trenton Ducati Rails Marten James

Trenton Ducati Rails Marten James
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While We Wait

Featuring James Dickson & Tom Faulk
Drill My Hole at Men.com

June 18, 2014

"What do you get when you when you put two hot construction workers alone in a room with some time to kill? Most probably a boner, especially when it's Tom Faulk making the most out of some down time by giving the old jackhammer to James Dickson's fine ass."

WhileWeWaitDMH03 WhileWeWaitDMH10

WhileWeWaitDMH11 WhileWeWaitDMH13