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Keep It Clean

Featuring Brandon Ford and Hayden Richards

November 8, 2012

Keep It Clean Featuring Brandon Ford and Hayden Richards























July 2012

"Colorado: home to age-old peaks like the Rockies, and mesmerizing youthful erections like Hayden Richard. This golden find pans out to perfection with thick hairy armpits, runway looks and a tawny toned body. Plus a missile of mass destruction that could launch a pre-emptive war for Paragon supremacy!

Hayden has a teacher fantasy, and once went to yoga class just to date the instructor. Later he worked on her downward dog because the wheelbarrow position is his favorite (he loves that part of female anatomy where back meets ass). Hayden prefers to play that way - with his Jack in the Box!

He’s big on the outdoors – hiking, camping and rock climbing. And as for bouldering, Hayden’s dynamite in our PH XXX feast! He has no shame and said he once blew a load in a Walmart (our kingdom to hear “clean up on aisle five” over the loudspeaker).

The most memorable pick-up line studly Hayden ever heard was, “You’re gorgeous and we should fuck.” To which he quipped, “And so we shall, you old-fashioned thing." Take your turn in our pages!"

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The 3-way

Featuring Hayden Richards, Steven Ponce and Joe Parker

June 21, 2012

"Just a couple of weeks ago, the pieces fell into place for the first 3-way. Here's how it all came down in Caruso's own words. Don't miss it! In the continuing exploration of Joe Parker I decided to pair him with Steven Ponce, a favorite Bait guy here. Steven has had the hots for Joe since he first laid eyes on him, but since Joe had already been baited into having gay sex by the amazing Dean Monroe, I was not sure if I could make Steven's wish come true. Well, after Joe's recent oral scene with Nikko Alexander I thought he might be willing to try and do a little group action. So, I asked Steven if he would be willing to do a 3-way and get fucked by Joe and help me convince another straight guy to also fuck him. Of course Steven was on board being the insatiable bottom that he is. So, I had Steven and Joe agreeing to do a 3-way and now all we had to do is convince our new straight guy Hayden to join in on the fun. Well, you just have to see how things unfold in this most amazing 3-way here at BaitBuddies!"










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Hayden Richards Fucks Jared Kent

September 13, 2012

"Hayden Richards and Jared Kent make an awesome team in this intense fuck scene. Hayden is an aggressive top, the kind of top that Jared seems to love! After making out, Jared goes down immediately on Hayden's cock, pressing his lips around the flesh, licking Hayden's head, and playing with his balls. The BJ is intense, and gets Hayden revved up. Hayden soon is gobbling down Jared's cock, too. Hayden is an excellent cock-sucker, and Jared is enjoying the feeling of Hayden's tongue against the shaft of his dick. Hayden, however, is eager for the main event. Jared gets into a submissive doggie position, practically begging Hayden to stick his dick in. Hayden does not have to be begged, though! Soon Hayden is pounding away - and pounding hard! Hayden's cock sliding in and out of Jared's bubbly ass is too hot, and these two studs soon are sweaty with the intensity of the fucking. Soon Jared is on his back, continuing to get drilled by Hayden and his hard thick dick. Jared and Hayden have terrific cumshots to end a super-hot fuck session. Great stuff!"











Hayden Richards Fucks Bryan Cavallo

July 26, 2012

"Bryan Cavallo had not been fucked in a while, so when Hayden Richards and Bryan were both in town, we all decided that it was about time for Bryans tight jock ass to get a pounding! Hayden loves sex, loves to fuck, and has a really nice dick. Bryan and Hayden got excited right away, and making out with each other brought each of these studs nice cocks to full mast! Bryan licks and slurps away on Hayden, and Hayden is more than happy to return the favor. Hayden sucks Bryans big uncut dick, paying special attention to his head. By the look on Bryans face, you can tell Hayden is a master cock-sucker, and Bryan probably would have been content to just bust in his mouth. However, Hayden has other plans, and once Bryan is on his knees, Hayden slides his cock in. Bryan is not used to getting fucked much, so the first few strokes makes him wince. However, once Bryans tight little hole is loosened up, Bryan begins to enjoy it alot - so much so that Bryan is riding Hayden in no time! With each bounce up and down on Haydens cock, Hayden can feel Bryans hole grasping onto his dick. Bryan flips over onto his back for Hayden to fuck the cum out of him, and Hayden does just that, before blowing a nice load himself on freshly-fucked Bryan. Hot fuck!"














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Hayden Richards Busts A Nut

April 16, 2012

"Hayden Richards is a 22 year old stud from Colorado, and we were excited to get him over to see what he could do. Almost immediately, we were taken with the sweet smile and sultry personality. Hayden strips down to reveal an amazing body that he works hard to take care of. His dick is hard in a second, and what a cock! Throbbing and hard as a brick, Haydens cock gets due attention - Hayden loves getting off, even if it is by himself. As he flirts with the camera, he plays with his balls and nipples, and he also rubs his tanned muscles so we get a good idea of how he likes to be touched. As he lays down on the bed, we get to see his hot bubble butt. Hayden is really proud of his ass - almost as much as he is proud of his cock! Continuing to flirt heavily, he rolls over and works himself into a frenzy. As he gets closer to climax, he speeds up and then slows down his jerking, until finally he cannot hold it anymore. Hayden spurts out a hot load of creamy white jizz onto himself and takes a few more deep breaths. What a hottie!"








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Sleepers, Scene 1

Hayden Richards and Brett Summers
Jet Set Men

January 11, 2013

"Hung stud Hayden Richards looks so sexy when in his tight white underwear that newcomer Brett Summers can't possibly keep his hands to himself. The tall blond dream boat slowly makes his way down Hayden's underwear until he softly reveals his rock hard perfect cock. Brett can't get enough of Hayden's throbbing rock hard cock. Hayden's reaction shows Brett is an amazing cock sucker working over his dick like a pro. The pair continue making sweet love in the middle of the night till both studs bust their hot creamy loads."

Ass Bangin' Fun, Scene 1
Chase Young and Hayden Richards
Jet Set Men

December 19, 2012

"The gay porn industry's hottest new TWOCK (combination of a twink and jock) Chase Young shows off his big beautiful cock for the camera. But naturally what Mr. Steele wants to see is Chase's amazingly hot ass, and like a good boy Mr. Young complies and shows his scrumptious pink butthole to the camera. But there's something missing, a hot hard cock to ram his cute twock hole! After showing off his hot ass Chase discovers super top Hayden Richards near by and the twock is had by a massive thick cock. A thick cock and a twock, just what you need for a hot afternoon on the computer!"

Abduction, Scene 1
Hayden Richards and Genesis Luna
Jet Set Men

November 19, 2012

"Preppy boy Genesis Luna comes face to face with master Hayden Richards. Once in his dungeon Genesis is dominated by his abductor. Luna clearly enjoys this fantasy and is prepared to do what ever his master asks starting with taking Hayden's thick cock down his throat. Richards fucks Luna, having his way with his ass as he pleases then he blows a huge load all over him."

Hole Damage, Scene 1
Hayden Richards and Jarred King
Jet Set Men

November 7, 2012

"Studly Hayden Richards is hot and horny as we find out when this Jet Set Reality scene begins. Hayden shows off his perfectly shaped rock hard cock and talks about how horny he is and how he want a hot ass to fuck. Hayden finds Jarred hanging out near by and quickly inspects his ass. Hayden shoves his thick cock down Jarred's throat and fucks him mouth then takes his aggression out on Jarred's ass. It's obvious that Jarred doesn't bottom very often as he struggles and squirms while Hayden pounds his hole. The Hole Damage is very visible when these two studs bust nuts together."
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