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High Score

Featuring Eddy Roman and Hayden Richards
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

July 24, 2013

"Hayden Richards is back with EBD for another go round, but he's rather pre-occupied playing video games right now. First timer Eddy Roman is pretty sure he's got something Hayden would be more interested in, if only he could figure out a way to get Hayden's attention. Refusing to be ignored, Eddy unzips Hayden's fly and pulls out his 8.5' dick to begin sucking on it. Taking the head into his mouth, Eddy flicks his tongue up and down the shaft and then takes the whole thing deep into the back of his throat. Hayden's eyes roll back into his head and it is obvious he won't be able to concentrate on what he's doing, so he relents, and puts down the controller to focus on Eddy. And since Eddy was so insistent on getting his undivided attention, Hayden makes sure he gets it in full, shoving his dick down Eddy's throat and then plunging his it deep into Eddy's ass. Eddy grinds and bounces as he rides Hayden, before Hayden throws him face first onto the bed and begins pumping him from behind as Eddy begs for him to do it harder. Eddy strokes his cock as Hayden keeps pounding, until his load comes flying out all over him, just as Hayden pulls out and drenches his face with a load of his own."

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Kyler Benz & Hayden Richards

"Cum Over Now"

Kyler Benz & Hayden Richards

July 6, 2012

"This week on CircleJerkBoys.com we have Kyler Benz back in the house and he's brought along sexy Hayden Richards. Kyler is horny and tuggin' on his cock while he looks at a picture of Hayden who is on his way over. There's a knock on the door and it's Hayden, who goes to shake Kyler's hand but Kyler gets a handful of cock instead. Hayden's pinned against the wall as Kyler drops to his knees and pulls out Hayden's growing dick. "Got here just in time" Hayden moans as Kyler shoves that dick down his throat. Kyler then gets on the floor and tilts his head back as Hayden sits on the weight bench and lowers his heavy hangers into Kyler's mouth. Kyler laps at those smooth nuts taking them both in his mouth as Hayden reaches down and starts to jack Kyler's hard on. Kyler then gets on his knees to better suck on that dick he can't get enough of as he sucks and strokes that meat. "Dirty little slut" Hayden teases as Kyler savors that meat like a pro sliding it ball deep down his thro! at. "Show me that ass" Hayden orders as Kyler gladly bends over and starts to play with his furry ass, making Hayden horny for that tight hole. Kyler then backs up and sits on that dick as his ass slowly concedes and lets that thick cock inside. Hayden holds Kyler by the waist and helps bounce him on his meat as he slams up inside him wanting to get it in as deep as possible. Hayden then grabs Kyler just under his thighs and stands up still inside that ass and just bounces little Kyler up and down on his throbbing cock. After bouncing him on that dick like a fleshjack he moves over to the couch where Kyler lands on all four still taking that dick deep. Hayden taps that hot ass doggy picking up the pace as Kyler just moans for more. He fucks that hole deep and it sends Kyler over the edge as Hayden fucks the cum out of him. Hayden then straddles Kyler's chest and jacks that thick cock off unloading his thick cum all over Kyler's face." Visit 1 Gay Pass for all-in-one access!

Kyler Benz & Hayden Richards

Kyler Benz & Hayden Richards

Kyler Benz & Hayden Richards

Kyler Benz & Hayden Richards

Kyler Benz & Hayden Richards

Kyler Benz & Hayden Richards Kyler Benz & Hayden Richards

Thrill of the Chase

Featuring Chase Austin and Hayden Richards
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

May 23, 2012

"We have the hottest boys to show you this week as we welcome Hayden Richards and hung hottie Chase Austin. Chase is 20 years old and hails from the historic southern city originally named after King Charles of England, Charleston, SC. Just when you thought sweet grass baskets were the only things causing a commotion; we find Chase with over 8 more incredibly thick reasons to visit. Road trip anyone? Now Hayden is 22 years old and comes to us from the Mile High City of Denver, CO. Its location being a mile above sea level may have earned Denver its nickname; but it isn't anything we can relate to here on Florida's coast. We asked these studs, given front row seats, who they'd want to see perform. Hayden would want to see Janet Jackson; while Chase would love to see Kylie Minogue. Chase was blessed with more than the average boy in the cock department and once he started showering in gym class that became obvious. Hayden, who has some thick equipment of his own, admits that even though he doesn't have much experience with guys he's found he just loved to get his dick off regardless of who he gets to put it in to make that happen. Vote Richards/Austin 2012. Because behind every curious straight boy there should be a gay one holding a much larger...well, you know!Chase is kicking back and stroking his big dick to a mag when Hayden walks in on him. 'I knew you were gay, you've been checking me out' Hayden brags as he takes the gay mag away from Chase leaving his rock hard cock to speak for itself. 'You can't tell anyone', begs Chase as Hayden decides his silence will cost Chase some head. Chase has no other choice and starts to blow Hayden's rock hard cock. Hayden moans as he watches his dick disappear into his friend's mouth. 'You like that thick ass cock in your mouth?' he moans as he slides his dick in and out of Chase's mouth. Chase licks along the shaft and works his knob a bit before sucking it back down his throat. 'I want you to eat my ass' orders Hayden as he ups the ante. Chase isn't complaining as he shoves his tongue deep inside that hot ass. Hayden spreads his beefy ass wide to get Chase's tongue in as deep as possible. Chase knows just what he's doing as he tongue fucks that sweet ass as Hayden strokes his rock hard cock. Hayden then gets Chase on the chaise as he straddles his face for more head. Chase swallows every inch he's given as Hayden fucks his throat getting his cock rock hard. It seems it'll take more than just head...Hayden flips Chase over onto his stomach and starts to finger that smooth ass. He rams his finger inside, slapping that hot ass as Chase squirms. 'You ready for this dick?' he taunts as he goes in for a kiss. Hayden then sits back as Chase impales himself on his thick dick. Walking in on Chase is the best thing to happen to their friendship as Hayden starts to ram his dick even deeper into Chase's ass. Chase is bouncing on that meat hard as the sounds of balls slapping ass fills the room. Chase lets go of his dick and it twirls like a propeller as he rides that meat for all its worth. Hayden then grabs Chase by his pits and gets up still buried inside him and puts him down on all four on the chaise. Once he's in position he gets right back to pounding that ass. Hayden likes to be on top and we can see why as he owns that hot hole. Chase can't get enough as he begs Hayden for more cock. Hayden is taking that ass doggy style and slamming every inch of his meat deep inside. Missionary is next as he flips Chase over on his back. He slides his dick back in and start to slam that dick home. Missionary does the trick as it hits just the right spot sending Chase over the edge. Hayden pulls out at the same time and they both explode all over Chase's smooth abs and spent cock."


He's Got The Moves, Scene 3

Hayden Richards and Connor Kline
Falcon Studios | Guys Like Us

October 11, 2013

"Unpacking makes Connor Kline horny, so he flops on the couch and spreads his legs provocatively. Hayden Richards picks up on the body language, running his hand down Connor's thigh and unzipping his jeans. He is already hard. Connor leans forward and opens his mouth, sucking while Hayden removes all clothing. Connor is smooth, muscular and well inked. Hayden has fat balls and the body of a runner. He murmurs encouragement while face-fucking his buddy, who makes lots of gulping and gurgling noises. When Hayden lifts a big carton to make room for them to lie down, the bottom falls out and the box disgorges an avalanche of porno mags and sex toys. Grabbing a long dildo and shaking it like a conductor's baton, Hayden asks if Connor is ready for 'more fun.' Connor kneels, spreads his cheeks and bends over. His perfectly shaped, firm buns swallow that dildo like his hole was a vacuum. He rocks and groans, telling Hayden 'harder.' Once his hole is fully dilated, he sits on Hayden's cock for a bouncing ride. They interrupt fucking for Hayden to suck Connor, then reconnect in the missionary position. Connor's pumped pecs jolt from the pounding. With their balls churning, they grab their cocks and spray Connor's hard abs with spooge."

WATCH He's Got The Moves, Scene 3 Starring Hayden Richards and Connor Kline
















Just For You, Scene 2

Hayden Richards and Hunter Page
Falcon Studios | Guys Like Us

May 1, 2013

"Hunter Page is jacking off to his perfect fantasy man fucking him right before that dream comes true. Enter handsome Hayden Richards, who rounds the corner not expecting to see a naked guy masturbating blissfully on the staircase. They smile wide smiles, and Hayden quickly strips, his buns flexing as he ascends for an embrace. He grabs, then sucks the cock he's offered, squeezing Hunter's nuts. Hayden stands and lifts his foot onto the banister and Hunter instinctively presses his face to the crack. But Hunter's crack is the object of this fantasy, so he assumes the position - his bubble butt for the taking. Penetration is all he hoped for and more. Too naive to know about shaving, Hunter's hole and taint are covered with black hair. Hayden pronounces the ass sweet as he fucks it. They move to a couch and fuck in the spoons position until Hunter shoots an almost never-ending load, dumping puddle upon puddle of jizz on his tight abs then taking Hayden's load in the face."

WATCH Just For You, Scene 2 Starring Hayden Richards and Hunter Page















Gym Dudes Champs

Champs, Scene 1

Featuring Alex Andrews and Hayden Richards
Hot House | Gym Dudes

April 29, 2013

"Hayden Richards usually hits the gym late because he knows it's the best time to find other horny young guys looking for action. When he sees Alex Andrews punching the boxing bag he steps up to spar him then takes off his t-shirt to show off his abs. He tells Alex to punch him in his rock-hard gut then yanks off the kid's boxing gloves and puts his hands down his gym shorts. As soon as Alex gets a hold of what's in Hayden's pants he gets on his knees to suck his dick. Hayden pumps Alex's face then stands him up so he can go down on Alex's thick uncut monster. Hayden orders Alex to strip, shoves his cock in the stud's ass and fucks him hard up against the boxing bag. They move to the floor where Hayden fucks a load out of Alex then pulls out and jacks his load all over Alex's sweaty chest and abs."

WATCH Champs, Scene 1 Starring Alex Andrews and Hayden Richards
















Good Sports, Scene 1

Hayden Richards and Jed Athens
Hot House | Gym Dudes

March 4, 2013

"Hayden Richards and Jed Athens cool down after a rigorous day of practice by spitting water on each other. The wet gym clothes cling to the young studs' bodies, especially Hayden's bulging crotch. Jed gets down on his knees and sucks Hayden's cock right through his jock until the mesh can no longer contain his giant hardon. Jed worships his teammate's cock and balls then stands up to strip out of his gear. Like a good sport, Hayden goes down on Jed to return the favor. Things really heat up when Jed opens his tight hole to Hayden's big dick. They fuck hard until Hayden pulls out and Jed blows his load."

WATCH Good Sports, Scene 1 Starring Hayden Richards and Jed Athens

















Backroom Exclusives 30, Scene 2

Featuring Bobby Hart and Hayden Richards
Hot House

November 12, 2012

"While cruising the internet Bobby Hart comes across the Steamworks website. He suggests to his boyfriend Hayden Richards that they should go check it out because it could be hot. Hayden calls Bobby over to the bed and tells him he'll make it hot right here at home. He pulls out his big cock and Bobby gets right to work licking and sucking the rock hard tool. After some amazing head, Bobby kicks back and feeds his big dick to Hayden who nearly makes him cum with his mouth but stops and says 'let's fuck.' He gets Bobby on all fours and plows his ass then rolls him over on his back and fucks him some more. Hayden pulls out and shoots then Bobby jacks off and blows an impressive load."

















Bobby Hart and Hayden Richards

Live Show Archives
Hot House

September 5, 2012

"Hot House Live continues to bring you fresh young hung studs that you've never seen before like Bobby Hart and Hayden Richards. According to Bobby, Hayden took his porn cherry and he loved it. The discussion soon turns to who can give the best blow job and everyone seems to agree that Bobby has better cock sucking skills, which he can't wait to show off for the Live viewers. He expertly worships Hayden's long thick dick. When Bobby pulls out his monster Hayden can't resist putting it in his mouth. The suck-off continues until Hayden decides to fuck Bobby's big round ass. Looks like he's taking his LIVE porn cherry too!"








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