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Hot Jock Tucker & His Size 12 Feet

May 17, 2021

"On a hot summer day Tucker is tanned and loving life. He has been at the beach every day and just taking it easy. He's in a great mood. Now it's time to take his shirt and shoes off and relax on the couch. Tucker takes off one flip-flop and then the other exposing his wide, ticklish size 12 soles. Everything is a bit hot, even inside, so his body and then his soles have a nice sheen that make them even sexier."









Tucker's Size 12 Feet & Socks

October 19, 2020

"Tucker's super, ULTRA-wide size 12 feet are nothing short of incredible. He has gorgeous toes and smooth soles with tons of room to put your face. Of course, he looks fantastic in those dark socks too. Tucker always looks great in his clothes as well as out of them. It's so easy to imagine yourself with your nose at his toe-level so you can get in between each toe and sniff to your heart's content."








Tucker's Size 12 Feet & Dress Socks

July 15, 2019

"I don't think I've seen a wider foot than Tucker's huge size 12s. Tucker is a born salesman. With those looks and that big, friendly grin I think Tucker could sell anything to anybody. If it was me and I got one look at his dress socks I would buy pretty much anything from this guy. If he was in his office with those big bare feet propped up on his desk I think he could get me to do just about anything as well!"










Tucker's Big Size 12 Feet

December 10, 2018

"Tucker is back and this guy is a sight for sore eyes. His dreamy face and big, muscular body are very impressive, but his love for showing off his feet make him a complete dream to me. Tucker's size 12 flip-flops look amazing as do his feet, just like always."





Mffhq1472_tucker_31 Mffhq1472_tucker_50

Tucker's Sexy Feet In Bed

April 24, 2018

"Tucker has gorgeous size 12 feet and he shows them off along with his sweet ass as he rests in bed. Tucker's wide and ticklish feet are exposed and they look perfect. Tucker has such masculine foot tops with nice nails and his soles are fleshy and soft."



Mffhq1439_tucker_09 Mffhq1439_tucker_11

Mffhq1439_tucker_13 Mffhq1439_tucker_42

Mffhq1439_tucker_43 Mffhq1439_tucker_51

Muscle Stud Tucker's Feet and White Socks

October 18, 2016

"Tucker is back and this guy is never a bad sight for sore eyes. His dreamy face and big, muscular body are very impressive, but his love for showing off his feet make him a complete dream to me. We headed out to the local park for some foot photo fun. Could a day get any better when you're snapping pictures of a gorgeous, smiling stud posing his sexy feet in white socks and bare? I don't think so."



Mffhq1360_tucker_012 Mffhq1360_tucker_017

Mffhq1360_tucker_024 Mffhq1360_tucker_034

Mffhq1360_tucker_042 Mffhq1360_tucker_049

Mffhq1360_tucker_064 Mffhq1360_tucker_065

Tucker Captured and Tickled Naked

May 30, 2014

"Tucker has done shoots with MyFriendsFeet in the past, but last week he was awakened in a manner he never expected. Waking up in bondage with MyFriendsFeet's best in-house tickler standing over him, the powerful muscle man knew he was in for some serious tickle torture. And that's exactly what he got too, begging for mercy and release as his sinewy physique was tortured relentlessly!"







Tucker Captured and Tickled Naked

Tucker Captured and Tickled Naked

Tucker Captured and Tickled Naked

Tucker Captured and Tickled Naked

Tucker Captured and Tickled Naked

Tucker Captured and Tickled Naked
Cocky Salesman Tucker's Wide Size 12 Feet Worshiped

Cocky Salesman Tucker's Wide Size 12 Feet Worshiped

"Tucker is one of the cockiest guys I've ever had on MyFriendsFeet and he doesn't hold much back here as he makes me get down on my knees to worship his size 12s. There are just some men I go weak in the knees for and Tucker is one of them. Besides, with size 12 feet on him he is definitely worth it. I did my best to make Tucker and his feet feel wonderful and I think I succeeded!"

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Tucker Worshiped and Tickled In His Sleep

Tucker Worshiped and Tickled In His Sleep

December 24, 2010

"Tucker fell asleep at the MyFriendsFeet studio and we took full advantage of worshiping his perfect size 12 feet. It was like a wet dream come true. Tucker is a real man's man, gorgeous as hell. So having to get to worship his feet, whether he's awake or not, is truly a treasure. Tucker stirred a bit while we adored his feet, but never woke up. We wonder what he was dreaming about!"

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Tucker Captured and Worshiped

Tucker Captured and Worshiped

November 23, 2010

"Tucker is too damn gorgeous for me to not get a hold of him and worship his size 12 against his will. This stupendous hunk is perfect for MyFriendsFeet and sure adored his foot worshiping. I love the moans and groans that came out of Tucker's handsome face as I fondled, licked and sucked on his feet and toes. I don't think he had ever had it so good and I know I had a great time!"

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Tucker's Size 12 Feet In Sheer Socks and Bare

"We love Tucker's big wide feet. Those size 12s are really ticklish and he loves to have them worshiped. His big feet in his black sheer socks are really a sight to behold. It isn't often that I can't stop staring at a guy when I take pictures of him. It makes it harder to carry out the task. But Tucker is a whole other kind of stud. He's SO good looking and his size 12 feet are a foot freak's wet dream cum true!"





32 Tucker's Size 12 Feet In Sheer Socks and Bare

75 Tucker's Size 12 Feet In Sheer Socks and Bare

Tucker's Size 12 Feet In White Socks and Bare

August 7, 2010

"When Brock called me up and told me that one of his friends was interested in modeling I was very happy to get the referral. Brock brought him over later that day so I could meet him and to check out his feet. My jaw must have hit the floor at the sight of this big, gorgeous dude who was wearing flip-flops. His feet were stunning - just like the rest of him. Once I got my composure back I asked them in and I talked to Tucker about the gig. He had his gym bag in the car so I took him outside and shot these photos. I was almost afraid that he would leave and I'd never see him and his hot size 12 feet again. Tucker wasn't expecting to have his photos taken that day and he didn't want to wear his socks because he said they were dirty since he had come straight from the gym. I told him it was no problem! Those socks smelled so great as he took his shoes off! Whew - what a great aroma they had!

Tucker is in college after spending two years in the Marines. He's working toward competing in a bodybuilding competition in the fall. His size 12 feet are super wide, and he said that they were ticklish too. He said his girlfriend tickles his feet all the time and it drives him nuts. I practically begged him to come back, and he said he would. I just want to get my hands on those ticklish soles."


13 Tucker's Size 12 Feet In White Socks and Bare

29 Tucker's Size 12 Feet In White Socks and Bare

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Tucker Smith

March 2011

"Hey Huck Finn, wanna play dirty? Homegrown hottie Tucker Smith hails from a town off the Mississippi and he ain't afraid to wade in - he once had sex with a girl on her period. It just wasn't the time of the month to say no!

Who could resist grabbing hold of that sexy mussed up hair and holding on for a wild ride on this All-American boy toy?

Barrel-chested, blue-eyed beauty Tucker has a soft side to match his naturally smooth skin. Tucker’s a (modern) family man who’s looking to get hitched! Put a (cock)ring on it!

He’s actually a caring, respectful, porn pup (exploding in our PH!) – so take advantage of him with your eyes!"



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Max Peeing and Posing

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Battle of the Male Models 1

Match 2: STL vs Uno
Thunders Arena

November 29, 2010

"Once STL finishes up dominating Zman he wanders into the living room to get some rest. There he finds Uno (Gavin McHale) watching TV in the family room. Uno makes some crack to about, "Why are you even sweating. It's Zman he's easy to beat up." This leads to them fighting verbally over who the bigger man is size wise until, they both challenge each other to arm wrestling. Which resolves nothing and they quickly take it to the next level and go into the garage to fight it out and prove who the bigger man is and the BEST wrestling male model at Thunder's Arena. Right out of the gate, Uno picks STL up and carries him around on his shoulder. STL bearhugs Uno. then lifts him up. The two lock hands in a battle of mercy and try to make the other submit. Uno puts STL down then jumps on top in a schoolboy pin. STL quickly gets out of it and armbars start flying. Uno counters by put STL in an ankle lock. Uno grabs STL and puts him in a reverse bearhug, which STL gets out of and slams Uno to the mat and gets Uno in a leg scissors. Uno comes up behind STL and grabs him in a standing headlock, then gets him on the mat in an armbar. Both wrestlers grab each other's ankles and have a ankle lock competition. Flexing and sweating showing off their amazing builds. After wrestling around on the mat for a while Uno gives STL a reverse bearhug but STL quickly counters with a body scissors on Uno. Uno grabs STL's arm in a standing armbar, twists STL around until he gets him in a headlock. Uno gets STL up against the garage door and gives him several gut punches. After some wrestling on the mat, Uno has STL in a headlock and decides to pinch STL's nose, followed by a camel clutch on STL, then he gets STL in a surfboard. STL continues his rampage of destruction and domination with a bearhug that leads to a headlock on the mat, then a reverse bearhug. Uno puts STL in a bearhug that doesn't last long,as STL rakes his fingers over Uno's eyes. STL picks Uno up and slams him on the mat, gut punching Uno several times, then picks him up and slams him down again, followed by a painful lock lock, choking and more gut punches that finally makes Uno scream out, "I Give!". Uno's ribs were damaged from all those bearhugs and finally had to medically forfit the end of the match."

STL vs Uno STL vs Uno

STL vs Uno STL vs Uno


Battle_of_the_Male_Models_STL_vs_UNO_UNO_STL_003 Battle_of_the_Male_Models_STL_vs_UNO_UNO_STL_006

Battle_of_the_Male_Models_STL_vs_UNO_UNO_STL_037 Battle_of_the_Male_Models_STL_vs_UNO_UNO_STL_050
Thunders Arena STL


New_Wrestler_STL_Last Viewed Face - 56

New_Wrestler_STL_Last Viewed Face - 75

New_Wrestler_STL_Last Viewed Face - 12 New_Wrestler_STL_Last Viewed Face - 21

New_Wrestler_STL_Last Viewed Face - 48 New_Wrestler_STL_Last Viewed Face - 65