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Parker's First Huge Cock

Featuring Parker London and Luke Hass
Gay Room | Damn Thats Big

August 3, 2011

"Luke Hass invited Parker over last week to hang out and watch a movie. But, things got a little heated. Parker never seen such a huge cock before in his entire life. Luke gave his tight asshole a nice stretching!"















Tory Mason and Parker London"Play Boy Gets Fucked by Roommate"
Tory Mason and Parker London
Gay Creeps at GayRoom.com

July 26, 2011

"Tory Mason is a bachelor living the good life. He has girls coming up to him left and right trying to get laid. His roommate wants to hook up with one of his girls but can't get the number of his phone. After a long desperate attempt, he just wants to fuck. Tory seems to be the only person around to get him off." Visit Gay Room for all-in-one access!
Tory Mason and Parker London

Tory Mason and Parker London

Tory Mason and Parker London

Tory Mason and Parker London
Cole Harvey and Parker London"Just like a pro"
Cole Harvey and Parker London

February 24, 2011

"He might not have a banjo on his knee, but this straight farm boy from Alabama don`t need music to keep us entertained. Cole Harvey is 6` with blue eyes and blond hair and he`s got an 8 inch, thick instrument that would keep just about anyone happy! This guy is cuter than he is bright and don`t think we didn`t take advantage of that fact. He`s new in town and of course low on cash, so he replied to our ad for porn models. He tells us that many girls had told him that he should be in porn. When you get a look at his big, hard cock you`ll see those girls know their shit when it comes to recognizing a stud. So, we get him in the studio and Robins gives him the talk about getting hard to make sure he can get it up in front of another guy. He`s really taken aback with the forwardness and blunt instructions. So, Robins brings in the bait, an experienced bi porn star named Parker London. Parker is a bit gruff looking with facial hair and lots of tattoos - very masculine in appearance and voice - he`s cute, tall, built and hot with a great smile - just sexy as hell. Robins now tells Parker to show Cole how to ``do it like a pro``. Cole finally starts getting into it and when he`s in the horny zone, Robins gives him the opportunity to make some money by shooting a scene...but it`s with Parker - no girls. Although hesitant at first, triple the dough seems to be enough incentive to get Cole going. Before you know it, formerly 100% straight Cole is sucking dick and getting fucked ``just like a pro`` by Parker who simultaneously spit lubes and jacks Cole`s big dick to a mind blowing orgasm with cum flying over Cole`s shoulder. It`s now Parker`s turn to nut. He thinks we don`t notice as he slyly takes his hand already covered in Cole`s straight boy cum and uses it to lube his cock and bring himself off to a truly shattering end!"

Cole Harvey and Parker London

Cole Harvey and Parker London

Cole Harvey and Parker London

Cole Harvey and Parker London

Cole Harvey and Parker London

Stay out of the fucking fast lane!

Featuring Parker London and Tyler Alexander
Kink | Bound Gods

June 7, 2012

"Tyler Alexander has been breaking laws around town without realizing that he's had a stalker the likes of Parker London on his tail. In Parker's den Tyler is blindfolded and belted to a pole as Parker reads off his charges. The fake badge makes Tyler doubt his captor's authority but his cock gets hard as he's stripped down anyway. Parker gives him a zipper and throws him in a cage overnight. Horny the next day Parker checks on the boy who is still rock hard and makes him suck his cock for a flogging. Tyler gets jacked off with the electric butt plug and cock ring then fucked hard. Parker shoves the butt plug back in his ass to make him cum then fucks him again and blows his load all over the punk's face."



















Parker London

"Parker London's Last Porn Shoot"

June 19, 2012

"Parker London is a straight guy with a cut body and a great smile. Unlike most of our other guys he actually edges himself when he's with his girlfriend, although not nearly to the extent that will happen today. We have him strip and tie his arms back, get him hard, and cut off his briefs. He almost cums from the vibrator, flexing his abs, and putting him up on his toes. We put clips on his nipples and flog his ass and chest. Tied up, he fucks the vibrator attachment but we don't let him cum and make him fly instead. Suspended in the air we fuck his ass with a dildo and jack him some more. In full body bondage tied to a bed we jack him until he's ready to cum than tickle torture him. The brand new vibrating cock ring drives him crazy when we leave it on the head of his dick. The intensity proves to be too much and he cums without his dick being touched. This is Parker London's last cumshot on video. We will miss you Parker!"

Parker London Fucks Brenden Cage

February 18, 2010

"Uber hottie Parker London is back again (in both 2D and 3D), and this time has his way with Brenden Cage. Brenden has only bottomed one or two times before, but he really wanted Parker badly! In this hot scene, Parker goes to town on Brenden, who takes it like a man! Watch the full movie at DominicFord.com."

Berke Banks and Parker London

Berke Banks and Parker London
Men Hard at Work at Suite703.com

June 30, 2010

"Parker London is a great father and wants nothing bad to happen for his kid. When teacher Berke Banks calls meeting to discuss Parker's son's suspension, Parker wants to make sure he does everything humanly possible to keep that from happening. Berke has an idea on how on a different kind of expulsion invoking Parker." See more of Berke Banks and Parker London
Berke Banks and Parker London

Berke Banks and Parker London

Berke Banks and Parker London

Berke Banks and Parker London

Berke Banks and Parker London

Berke Banks and Parker London

Hungover, Scene 1

Chris Tyler, Connor Maguire, Dylan Hauser, Jimmy Durano, Landon Conrad, Parker London, Spencer Fox
Falcon Studios

April 13, 2012

"Landon Conrad, Spencer Fox, Dylan Hauser, Jimmy Durano and Connor Maguire are all anxious to get down and party hearty before their service buddy, Chris Tyler, heads out on another deployment. With all the macho bravado and testosterone bouncing off the walls, no one, not even the pizza delivery man, is safe. Dylan is the first to sample the choice slabs of meat from the buffed-up buffet as he begins sucking on Jimmy's horsedick and Chris follows suit guzzling down Spencer's cock. And Landon and Parker London (the pizza guy) get busy quick as they trade off sucking down each other's big salamis. The man action rages on non-stop especially when Dylan adds Connor's cock to his happy meal. There's a lot more man-on-man action for all the guys to gobble up from their self-made smorgasbord. It's bottoms up for Parker London and Chris Tyler as they yield their assholes to Spencer Fox and Connor Maguire respectively, while Dylan Hauser does double duty getting fucked by Jimmy Durano in his hole and Landon Conrad down his gullet. All the debauched sensations the men are experiencing can be measured by all their moaning and groaning. The louder it gets, the more pleasurable it is. There's no limit to their shared hedonism and things get real crazy when first Dylan and then Chris get gangbanged. And to make sure Chris gets the send-off he deserves, all his friends salute him with shots of cum."














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Lucas Entertainment

Voyeuristic Fucking with Parker London and Brenden Cage Eye Contact, Scene 5
Voyeuristic Fucking with Parker London and Brenden Cage
Lucas Entertainment

June 17, 2011

"Smooth muscle-studs Parker London and Brenden Cage are excited to have company, and they know what we're after: we want to see them fuck! Fulfilling our wish, Parker immediately dives into Brenden, rubbing his hands all over his lover's strong physique and licking his nipples. But the scene grows anxious when Parker works his way down to Brenden's briefs -- he first teases Brenden's cock, running his lips and tongue along his lover's sheathed bulge. He's not aggressive: Parker gives new meaning to slow, sensual oral sex as he gently sucks on Brenden, who loves every second of it. He shoots us a pleasured glance of approval before completely closing his eyes in ecstasy. Parker normally bottoms, but here he's the top in charge. First, Brenden gets him stiff with some deep oral action. After Parker's hard, he eats out Brenden's puckered hole, slips on a condom, and rides him like a cowboy. But soon it's Parker's turn: like the bottom whore that he is at heart, Parker hops on his back and thrust his ass up in the air. It's the perfect angle for Brenden to mount -- he humps the burly bottom with a hot intensity. They finish by cumming all over Brenden's chest, and while lying in their own cum, they roll around, making out and staring into each other eyes -- and ours."

Voyeuristic Fucking with Parker London and Brenden Cage Voyeuristic Fucking with Parker London and Brenden Cage
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