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Big Dick Benji Bastian FUCKS Monica Scott

Featuring Benji Bastian and Monica Scott

May 26, 2017

"Benji Bastian brought his monster cock out to fuck Monica Scott. Normally Monica really enjoys the sex the entire time, but she had to get use to this big ass dick. We had to have several breaks until her passage was opened up fully. Big dick Benji Bastian then got to fuck her senseless. After the shoot, she told us she's a major fan of the big D. She also admitted she didn't know if she could go back to her boyfriends small cock... Thanks Benj"















Benji: Handheld

"Benji is a product with characteristics like any from the generation millennial. Narcissistic, conceited and self absorbed but with GOOD REASON! Fratmen Benji obviously has no problem being naked in the locker room and who wouldn't with a tool the size he has. Taking and sharing naked selfies is as satisfying to the other person as it is himself and I think we would all agree anyone would enjoy seeing this collection he's assembled over time."

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Jace and Benji

"Jace and Benji both recently performed in duos for Fratpad with Jayden and Max respectively. Those were both valuable learning experiences, as each of these boys' partners were experienced alums. In both situations, Jace and Benji enjoyed the action, but they were left wanting a second taste... In this update, Benji comes by to visit Jace, and he's ready for some more action. Both of these stunning studs head up to a spacious bathtub, where there's plenty of room for some playtime. With the hot water running, and the blood flowing, Benji and Jace take turns exchanging blowjobs. It's Benji's first time with an uncut cock, and Jace's first time with a really thick one! After toweling off, both boys head for bed, where there's a little more action, ultimately leading up to some really pleasurable orgasms."

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Ajay and Benji

"These two boys must have a half-dozen duos done between the two of them. When we realized that, we just had to pair stunning muscle jocks Ajay and Benji together for a little oral action between experienced alums. Ajay was especially happy to do this because he was able to visit the Pad and his new found friend Benji. This update is hot from the very beginning. Although Ajay and Benji haven't spent a lot of time together, they both knew exactly what to do. It's super hot to watch both of our muscular boy go down and suck each other's cocks. You have to see it in its entirety. That's not all though. This update has two stroking sessions where Benji and Ajay end up cumming on each other!"

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Benji and Terry

"Fratmen Terry was in town for a little bit, and he decided to pay Benji a visit before he left Fratpad for the winter. Both of these guys aren't entirely shy when it comes to sucking dick, so this update is a real treat. Benji and Terry find a relaxing, private spot where they can a little blowjob session between buddies. It's pretty hot stuff as they help each other achieve full hard-ons. Benji and Terry take turns exchanging blowjobs before they both sit back on the couch and bust their loads."

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Benji and Neil

"Benji and Neil may be two of the shorter guys at the pad, but they've both got amazing, sculpted bodies and are packing some mesmerizing dicks! Neil starts soaking in the tub, running water over his giant chest and uncut cock. Benji walks by and decides to be Neil's bath time buddy. It's a little cramped for two people, but still very relaxing. Benji and Neil move close together, gently hugging and fully relaxed. Nothing could be better, except for a little bit of oral action. Both of our boys take turns sucking cock. Benji's thick dick and Neil's uncut cock get plenty of attention. They take it to the bed, where Neil cums on Benji's bubble butt! It's totally hot. Almost like when Neil shot his load directly into Wally's mouth."

Benji and Cole

"Fratmen Benji and Cole have a few things in common: giant cocks, wildly popular at the Fratpad, and a willingness to go much "further" than the average straight guy. After chasing each other outdoors, Benji and Cole find themselves in Benji's lair. Wired from their fun, the frat boys produce a list of sexual challenges for each other. Now the fun really sets in. Our guys begin with light, sensual kissing, then jerk one another just enough to swell the dorsal vein. Fully aroused, Fratmen Cole and Benji marvel in envy at the magnitude of each other's shaft in one another's hand. The fun continues when these guys try out an assortment of dildos and blow one another. These friends share their first "buddy" dildo and perform the infamous 'standing 69'. Cole continues to jerk off with a toy in his rectum with Benji alongside him. After a hot climax, they head back outside for some continued fun, like nothing happened whilst just another day at the Fratpad."










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