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Vance Crawford


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Can't Keep My Hands Off

Featuring Bryce Evans and Vance Crawford
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

April 8, 2014

"Bryce Evans is a great personal trainer and he always pushes his clients to the edge just to see how far they can go until they break or give into his demands. Vance has been worked hard by him and Bryce is looking for a subtle way into Vance's pants. Finally Bryce gets his way and drops to his knees and hastily chokes down Vance's cock. After some great blowing they both flip flop. It's really hot watching guys do it all. One second they're on their knees, next they're being fucked. These two sexy hunks take it all in and flip the script where they see fit. Enjoy!"

WATCH Can't Keep My Hands Off Featuring Bryce Evans and Vance Crawford
















Bucks County 2 - Road To Temptation, Scene 5

Jack King and Vance Crawford
Falcon Studios

December 27, 2013

"Vance Crawford and Jack King cool off by spraying each other with the garden hose. Their horseplay turns to wrestling, and trying to strip each other. A surge of sexual energy and aggressiveness leaves them both naked, and covered with lawn debris. They have crossed the point of no return, when they know they're gonna fuck. But when and where? That question is answered when we next see them in the barn with Jack is offering his cock to Vance. Jack has short black hair and dark eyes. Vance has a nice bush and large balls. Vance plays with them before grabbing hold of, and sucking, Jack's cock. As good as Vance's mouth feels, Jack wants his ass. A bale of hay and a horse blanket later, Jack is jamming his cock deep into Vance's hole. The missionary position gives way to a sit-fuck that showcases Vance's colorful ink sleeve and a beautifully shaped ass. The sun is setting and sweat is rolling off their bodies when they cum -- almost simultaneously -- onto Vance's chest and abs." WATCH
















Bucks County 2 - Road To Temptation, Scene 3

Starring Ryan Rose and Vance Crawford
Falcon Studios

December 17, 2013

"Behind the barn, Ryan Rose and Vance Crawford have found themselves a quiet, secluded spot to make some noise. Vance is naked and on his knees. His pale buns flare sexily out from a narrow waist as he sucks Ryan intently. Ryan grabs the fence rail for balance and grabs Vance by the hair with his free hand. Ryan's balls get their share of being sucked and squeezed, which brings a grin to Ryan's face. When Vance's jaw muscles demand a rest, he sits on the top rail of the fence for Ryan to blow him. Vance has to grab onto two fence posts to keep from being thrown off balance by his huge low-hanging balls swinging back and forth. His entire body begins to quiver as his cock jettisons cum all over Ryan's hard chest. Ryan licks up the droplets of Vance's jism and shoots his own load into the dirt."

WATCH Bucks County 2 - Road To Temptation, Scene 3 Starring Ryan Rose and Vance Crawford
























Bucks County 1 - Into The Wild, Scene 1

Lance Luciano and Vance Crawford
Falcon Studios

November 8, 2013

"Vance Crawford and Lance Luciano arrive in an SUV. The blue skies, sunshine, balmy air and nothing to do make a potent aphrodisiac. Lance's unbuttoned shirt seems an invitation to touch his smooth, firm chest. That's exactly what Vance does, peeling off his own muscle-T at the same time. Vance is paler and slim, with sinewy shoulders, a brightly colored ink sleeve, a ripped torso and a narrow waist with deep cum gutters leading to his bush. Lance eagerly removes the rest of Vance's clothes, buries his nose in Vance's navel then works his mouth south to the veiny, half-hard cock and low-hanging balls that await. The bulge in Lance's shorts is growing, so Vance helps him out of them. Out pops an enormous uncut cock. It looks good enough to eat and it's big enough to require two hands and a mouth. But what Vince really wants is to sink his shaft in Lance's buns. They fuck in several positions in the back of their SUV, Vance cumming first in powerful jets onto Lance's chest, then Lance shooting onto the ground. Lance's full lips invite a kiss, and he gets one." WATCH Bucks County 1 - Into The Wild, Scene 1 Starring Lance Luciano and Vance Crawford
















Alumni, Scene 1

Ray Diaz and Vance Crawford
Falcon Studios

September 27, 2013

"Back in his hometown for the class reunion, Ray Diaz is visited by straight former fuck buddy Vance Crawford. It takes about three seconds to get to 'Remember when ...?' A big smile bracketed by dimples splits Ray's face. Conversation fades as they undress. Vance is already so hard, his dick gets in the way of removing his jeans. Ray sniffs and zeroes in orally, swallowing Vance's cock, then balls. Vance's thighs quiver: it's better than he remembered. Ray's six foot frame is smooth to the navel, then a treasure trail leads to his sizable cock, with tight furry buns and hairy legs to follow. Vance, a handsome, slender, wide-shouldered stud, wants all of Ray at once: to suck his cock, finger his crack and fuck him. Ray's on his knees when the fucking starts and on his back when it ends. The veins pop out on Vance's neck as he reaches the point of no return. Ray shouts as his cum bursts forth, spattering his chest and the furniture in a wide arc, followed by a long stream from Vance that shoots past Ray's head. Vance's reunion orgasm is so intense he has to grab Ray's thighs to keep from falling." WATCH Alumni, Scene 1 Starring Ray Diaz and Vance Crawford















Pumped, Scene 4

Darius Ferdynand and Vance Crawford
Hot House Video

December 2, 2013

"Vance Crawford knows Darius Ferdynand wants his big fat dick so he coaxes the young bodybuilder over to suck it. Following Vance's explicit instructions Darius squeezes and licks the dominant top's cock just the way he likes it. Vance decides he wants to wrap his lips around Darius' dick so he orders him to whip it out. Darius surprises Vance when he shoves his mammoth meat down his throat and fucks his face. Both chiseled studs love sucking cock but Darius needs to get fucked in the ass. Vance rams his rock hard 8 inches deep in Darius' hole and pounds him with all his muscle. Darius gets on his knees so Vance can fuck him deeper until Vance pulls out and cums all over Darius' backside. Vance orders Darius to roll over so he can watch him jerk a load out of his huge uncut cock."

WATCH Pumped, Scene 4 Starring Darius Ferdynand and Vance Crawford
















Vance Crawford (2)

Next Door World | Next Door Male

March 12, 2012

"Vance Crawford is in the gym, and he’s socking it to you in this hard hitting solo. Trying to get a leg up on the other guys, he’s reclined back against the inverted bench and has his cock out to rock out. Slowly peeling off his clothes, he waits until the end to take off his socks and shoes, then slips his cock inside his warm slipper and begins to really work it. He spreads his legs and stretches his toes for maximum release and relaxation, and his sole purpose is your enjoyment, right up to the point where he unloads a massive glob of cum all over his own socks and shoes. Hopefully this will heel that urge for some hot foot action! Enjoy!"

WATCH Vance Crawford (2) at Next Door World | Next Door Male










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18508_08 18508_09

18508_11 18508_14

The Rectodus Society

Cody Cummings, Brec Boyd, Parker London, Adam Wirthmore, Jay Cloud, Dylan Hauser, James Jamesson, Tyler Torro, Marko Lebeau, Vance Crawford
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

September 29, 2011

"We exist together in a world of uncertainty, doubt, restlessness, regret, stress, and worry. Many seek answers and solutions from traditional religion, ancient philosophy, and far east thinkers. But too often true enlightenment remains elusive. The essence of total freedom is still merely a whisper in the wind, always dancing just out of reach. When other roads have lead to dead ends, when the straight path becomes too gnarled to follow, when the guiding light becomes obscured, the Rectodus Society is there. If your soul needs nourishment, we'll let you drink, come. If you feel a lacking, we'll fill your hole with dictations from our well equipped counselors.

The Rectodus Society is an organization founded upon principles of encouragement, brotherhood, and acceptance. With a passion for guiding men by coming together we are a beacon for those struggling to walk the straight path. The Rectodus motto is 'turning you gay so she doesn't have to.'

In this video captured from an actual Rectodus Seminar and Retreat, you'll witness nine men learning, sharing, and bonding together by participating in a carefully structured activity session. The basic agenda for each attending member includes 1) KISSING another man, 2) JERKING OFF another man, 3) RIMMING (optional, but strongly recommended), and 5) FUCKING (positions negotiable). Watch the amazing symbiosis as these nine sincere men come together to transition into new awareness of themselves, and harness their rightfully deserved destinies. Feel the intensity as Parker London takes two cocks in his ass at one time in a Rectodus technique called 'double penetration.' See Adam Wirthmore's gentle guidance as a Rectodus counselor as he deepthroats Jay Cloud's long, hard boner. You'll get goosebumps watching Brec Boyd experience Dylan Hauser's tight asshole as both men expand their consciousnesses. As James Jamesson is counseled by Wirthmore through intensive fuck therapy, Tyler Torro bangs the international ass of Marko Lebeau, a Rectodus attendee from beautiful Montreal. And when you experience the breakthrough made by the once bashful Vance Crawford as he joins his new brothers in blowing hot, built-up loads all over Counselor Wirthmore's face, you'll realize your own potential. Don't hesitate another minute, stumbling in the dark. Let the Rectodus Society become an important part of your life TODAY! Enjoy!"

WATCH The Rectodus Society

WATCH The Rectodus Society Featuring Adam Wirthmore, Brec Boyd, Cody Cummings, Dylan Hauser, James Jamesson, Jay Cloud, Marko Lebeau, Parker London, Tyler Torro, Vance Crawford

14953_003 Adam Wirthmore, Brec Boyd, Cody Cummings, Dylan Hauser, James Jamesson, Jay Cloud, Marko Lebeau, Parker London, Tyler Torro, Vance Crawford

14953_004 Adam Wirthmore, Brec Boyd, Cody Cummings, Dylan Hauser, James Jamesson, Jay Cloud, Marko Lebeau, Parker London, Tyler Torro, Vance Crawford

14953_013 Adam Wirthmore, Brec Boyd, Cody Cummings, Dylan Hauser, James Jamesson, Jay Cloud, Marko Lebeau, Parker London, Tyler Torro, Vance Crawford





14953_061 Adam Wirthmore, Brec Boyd, Cody Cummings, Dylan Hauser, James Jamesson, Jay Cloud, Marko Lebeau, Parker London, Tyler Torro, Vance Crawford


14953_074 Adam Wirthmore, Brec Boyd, Cody Cummings, Dylan Hauser, James Jamesson, Jay Cloud, Marko Lebeau, Parker London, Tyler Torro, Vance Crawford


14953_076 Adam Wirthmore, Brec Boyd, Cody Cummings, Dylan Hauser, James Jamesson, Jay Cloud, Marko Lebeau, Parker London, Tyler Torro, Vance Crawford

The Man of Steel Cock

Featuring Cody Cummings and Vance Crawford
Next Door Studios | Cody Cummings

September 7, 2011

"The Amazing Cody Cummings and his boy-wonder sidekick, Vance Crawford, aren't putting up with scum like detestable Brec Boyd. When they catch Boyd red handed with his fingers in some loot, they pounce with super-keen ability, landing the slimy, thieving Boyd behind bars.

And as the city sleeps safely, the incredible, dick-stroking duo takes a break. The madness that is the city of crime can push even those with extraordinary capabilities to the very edge of sanity. That's why Cody and Vance are unwinding by jerking their massive boners together and blowing off some steam...a much deserved break indeed. You'll see Cody using his powerful-but-tender grip to stroke Vance's meaty cock until it erupts with hot, superhero man goo. This is one crime-busting jerk session that will live on in infamy! Enjoy!"

WATCH The Man of Steel Cock Featuring Cody Cummings and Vance Crawford











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14424_09 14424_14

Training Day

Featuring James Jamesson, Spencer Fox, and Vance Crawford
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

May 12, 2011

"Rumor has it that Spencer Fox has been hiring trainers for an unusual reason. Spencer is the newest client for fitness instructors James Jamesson and Vance Crawford. James has heard the rumors and is betting they're true.

Vance is intrigued when James tells him Spencer might be after more than a just dumbbell session. The two decide to test the rumors by firing up a couple meaty boners and popping them out in Spencer's face. Sure enough, Spencer locks his lips around each, slurping like a fiend. James can tell when an opportunity has further potential so he moves around back and slides his hard dick into Spencer's tight ass. After this workout, Spencer might clinch a spot as a priority client. Enjoy!"

WATCH Training Day featuring James Jamesson, Spencer Fox, and Vance Crawford










Rise & Shine

Featuring Samuel O'Toole and Vance Crawford
Next Door Studios | Samuel OToole

May 3, 2011

"Samuel O'Toole is wiped out from a night of partying, ass out and passed out. Vance Crawford has come by to see how he's recovering from the festivities, but when he tries to wake Samuel up, there is no response. Vance tries to shake him, tries calling his name, and even pulls his dick out and starts messing around with it, but Sammy is just too tired to move. So Vance decides on one last tactic to wake him up, putting Sammy's long shaft all the way down his throat. And for good measure, Vance gets some flip cam footage of the whole episode. But when Sammy finally does wake up to find Vance lips fixed around his dick and camera poised and recording, Samuel decides to turn the tables on Vance and get some video footage of his own. Enjoy!"

WATCH Rise & Shine Featuring Samuel O'Toole and Vance Crawford

12497_05 12497_11

12497_12 12497_13











Pool, Pictures, and Pleasure

Featuring Marcus Mojo and Vance Crawford
Next Door Studios | Marcus Mojo

February 25, 2011

"Marcus Mojo is spending the day posing for a few photos with his good friend, Vance Crawford. These two sexy dudes have a great rapport and love spending time together, especially around the pool table. And when the cameras come out, you can believe someone's gonna get cummed ON!

After they spend a few minutes sucking and fucking for the still photos, Marcus and Vance loosen things up as the passion ignites! Marcus has been waiting patiently to slide his cock into Vance's hole all afternoon. And the anticipation has made Vance yearn to be fucked hard. Watch these smoking hot guys steam up the set while they indulge in each other's luscious bodies. Enjoy!"

WATCH Marcus Mojo and Vance Crawford in Pool, Pictures, and Pleasure

9996_001 9996_003

9996_006 9996_010

9996_023 9996_025







Late For Work

Paul Wagner and Vance Crawford
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

December 2, 2010

"Paul Wagner always wakes up with an erection. He loves to get his rocks off before getting out of bed. Good timing by Vance Crawford! He's just out of the shower. Even though he's almost late for work, there's always time to get his dick sucked!

Vance knows Paul likes to take it deep. And he can't wait to pound his tight hole before heading off to start the day. These guys start things off with a hot sixty-nine before Vance delivers an ass pummeling you don't wanna miss. Enjoy!"

WATCH Late For Work Starring Paul Wagner and Vance Crawford







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9415_14 9415_15
Cody Cummings and Vance Crawford

Cody Interviews Vance Crawford

Cody Cummings and Vance Crawford
Next Door World | Cody Cummings

November 10, 2010

"It's time for Cody to find some new performers to join him on his site. So that means, it's audition time with Mr. Cody Cummings.

Today's victim is Vance Crawford. A young, fit hunk with an open mind and an empty wallet.

After telling Vance how things happen on CodyCummings, it's time to see the goods. After having Vance strip down, Cody sneaks into the view of the camera and stuffs the new guys mouth with his fat cock.

To Cody's surprise, Vance gave him a great sucking, enough so as to make him unload his balls all over the interviewees chest. Enjoy!"

Cody Cummings and Vance Crawford

Cody Cummings and Vance Crawford

Cody Cummings and Vance Crawford

Cody Cummings and Vance Crawford

Cody Cummings and Vance Crawford

Cody Cummings and Vance Crawford

Cody Cummings and Vance Crawford
Vance Crawford

Vance Crawford

Next Door World | Next Door Male

November 1, 2010

"We proudly introduce to you the studly Vance Crawford. If you've never seen this guy before, that's because he's new to the NextDoorStudios family. This 22 year old Aries is hung and looking for some fun. We didn't want to scare the guy off, so we set him up with an easy, no pressure jerk off scene to get him comfortable with the way our monthly shoots go. Let's just say this guy's a totally hunk, as you'll see when he undresses out in the pasture, exposing his hot 7 inch cock that just loves to be teased and stroked. He also can shoot massive amounts of man milk, so watch out! Enjoy!"

WATCH Vance Crawford at Next Door World

Vance Crawford Vance Crawford

Vance Crawford Vance Crawford
Brady Jensen and Vance Crawford

Brady Jensen and Vance Crawford

"Good Morning"

November 30, 2010

"Ever seen one of those commercials for razors with the hot guy shaving at the sink wearing nothing more than a white towel? We take it one step further as Cocksure fan favorite Brady Jensen shaves wearing nothing more than a smile and an erection! The testosterone level goes up considerably when Vance Crawford steps out of the shower and makes a beeline for Brady's cock, balls and ass. The two studs' tongues are down each others' throats and dicks before the action moves down the hall for non-stop sucking, slurping and 69ing. But from the moment he first set sight on the blonde god Brady, Vance has wanted to bury his cock deep inside that perfectly-formed butt. Brady wants it just as badly and spreads those muscular legs wide open, grunting with each thrust Vance makes. Exhibiting the kind of rhythm that makes them perfectly suited for each other, they even shoot their loads of cum off simultaneously. Mornings don't get any better than this."

Brady Jensen and Vance Crawford Brady Jensen and Vance Crawford

Brady Jensen and Vance Crawford

Brady Jensen and Vance Crawford

Brady Jensen and Vance Crawford

Brady Jensen and Vance Crawford

Tyler Ford and Vance Crawford

Bareback Boot Camp

November 5, 2010

"Like any young recruit who reports to bareback Boot Camp Vance Crawford is willing to do whatever it takes to survive basic training, even if he's role playing with his boyfriend, the studly drill instructor Tyler Ford who intends to fuck him raw. Tyler starts this sexually-charged brand of boot camp with a lesson in boot licking (what else?) before ordering his nasty novice to strip down, revealing a ripped-up body that will soon be worked over from head to toe. Vance Crawford's mouth and tongue slide over his boss's armpits and nipples before venturing down to get his first taste of a thick slab of man meat. Tyler Ford's throbbing cock is a little more than our inexperienced beginner can handle so he generously offers to show Vance how it's done and chows down on his trainee's dick until it's rock hard. Just when it seems like this man-on-man action can't get any hotter, the regimen turns to the ultimate test of endurance as Vance slides his hungry hole down Tyler's bulging bare cock and gets drilled. Tyler turns it around and pounds Vance's sweet ass bareback doggie style. More raw fun continues as Tyler Ford fucks Vance Crawford bareback sideways and on his back. Tyler shoots his load all over Vance's tight abs and Vance jacks off to his own cum shower."

Jimmy Coxxx and Vance Crawford

Jimmy Coxxx and Vance Crawford

September 7, 2010

"Vance Crawford and Jimmy Coxxx (Jimmy Clay) lock up in an arm wrestling contest. DAMN is it hot seeing both hunks flex and strain trying to take each other down. Vance's body is chiseled and rock hard, and Jimmy is no slouch at the gym either. The contest is at a virtual stand still but Jimmy ultimately prevails. To celebrate his victory Jimmy gets a mouthful of Vance's cock, and then makes Vance spread those cheeks for a pounding. They tumble around from position to position, winding up in missionary where Jimmy streams a huge load all over Vance's ripped body. Getting splattered in warm cum sends Vance over the top and he squeezes out a load of his own."


Alex James and Vance Crawford

August 24, 2010

"Cut, cute, and colorful Vance Crawford gets a little Southern lovin' from Alex James. Our Georgia boy loves shoving every inch of his veiny, 9" cock deep inside Vance's tight hole. Vance admires Alex's ripped abs as they flex rhythmically, working his ass hard and fast. After the hot and heavy fuck, both guys stroke their cocks until they explode all over Vance, leaving him a sticky, sweaty mess."

Alex James and Vance Crawford

Alex James and Vance Crawford

Alex James and Vance Crawford

Alex James and Vance Crawford

Alex James and Vance Crawford Alex James and Vance Crawford

Alex James and Vance Crawford Alex James and Vance Crawford

Alex James and Vance Crawford Alex James and Vance Crawford

Jake BAREBACKS Vance Crawford

October 29, 2010

"As if I weren't already lucky enough to have serviced, massaged, and been fucked bare by my bedroom-eyed boy toy, Vance Crawford, I now turn the tables and fuck his bubble-butt...BAREBACK! I'm immediately hard as Vance dances around grinding his ass on me. I get so worked up I stick the head of my cock in and Vance begins riding me. Within moments his tight ass has me about to cum so we break. Don't want to end the show early! I swallow that beautiful fuck stick of his for a while, and after collecting, myself it's back to fucking his hairy hole. "Fucking Amazing" doesn't even begin to describe how great it feels being inside of Vance's hot, wet hole. I hold out as long as I can before blowing my load all over his solid stomach. After depositing a load of his own, we lay back in each other's arms, exhausted from our hot fuck."


Vance Crawford BAREBACKS Jake

September 24, 2010

"I have a 'thing' for Vance Crawford. I just can't get enough of his amazing body, yummy cock, and especially his bedroom eyes! I get an instant hard-on every time Vance looks at me with his sexy eyes and bad-boy smile. I pry Vance out of his torn jeans and literally rip off his underwear to get at his beautiful tool. After a hot 69 session my ass is begging to be fucked..bareback! I jump on top and sit on Vance's cock, taking him down to his balls. He pounds my hole ruthlessly while I enjoy every slam. After we're done fucking I jerk Vance off until he shoots a massive load, nearly hitting him in the face! I eat his beautiful ass until I pop all over my hand. Yes, I do have a 'thing' for Vance."


Vance Crawford Massaged

August 13, 2010

"'A star is born.' one member commented after seeing Vance for the first time. I couldn't agree with him more. That body and those bedroom eyes...woof! Vance is so sexy my tongue is buried in his ass before I can even apply the oil! I somehow manage to compose myself and start the massage, but my self control soon wanes and I find my mouth wrapped firmly around his fat cock. With a guy as hot as Vance can you blame me!? Well, at least his dick gets a great massage, exploding into my hands and onto his glistening, ripped chest."


Vance Crawford Serviced

July 2, 2010

"I think I have a new favorite play toy and his name is Vance Crawford. Right off the bat his green eyes and sly smile warmed my heart. Once I started taking of his clothes something else on me started heating up. Vance has a killer bod and a confident swagger that practically made me cum in my pants! I've hit the jackpot with this hunk. I wish time would stand still so I could suck, lick and savor Vance forever. But I'm patient and I'm certain I'll have him back for more."


The Queen is BACK: Vaniity in a Mixed POV/regular V shoot taking Prey

Featuring Vaniity and Vance Crawford | TS Seduction

February 27, 2013

"You can't handle the Queen" says Vaniity as she looks right into the lens and right out at you. This shoot is a showcase of Vaniity's talents as a Dom. She starts off slow and seducing, quickly turning her man on to the point of no return. Then she pounces with her rock hard missile of a cock that is unrelenting. The new guy and his virgin ass have no escape and her rips her stockings as he grips and bears her penetrating him. Every inch of her cock is a struggle for him and eventually he taps out. She is right, you can't handle the Queen. Vaniity milks a huge load of cum out of Vance and then turns to you in a POV pop shot finish that only Vaniity can do. She makes you feel small and hard from a million miles away."

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