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Ryan Raz and Tyler Saint

Underwear Snatcher

Featuring Ryan Raz and Tyler Saint
Drill My Hole at

June 16, 2014

Ryan Raz and Tyler Saint in "Underwear Snatcher"

Ryan Raz and Tyler Saint

Ryan Raz and Tyler Saint

Ryan Raz and Tyler Saint

Ryan Raz and Tyler Saint

Ryan Raz and Tyler Saint

Ryan Raz and Tyler Saint

Ryan Raz and Tyler Saint Ryan Raz and Tyler Saint
Tyler Saint and Vince Cooper

Gone Too Far

Featuring Tyler Saint and Vince Cooper
Drill My Hole at

April 7, 2014

Tyler Saint and Vince Cooper in "Gone Too Far"

Tyler Saint and Vince Cooper

Tyler Saint and Vince Cooper

Tyler Saint and Vince Cooper

Tyler Saint and Vince Cooper

Tyler Saint and Vince Cooper

Tyler Saint and Vince Cooper

Tyler Saint and Vince Cooper

Tyler Saint and Vince Cooper

Tyler Saint and Vince Cooper

Tyler Saint and Vince Cooper

The Exchange Student

Featuring James Ryder and Tyler Saint with Tory Mason
Big Dicks At School at

February 14, 2012

"Professor Tyler Saint is expecting his students to give a good oral report tomorrow but his exchange student James Ryder is a little confused about what an "oral report" is so he starts to suck Tyler's thick meat. Tory Mason isn't about to let this exchange student have all the fun and wants to give an oral report to the professor as well. Professor Saint decides that both oral reports are needed at the same time and whosever report is better gets a reward!"

IMG_4710 IMG_4553

IMG_5227 IMG_5306












Jason Denver - Tyler Saint - 7-31-11 039

No Free Rides

Featuring Jason Denver and Tyler Saint
Str8 to Gay at

November 23, 2011

"Jason Denver really needs a ride. Stranded, broke and hung-over Jason has no idea how he ended up so far from downtown but knows that he's willing to do anything to get a ride back. Lucky for Jason beefy Tyler Saint just happens to be cruising along and is willing to give him a ride. Tyler's a nice guy and usually wouldn't ask for money to give someone a lift but Jason wants to go all the way downtown, nearly an hour away. Tyler asks Jason for a little gas money, but Jason apparently doesn't have any. Tyler doesn't beat around the bush and tells Jason that he doesn't give free rides - Jason can either get out or put out."

Jason Denver - Tyler Saint - 7-31-11 064 Jason Denver - Tyler Saint - 7-31-11 086

Jason Denver - Tyler Saint - 7-31-11 125 Jason Denver - Tyler Saint - 7-31-11 129

Jason Denver - Tyler Saint - 7-31-11 134 Jason Denver - Tyler Saint - 7-31-11 147

Jason Denver - Tyler Saint - 7-31-11 158 Jason Denver - Tyler Saint - 7-31-11 273

0050 0073

Jason Denver - Tyler Saint - 7-31-11 070

Jason Denver - Tyler Saint - 7-31-11 075

Jason Denver - Tyler Saint - 7-31-11 090

Jason Denver - Tyler Saint - 7-31-11 142

Jason Denver - Tyler Saint - 7-31-11 180

Jason Denver - Tyler Saint - 7-31-11 225

Jason Denver - Tyler Saint - 7-31-11 256

The Wrestling Challenge

Featuring Kirk Cummings and Tyler Saint
Big Dicks At School at

September 16, 2011

"Kirk Cummings is a terrible wrestler, in fact he doesn't even like wrestling, so why would Kirk join the school wrestling team? Kirk signed up to the wrestling team right after he found out that training involved Tyler Saint manhandling him while wearing sweaty skin tight spandex. You see Kirk has a weak spot for muscles and big cocks, two things that Tyler has clearly an abundance of according to the outline of wrestling suit.

Tyler calls Kirk bright and early on Saturday morning and tells him to come over for more practice. Tyler thinks that Kirk has been struggling lately with a wrestling position that he can't get out of, but little does he know that Kirk doesn't want to get out. The position requires Kirk to be mounted from behind while his arms are locked. Kirk especially loves when Tyler pins him, but this latest position puts Tyler's cock outline right on Kirk's hole, Tyler almost came the first time it happened and has been "struggling" with this position since.

Kirk arrives to practice to find Tyler already wrestling with another student - Tyler is huge today already pumped from a morning workout. Tyler looks up to see Kirk watching and tells him to wait his turn because he's next, Kirk can't wait!"

IMG_7186 IMG_7223

IMG_7786 IMG_7817














IMG_7391 copy

IMG_7621 copy







Tyler Saint and Dustin Fitch

August 23, 2013

"Muscle daddy Tyler Saint and smooth lad Dustin Fitch are making out on the bed. Their hands roam into each others pants and under their shirts. Dustin takes his shirt off and Tyler kisses his chest and licks his nipples. Dustin feels Tyler's rock hard cock through his pants and pulls out Tyler's monster cock. Before Tyler can lower his pants further Dustin shoves his 8 1/2 inch cock down his throat. They both completely remove their pants and Dustin continues to savor every inch of Tyler's thick daddy cock. Dustin lubes up his tight young hole and sits on Tyler's huge pole. Tyler's cock is a tight fit for Dustin's tight hole but Dustin rides it deep and hard. Dustin stands up on the bed and Tyler feeds on his 8 inches of boy meat. Dustin lays down sticking his smooth ass up in the air. Tyler spits on Dustin's boy hole, spreads his ass cheeks apart and digs in with his face. Tyler slides his cock up and down Dustin's ass cheeks before wrecking Dustin's ass again with his thick meat. Tyler grabs ahold of Dustin's small bubble butt and jackhammers his cock deep and fast into Dustin's ass. Tyler flips Dustin over and gets a taste of Dustin's young cock and ass one last time before fucking him in the missionary position. Dustin Fitch jerks his meat as Tyler's massive cock slides in and out of his stretched hole. Tyler hits the right spot and Dustin shoots a thick load all over his smooth abs. Tyler Saint pulls his cock out of Dustin's ass and lays down as he strokes his daddy cock to climax with Dustin on his side. They continue making out while Tyler twitches in ecstasy at every rub of his tender cock."


Tyler Saint and Zachary Hale

May 4, 2012

"Tyler Saint and his daughter's boyfriend, Zachary Hale, are dripping with sweat from a long run. Seeing Tyler's hulking physique, Zachary lets Tyler know he wants to have some sexy fun with him. Tyler is a bit taken back by the proposition, but decides to go along with it and see what his daughter has been bragging about. Zachary gets on his knees and busies himself by sucking Tyler's HUGE cock. Zachary is packing some serious wood of his own. When Tyler gets down and begins blowing Zach, Zach admits Tyler does it better than his daughter. Tyler is curious about how good a fuck his daughter has snagged. Zachary eats Tyler's sweet hole before plunging his thick dick deep inside. Both guys grin wide when Zachary says Tyler's ass is tighter than his daughter's. Zach keeps pounding that tight hole with his massive meat, causing Tyler to orgasm onto his ripped abs. Tyler pulls out and jacks out his load all over Tyler's ripped abs. Just when it's time to relax, Zachary realizes he was supposed to pick up Tyler's daughter 10 mins ago and splits while Tyler lets out a good laugh."


Tyler Saint & Travis Irons

November 30, 2012

"Muscle daddy Tyler Saint has a new toy to play with - the athletically built Travis Irons. Before completely unwrapping his toy, Tyler takes a moment to play with Travis's feet. The bulge growing in Travis's pants draws Tyler's interest and within moments Tyler is swallowing Travis down to his balls. Tyler then spreads open Travis Irons' ass and dives in. Tonguing that sweet hole gets Tyler rock hard. Seeing this, Travis knows exactly what to do and goes down on Tyler Saint's huge fat cock. It's time to fuck so Travis hops aboard and slides his ass down on Tyler's thick meat. Travis makes taking that gigantic dick look easy! He moans with every forceful thrust from his muscle daddy. Travis Irons' cums all over his rippled abs while still getting rooted with Tyler's pole. Tyler licks up Travis's cum and shares it with him. HOT! Tyler lays back on the bed and gets Travis ready for a creamy facial. Tyler Saint plasters the side of Travis's face with his warm juice. Travis sucks out any remaining cum from Tyler's massive prick and gives Tyler a big wet kiss."

Tyler Saint and Tyler Ford

Tyler Saint and Tyler Ford

March 11, 2011

"It's two times as hot when Tyler Ford meets Tyler Saint and these similarly-named studs get naked and nasty. It's easy to keep them straight (so to speak) by the size of their cocks. Don't get us wrong...they're both very well-endowed. It's just that one of them is especially thick! Tyler F takes in the head of his buddy's dick and makes it down the shaft, to a point. It takes lots of patience and oral practice but he starts to get the hang of it after he's shown how it's done! Tyler S clearly loves everything about sex and keeps things nice and wet with his spit and there's enough butt licking to hint at what's to come. It's a nice surprise to see how he's able to open up Tyler F's tight hole with his 8-incher, getting inside in several positions until the cum-a-licious climax."

Tyler Saint and Jake

Tyler Saint and Jake

January 8, 2010

"After watching Tyler Saint wrestle Brenden Cage on, I feel pretty confident I could take him. Not in a wrestling match of course, but down my throat and in my ass! It was tougher than I thought. Tyler is fucking HUGE. Not only is he long but man is that thing THICK. He has me singing (literally) with pure bliss as I ride that monster. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Before Tyler fucked me, I had the privilege of bending him over and fucking his sweet ass. I love versatile models. Tyler is first to pop as I finger his asshole. We switch roles and I explode next while Tyler plays with my hungry hole."

Tyler Saint Massaged

Tyler Saint Massaged

November 27, 2009

"Like his name suggests, Tyler Saint has been a very good boy. I reward him by giving him one of my signature massages. Tyler sports a thick, muscular build and a huge cock to match. His massive physique gleams from the oil as my hands travel along the peaks and valleys of his musculature. I eat and gently finger his asshole before my attention shifts squarely to that slab of meat between his legs. I work it firmly between my hands and swallow every inch until Tyler begins to thrash in ecstasy, leaving a white puddle on his tan skin."

Tyler Saint & Scott Campbell

Tyler Saint & Scott Campbell

January 31, 2012

"Scott Campbell has had a rough day and his feet are killing him. Tyler Saint offers up a foot massage to help Scott relax and unwind. No sooner than Tyler is rubbing Scott's feet, Scott is already rubbing his cock through his jeans. Tyler sees this and decides maybe it's not Scott's feet that need attention after all. With Tyler's mouth wrapped firmly around Scott's pole, Scott's day is looking a lot better already. Scott aggressively eats Tyler's tasty hole. He can't get enough of that sweet ass and decides it's time to fuck it. Tyler grits his teeth as Scott fucks his bubble butt. Tyler wants to make sure Scott's ass gets the attention it deserves too and so he slides his THICK dick deep inside. Scott moans with pleasure as Tyler gives it to him hard and fast from behind. Scott flips over and stokes his cock until he cums on his hairy belly while still getting fucked by Tyler. To polish off Scott's evening treat, Tyler gives him a mouthful of his warm cum. Then they kiss, snowballing Tyler's jiz."

Tyler Saint & Ari Sylvio

Tyler Saint & Ari Sylvio

November 11, 2011

"We knew the energy level was going to be high when we cast power top Tyler Saint and power bottom Ari Sylvio but DAMN! Ari just might be the hungriest cock-whore in the business. Tyler feeds Ari his HUGE tool and loves watching his fuck-toy choke on it. The more Ari gags the harder Tyler gets, and the more Ari wants to get fucked. After they each thoroughly tongue each others assholes Tyler shoves his thick-dick deep into Ari's hairy-hole. "Fuck Daddy. Fuck yeah!" Ari screams as Tyler pounds him hard and deep. This hot, aggressive fuck is followed up by two hot, creamy, cum-loads. Ari blasts Tyler's chest while still bobbing up and down on Tyler's pole. Tyler squeezes his own sweet juice onto his tight abs and Ari makes sure to suck out every last drop!"


Bo Dean and Tyler Saint

August 10, 2010

"'Bo Dean and Tyler Saint' is one of our most requested pairings ever. Long at last we finally get these two ripped super-stars together. It's summer time and both hunks are at their beach-body best. If you're a fan of muscles you'll have plenty to admire between Bo and Tyler, especially the massive ones dangling in between their legs. Both guy’s tools get a hot oral workout, then Tyler becomes the latest lucky SOB to get his ass pounded by Bo. Bo knows Tyler can take it, so he gives it to him hard and rough. Tyler drops his load while bobbing up and down on Bo's thick meat. Bo rewards him with a juicy facial soon afterward."












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Wrestle to Fuck II: Tyler's Revenge

Featuring Brenden Cage and Tyler Saint

March 12, 2010

"It's time for a rematch where the winner gets to fuck the loser. Our titans are ready to clash once again and Brenden Cage is feeling especially cocky after his first win. Tyler Saint has other plans this time around and is determined to fuck Brenden's virgin hole. Some playful smack-talk leads to Brenden getting his ass smacked as Tyler tosses him around. Brenden isn't ready to give up just yet, but it becomes increasingly clear Tyler is having his way with him on the mat. Finally, he admits defeat but claims he lost on purpose. We don't care whether he threw the match or not, we just want to see that cherry get popped! After eating each other’s asses and swallowing each other’s dicks, Tyler stuffs his monster cock into Brenden's hole. For a first timer Brenden soldiers through a good deal of pounding and even jumps on top to ride Tyler's thick cock. Both men wrap up the match with a cum filled finale all over Tyler's wide chest. Best two out of three anyone?"








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Tyler Saint and Shane Frost

Tyler Saint and Shane Frost

January 29, 2010

"It's a hot, lazy summer day. Tyler Saint and Shane Frost are spending their afternoon hiding away in a private place, spending some quality time kissing in the shade. Tyler is just the kind of older hunk that Shane likes... big and muscular, strong and forceful but still passionate and gentle. Picking up the younger man and carrying him to a more comfortable place, Tyler sets Shane down and gets to work on his tight young ass and gives him a rim job that has him ready to get fucked by Tyler's massive dick. Shane blows his load all over Tyler's muscular chest and then sits his just-fucked hole down on Tyler's face while Tyler blows a load of his own."

Tyler Saint and Shane Frost

Tyler Saint and Shane Frost

Tyler Saint and Shane Frost

Tyler Saint and Shane Frost

Tyler Saint and Shane Frost Tyler Saint and Shane Frost

Tyler Saint and Shane Frost Tyler Saint and Shane Frost

Tyler Saint and Shane Frost Tyler Saint and Shane Frost
Brenden Cage and Tyler Saint

Brenden Cage and Tyler Saint

"Wrestle to Fuck Part 1"

November 20, 2009

"Two muscle-gods, Brenden Cage and Tyler Saint, clash in a raunchy wrestling match. The testosterone is flying and so are the bodies as they toss each other across the mat. Sweaty and winded, Brenden declares himself victor and his prize is getting to fuck Tyler’s ass. Tyler’s not convinced he lost, but doesn’t want to argue with that prize! Both men have their cocks swallowed and their asses thoroughly eaten out before Brenden slips his dick into Tyler’s tight hole. The longer they fuck, the tighter it gets and Tyler lets loose, getting the cum fucked out of him. Tyler gets a mouthful of cock, and a mouthful of cum as Brenden fucks his face until he pops."










44 102
Jimmy Z Productions Samuel Colt and Tyler Saint

Job Gone Sour Part 1

Featuring Samuel Colt and Tyler Saint
Jimmy Z Productions

April 26, 2009

"Tyler meets with Samuel Colt at the office and they get into it over a business deal gone bad. Once they are done arguing anger turns to lust and the business suits come off faster than a couple of $2 whores. Cock sucking at it’s finest as their lust heads for Part 2."


Jimmy Z Productions Samuel Colt and Tyler Saint

Job Gone Sour Part 2

Featuring Samuel Colt and Tyler Saint
Jimmy Z Productions

June 7, 2009

"The office romance continues as these two muscled studs really get hot with each other. Which one can suck deeper? Find out in this screamin hot video."


Jimmy Z Productions Samuel Colt and Tyler Saint

Job Gone Sour Part 3

Featuring Samuel Colt and Tyler Saint
Jimmy Z Productions

July 19, 2009

"Their finale is mega hot. Tyler wants to take it up the ass and he wants it bad. Samuel is eager to please. Tyler knows what he wants and knows how to get it. Before you know it his ass is being pounded by Samuel with the agility of a breeding stallion."


Rick Hammersmith and Tyler Saint

Muscle Encounter Part 1

Featuring Rick Hammersmith and Tyler Saint
Jimmy Z Productions

October 5, 2008

"Rick Hammersmith meets up with Tyler Saint in what better place - a restroom. Well the sparks start flying and before you know it, they are really getting into each other. Clothes start flying off and tongues are all over each other's massive muscles. Tyler loves cock and Rick’s gonna give him one."

Rick Hammersmith and Tyler Saint
Rick Hammersmith and Tyler Saint

Muscle Encounter Part 2

Featuring Rick Hammersmith and Tyler Saint
Jimmy Z Productions

November 9, 2008

"Rick and Tyler are really getting in on in the restroom. They can't get enough of each other and the cocks are fully erect as they grope, fondle, lick, suck and take pride in each other's massive solid-man muscles. They move to a stairway, and all clothes come off. These studs are having a great time! Man, does Rick have a deep throat."

Rick Hammersmith and Tyler Saint
Rick Hammersmith and Tyler Saint

Muscle Encounter Part 3

Featuring Rick Hammersmith and Tyler Saint
Jimmy Z Productions

December 7, 2008

"In the conclusion of Rick and Tyler’s video, they continue their wild fucking scene. Rick can’t get enough and Tyler really gives it to him. These two studs were made for each other. They finish with a finale of cum explosions. Hot hot hot!"

Rick Hammersmith and Tyler Saint
Dominic Sol, Josh West, Rodrigo De Leon, Tyler Saint

Verboten 1, Scene 4

Dominic Sol, Josh West, Rodrigo De Leon, Tyler Saint
Hot House Video

November 26, 2007

"Newcomer Dominic Sol and Latin stud Rodrigo De Leon stretch their oral limits as they take on two of the biggest cocks ever to enter the Verboten Sex Club; Tyler Saint and Josh West. Saint and West free De Leon from a cage and feed him their enormous cocks. De Leon does his best to take both tools - almost two feet of hard cock - into his mouth at once. Tied up nearby, Sol demands some of the cocksucking action. Saint releases him and fills his throat with cock. Meanwhile West has turned De Leon over and buried his 12-incher in his hole. Saint and Sol soon follow their lead, with Sol pushing his ass back farther and farther on Saint's hard cock. The tops take total control, contorting the willing bottoms into their favorite positions, then switch places. It's West's fat rod up Sol's ass that gets him off while Saint brings De Leon to release. The tops pull out of the exhausted bottoms and work their own cocks until they both shoot."

Dominic Sol, Josh West, Rodrigo De Leon, Tyler Saint

Dominic Sol, Josh West, Rodrigo De Leon, Tyler Saint

Dominic Sol, Josh West, Rodrigo De Leon, Tyler Saint

Dominic Sol, Josh West, Rodrigo De Leon, Tyler Saint

Wrecking Crew, Scene 5

Tyler Saint, Jimmy Durano, Tyson James
Club Inferno Dungeon

October 29, 2012

"Jimmy Durano shows Tyson James no mercy as he pummel-fucks his ass with a big dildo. Tyler Saint oversees the anal assault while smacking James on the ass and jacking on the power-bottom's big dick. Saint takes over so Durano can strip out of his overalls and force James to feed on Saint's huge, thick cock. Saint pulls his rod out of the James' mouth, jacks a load all over his back and leaves, giving Durano full permission to have his way with James. He shoves a massive weapon up James' ass and stretches his hole to new extremes. Durano needs to get off so he shoves his thick Latin dick down James' throat and makes him suck him dry."

Wrecking Crew, Scene 4

Jackson Lawless, Tyler Saint, Jimmy Durano, Tyson James
Club Inferno Dungeon

October 15, 2012

"Foreman Tyler Saint uses extreme measures to keep his employees in line. Just ask Jackson Lawless who Tyler has strung up in a closet, wearing only a jockstrap and a cockring. With his hands tied Jackson is defenseless as Tyler tugs on his cock and probes his ass with his fingers and tongue. Tyler decides he needs to take a closer look so he unties Jackson and throws him on all fours to inspect his hole. After injecting Jackson's butthole with a load of lube Tyler puts on his black gloves and goes deep inside his employees ass. Jimmy Durano and Tyson James walk in on them and get down to their own twisted buttplay. Jimmy makes Tyson fetch a didlo with his mouth like a dog and begins to fuck him with it. Tyler keeps fisting Jackson while they watch the other two until Jackson can't take it any more and Tyler pumps a load out of him."

Spread Eagle, Scene 4

Starring Derrick Paul & Tyler Saint
Club Inferno Dungeon

"Tyler Saint lets it all hang out, sitting in the boot-black chair, one of the Eagle's notorious cruising spots. The muscular stud strokes his huge cock knowing that he's bound to lure a hungry hole with such tasty bait. Sure enough, along comes Derrick Paul, a greedy cocksucker with mad skills. While he's bent over Saint notices a slit in Paul's leather pants; this guy wants to get fisted! Tyler throws Derrick ass-up in the chair and shoves both is fists deep in his hole. Finally Tyler mounts him and jacks off all over his huge, white ass."

Armed Services , Scene 3

James Aaron and Tyler Saint
Club Inferno Dungeon

September 13, 2010

"Tyler Saint's cock casts a huge shadow on the barrack wall as he lies in bed jacking off, waiting for James Aaron to get back from a weekend leave. As soon as Aaron enters he assumes his role as the resident cock sucker and opens his wet mouth to be fucked. Saint pounds his face then rolls him over on his back and fucks his hole deep before pulling on the rubber gloves. Saint opens Aaron's hole with his greasy fist then fucks him with his open hand and cock at the same time. All the anal combat produces a fat rosebud out of Aaron and a thick load out of Saint."


Reflex, Scene 3

Featuring Marco Blaze & Tyler Saint

December 2, 2011

"On a ladder fixing a ceiling fan, Tyler Saint’s crotch is in prime position for Marco Blaze’s gaze. The admirer moves in for a closer look at the handyman, quickly groping the appreciative stud. Marco pulls off his towel to release the beast, a rewind-worthy reveal of his thick steel shaft—which sits atop a big sac bursting at its tight, smooth seams. Marco feasts on Tyler’s equally huge cock as his own meat throbs. He snaps his slab around and tugs his foreskin, which soon finds its way into Tyler’s hungry mouth for an impressive deep suck. Tyler works the balls and foreskin, eliciting a sexy scowl of pleasure from Marco. Spit drips down the hung European’s shaft, which squirts onto Tyler’s chest. What follows inside is a flip-fuck for the ages. Tyler slurps up Marco’s smooth hole and strokes him from underneath before sliding his dick inside, grabbing hold of Marco’s shoulders as he pounds faster. The top wraps his muscle arms around Marco in a passionate embrace, the bottom turning around for a kiss. Marco then sits on Tyler, who grabs hold of the bottom’s waist. Intently staring at each other, the two take turns—Marco bounces from above before Tyler pumps from below, getting every inch of his shaft inside. They kiss before Marco dumps his load on the top’s pec. Tyler then gets on his back: “Aw fuck! Fat dick you got!” he exclaims as Marco enters him. Tyler’s huge cock stays stiff for the entire fuck, a spirited sequence that has Marco feeding his fingers to Tyler. The two jack to cum (Marco’s third load!), the chemistry-packed encounter sending quivers through Tyler’s massive frame."
















Coyote Point, Scene 3

Starring David Anthony, JR Matthews, Luke Cassidy, Slade, Tyler Saint

December 3, 2011

"JR Matthews and Tyler Saint wander into the mysterious house near Coyote Point. After JR gets blindfolded by Tyler, naked and hard David Anthony and Luke Cassidy enter the room. Luke drops down to suck JR, whose cock bursts out of his military-issue boxers. Tyler falls to his knees to worship the chiseled David, deep-throating the hung stud with ease. Trim and tan Slade shows up, his thick uncut meat aching for attention. David fucks Luke before JR sucks Slade, then Tyler gets on his back for David. The top's body is a vision as he pounds (the veins bulge from his muscular arms), and Tyler jacks off his own giant slab as the two grunt -- with David spitting down into Tyler's hungry mouth before the bottom shoots. Slade then rams Luke, who later sits his ass on the top's tongue as the two jack off. David then slides inside JR's hole, eventually squirting on the bottom's hand -- supplying JR with lube for his own load."











TitanMen Flux

Flux, Scene 1

Featuring Drake Jaden ang Tyler Saint

November 22, 2019

"Businessman Tyler Saint sits smoking in a chair in front of a dark and mysterious stage. The curtain opens to reveal a muscular silhouette belonging to bearded Drake Jaden. After showing off his muscular back and ass, the shaved-headed hottie turns around to tempt Tyler with his sculpted chest, stomach and defined cum gutters—and a huge bulge aching to get out of his red jockstrap. The tattooed Drake starts a sultry sway and flashes a smile at Saint, who uses a red laser pen to travel up and down the crevice of the performer’s amazing chest. Drake shows off his ass again and spreads his cheeks, then turns around with his super-hard cock pulsing. He snaps it up in a stunning side shot, getting Tyler more excited. The businessman starts to rub the huge bulge in his pants, whipping out his own mammoth meat. Drake watches from afar as Tyler strokes and rubs his massive body, his huge dick twitching in excitement. Tyler walks over to his tempter, who drops to his knees to feast on Tyler’s cock—which beautifully bounces in Drake’s face. Tyler returns the favor, repeatedly deep-throating Drake’s steel rod as spit drips down. Drake then sits his hole down on Tyler’s tongue and the two stroke out their first wads as Tyler moans, his body quivering.

After the two kiss, Tyler gets on his back. Drake slides his dick inside Tyler’s tight hole and grabs on to the muscle stud’s pec as he pounds him fast and deep. Drake strokes Tyler’s meat as he fucks him, getting the giant cock even bigger. The two kiss again and Tyler turns over, his meaty cock dangling below as he gets rammed. “Fuck yeah! Gimme that dick!” yells the verbal bottom as Drake slaps his ass and continues his balls-deep fuck. Drake then wants his hungry hole filled—he sits down on Tyler and bounces away, the two holding hands in a romantic shot as Drake’s dick stays impressively stiff. Drake gets sweatier and his stomach tightens up even more, and the two fire out their second round of loads before ending the intense pairing with a kiss."





















Darkroom, Scene 4

Featuring Derrek Diamond, Johnny Gunn, Tommy Ruckus, Tristan Jaxx, and Tyler Saint
Falcon Studios | Mustang Studios

November 17, 2009

"Unable to evade his pursuers any longer, Johnny Gunn is captured and thrown blindly into what will for him soon turn into a den of iniquity. Bewildered and frightened he finds himself surrounded by his two masked assailants and three other men who are strapped up and bound. The mystery men release the fettered captives -- Tristan Jaxx, Tyler Saint and Derrek Diamond -- to sick 'em on the hapless Johnny whose fears of becoming the target of their frenzied manlust is quickly realized. The ungodly trio of studs circle their trapped prey and one after the other penetrate Johnny from both ends, fucking and getting sucked off. Tristan and Tyler's hedonistic hunger grows more savage as they stuff their cocks simultaneously into Johnny's butthole for a double penetration. The action grows sweaty and finally climaxes with the brutish trinity showering the worked-over Johnny with their cum, marking him as their rightful booty."

79811 79814

79815 79816




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