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Shower Breeders

Featuring Michael Roman and Trey Turner

February 19, 2018

"Michael Roman and Trey Turner are all lathered up and ready to go. Both these hunks are used to giving and taking big cock, but today it's Trey who gets his beefy ass pounded to oblivion. Get ready for these two to fog up your screen because this steamy bareback fuck is off the charts!"
















Diego Marz and Trey Turner

October 19, 2017

"Big and buff Trey Turner is back and he's in search of straight cock! Trey has starred in several scenes on and for a good reason... He's hot and hung! Trey likes his men to be big and beefy so when Diego Marz showed up at the studio, Caruso decided to pair these hunks up!

Diego is big, beefy, hot, and hung as well! He loves sex so he decided that he should start getting paid to have it. And, with his good looks and fat cock, Diego won't have any problems.

Caruso has both guys strip down and get hard. Neither guy has a problem and both are rock hard and ready in no time. When Caruso returns to deliver the bad news that the girl won't be showing, Diego's cock started to get soft. Caruso offers double the money if both guys will have sex with each other and Diego was actually willing to give it a shot!"

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Sean and Trey Turner

December 7, 2017

"The big, the bold, the buff, Trey Turner is back as our bait guy this week! Christmas is right around the corner and Trey could use a little cash. But, what he really needs is to get his ass stuffed with some straight cock!

Sean (Sean Maygers) is this week's straight guy and he's really ripped as well! At 30 years old, and looking this fine, Sean doesn't have any trouble getting laid. He just wants to get paid as well so he came in to see if he could bang a girl and make some money in the process. Though this stud says he loves Spanish girls with big asses, the only big Latin ass he's going to be shoving his 8.5 incher in today is Trey!

Trey and Sean stroked their cocks while Caruso went to check on the talent. When he returns, it's bad news. The girl can't make it today but, if both guys have sex with each other then Caruso can double the money! It took a little convincing but Sean finally caved in and Trey went right for his cock!"

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PP0A5497 PP0A5516

PP0A5522 PP0A5534

PP0A5544 PP0A5550










Men Network - 9 Sites For The Price Of One


Blind Part 2

Featuring Diego Sans and Trey Turner
Drill My Hole at

November 5, 2016

"Trey Turner takes a pounding from stud Diego Sans after discovering his lie. Trey’s ass takes all of Diego’s dick as he’s fucked from behind. After slobbering some more on Diego’s perfect meat, Trey sits on top and bounces on that hard cock before Diego drills his member deep into Trey until both men cum in ecstasy."

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AfterTheMasqueradeDMH (1)

After The Masquerade

Featuring Andrew Stark, Sebastian Young and Trey Turner
Drill My Hole at

December 30, 2012

"Trey Turner takes advantage of a masquerade party by trying to switch places with Andrew Stark's hot boyfriend Sebastian Young! When Trey is unmasked by an angry Sebastian - the only fitting punishment is to be fucked by both guys - including an intense double penetration!"

AfterTheMasqueradeDMH (2)

AfterTheMasqueradeDMH (4)

AfterTheMasqueradeDMH (3)

AfterTheMasqueradeDMH (5)

AfterTheMasqueradeDMH (6)

AfterTheMasqueradeDMH (7)

AfterTheMasqueradeDMH (9)

AfterTheMasqueradeDMH (10)

AfterTheMasqueradeDMH (11)

AfterTheMasqueradeDMH (12)

AfterTheMasqueradeDMH (13)

AfterTheMasqueradeDMH (14)

AfterTheMasqueradeDMH (15)

AfterTheMasqueradeDMH (16)

AfterTheMasqueradeDMH (17)

AfterTheMasqueradeDMH (18)


Featuring Jessie Colter, Kyle Quinn and Trey Turner
Drill My Hole at

February 16, 2012

"Jessie Colter and Trey Turner have a problem with their housepet Kyle Quinn. It seems that every time things get a little hot between Jessie and Trey, Kyle doesn't want to be left out and interrupts wanting to play too."














MC2_7067 MC2_6540

MC2_6647 MC2_6773

I Spy

Featuring Christian Wilde and Trey Turner
Str8 to Gay at

January 11, 2012

"Trey Turner is renting a room from his landlord Christian Wilde, but being around him all day is almost too much for Trey to handle. Every night Trey dreams of Christian entering his room, his dick sliding into Trey's hole without either of them saying a word - Trey needs to see Christian’s dick now! Trey has decided that the only way to see Christian’s dick is to setup a spy cam in his bedroom…"









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Couples, Scene 1

Featuring Landon Conrad and Trey Turner
Falcon Studios

July 20, 2012

"Falcon Studios Man of the Year, Landon Conrad, wakes up in his lavish loft with his partner, dark sexy stud, Trey Turner nibbling on his nipple. Under their covers, they're both sporting major morning wood. This is award winning cock from both parties, totaling well over 18 inches of man meat in need of morning relief. They get to it, exchanging expert blow jobs, and even get a little 69 action in before Landon buries his face deep into Trey's golden brown ass cheeks. Landon plays Trey's hole with his tongue, knowing he's going to shortly pierce it with his cock. The way Landon's cock is totally consumed by Trey's tight hole is enough to get anyone edging, and Trey knows how to ride a cock. He moans and he groans as he works his bubble ass over Landon's stunning meat, and then he bends over Landon drive it deeper. What really sends Trey over the top is laying back and spreading his legs wide so Landon can hit all the right spot. Landon rams and jams until Trey shoots a milky white load on his ripped abs and Landon pulls out shortly and sprays his jizz as well."

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All Stars, Scene 1

Featuring Jessie Colter and Trey Turner
Hot House

February 13, 2012

"Trey Turner can see his teammate Jessie Colter in the mirror, spitting on his big dick and stroking it until it's hard. Turner shoots him a look that suggests he's not into it but when he turns around his cock is just as hard as Colters. Colter offers up his thick dick and Turner gets on his knees to suck it. The chisled hunk shows off his athletic cock-sucking ability by swallowing Colter's bat to the base. Colter returns the favor, choking on Turner's huge meat, then stands up to call the next play: he wants Turner to fuck his ass! Again Turner looks doubtful but jumps behind his buddy and plows his tight end. Without warning, Colter pulls a game-changer when he throws Turner on the floor and shoves his cock up his ass and fucks a load out of him. Colter pulls out and shoots all over Turner's washboard abs."

WATCH All Stars, Scene 1 Featuring Jessie Colter and Trey Turner
















Chain Linked

Tyler Torro, Reed Royce, Trey Turner
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

June 20, 2013

"Reed Royce is living out every guy's fantasy. Tired of seeing the frat bros having their way, he has taken advantage of their reckless intoxicated state and managed to tie them up in his basement. Reed Royce has a basement? Fuck yeah he does, and right now he's got Tyler Torro and Trey Turner hogtied and they are not too happy about it.Tyler is incensed, imploring Reed to let him and his schoolmate go, but Reed is determined to teach the guys a lesson. Only one problem: Reed's insatiable lust for jock cock. Staring at Tyler's restrained package has Reed's lips whetting, and Tyler sees this, inviting Reed to have a look. Trey can only watch as Reed falls to his knees and takes Tyler's cock into his mouth. Tyler stiffens up and clenches the fence as Reed deep throats his entire rod. Clearly both guys are enjoying themselves, so Reed lets Tyler out and they move over to Trey, still hogtied with ass in the air. Reed pulls down his underwear and gives him a hearty smack on the ass as Tyler shoves his cock down Trey's throat, before Reed decides to untie Trey as well. Once freed, Trey and Tyler turn on their would-be captor, putting him in the middle for a good old fashioned Pig Roast that ends, predictably, in a gloopy puddled mess. Enjoy!" WATCH Tyler Torro, Reed Royce, Trey Turner in Chain Linked








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Triple Exposure

Cody Cummings, Ty Roderick, Trey Turner
Next Door Word | Cody Cummings

February 8, 2012

"Cody Cummings is bringing you along for an epic ride! Join him, the gorgeous Ty Roderick, and the luscious Trey Turner. They're posing for pics, having some laughs, and enjoying each other's toned, beautiful bodies. While Cody gets a few solo shots in, Ty is keeping Trey warmed up by sucking his large, pulsating cock. When Cody steps in to join the guys, Trey wraps his plump lips around Cody's throbbing dick for a few nice photos. Then Ty does like Cody does when he crams his boner into Trey's mouth too! Then it's time for Ty to indulge his hunger for tight ass. He's fucking Trey hard while Cody stuffs his man mean deep down Trey's warm throat. And when the photographer's job is done, this threesome keeps going in explosive triple-threat fashion! It's a rare and exclusive Cody experience you'll definitely remember. Enjoy!" WATCH Triple Exposure featuring Cody Cummings, Ty Roderick, Trey Turner








Our Photographer Is Hot

Featuring Michael Roman, Peter Marcus and Trey Turner
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

September 15, 2017

"Trey and Michael Roman have come to get some sexy photographs taken of them and when they arrive they discover that their photographer Peter is Hot. After some awkward small talk the two of them seduce Peter and soon all three are enjoying each other! They all exchange blow jobs with each other and then Trey & Michael take turns fucking Peter. Peter then grabs the camera and takes photos of Trey fucking Michael. He then joins them on the couch and jacks his cock while feeding it to Michael as he watches Trey fuck Michael deep and hard. Peter shoots his warm cum into Michael's eager mouth and then Michael sprays his load all over the place. Trey comes around and unloads his cum into Michaels awaiting mouth. Enjoy!"

WATCH Our Photographer Is Hot | Featuring Michael Roman, Peter Marcus and Trey Turner















The Couple That Watches Porn Together Stays Together

Trey Turner and Cesar Rossi
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

December 16, 2016

"Trey and Cesar Rossi are sitting in their bed wearing nothing but underwear and watching a porn scene together. They are groping each other through the underwear as they get turned on by what they see. Soon they are extremely horny and decide to close the laptop and Cesar starts sucking Trey and doing his best to deep throat his huge thick cock. They move into a 69 and both suck like champs! Trey then begins rimming Cesar's hairy ass to the delight of Cesar. He then fucks Cesar long and deep as Cesar rides that fat throbbing cock up and down. After a while he tells Cesar that he wants to get fucked too and Cesar then fucks Trey doggy style. Trey lies on his side as Cesar continues to fuck him and stroke Trey's cock at the same time. Trey then says he is not done with Cesar yet and pulls him to the edge of the bed where he continues to fuck Cesar hard and deep until Cesar cannot hold back and he shoots some large thick streams of cum everywhere. Trey sucks the last drops out of Cesar's cock and then shoots his own load all over him. Enjoy!"

WATCH The Couple That Watches Porn Together Stays Together featuring Trey Turner and Cesar Rossi















When Tops Needs A Pounding Part 2

Trey Turner and Brayden Allen
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

March 4, 2016

"Brayden Allen has just got home from the gym but as he is undressing he notices a used condom and wrapper next to the bedside. He picks it up and immediately his heart drops as he knows Trey has been cheating on him. He paces around the room wondering where Trey has gone to. Trey comes home and Brayden confronts him about that condom. Trey doesn't deny it and tells him that he needs to be fucked by an aggressive top and that he just hasn't been doing it for him. Heated as all hell Brayden challenges Trey to that assumption and they both start to kiss vigorously. They wrestle around on the bed as their clothes go flying off. Trey tells him how he wants to be fucked, liked and sucked. Brayden bends to his every will letting Trey do what he wants at any given time. They both fuck hard and passionately unleashing all the anger and pent up energy into one finale explosion of juicy warm cum. Enjoy!" WATCH Trey Turner and Brayden Allen in When Tops Needs A Pounding Part 2












When Top Needs A Pounding Part 1

Trey Turner and Armando De Armas
Men Over 30 | Pride Studios

January 29, 2016

"Trey hasn't been fucked in weeks and can't stand it any longer. He met Armando De Armas awhile back but didn't hook up with him because he was being faithful to his BF at the time but now that his man won't give him dick, he turns to Armando for help. Trey only has about an hour before his BF gets him so Armando fucks hard and deep in all the positions that Trey has been longing for. The eagerness of Trey is through the roof as he rides Armando's cock sliding up and down with his big furry booty. Armando can give the dick and Trey who can only think of being fucked needs to make sure he doesn't leave any evidence behind."


Hardcore Fans

Trey Turner and Daxton Ryder
Men Over 30 | Pride Studios

November 27, 2015

"Trey and Daxton Ryder are some hardcore fans so every time there is a game they paint themselves up to full immerse themselves. Daxton isn't quite sure if he wants to do it this time around but Trey is having no buts about it and paints himself and Daxton. While painting Daxton's chest Trey gets a little touchy which throws Daxton off but his cock is becoming hard and Trey is on his knees painting when he notices the bulge. Trey goes from painting to caressing which is pretty sneaky cause than Daxton's cock is deep in Trey's mouth sucking and playing with his balls. Daxton is fully invested in this moment and wants to return the favor so they both strip down and Daxton gets to lick and stroke Trey's big cock. They can't take too long playing around in the locker room so Trey starts to fuck Daxton up against the lockers and on the bench legs up ready to bust his nut. Trey fucks the nut right out of him which than sets Trey off to unleash his built up cream all over Daxton's chest. Enjoy!"


"Menage a Trey"

Matthew Rush & Trey Turner
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

August 25, 2011

"This week on we have a pairing that's been months in the making. Trey Truner has been wanting to do a scene with Matthew Rush and who are we to deny? Trey is laying on the bed looking at a pic of Matthew in a folder thinking all sorts of things when Matthew comes in; takes the folder out of his hands and replaces it with the real thing. They start to kiss as Trey starts to strip Matthew. Trey moves south to the growing bulge in Matt's shorts as he starts to work that cock through his shorts. He takes that dick into his mouth and finally gets to run his tongue along Matt's smooth balls and cock. He sucks it all the way down his throat as he looks up at Matt for approval. Trey deep throats that thick cock with ease and soon they are making out as they rub their cocks together. Matthew begins to feel left out as he takes his turn at bat. Trey sits back and watches as Matt sucks on his cock greedily swallowing every inch he's given. It's time for some expert rimming, Matthew gets that tongue deep inside Trey's ass and shows off his best skills. Trey's backing that ass up onto Matthew's face as he gets that hole teased. Once it's nice and slick, Matt gets behind him and pushes that dick inside. He fucks Trey doggy style as Trey's ass slowly gives in. Matt fucks that sweet ass deep and once that ass gets used to his cock he switches it up and has Trey sit on his cock. Matt grunts and groans as Trey rides that meat hard. Missionary always does the trick and as Matt pounds him deeper Trey loses it, shooting his load all over himself. Matt then follows suit shooting his load all over Trey."


Trey Turner & Cole Harvey

Turner & Cooch

Trey Turner and Cole Harvey
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

March 16, 2011

"Trey Turner is back on and looking better than ever. Trey’s efforts will be greatly appreciated by newcomer, Cole Harvey. Trey is waiting for a glass of water on the couch and as Cole goes to hand it to him he spills some all over Trey’s shorts. Cole apologizes and tells him to just take them off. As Trey does Cole notices the bulge in his briefs and grabs his growing cock. They start to make out as the rest of their clothes fall on the floor. Once Trey realizes just what Cole’s packing he gets on his knees and gets to work sucking on that thick country cock. Trey then stands to give Cole a mouthful as well. Cole slips onto his knees and starts to return the favor as he swallows Trey’s cock to the hilt. Trey then crawls atop the chaise to show off his hot ass. Cole is all over that as he starts to finger that hole he’ll soon have. Trey winces as his ass gives way to the thick dick making its way inside. Trey moans and groans as he takes Cole’s fat dick dog! gy style. Cole then lies on the floor. Trey impales himself on that thick cock and starts to bounce up and down on it as he works himself into a lust-filled frenzy. Then they switch things up and it’s Cole that’s on his back with his legs in the air. Trey suits up and slides his own cock deep into Cole as he starts to take that ass missionary. Trey’s thick cock is harder than ever as he fucks that Southern hole. Trey picks up the pace and that does the trick as Cole blows all over himself. Trey is close behind as he too unloads all over one cum drenched Georgia Peach."

Trey Turner Fucks Bryce Evans

Trey Turner Fucks Bryce Evans

Sweatbox, Scene 5

June 13, 2013

"Sweatbox Scene 5 finds towel boy Bryce Evans once again searching around the dark corners of the sex club trying to find more action. In the sauna he finds a rock-hard Trey Turner, who's looking for a juicy ass to fuck. Of course Bryce can't resist a huge cock and before you know it the two are going at it hard and heavy in the sauna. The two get into some very acrobatic positions that need be to seen to be believed! Watch the full movie at!"


Jessie Colter, Trey Turner and Robert Axel

April 20, 2012

"Jessie Colter and Trey Turner's cable is out and so they put in a call to their friendly cable guy, Robert Axel. Robert quickly fixes the cable, but the job is far from being finished. When Robert asks the guys to pay up, they let him know they had an alternate payment method in mind as they remove their shirts. Within moments the guys are taking turns sucking each others cocks. Jessie finds himself in the middle of a 'manwich' with Robert fucking his face and Trey slamming his sweet hole. The ends switch and Robert has a go fucking Jessie's ass while Trey gets throated. Jessie moans wildly and his eyes roll back in his head from the deep pounding he receives. He screams as he jerks out his load with Robert still plowing his tight hole. Trey quickly leans down to suck every last drop out of Jessie and then kisses his cum drenched friend. Trey is so worked up he wants Robert to fuck him next. Robert buries his thick dick inside Trey as Jessie sucks his cock. Trey gives Jessie a creamy facial while still getting hammered by Robert. Trey and Jessie swap cum while Robert makes sure he milks his payment out as long as he can. Trey's ass gets the better of Robert and he pops onto Trey's muscular butt."









Trey Turner Submits to Sex Addict Topher DiMaggio

Auditions 45: Sexclusives, Scene 4

Trey Turner Submits to Sex Addict Topher DiMaggio
Lucas Entertainment

May 4, 2012

"Trey Turner is an attentive and sensual bottom, which makes him a different kind of candidate for Topher DiMaggio, who loves to take bottoms and use them until they’re completely spent. Trey first has to pass Topher’s oral test, so when he takes down his pants and see the top’s erection Trey sets on it with a slow sucking build up before opening his throat for a face-fucking. The wet and gargling sounds of Trey’s throat being pumped and fucked are loud and exciting; Topher loves it himself, moaning and saying “oh yeah,” hoping that it won’t end! Trey continues the session by eating Trey out, teasing his ass before he’s ready to put on a condom and slip into Trey’s tigh­t ass. Topher loves anal sex, and every time Trey moans and yells, it’s Topher’s cue to only fuck harder! Trey takes it in all different positions: doggy, on his back with his muscular legs thrown up in the air spread eagle, and even riding Topher, who grabs and squeezes the bottom’s cheeks as he rides him!"

Trey Turner Submits to Sex Addict Topher DiMaggio

Trey Turner Submits to Sex Addict Topher DiMaggio

Trey Turner Submits to Sex Addict Topher DiMaggio

Trey Turner Submits to Sex Addict Topher DiMaggio

Trey Turner Submits to Sex Addict Topher DiMaggio Trey Turner Submits to Sex Addict Topher DiMaggio

Trey Turner Submits to Sex Addict Topher DiMaggio Trey Turner Submits to Sex Addict Topher DiMaggio

Trey Loves Huge Cock

Featuring Trey Turner and Luke Hass
Gay Room | Damn Thats Big

October 6, 2011

"Trey Turner hasn't been fucked by a huge cock in a while. Recently, he met Luke Hass, his best friend's neighbor, who gave him the ass fucking of his life in his tight asshole!"







Rascal Video Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear: A Hairy Tale

Teddy Bear: A Hairy Tale

Rascal Video

Cast: Christopher Daniels, CJ Madison, Dirk Caber, Johnny Hazzard, Josh Long, Trey Turner, Alessandro Del Toro, and Brad Kalvo

"The Hairy Tale begins with Christopher Daniels hankering for what his hot daddy roommate Dirk Caber is getting, lots of hung cub Alessandro Del Toro's uncut meaty cock. Everywhere he looks guys are pairing up! Scene 2 hairy muscle man Brad Kalvo uses every hole that Trey Turner has to offer and covers him in white hot cum. C1R Superstar Johnny Hazzard is getting his rocks off with the insanely sexy hairy pool boy, Josh Long. Johnny uses every inch of Josh's huge massive cock and fills his hungry mouth full of furry Butt crack in scene 3. Finally, Christopher gets his wish when Teddy comes to life and the Cybersocket Award worthy flip flop scene with C.J Madison is one for the record books. The fur really flies and you'll be heading to the toy store to get your very own Teddy Bear but clean the cum off of Teddy's face before it stains...Perv!"

Teddy Bear: A Hairy Tale Teddy Bear: A Hairy Tale

Teddy Bear: A Hairy Tale

Teddy Bear: A Hairy Tale

Black Balled 8: Behind The Eight Ball

All Worlds Video

"All Worlds Video presents Chi Chi LaRue's newest release Black Balled 8 Behind The Eight Ball! Starring newcomer and insatiable bottom Dylan Hauser, the movie gives new meaning to the term, "Behind the 8 Ball". The cock-hungry Hauser takes on 10 well-hung black studs, including superstars Hot Rod, Scott Alexander, Angyl Valantino, Aron Ridge. Also joining the pack of gangbangers are Jonny Rock, Trey Turner, Lawson Kane, and newcomers Sean XL (Sean Xavier), Tokyo and Robert Anthony. They all come together in one of the nastiest interracial gangbangs ever caught on film. In addition to the ass pounding Dylan receives from the ebony studs, he has a mind-blowing intimate moment with a pool cue, which is not to be missed."