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Seeded Man Whores, Scene 2

Andrea Suarez Bottoms For Michael Lucas
Featuring Andrea Suarez and Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment

October 28, 2019

"Andrea Suarez has one hell of a heartbreaking smile -- if he flashes those pearly whites, then any guy will swoon for him. Even brighter than Andrea’s smile is his fiery Latin sex appeal, and he shows it all off when he’s servicing Michael Lucas’ 10-inch uncut cock. Andrea swallows Michael’s cock first, getting ready to feel it plunged up his ass."











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Suite33-top Suite33-bottom


Suite 33 Part 2

Featuring Andrea Suarez & Paddy O'Brian
Gods of Men at

April 22, 2014

"Gods Of Men is back with another steamy Suite 33 scene. Paddy O'Brian makes hot love to bottom Andrea Suarez."

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Angel Cruz and Andrea Suarez

"Cop's Hell"

Angel Cruz and Andrea Suarez

June 13, 2014

"Two waiters (Angel Cruz and Andrea Suarez) are visited by a policeman who does not hesitate to threaten them if they don’t show him the club’s paperwork. The young alpha males decide to show him who makes the rules and submit him to extreme humiliations."

Angel Cruz and Andrea Suarez

Angel Cruz and Andrea Suarez

Angel Cruz and Andrea Suarez

Angel Cruz and Andrea Suarez

Angel Cruz and Andrea Suarez

Angel Cruz and Andrea Suarez

Angel Cruz and Andrea Suarez

Bullfight Edition Vol 2

Robin Sanchez, Antonio Miracle, Mario Domenech, Andrea Suarez, Ruben Mastin

March 14, 2014

"It is always by a way of pain one arrives at pleasure. Be prepared to watch the most intense session ever made at Hardkinks between 5 studs at Open Mind BCN. As every anniversary we are pleased to bring you a special edition of BULLFIGHT. We’ve just started, thank you for these two years!"

Andrea Suarez and Ruben Mastin

March 3, 2014

"While we spent a few days out we asked Andrea to take care of our slave dogs. Today he taked Ruben Mastin to Boyberry Barcelona for a little training and teach him new tricks. Get ready for an intense session of domination between brats."

Dirty Best Friend

Andrea Suarez and Angel Cruz

"Since they are friends Angel always been Andrea’s crush. One night he falls asleep near him and Andrea decides to take advantage of this situation jerking and licking his feet and sneakers not thinking about the consequences that will come up…"

Frank Valencia and Andrea Suarez

"Odarko Madrid becomes the meeting point between Frank Valencia and Andrea Suarez. An encounter full of action and testosterone where Andrea will begin to know the meaning of becoming a real slave dog."

Elio Guzman and Andrea Suarez

"What does two puppies when their owner is not around? They play with each other. Get ready for a hot and hard action as you've never seen with Elio Guzman and Andrea Suarez in Boyberry Madrid."

Mickey Taylor & Andrea Surez

Mickey Taylor & Andrea Surez

September 8, 2014

"Cruising in the filthy public toilets of an art gallery its not long before Andreas find s a handsome, hung, tattooed stud to sate his needs. Mickey's a push over for a pretty face, a big dick and a sleazy anonymous encounter. Andreas is gagging for a fuck and when he sees whats on offer - Mickey's big, juicy, stuff, uncut cock - he can't wait to get into any position possible to get as much of that meat inside him as possible. Bent over the sink, hanging from the stalls, and crouched on the porcelain, pushing back, harder, harder, deeper, begging for more dick in his hot hole before sinking to his knees and talking spurt after spurt of cum into his beautiful slut face. And having admired Mickey's lengthy cock so much Andreas christens it with a gooey topping of his own spunk!"

Mickey Taylor & Andrea Surez

Mickey Taylor & Andrea Surez

Mickey Taylor & Andrea Surez

Mickey Taylor & Andrea Surez

Mickey Taylor & Andrea Surez Mickey Taylor & Andrea Surez

Mickey Taylor & Andrea Surez Mickey Taylor & Andrea Surez

Mickey Taylor & Andrea Surez Mickey Taylor & Andrea Surez

Moving Up, Scene 4

Darius Ferdynand and Andrea Suarez
Falcon Studios

July 10, 2015

"Darius Ferdynand and Andrea Suarez kiss and caress like lovers. Andrea has a toned, smooth runner's build. Darius has the polished, defined physique of a gymnast, rippling with muscle. The elastic pouches of their matching tighty-whities are stretched to the max by hard ons demanding release. They suck each other in front of a wall of windows, with the brilliant light illuminating the contours of their hard-earned bodies. When Andrea pulls Darius' thick cock out of his briefs, the last morsel of male flesh is revealed -- and quickly swallowed. A kiss with lots of tongue brings the blow jobs to an end. Each stud strokes the other's cock while they silently negotiate who will fuck whom. Andrea offers his hole for Darius' taking, bending over the back of the couch and lifting one leg. A change to missionary position lets Andrea jack his long, curved dick while he's getting fucked, which produces geysers of jism that arc high and cascade down his thighs and belly. Darius finishes with an equally showy display and they collapse in each other's arms." WATCH Moving Up, Scene 4 Starring Darius Ferdynand and Andrea Suarez













Tahoe Snowbound, Scene 6

Andrea Suarez and JJ Knight
Falcon Studios

July 1, 2016

"When Andrea Suarez hits the kitchen for his morning coffee, JJ Knight can't keep his eyes off Andrea's firm ass in his tight long johns. When Andrea turns around, JJ sees the outline of his massive morning wood as well. With a magnetic attraction, they kiss passionately, and Andrea reaches for JJ's huge tool. It's so big it seems it would barely fit into Andrea's mouth, but he deep throats JJ's cock with enthusiasm. Hopping up on the kitchen counter, Andrea positions his uncut member to receive an equally intense blowjob from JJ. After tasting Andrea's cock, JJ wants to taste his ass, so Andrea bends over and pushes his beautiful butt into JJ's face. They take their impromptu encounter to the next level, as JJ slides his intimidating manhood into Andrea's tight hole. Andrea braces himself against the kitchen counter to counteract the power of JJ's thrusting. These versatile studs are into giving and receiving, so they flip positions, with Andrea's uncut meat stuffing JJ's ass. For their big finish, JJ reams Andrea right on the kitchen counter until Andrea blasts a load onto his abs. Sinking to his knees, Andrea takes JJ's huge load right in the face, and they lock lips in a final, passionate kiss."

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Between The Sheets, Scene 3

Sebastian Kross and Andrea Suarez
Falcon Studios

May 27, 2016

"Lips locked in passionate kisses, studs Sebastian Kross and Andrea Suarez make their way towards the bed. Andrea tugs down Sebastian's jeans, revealing the huge bulge of Sebastian's hard cock inside his tight, white briefs. Their sexual heat is boiling over as Andrea kneels down to service Sebastian's massive meat. Sebastian reclines on the bed as Andrea deepthroats his humongous cock. Fingering his own hole, Andrea signals that he wants more. Sebastian dives face first into Andrea's crack, rimming his tight hole in preparation for an intense pounding. Lying face down on the bed, Andrea presents his perfect, round ass for Sebastian to fuck. Sebastian's abs ripple as he bucks his body, giving Andrea exactly what he wants. To get the deepest penetration, Sebastian lays on his back and Andrea slides his hole over Sebastian's throbbing dick. As Andrea grinds from above, Sebastian thrusts from below, and his balls swing through the air. Andrea lays back and throws a leg over Sebastian's shoulder as they near the climax. White gobs of cum gush onto Andrea's abs, and Sebastian adds his own thick, creamy load to the mix."







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Theo Ford and Andrea Suarez

Moving Up, Scene 2

Theo Ford and Andrea Suarez
Falcon Studios

May 18, 2015

"Looking at the full red lips that are inked on Andrea Suarez's tight butt, Theo Ford might want to plant his lips there. Except that Andrea is giving him one of the hottest blow jobs he's ever received, tonguing Theo's huge cock in long strokes, deep suctioning the head and swallowing the entire shaft. Theo spreads his legs and leans back. His muscled, furry torso is the epitome of a handsome and masculine man. Giving his jaw an occasional rest, Andrea uses a hand to slide Theo's foreskin up and down. He grips Theo's nuts in his fist and shoves them in his mouth. He lubricates Theo's cock with saliva and increases the friction and the pace until Theo is writhing in his chair. Edged to the cusp of orgasm, Theo gives his balls a rest by trading places with Andrea. He gets Andrea's cock juicy with spit and cock juice and mugs for mouth-full-of-cock pics that Andrea captures on his cell phone. They spit back and forth in each other's mouths, separating to relieve their aching nuts and jacking out scalding loads onto Andrea's toned torso."

Theo Ford and Andrea Suarez

Theo Ford and Andrea Suarez

Theo Ford and Andrea Suarez

Theo Ford and Andrea Suarez

Theo Ford and Andrea Suarez Theo Ford and Andrea Suarez

Theo Ford and Andrea Suarez Theo Ford and Andrea Suarez

Theo Ford and Andrea Suarez Theo Ford and Andrea Suarez
Hot House: Submissive

Submissive, Scene 1

Andrea Suarez and Sean Zevran
Hot House Video

February 26, 2015

"From the lust in Andrea Suarez' eyes you can see he can't wait to explore every inch of Sean Zevran's muscular physique -- with his tongue! Sean whips out his hard cock and Andrea immediately succumbs to his cock-sucking urges by dropping straight to his knees and serving him with wet deep-throat action. After a thorough rimming of Andrea's hungry hole, Sean sits back inviting Andrea to take his dick for an exhilarating ride. Andrea's intense moans let Sean know that he's hitting the right spots, pushing him over the edge. After Sean jerks out a warm load from his throbbing shaft, he's wants more. Sean gets on all fours and offers his perfect fuzzy hole doggy style. Andrea is on it in no time, ramming Sean's ass expertly until he bursts cum all over Sean's muscled butt."

WATCH Submissive, Scene 1 Starring Andrea Suarez and Sean Zevran