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Morning Glory

Featuring Alec Leduc and Emilio Calabria

July 15, 2014

"Marko met up with our newcomer, Emilio Calabria, to talk more about Emilio's plans with us. He wanted to show Emilio some of the guys on the site and see who he would team him up with for his first guy-on-guy scene with us. Already, Marko had mentioned that Alec Leduc was at his place and he could introduce him to Emilio.

Alec was having breakfast when Marko and Emilio entered. Emilio seemed rather comfortable but it was obvious that he was still nervous about shooting with another guy. He was still negotiating with himself the idea of having a crew around him while having sex. Alec had had a night filled with sex and debauchery, but had failed to shoot his load (and by the look of the load he spat out at the end of this scene, he was hankering to let loose!). So the kitchen counter became their play space. Emilio shoved aside the basket of bananas while Alec pulled out Emilio's sizable banana, got on his knees and sucked away...

Emilio was enjoying this attention and eventually started to loosen up. Speaking of loosening up, his butt hole did the same thing... it loosened up as he first got fucked from behind by his more experienced partner and he eventually rode Alec's cock and worked up a significant sweat. The kitchen counter was definitely not the most comfortable place to be screwing on, so the guys made their way to the couch and, there, it was time for Alec to take Emilio's very sizable 9' uncut Italian sausage. Alec was a real trooper. He has become quite comfortable and enjoys taking it just as much as giving it.

Emilio's fucking action was hot to look at from behind. That hot bubble butt moving back and forth as he was shoving his big dick into Alec.

His fucking action was getting him close to coming and he gradually pulled out to let loose on Alec's abs. Then, Alec surprised us, because as soon as Emilio came, he jacked his cock off and quickly unloaded a HUGE amount of cum that flew right up to his chin. Load after load came out of his dick as he finally was able to release his pent up cock from a night filled with sexcapades and a morning romp.

Emilio was impressed and couldn't help himself by calling Alec a real pig! So he was..."










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My Best Fuck Yet!

Featuring Alec Leduc and Mario Torrez

April 18, 2014

"We don't usually start the scene write-up with the final title of a scene. But upon completing his scene, Alec Leduc was happy to tell us that, as a bottom, his pairing with Mario Torrez delivered his best fuck to date!

Indeed, when you watch this scene, you understand why. Not only is Mario a hot jock, but he is also one horny fucker packing a pretty hefty cock in those briefs of his. Mario is also one very engaging partner and a masterful top.

The guys were both lounging in the loft the day we shot this, Alec was relaxing in a deep bottom bathtub, looking through the glass wall at Mario who was chillin' on the living room chesterfield. With eyes closed, the guys were deep in thought and rest, only interrupted when they gazed over at each other, cracking lascivious smiles to each other and stroking what where growing boners in their hands. Soon, Alec got up and stood naked, wet and bone hard while watching Mario, fly open and massaging his huge and stiff cock.

Mario hailed Alec over to join him in the living room. Alec arrived and as he was coming in close to his partner, Mario instructed him to settle on the other end of the couch. Mario wanted to watch him stroke his dick, finger his butthole, prior to getting up and moving on Alec's ass to give him a rim job.

Alec was enjoying the flickering tongue on his ass crack. After getting him all lubed up, Mario stood up and began teasing his soon to be bottom with his 8' uncut piece of meat, having it press against Alec's ass hole. It was now time to plunge his cock into his boy's ass hole. Alec was squirming and pulling his partner deeper into his ass. From a doggy style position, Mario got Alec to lie down on his stomach and he kept plowing his ass while laying on top of his partner. Hot! As Mario pulled out, Alec voiced his desire to suck on Mario's tool, which he did with heated passion. Mario was moaning with pleasure as Alec's saliva was dripping down off of our top dude's hard dick. Mario wanted to fuck some more and Alec wanted his cock back inside his hole. So they got in a reverse cowboy position and got going again.

For the finale, Alec laid down on his back so Mario could fill his hole again while leaning into him. Alec was getting pretty hot and bothered and his climax was not far off. While Mario kept up the in out pumping action, Alec let out another huge load all over his chest and abs. Mario pulled out and bone hard as he was, let loose his own geyser of jizz all over his partner.

Mario leaned in for a kiss. As he was pulling back, Alec pulled him back in and wanted to lock lips with him some more. As we wrapped things up, Alec blurted out that this was the best fuck yet for him... Needless to say, Mario and we were happy that he was all smiles."









Revenge of the Titan

Featuring Alec Leduc and Christian Power

November 19, 2013

"Well, Christian Power, the Titan, is back and he is looking pretty good with a bit of a leaner shape on him. He's been away traveling in Canada, taking time off and doing club shows. He was in quite the joking mood, jabbing both Alec Leduc and Marko Lebeau with hints of sexual revenge. He was indeed in a playful mood as one joke after the other would spur out of his mouth during every break in shooting that day.

While chatting it up with Marko, we find out that Christian would love to park himself in Miami for a spell, seduced by its beach atmosphere and all. Winter is coming here in Montreal and the idea of heading south appeals to this hulk's search for sun and sand. And when Alec told Marko that he was pretty chill for today's scene, Christian menacingly said 'Not for long', intent on shoving his dick deep down Alec's now welcoming ass. Remember last spring when these two shot a scene together? Alec was supposed to bottom for the first time, but he ended up choking on us... so to speak. So Christian had to deliver his ass up for service. Christian also hinted at Marko that he would want to have his revenge on our short hairy cub also, as it was Marko who broke in Christian for the very first time.

Once Marko declined an offer from Alec to join them, the two studs started fornicating, kissing and feeling each other up. Shape-wise Alec is no slouch, with a 200 lb. solid frame. But next to the towering Christian with his 260 lbs. of pure muscle he paled in comparison. Once our Titan took off his top, Alec got into some nice muscle worshipping. But it wasn't long before he was on his knees and sucking his buddy's cock. This sucking action gave way to a bit of a cock fight and a bit more of muscle admiration, and you could see the guys smiling and having fun.

Alec then instructed Christian to eat his ass out, which our bodybuilder did, using abundant amounts of saliva to lube up Alec's butthole. Christian then pulled out a couple of dildos to prep Alec's ass for his fucking. Alec definitely prefers the feel of the real thing, so after his hole got stretched out with the toys, he moved up to the couch, got on his knees and prepared to welcome Christian's bone hard cock up his ass. Alec was enjoying this ass work. Christian's rhythm was firm and Alec was even pressing his ass down on the Titan's cock.

Alec then moved up on his knees on the couch's armrest and pulled out his cock so Christian could press his lips on the meaty cock and shove it down his throat. After some extend cock-sucking action, Alec moved onto his back, again giving Christian easy access to his butthole. Alec was getting it hard and he was begging for more.

Christian was the first to unleash his load onto Alec's balls and cock and was soon followed by Alec's four-day accumulation of jizz. Alec has gotten us used to hefty loads, and this was no exception, sending up in jets in several spurts.

The guys were quite chill once they had finished. They hung out together for a while before heading out. These two are comfortable together and they definitely enjoyed getting re-acquainted."

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Pushing Back One's Limits

Featuring Alec Leduc and Christian Power

April 23, 2013

"An episode of firsts, twists and turns… Sometimes your best plans for a shoot are thrown off the rails by the spontaneous and unexpected. This scene, as you will see, has a succession of these. We have been testing the waters recently with Alec about bottoming, but he has never put anything up his ass before and has been quite nervous about the idea.

Our first surprise of the day occurred when he arrived for the shoot. He told us that he wanted to take his first steps with anal play. So Christian Power, being the gentle giant that he is, offered to help out and, suddenly, being the good bottom he is, he became the mentor. He volunteered to do some anal play with toys and see where that would lead Alec.

After some initial petting and stripping on the bed, both guys had their turn at sucking some cock. Alec started by nibbling at Christian's big dick through his underwear before prying them off of our Titan. Then Christian reciprocated. This is when Christian offered to pry Alec’s butthole open with a string of anal beads. Alec was both excited and horrified at the prospect as you can see in his facial expressions. Christian started gently inserting the string of beads, making his way down to the larger ones that we could hear pop in and out of Alec’s ass one by one. You could tell that Alec was struggling with the larger ones. He shook his head from side to side at one point and this guy, whose dick is usually always hard while having sex, went limp.

Try as he may, he couldn’t take it further on that day. So from there, Alec went into familiar territory and started eating out Christian’s ass before standing and rubbing his bone-hard dick along that massive ass crack. He then started poking his dick at Christian’s hole before wrapping it in a rubber and plunging in for a good slow fuck.

Christian was clearly enjoying this attention. But it is always a challenge for the guy fucking him to get in deep as his massive butt cheeks can limit the depth of penetration from his top. Note to the Casting Director: Find long-dicked hunks to fuck Christian’s ass!!

After a good fucking, the guys positioned themselves for their cum shots. This is where the unexpected again occurred. Christian was the first to shoot his load when he stood up above Alec’s head and dropped a sizeable load on his partner’s face. Alec then took the cock in his mouth, swallowing cum and sucking a spent dick for the first time ever. Maybe it was an effort at compensating for his inability to take a cock up his ass, or maybe not. Regardless, he definitely did a bang up job of lapping up Christian’s hot cum. Then Christian went on to suck Alec to bring him to climax. What happened next was also quite unexpected. Alec was getting close to cumming when Christian shoved his face sideways in Alec’s cock range receiving long streams of white cum in his face when Alec shot his load. Monkey see, monkey do; he also went on to suck his partner’s spent cock, mouthing cum for his first time.

Needless to say we were pleased. And, by the looks of things, Alec’s first fuck is only a matter of time. He left the set with a 9” dildo in hand… Stay tuned."

Alec Leduc and Christian Power










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Alec Leduc

Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

December 31, 2012

"Alec Leduc is a Canadian heartthrob with deep blue eyes and a really great body. A little restrained at first, he begins to warm up to the camera, and as he strips out of his shorts and begins to fondle his cock, he turns up the heat even more. Taking shade in the back of his van, he takes in the countryside and it reminds him of good times with friends, laying out in the sun, and oh, those summer nights. He rubs his body down and finds his cock staring back up him demanding attention, so he spreads his legs and strokes it into submission, until it finally relents and bursts forth with all the bounty contained within. Wiping the sweat from his brow and smearing the cum into his stomach, he lays his head back and falls off into satisfied sleep. Enjoy!"

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Big Blow Out

Alec Leduc Blows Trystan Bull
Next Door Studios | Trystan Bull

September 2, 2012

"Alec Leduc has nice full lips and a great smile, but today he’s using his mouth for something different. Seated with his new friend Trystan Bull, he first unzips Trystan’s shorts and then begins to feast on his meaty cock. Trystan grows and swells between Alec’s lips as he puts his hand on the back of Alec’s head and pushes him deeper onto his cock. Alec slams Trystan’s dick against the back of his throat as Trystan throws his head back in ecstatic fits of pleasure. And as Alec bobs up and down in an attempt to drain Trystan’s meat stick, he strokes himself off, his own dick growing in his own hands, before they both erupt all over the living room in a cum spattered afternoon mess. Enjoy!"

WATCH Alec Leduc Blows Trystan Bull in Big Blow Out












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