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Bullfight Edition Vol 2
Robin Sanchez, Antonio Miracle, Mario Domenech, Andrea Suarez, Ruben Mastin

March 14, 2014

"It is always by a way of pain one arrives at pleasure. Be prepared to watch the most intense session ever made at Hardkinks between 5 studs at Open Mind BCN. As every anniversary we are pleased to bring you a special edition of BULLFIGHT. We’ve just started, thank you for these two years!"

Robin Sanchez Begs for Issac Jones to Bareback His Ass

Trenton Ducati Goes Bareback, Scene 5

Robin Sanchez Begs for Issac Jones to Bareback His Ass
Lucas Entertainment

December 6, 2013

"Robin Sanchez has had his eye on Issac Jones -- the gay porn star legend of Paris -- for some time. But when Rob has sex it has to be raw -- and for the first time in at Lucas Entertainment scene, Issac agrees. What’s so hot about Robin is just how big he is: the guy is super jacked and ready to take cock! Issac shows Robin back to his hotel room where they strip off their clothes and show off their bodies. While Robin Sanchez is a major beefcake of a man, he’s also a needy bottom. Oral sex is fun, but it’s a dick up his ass he needs, and Issac provides it for him. Issac sits in a chair and Robin straddles him (the bottom’s favorite position), and it’s extra hot to see how Robin holds on by wrapping his arms around Issac’s neck. Robin takes a bare dip into Issac’s ass too, but this gay bareback sex romp is concluded the only way it truly should be: with Robin on his back blowing a load with Issac’s raw cock in his muscle-butt!"

Robin Sanchez Begs for Issac Jones to Bareback His Ass

Robin Sanchez Begs for Issac Jones to Bareback His Ass

Robin Sanchez Begs for Issac Jones to Bareback His Ass

Robin Sanchez Begs for Issac Jones to Bareback His Ass

Robin Sanchez Begs for Issac Jones to Bareback His Ass Robin Sanchez Begs for Issac Jones to Bareback His Ass

Robin Sanchez Begs for Issac Jones to Bareback His Ass Robin Sanchez Begs for Issac Jones to Bareback His Ass


Featuring Paul Walker and Robin Sanchez
Gods of Men at

December 1, 2013

"The first scene for Robin Sanchez is a steamy and passionate sex romp with Paul Walker. The guys get the ball rolling with sexy oral action before Robin takes Paul's dick deep in his ass."

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Robin Sanchez Webcam (2)


Starring Robin Sanchez

September 21, 2012

"We've already seen how easily P.A. Robin Sanchez can be persuaded to get naked and offer up his arse for a good fucking in the film 'Under Control' with Rogan Richards. And this week we see how he is enticed into a webcam session under instructions of his demanding boss Rogan, giving us all a very sexy private show, and a better chance of appreciating his hard ripped body and most of all that amazing muscle butt of his."


Robin Sanchez Webcam (3) Robin Sanchez Webcam (4)

Robin Sanchez Webcam (5) Robin Sanchez Webcam (6)

Robin Sanchez Webcam (7) Robin Sanchez Webcam (8)

Robin Sanchez Webcam (1)

Robin Sanchez Webcam







Under Control

Under Control

Starring Rogan Richards and Robin Sanchez

August 3, 2012

"There's nothing quite like an arrogant man in a suit especially when he’s your boss. Rogan Richards takes power abuse to new heights when he humiliates his sexy young PA Robin Sanchez. Robin knows his job depends on following Rogan's every request so when he’s asked to stand naked in front of his boss he puts up little resistance. Soon Rogan has his office boy sucking on his thick cock and munching at his ass. Rogan then fucks Robin over his desk pounding him hard for as long as the urge takes him. This is one of the hottest parings on Menatplay with two super hard cut naked bodies writhing and sweating and fucking their hearts out."


Under Control (14) Under Control (7)

Under Control (8) Under Control (9)

Under Control (6) Under Control (13)

Under Control (3) Under Control (4)
Under Control (5) Under Control (16)

Under Control (2) Under Control (1)

Under Control (15)

Under Control (12)

Under Control (18)

Under Control (10)

Under Control (11)

Under Control (17)







Tit For Tat

Featuring Klein Kerr and Robin Sanchez

June 6, 2020

"Robin Sanchez, international gay porn sensation uses a guest pass to a new gym and runs into Klein Kerr. The guys have seen each other’s work and are very impressed when they see each other at the gym. Klein invites Robin back to his place after their workouts. After some passionate kissing, bumping and grinding, Robin takes Klein’s magnificent cock into his mouth and begins sucking on it. Klein’s huge cock quickly fills Robin’s mouth as he works to suck on as much of it as he possibly can. As Robin sucks on Klein’s cock, the elevated levels of testosterone from the gym have Robin horny as fuck and he immediately goes from sucking cock to ramming it deep into his muscular ass. The guys work in tandem, Robin grinding his ass down hard on Klein’s cock and Klein taking the opportunity to fuck Robin deep and hard. Robin changes position and bends over in front of Klein and gives us a perfect view of that incredible cock filling the powerful ass. Klein teases Robin’s ass as he pulls out and Robin keeps his hole open for Klein to slam his cock back inside. Robin gets flipped onto his back with Klein right on top of him, slamming his cock as deep as Robin’s ass will allow. Klein knows exactly how to massage Robin’s ass and knows when to back off as he sees Robin’s cock pulsating as the cum has built up in his tight ball sac. As Klein picks up the pace of his fucking, he also crosses that line of no return and showers his hot load of cum all over Robin’s massive, muscular thighs. Klein immediately drops to his knees and begins eating Robin’s drenched ass. The feel of hot cum on his thighs and a strong, wet tongue fucking his ass sends Robin over the edge as he shoots his load of cum."

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Featuring Max Hilton and Robin Sanchez

November 23, 2018

"Max Hilton is preparing for an upcoming bodybuilding competition and is trying to convince his good buddy Robin Sanchez to enter as well. The guys strip down and explore each other’s pumped, ripped muscles. As they work through the posing moves, they find that their cocks are unable to remain restrained by their tight posing trunks. Easily distracted by such a sight, Max and Robin begin to peal away their posing trunks to reveal their full, throbbing, rock-hard cocks. Max puts Robin on top of the pedestal and takes his hard cock deep into his hungry mouth. Robin has Max choking down his thick cock as he forces his mouth further down onto his demanding cock. Max helps Robin off of the pedestal and sits down as Robin lowers himself to eye level with the prized muscle. Robin leans in and can smell the man sweat wafting up from Max’s massive thighs. Finally, Robin’s tongue reaches its goal and sucks Max’s cock back into his mouth. Max lifts himself from the pedestal for better leverage to fuck Robin’s awaiting mouth. After some expanding of Robin’s boundaries he is spun around and Max spreads his huge mounds of ass muscle to reveal the hot, sweet, pink, pucker hole and dives in tongue first. Max decides that ass is wet enough for his cock and stands up and starts easing it deeper and deeper into Robin’s ass. Needing more, Max flips Robin onto his back and is able to plunge deeper at this angel. This position has struck gold for both men as cock and ass are experiencing an amazing level of pleasure, as if they were fused together as one pulsating beat of pleasure. Max has held Robin on the edge for so long that he can no longer withstand the pressure as his balls erupt with a thick, creamy load of cum spewing from his cock. Robin’s pulsating ass muscles have thrown Max over the edge as his cock showers Robin with his hot load of cum. This looks like a promising competition."

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Wild Seed, Scene 6

Featuring Robin Sanchez and Xavi Duran

February 17, 2017

"The uber handsome Xavi Duran hooks up with the muscle demigod Robin Sanchez for a hardcore fuckfest. Both men’s heavy cocks are straining the fabrics of their underwear and are demanding to be freed. Xavi takes Robin’s hefty uncut cock into his mouth and has Robin’s muscles tensing and flexing as Xavi’s hot mouth sends shockwaves of pleasure throughout his entire body. Robin’s cock stands at full mast and no steel rod could be harder than his cock is at this moment. Xavi needs to be careful and backs off, Robin’s ball sac has drawn up high and tight and is ready to unload. So, Robin decides it is time to edge Xavi as well. Taking full advantage of Robin’s expert cock sucking skills, Xavi gives his throat a good fucking. Xavi is now ready for that hot pink hole of Robin’s and takes him from behind, driving his raw, meaty cock deep inside of that hungry hole. Robin loves the sensation of that huge, fat cock splitting him open that he starts demanding more and Xavi delivers it deeper and harder. Xavi then flips Robin onto his back, spreads that huge muscle ass open and plunges deep inside for more. Xavi pounds away at his herculean friend’s ass and forces Robin to take his own beefy cock into his hand and satisfy its desire for pleasure. Robin and Xavi have synced their strides and this brings Robin to an eruption of thick, creamy cum all over his huge thighs. Robin’s pulsating ass muscles milk the cum out of Xavi, who showers Robin’s mountainous pecs with his milky load of cum."

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1487293459015 1487293459017
















Horndogs, Scene 11

Robin Sanchez and William Bravo

November 11, 2016

"William Bravo is in town for a business meeting and has little free time and is horny as hell, so he invites an old friend over, Robin Sanchez. Robin puts on a show with his massively muscled body that gets William’s monster, dark chocolate cock hard as a rock. William takes Robin’s fat and firm cock into his mouth and relishes in the feeling of it filling his oral cavity. After having his face fucked, William’s cock is more than ready to be pleasured. Robin jumps in and attempts to swallow as much of his monster cock as much as physically possible. Robin increases the depths that he can swallow this huge cock with every lunge forward. Robin then bends over and glances over his shoulder demanding that William fuck his smooth muscled, raw ass. William goes slowly at first so that Robin can open up and take that gargantuan cock. Robin is flipped onto his back and William is given greater access to that hot ass and finds that playing with Robin’s nipples allows him to delve deeper into his bare pink hole. Working himself into a frenzy, Robin begins to demand that William fuck him with his entire monumental raw cock. This sends William over the edge and blows his huge, thick load of cum all over Robin’s throbbing cock. As the first glob of cum hits Robin’s cock it triggers his own eruption of cum and the men shoot their loads in unison. It’s always good to have a special friend in the cities that you have to visit for business, you can’t work all the time."








1478870061IMG_3198 1478870061IMG_3206

1478880069IMG_3349 1478880089IMG_3404

Casting Couch #316

Featuring Antonio Aguilera and Robin Sanchez

February 10, 2014

"Robin Sanchez and Antonio Aguilera are at home writing some correspondences, well Robin is but Antonio is watching porn. Robin notices Antonio’s distraction and crawls under the table and takes his huge, uncut hard cock out of his jeans and begins swallowing his shaft. Antonio loves the way Robin sucks cock and drives his cock deep in his mouth and fucks his throat full of pleasure. Once Robin is sure that Antonio’s cock is as hard as a steel rod he mounts his rod and takes it deep into his ass. Robin rides Antonio’s cock to the point that Antonio’s eyes roll back into his head, which makes his cock that much harder and pumped with desire. Antonio moves Robin to a new position that gives him a better advantage to go deeper and punch fucks Robin’s ass hard. Robin’s ass cheek has become red with blood rushing to the surface as Antonio slaps and pounds his ass. Antonio’s balls are straining to release all the cum that has built up as he begins his final decent into pleasure and rapid fires his cock into Robin. Robin’s ass has given Antonio’s cock all the pleasure he can stand and pulls his cock out of Robin’s ass as Robin drops to his knees to swallow his load. Robin is sprayed with a huge creamy load all over his chest, face and tongue."

1390997506001 1390997524002

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1390997538008 1390997502020

1390997512024 1390997529022

1390997530021 1390997542023











Julio Rey and Robin SanchezCasting Couch #309
Julio Rey and Robin Sanchez

November 14, 2013

"Before they became famous on film, Julio joined Robin one afternoon to see how the chemistry between them was. Robin enjoys the look, feel and taste of Julio’s perfectly sculpted muscular body and promptly moves to unleash Julio’s huge, straining cock from its confines. As quickly as it jumps out Robin pounces on it with his mouth, savoring every morsel as it glides across his wet tongue and deeper into his hungry mouth. As Julio’s cock grows harder and fatter so do the veins that crisscross over his meaty shaft. Julio then takes Robin’s straining cock in his mouth and delivers the oral pleasure he has been seeking. Robin takes Julio’s head in his hands and begins to fuck his face as Julio eagerly swallows his throbbing cock. Julio then flips Robin over and dives in and begins to chow down on that perfect pucker hole that he has dreamed about. Being an expert rimmer, Julio preps Robin’s hole with sufficient saliva and then guides his fat cock into Robin’s pucker. Robin has been hungry for this hot cock in his ass long before Julio arrived, so his hole has been wet from the time Julio walked in the door. Julio penetrates Robin completely and with Robin on all 4’s his ass is totally open for his raging hard cock. Robin flips over and Julio spreads his legs wide open and thrusts his starving cock deep inside Robin. Julio picks up his rhythm and Robin joins him as he begins stroking his straining cock. With Julio pounding away at his ass every muscle in Robin’s body spasms with pleasure as his cum bursts free from its confines and all over his heaving chest and abs. Julio feels Robin’s ass muscle constrict around his cock forcing him to pump harder until his creamy load spews all over Robin’s cock and balls. Now there is some chemistry!"

Julio Rey and Robin Sanchez

Julio Rey and Robin Sanchez

Julio Rey and Robin Sanchez

Julio Rey and Robin Sanchez

Julio Rey and Robin Sanchez
Casting Couch #296
Robin Sanchez and Tony Gys

May 16, 2013

"Robin Sanchez is known for his wild sex shows at the clubs. On one special night he notices a very handsome and sexy man in the crowd. Tony Gys came to the club with the purpose of meeting and having sex with his idol, Robin. With both men worked up after the show they head back to Robin’s place where Tony is quick to show Robin what a fan he truly is. Tony takes Robin deep into his mouth and Robin takes full advantage of this guys talents and begins giving him the face fucking he is so eagerly wanting. Robin then goes down on Tony’s fat, juicy cock while Tony plays with his nipples. Tony straddles himself across a chair, exposing his sweet pink hole for Robin’s hard cock. Flipping his ass for greater entry for Robin, Tony’s hot hole has completely opened up for Robin. Robin pumps deep and hard into Tony, forcing Tony’s creamy load to spew all over his ripped abs. Robin continues to fuck his convulsing hole until it milks Robin’s load out of him, which he delivers onto Tony’s balls. You never know when the next sex show may lead to your standing ovation."

Robin Sanchez and Tony Gys

Robin Sanchez and Tony Gys

Robin Sanchez and Tony Gys

Robin Sanchez and Tony Gys

Robin Sanchez and Tony Gys

Robin Sanchez and Tony Gys

Robin Sanchez and Tony Gys
Robin Sanchez and Diesel O'GreenCasting Couch #285
Robin Sanchez and Diesel O'Green

November 28, 2012

"Robin and Diesel meet up online and decide to hook up. Things heat up very quickly as the two hot men start stripping the others clothes off. Diesel is hungry for some hot Spanish cock and is very eager to get Robin’s fat cock in his mouth. Robin, seeing Diesel’s enthusiasm gives him a good face fuck with his balls slamming against Diesel’s chin. Diesel is now ready to feel Robin’s hot mouth on his huge cock. Robin works hard to get that fat mushroom head down his throat. Robin works that fat cock until it is about to break from being so rigid. Diesel then begins to ride Robin’s hard, slick cock. Both men are hot and ready to be fucked so they trade off fucking each other. The fucking goes back and forth as each man gives and receives pleasure from the others hot cock until both men erupt with huge, creamy loads. Just an regular day online, if you are a hot, horny muscle stud like Robin and Diesel."

Robin Sanchez and Diesel O'Green

Robin Sanchez and Diesel O'Green

Robin Sanchez and Diesel O'Green

Robin Sanchez and Diesel O'Green
Robin Sanchez and Gerald FabianiCasting Couch #280
Robin Sanchez and Gerald Fabiani

September 6, 2012

"The sensation of touch is an incredible thing. Each of our bodies has its own unique area that is highly sensitive to touch and arousal. Gerald is at home enjoying a quiet afternoon of pleasuring himself through touch. His wet tongue working its way up and over and around each finger as his other hand is exploring his ripped muscular body. A sly fox grin comes across his face as he notices his lover taking delight in watching his partner pleasure himself. Robin is already hard as he anticipates taking over for his lovers hands with his tongue, hands and lips. He begins by feeding Gerald his fingers to suck and linger over. Robin’s fingers are quickly replaced with his rigid cock. Gerald runs his hot tongue up and down Robin’s shaft and pauses on his engorged head to lap at its expansive crown. Robin moans with pleasure as he begins to feed Gerald his cock at a more rapid pace. Gerald rises so that Robin is able to take his straining cock deep in his throat. Robin is eager to receive his lover’s dark ebony cock deep in his throat. Feeling that hot cock fill his hungry mouth and deep throat. Gerald’s balls are drawing up tight against his body as the pleasure radiates from the head of his cock through the shaft and throughout his body. Feeling his hot load building quickly, Gerald mounts Robin from behind and begins to deliver a hot pounding to Robin’s tight, muscular ass. Robin encourages his lover to pound him deeper and harder. The pleasure of being penetrated deeply has Robin’s cock straining to release his hot load. Gerald continues to pound and pleasure with each thrust of his hard cock. The continues pounding has brought Robin to the brink of explosion which erupts all over his ripped abs. Gerald’s rhythm is only intensified by the spasming ass muscles wrapped around his cock. Pounding away until his pleasure is delivered in an eruption of milky cum all over his lovers thighs and balls. The sensation of touch is something that we all have within ourselves, pleasure yourself today."

Robin Sanchez and Gerald Fabiani

Robin Sanchez and Gerald Fabiani

Robin Sanchez and Gerald Fabiani

Robin Sanchez and Gerald Fabiani

Robin Sanchez and Gerald Fabiani
Jake Genesis and Robin SanchezCasting Couch #278
Jake Genesis and Robin Sanchez

August 10, 2012

"Casting Couch 278 starring Jake Genesis and Robin is a sizzling exchange of lust between two hot muscular men. You may remember Robin from some of his earlier castings. He has hit the gym harder than anyone else and now all his hard work is here on display for your voyeuristic pleasure. Jake has been observing Robin's hard work and wanted to get his hands all over those huge muscles. Jake brings Robin home after the gym and both cocks are rock hard and straining to be released. Robin's shorts drop off quickly exposing his fat, rigid cock, he is quick to strip Jake of his shorts as well to gaze upon Jake's huge, hard cock. Jake begins working his way up and down that fat cock with his hot lips and tongue. Devouring Robin's fat cock to its full length is driving Robin wild with pleasure. Robin begins fucking Jake's hot mouth and Jake gives him the pleasure of his mouth and throat. Each continues to pleasure the other with their expert oral skills, switching back and forth. Robin now bends Jake over the table and penetrates his hot, pink, hairy hole completely. Jake is truly enjoying being pounded by Robin's fat cock. His own cock remains rigid and begging for attention. Robin now lays down on the table and commands Jake to fuck him. Jake's hard cock slowly and steadily penetrates Robin until buried deep within. Robin's ass is being teased as Jake pulls out fully and then re-enters, pulls out, re-enters. Jake has stimulated Robin so much so that Robin takes his hard cock in his hand and explodes his load all over his muscular thigh. The feel of that hot muscle ass drawn into spasms of pleasure around his cock drives Jake over the edge. Robin spins around just in time to take Jake's cock in his mouth as Jake erupts his hot load in Robin's hungry mouth. There is so much cum that it begins to spew all over Robin's face. This is a Casting Couch you will be telling all your buddies about."

Jake Genesis and Robin Sanchez

Jake Genesis and Robin Sanchez

Jake Genesis and Robin Sanchez

Jake Genesis and Robin Sanchez

Jake Genesis and Robin Sanchez

Jake Genesis and Robin Sanchez
Robin Sanchez and AndresCasting Couch #272
Robin Sanchez and Andres

May 18, 2012

"Andres is enjoying a great day at home with his favorite toy. Robin comes in and begins to assist Andres by plunging his toy deep within his ass. Robin is not much for toys and tosses it to the side and begins to pleasure Andres orally. Andres is soon treated to Robin's fat cock and services him with his deep throat skills. Toys can be fun when you are home alone, but when you have Robin's hot cock in the house you do what comes naturally, you sit down on top of it and go for a wild ride. Robin takes control of the situation and turns Andres over and plows his tight ass deep and hard. Listen as Robin's balls slap against Andres' ass before he explodes his hot, wet load all over Andres's ass. Toys can fill your needs, but nothing beats the feel of a hot cock deep within."

Robin Sanchez and Andres

Robin Sanchez and Andres

Robin Sanchez and Andres

Robin Sanchez and Andres

Robin Sanchez and Andres

Robin Sanchez and Andres Robin Sanchez and Andres