Keo Banks
Marko Lebeau (1)
Brock Armstrong


ALIAS: Brock Russell
SITES: Bound Gods, Cocksure Men, Dominic Ford, Extra Big Dicks, Falcon Studios, Men Over 30, My Friends Feet, Naked Kombat, Suite 703

Brock Naked In Dress Socks & Bare Feet

"We at MyFriendsFeet were lucky enough to work with Brock the other day. His feet are some of the nicest we have seen in a while his toes are amazing. His size 11s are REALLY ticklish too. We filmed a naked tickling scene with him a while back and he couldn't stand it and he almost made me stop. His feet are that ticklish! The scene is HOT and posted in the VIP area."

Car Salesman Brock Forced To Negotiate By Being Tickled

"MyFriendsFeet ties Car Salesman Brock A to the tickle table in order to negotiate a new car sale with him and it worked. Brock is tough and it took some time to get him to relent, but eventually we got a great deal on a new car. Brock regretted showing up for this shoot, partially. The other part of him loved the kink of being tied up and tickle tortured!"

Car Salesman Brock Forced To Negotiate By Being Tickled Car Salesman Brock Forced To Negotiate By Being Tickled Car Salesman Brock Forced To Negotiate By Being Tickled Car Salesman Brock Forced To Negotiate By Being Tickled
Car Salesman Brock Forced To Negotiate By Being Tickled Car Salesman Brock Forced To Negotiate By Being Tickled Car Salesman Brock Forced To Negotiate By Being Tickled Car Salesman Brock Forced To Negotiate By Being Tickled

Brock Armstrong's Ticklish Bare Feet

"We were lucky enough to work with Brock Armstrong at MyFriendsFeet. His feet are some of the nicest we have seen in a while his toes are amazing. His size 11s are REALLY ticklish too. We started to film a tickling scene with him and he couldn't stand it and he made me stop. His feet are that ticklish! We'll have that scene up on the site soon!"

Brock Armstrong's Ticklish Bare Feet

Brock Armstrong's Ticklish Bare Feet

Brock Armstrong's Ticklish Bare Feet Brock Armstrong's Ticklish Bare Feet

Duke Lewis Barebacks Brock Armstrong

September 1, 2009

"Duke Lewis and Brock Armstrong get together and flip fuck bareback, but not before they tear off each other's clothes and swallow some cock. Nice and primed, Brock is the first one to take it in the ass bareback, jumping on top of Duke's raw cock. He rides him hard and long before throwing Duke's legs back and shoving his naked prick in Duke's ass raw. Back and forth they go again until Brock Armstrong can't take it any more and cums while getting fucked bareback. Duke stands up and hovers over Brock's face taking aim, delivering a mouthful of cum, which Brock gladly gobbles up."


Brenden Cage Barebacks Brock Armstrong

July 24, 2009

"Brenden Cage and Brock Armstrong are clearly into each other from the get go, grabbing and pawing at each other's broad chests and bulging muscles before fucking bareback. Brock gets down on his knees to take Brenden's hot cock in his warm, wet mouth. Within seconds Brenden has a raging hard-on. Brenden hops up on the bed and bends over, exposing his tight, tasty ass. Brock licks and laps at it eagerly. They role into a sideways 69 position where Brock goes back to work on Brenden Cage's cock, while he licks his cocksucker's feet. The boys decide that's enough foreplay and Brock lies down and spreads his legs to take Brenden's hard raw tool up his ass, bareback. Breathy moans of pleasure pour out from both studs as they fuck away, missionary, cowboy, and doggy-style until Brock can't hold back and cums while being pounded bareback from behind by Brenden's raw cock. He lays back, exhausted and Brenden Cage hovers over him, stroking his meat until he gushes all over Brock's mouth and chest."


Laundry & Leather Bareback Fantasy

Featuring Brock Armstrong and Penetrator

April 10, 2009

"Brock Armstrong is busy doing his laundry when he stumbles upon his leather jock. He puts it on, lays back and drifts asleep into a world of bareback fantasy... In this dream he finds a beautifully muscled hunk standing in the corner jerking off wearing nothing more than a mask, leather harness, and cock ring. Brock is also in a hot leather harness and sports a cock ring all his own. He makes his way over to The Penetrator (Jorge from MyFriendsFeet) and gets the mysterious stud hard and ready to fuck bareback. Brock takes it hard and fast, like any good bareback power bottom should, before he sprays his load while riding reverse cowboy. Laying next to each other Brock jerks off the Penetrator until he cums on his own rock hard stomach... Like all good things this fantasy comes to an end when Brock is awoken to find that he had fallen asleep masturbating on the couch. After getting cleaned up he finds a little something left in the laundry basket; maybe dreams do come true!"










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David Taylor Barebacks Brock Armstrong

David Taylor Barebacks Brock Armstrong

February 20, 2009

"David Taylor and Brock Armstrong met at the Gay Erotic Expo in New York and immediately hit it off. They couldn't wait to fuck bareback for our camera. Back in Los Angeles we get to see the chemistry they developed in NYC. Sensuously they kiss and strip each other's clothes off. David and Brock take turns sucking each other, then go into a hot 69 session. Brock gets on all fours and David Taylor barebacks his ass, plowing his raw cock from behind. Brock sits astride David and gets pounded hard. David thrusts up fast and furiously into Brock's hole. Brock gets on his back and David pushed his raw cock in deep. David's ass clenches as he barebacks Brock while holding up Brock's legs. David Taylor pulls out and cums onto Brock's hole, then pushes his cum-wet cock back in for a creampie finish."








"Brock N' Roll"

Brock Russell & Mike Dreyden
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

May 13, 2013

"The Brock is Back� and Boston's favorite resident has brought along a friend, Mr. Mike Dreyden. We haven't seen 37 year old Brock Russell in a while; but we're always happy to see him. Mike Dreyden is a swarthy native New Yorker hailing from Brooklyn. No matter how old these men may be they make getting older look effortless. We wondered these two world travelers where in all of their travels would they want to go back strictly on vacation. Brock would want to go back to Berlin while Mike would want to make it back to London where he had a blast at HustlaBall London last Summer. Mike wants to get the chance to get his passport stamped all over. Mike is dying to visit Berlin, Spain, Israel, Greece and Italy since his mix includes the aforementioned countries. Brock has always wanted to go to Australia so we have a feeling he'd be doing a lot more than going down under the down under. We then threw the topic old school and asked them if they remembered the first cock they ever sucked. 'I was 7 and it was the neighbor kid upstairs' beams Mike. Child prodigy is in da house! Brock got a dick in his mouth at 11 playing Truth or Dare...good times.Mike is tense and Brock starts to give him a neck rub. As he starts working on his knots his hands start to roam as Mike starts to moan. Mike's shirt comes off to give Brock better access. (of course!) then things get interesting as Brock unzips his own pants and reaches for Mike's cock. This has got to be better than a neck rub. Brock and Mike start to kiss as their hands explore each other's bodies. Brock then sits back and watches as Mike finally gets a taste of that cock. He swallows Brock's thick cock all the way to the hilt as he pleases his new BFF. 'Stroke it while you suck it' coos Brock as he moans his approval. Mike gets on his knees and takes his time worshipping Brock's cock. He laps at it and sucks on his knob making Brock's cock throb. Brock has Mike lavish his dick with attention until it's time he gives some back. He pushes Mike back onto the chaise before going at his hard cock. Mike moans and groans as Brock feverishly swallows his meat. 'Let's see that ass of yours' orders Brock as he gets Mike on all four. Brock starts to finger that hot hole making Mike even hornier for a proper dicking.'Fuck my hole!' Mike begs as Brock slams his dick inside. Brock is off and running as he power fucks that ass. Brock's balls slap away at that hungry hole as Mike revels in the sensation. This boy came to play�HARD! Brock then sits back in the chair and has Mike sit on his dick. Mike has no problem getting right back on that dick for more as he bounces and grinds that hot ass all the way down to the hilt. Brock lets Mike do all the work for a while till Mike stops to catch his breath. Then its Brock's turn as he starts to slam that hard cock up into that tight ass. No matter how he gives it�Mike takes it. Missionary is next for these two as Brock pushes Mike over towards the couch. There he picks up those beefy thighs and slides his cock back in for more. Mike is rock hard and stroking his cock as he gets that hole stretched wide. 'Cum for me, Baby' Brock coos as he watches Mike getting closer and closer to climax. Brock picks up the pace which just sends Mike over the edge. Mike explodes all over his furry chest and abs. Brock isn't far behind as he too unloads all over Mike..."


School of Hard Brocks

Matthew Rush & Brock Russell
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

April 21, 2011

"Matthew Rush is back this week and have we got a hottie for him. Bringing back two of our most formidable MenOver30s we have paired Matthew up with sexy Brock Russell. For those unfamiliar with these two studs, Matthew is a Ft. Lauderdale native and is in his late 30s (...and holding). Brock is 37 and originally from Duluth, MN. We asked these two well-known studs what their fans would be most surprised to learn about them if they were to write an autobiography. You might wanna sit down for Brock's reveal. Turns out Brock went from Preacher to Porn Star. He also played 4 sports professionally: Golf; Basketball; Football and Billiards. For Matthew, his fans would be most surprised to learn he's never been able to watch the Wizard of Oz in its entirety. Apparently this big boy is terrified of flying monkeys; he ends up leaving the room every time. Fortunately, we just exterminated for flying monkeys so we're clear for all sorts of monkey business.Matt comes in a bit frustrated and plops down on the couch. Brock comes in and starts to complain about not having enough men over 30 going at it with each other versus some hairless twink. �I wonder what it would be like to do a scene with a hot men over 30 like you?� Matt says. Brock is a quick study as he leans in for a kiss. He has every intention on showing him just what that scene would look like. They kiss as they start to peel each others clothes off. Brock starts to lick Matt's chest and nips as his hands start to roam. He drops down to his knees as he helps Matt out of his jeans. He slides Matt's briefs south a bit showcasing that muscular ass of his. Brock then gets Matthew's dick wet as he starts to service his throbbing meat. Matt moans as he watches Brock polish his knob. Brock savors every inch of it before Matthew switches places wanting to return the favor. Brock lays back as Matt starts to nurse on his aching cock. Matt grabs Brock's boner by the base as he slides it down his throat.Once he's had his fill, Matthew bends Brock over on all four so he can start to explore that hot ass. He slowly teases that smooth ass fingering it and making Brock want a lot more than his fingers up there. Matthew is more than happy to oblige as he slides his fat cock inside. He holds Brock by the shoulders as he starts to deliver the goods doggy style. Brock moans in ecstasy as he gets that ass stretched open. We think they're definitely on to something having both men in the scene be in their prime. Brock then squats down onto Matt's hard cock as he proceeds to impale himself on Matt's cock. He rides that cock like he's on a pogo stick sending Matthew into a frenzy as his thick cock gets milked by that hungry ass. Matthew then flips Brock over onto his back and slides back."








"Passion of the Kris"

Kris Anderson & Brock Russell
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

April 6, 2011

"Brock Russell is back with us on and we're glad to have him back. Last time we saw Brock, this 37 year old hottie from P-Town, Mass got the chance to top extra hung Mario Costa. What goes around comes around and today we have a new face that gets to return the favor. Kris Anderson makes his debut with us this week. Kris is 26 years old and originally from Portland, OR. We asked these two to tell us what the best year of their young lives was. Kris says each day gets better and thinks this year will bring the best days of his life. Brock reminisces that his 30s were much better than his 20s so he's going with 2007, the year he moved to Boston. We then wondered what their favorite food would be. Brock has a sweet tooth and was raised in Wisconsin so he's a steak and potatoes kinda guy. Kris loves pizza and claims to make a pretty good pie. We then asked these two to tell us the 3 things they need to have great sex. Chemistry, great kisser and knowing what you're doing are the three for Brock. Great smelling, great eyes and a bright smile are Kris' requirements. Well, we think Brock has ALL those qualities so now all we need to find out if whether or not Kris can kiss...They start making out as they break what little ice had the chance to form. The chemistry is obvious between these two as the clothes start coming off. Brock helps Kris out of his tee as his hands explore his smooth frame. Brock runs his tongue down along Kris' chest as he takes off his own tee. Kris' jeans come off as Brock starts to explore the tent in his boxers. He licks and teases Kris' cock as it throbs for more attention. Brock finally hauls out that fat cock and opens wide as he wraps his lips around it. Kris moans softly as he watches Brock struggle to take as much of his dick as he can. Brock grabs that massive dick by the base as he proceeds to fuck his throat with it. He grabs that meat with both hands as he double fists it. Brock then gets up as they start to make out some before Brock lies back and gets some help on his own throbbing cock. Kris is more than happy to return the favor as he swallows every inch of that cock. Brock can't get enough of that hungry mouth on his meat and is soon climbing over Kris to fuck his mouth some more. Kris swallows his meat as he strokes his own raging boner.Brock slides back a bit to make out with Kris which just lands that hot ass of his up against Kris' raging cock. Kris starts to hump and grind his cock up against Brock's smooth hole. We know where this is going. Brock then slides on a condom and lubes it up. He's got plans for that thick dick. He straddles that cock and moans as he slowly impales himself on it. It isn't long before that hot ass has every inch of Kris buried inside him. Kris grabs that hot ass and helps bounce him on his thick 9� cock. Brock takes that cock like a champ as he gets that cock slammed up inside him. Brock then gets up and bends over the chair so he can get it doggy style. Kris slides that long schlong back in for more as Brock groans for more. �It's so fucking big� grunts Brock in heaven as he gets that ass stretched wide. Kris' huge low hangers slap away at that hole heightening his pleasure. Missionary is next as they reconvene on the couch. Kris easily slides inside that well worn ass that just wants more. Kris' thick cock is hitting Brock in all the right places and as he jacks his cock it sends him over the edge. Brock busts his nut all over himself while Kris fucks it out of him. Kris is next as he blows his wad ALL over Brock."









"Russell-ing His Feathers"

Troy Halston & Brock Russell
Pride Studios | MenOver30

January 20, 2011

"Today we have a hot duo as we welcome back Troy Halston and Brock Russell. Troy will soon be 41 and having been in the business for over 20 years, this Illinois native still makes it look easy. Brock is now 37 and is from Wisconsin but calls Cape Cod home. They both are in peak physical shape and looking better than ever. We wondered if there was any one procedure they would want done if cost wasn't an issue. Troy's hair is beginning to thin as well as his eyesight. Those are the things that might be worth looking into. Brock has a few lines on his forehead just above that baby face that he would wanna take care of. Looking at everything south of those lines we hardly think they'd be noticed. Troy started in the biz doing mostly bi porn, however, bi sex is left for only in front of the camera. Brock's only been in a 3 way with a female once; but that was only to get at his hot work out partner whose girlfriend wanted some of Brock. We all have our reasons for doing what we do. So let's give these two a reason to do each if they need one.They sit chatting about working in the business; how glad they both are that this will be a twink free set and about how hot each other look. That leads to stroking, more than a couple of egos, as they start to make out. Troy takes off Brock's tee to get a better look at his playmate and he likes what he sees. They strip each other's clothes off and Brock gets on his knees for a closer inspection of the tent in Troy's briefs. He wraps his lips around that cock and gets to work. Troy is rock hard as Brock nurses on his meat. �Damn you suck good cock� he grunts as he fucks his mouth. Brock jerks his own meat while he sucks on Troy's. Troy loves the attention he's getting but soon wants to taste Brock's thick cock. He kneels and gets a mouthful as Brock moans his approval. Troy can't get enough of Brock as he orders him to bend over so he can feast on that smooth ass. He dives in tongue first as he gets that beefy ass ready for some fucking. Brock bucks backward as he gets that hole tongue-fucked. Troy takes advantage of that ass splayed out before him and suits up. He starts to slide his thick cock inside that ass as he starts to give Brock dick, doggy style. �Fuck yeah� Brock grunts as he struggles to accommodate that hard cock. �Don't fuckin' hold back' Brock moans, 'pound my hole!� Troy is more than happy to oblige as he slams his dick in deeper. Brock takes it like a champ as Troy rails into him. Brock switches it up as he flips the script and puts the porn vet on his back and gives him a taste of his own medicine. �Damn that's good cock� grunts Troy as he gets that hole stretched wide. Brock pounds away at that hole, missionary, as Troy begs for more. The chemistry between these two is on fire as they fuck each other. Troy then takes the lead back as he sits back and has Brock sit on his meat. �Like my tight ass, huh?� teases Brock as he starts to ride that thick dick. Troy is in awe as Brock works his tight hole up and down on his throbbing cock. Brock rides him harder and faster and it sends Troy over the edge. He stands and unloads all over Brock's smooth pecs and abs. Brock follows suit as he busts his own batch all over his cum-soaked abs. Damn, Daddies."


"Yuletide Log"

Mario Costa & Brock Russell
Pride Studios | Extra Big Dicks

December 15, 2010

"The Holidays are approaching and the men just seem to get hotter; not that we're complaining. Here to make his debut as well as wet our holiday appetite is Brock Russell. Brock's a familiar face on some of our other sites and this sexy 37 year old from Cape Cod is always a welcome sight. In the Christmas spirit, we pulled a few strings and got him what he's been wishing for this year--9.5 inch uncut inches of Cuban cock. Yes, the man, the myth, the python is back. Miami's own Mario Costa... will be getting more than his stocking stuffed today. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Christmas dinner will soon be served and we wondered what they are looking forward to the most. 'Lechon' is what Mario's looking forward to, like any good Cuban, since roast pork is the tradition on Christmas Eve. Brock's favorite is a dish his mom makes that consists of ham in a honey mustard sauce. They both admit they are economically responsible when it comes to Christmas spending. The economy always dictates the gift giving one way or another. But as far as gifts go this year, Brock is beaming since he's about to unwrap one he's been itching to for quite some time. Mario is grinning ear to ear at the thought, so buckle up, Betches! Mario's in for one hell of a ride.Brock's waiting for Mario to get dressed and once he is done, he looks too delicious to pass up. Brock starts to kiss him as he lets his hands roam. He slides Mario's tee off as we see his smooth chest. Brock's tongue has an agenda of its own as it makes its way down Mario's pecs and abs. There's only one thing stopping Brock from getting what he really wants--Mario's damn jeans! Brock undoes them and as they come down Mario's massive meat springs out ready for action. Ready is Brock's middle name as he quickly wraps his lips around Mario's massive meat. He savors that Cuban cock for a bit before hauling out his own to feed to Mario. Mario sucks on Brock's cock but it is short lived since Brock really wants more of that throbbing cock in his mouth. He kneels between Mario's legs and gets back to worshipping that meat. He does his best to take as much of that dick into his mouth as Mario moans his approval. They then get into a hot 69 so that they can both get their needs met. MmmmBrock's tongue, at it again, wanders south towards Mario's smooth ass. He eats his hole out making Mario squirm as he gets ready for more. Brock flips Mario over and slides his cock inside. Mario winces as he gives it up. His dick is rock hard as Brock starts to tap his ass. It's always a treat to watch Mario take a dick since he's usually the one on top. Brock is in ecstasy as his cock revels in that tight ass. He bends forward and sucks on Mario's knob as he continues to fuck him. Bigger IS better--who knew? He then gets Mario from behind as he starts fuckin him doggy style. He holds Mario still as he grinds his thick cock deep inside him. Mario is jacking his rock hard cock. It hasn't wavered since they started and as the action gets hotter his dick just seems to get harder. He sits on Brock's cock next as he rides that dick. Brock helps bounce him on his meat as his balls start to pull up needing release. Mario jacks his dick faster as he gets fucked and it sends him over the edge. He blows his 'leche' everywhere as he bounces on Brock's cock. Brock then jacks his cock off all over himself as he makes out with Mario. Guess someone's gonna be late for that Christmas party..."







Duo133_124 Duo133_134

Secret Fantasies Finale Part I

A.J. Banks and Brock Armstrong

January 6, 2011

This is part one of the two-part finale of Dominic Ford's "Secret Fantasies" series. They've been asking users to submit their secret fantasies throughout the 6 weeks of the series. Over 60 hot fantasies were submitted, and they chose this fantasy, submitted by "Bill" in Chicago.Bill's fantasy is reprinted in its entirety below. Ford enlisted the help of Brock Armstrong and A.J. to help us make this fantasy come true.Bill's unedited email to Dominic Ford: My secret fantasy might seem weird. I don't know. When I was young we had a really hot male housekeeper (rare, right?). I had two fantasies. The first one was that I set up "nanny cams" all over the house. After I got home from school I'd watch the surveillance tapes back and find him masturbating in our living room. My other fantasy was that I'd come home early one day and catch him in the act. Of course, he'd make me promise not to tell my parents, and I would make him fuck me in order to have me keep my mouth shut. I still think about him to this day!Congratulations, Bill. You've won a free membership to Stay tuned next week for part 2 of the series finale: Ford's own private fantasy come to life. Watch the full movie at

Kink Men

The Night Cop

Brock Armstrong and Dak Ramsey

May 28, 2009

"Brock Armstrong is caught cruising with his pants down late at night. Dak Ramsey says he's into law enforcement but we are not quite sure if he's a cop or a cop wannabe. Dak takes Brock into a dark room and decides to take the law into his own hands. Brock is willing to do anything for his freedom. He endures flogging, hard cock sucking, the Raptor (electricity night stick), water dunking, and finally an humiliation bondage fuck with his head in a hole."

Brock Armstrong vs Tober Brandt

March 11, 2009

"This week, muscular Brock Armstrong takes on the notorious Bound Gods dom Tober Brandt. The naive and cocky Brock comes to Naked Kombat as a former state champ wrestler, and can't wait to teach Tober what it's like to deal with refined skill. Tober, on the other hand, brings his street smarts and experience as a bouncer to show Brock that on this mat, rules will get you nowhere. These fighters are evenly stacked, and it doesn't take long for it to get personal between the two of them. Who will take the prize in this contest between proven method and rebellious disregard?"

Manhole 2, Scene 1

Brock Armstrong and Andrew Justice
Falcon Studios / Mustang Studios

"Brock Armstrong and Andrew Justice spot each other. They quickly and quietly initiate a conversation with their cocks doing all the talking. But Brock wants more so he starts sucking on Andrew's dick, his tongue sliding up and down the curved shaft before he swallows it whole. Andrew wants his share; he first dives into Brock's asshole, rimming the hairy crevice with gusto before he starts nursing on his cock. Aroused to the tits, Andrew drives his dick into Brock's ass for a heavy bump-a-rump session. He pumps away furiously. Ready to climax, he pulls out to shower his manjizz all over his fuckbuddy's chest. Brock follows and jerks himself off. He spooges all over Andrew's boot, then licks it all clean."

Manhole 2, Scene 3

Dean Tucker and Brock Armstrong
Falcon Studios/Mustang Studios

"Behind a cellophane curtain, Dean Tucker is getting screwed up the ass with a mechanical dildo burrowing deep into his asshole. Brock Armstrong watches the skewered-man-exhibit before he becomes part of the show. He shoves his cock into Dean's mouth and gets a mind-blowing blowjob. Then they move onto a couch where Brock bends over so Dean can jab his tongue into his hole. Soon they're making out fiercely and Brock starts to fingerfuck Dean's ass and suck his dick. Then they're up again and Dean jams Brock's ass with his hot poker. Another change-up and Dean jerks off while Brock fucks his tight hole. Dean shoots his wad across his hairy belly. Brock follows suit and jacks himself off before they drown each other with kisses."

Depths of Desire Part 2, Scene 2

Brock Armstrong and Drake Jaden
Falcon Studios/Mustang Studios

"Brock Armstrong dares any comer to try and go the distance with him. Proudly rubbing his crotch to attract the curious, he generates enough excitement to make Drake Jaden get down on his knees and suck his dick. Brock then strongarms Drake, laying him down so he can feed on his meatstick and rim his ass. He teases and slaps his prey's manhole, lubes it up with spit and all to prep it for the major buttfucking he soon delivers; and all Drake can do is grunt and take it like a man. But the tables turn and Brock now bottoms as Drake drills his ass just as good as he got. Drake next brings a two-headed dildo into play, shoving one end up Brock's ass before skewering himself onto the other. The men rock back and forth, bumping asses as they ride the same rubber pole. Drake stuffs both his cock and the dildo up Brock's ass and then, after some vigorous masturbating, they both shoot their loads."


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