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SITES: JockButt, Randy Blue, Straight Muscle Guys

Straight Muscle Guys



Who is TKO "the KnockOut"

"This 5'11, 220lb Kickboxer has been training in the sport for the past 13 years. He got his start in the sport to keep himself off the streets of the ghetto where he grew up. This TKO is a KnockOut for more reasons than just being able to give you a powerful blow to the head with his Kickboxing techniques."

Why do they call you TKO?

"Cause 2 hits, one on your head and one you on the floor, I knock you out."

Do you currently compete?

"Now I do it for conditioning. I competed when I was young but got disqualified cause I took of my gloves and kicked the shit out of the kid I was competing with cause he was so annoying."

Can I put that in your profile, LOL?

"Of course, it's the truth."

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STATS: • 6'1"
• 205 Pounds
• 31 years old
• 19-inch biceps
• 47-inch chest

"Scorching hot Quentin has many talents to match his incredible, thick muscles!


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Q (2)

March 12, 2008

"Our mystery man comes further into the light. His name is Q. This sexy hunk is a New York City boy. He's got a worldly quality, having been all around Europe. People have already been admiring his body as he's been modeling for some time now. When asked how he's built his magnificent body he flashes a smile that would melt butter and says he likes to be active. He's a very sporty person, having been into kickboxing since the age of 14. It's obviously been doing him well as you can see in his beautiful muscles. Every inch of him is true perfection. His adorable face shows off an amazing sensualness, especially when he licks his long tongue along those thick, full lips of his. His muscular arms look so big and strong, you can just imagine what an embrace would fell like, pressed up against that hard chest and rippling abs. And that cock! What a handful. It's enough to make your mouth water. Q loves his body and loves to show it off, with good reason. He works that cock for all it's worth. He runs his hands, yes both hands, up and down the shaft, occasionally pulling it down and letting it flop noisily against his rock hard abs. Sometimes smacking it around, making it go from hard to harder. And when he goes for a home run his whole body gets involved, muscles flexing, those big powerful legs drawing in. It's almost as if he's using every ounce of energy to shoot a huge, powerful load."

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March 10, 2008

"Out of the darkness a figure emerges. Surrounded in mystery, he appears as if being plucked from time, the perfect specimen of manhood. Forged in steel and flesh, the physical embodiment of sexual heat. Who is this man in the golden mask? Where does he come from? It is a riddle that is yet to be solved. An enigma sent here to tease and tantalize you. He stands before you with a sculpted physique worthy of the greatest artist. You can't tear your eyes away from those huge, muscular arms, decorated with intricate tattoos. And his legs, thick as tree trucks, the kind you would love to have wrapping around your body. His smooth dark skin glowing in the light. A set of hard pecs bulge out of his chest with a pair of hard nips that crave attention. Touching his flat stomach, his hand easily glides down to a well trimmed set of pubes perfectly framing his massive cock. A thick piece of meat that has a mind of it's own. He strokes it so passionately that it causes the muscles in his arms, chest and abs to ripple with excitement. He lets go and it leaps up, as if demanding to be touched again. He slaps it a few times and it nearly drips with sexual frustration and ecstasy. And through it all, the look on his face, what you can see of it, is one of total sexual frenzy. Eyes closed in deep fantasy, thick full lips opening and closing in soft moans and unspoken desires. His tongue lightly licks around his mouth, wishing for another pair of lips or perhaps another body part to touch, to taste. And finally, when this Greek God can take no more, he spills his seed in mounds of sweet, sticky ambrosia. An offering to those who gaze at his magnificent presence."

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