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PowerMen Pavel Nikolay

Pavel Part 2

Featuring Pavel Nikolay

February 19, 2014

"When you have a youthful, smooth-skinned BelAmi-type bodybuilder, you know you're going to enjoy some of the benefits of his particular brand of freshness. The 20-something Pavel boasts smooth muscles and a firm, unblemished set of powerful glutes...and, being young and filled to the brim with an endless supply of natural, grade-A testosterone, he can produce climax after climax like there's no tomorrow. We pick up on Pavel seconds after he coated a wall in our flat...and we followed him into the shower, where he effortlessly produced a second shot of his quality brand."





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PowerMen Pavel Nikolay

The Classic Boy Next Door

Featuring Pavel Nikolay

October 24, 2013

"Pavel Nikolay, a sweet-faced, open, and innocent young bodybuilder, is under his overalls as ripped and packed with muscle as ever you'd want to see. Just barely out of his teens, this young PowerMen Exclusive and LiveMuscleShow performer is exactly the kind of muscleboy you'd hope would appear right at your front door, selling protein bars to benefit the raw gym he's set up in his garage with his neighborhood muscle buddies. Maybe you'd like to invite him in to check out his progress? And maybe he'd like to show you?"





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Live Muscle Show Pavel Nikolay

Pavel Nikolay

Age: 23
Weight: 165 lbs
Height: 5'8 ft
Chest: 41 in
Waist: 33 in
Bicep: 18 in
Thigh: 24 in

"Pavel Nikolay is quickly becoming one of the hottest new stars at Maybe it is his handsome face? Maybe it's his perfect body - growing and getting better every single day? Maybe its the fact that he is one of our most exhibitionistic, least inhibited men? There is nothing you can ask that will shock him - and almost nothing he won't do.... if he likes you. Seriously, you need to get to know this man - only at!"

Live Muscle Show Pavel Nikolay

Live Muscle Show Pavel Nikolay

Live Muscle Show Pavel Nikolay Live Muscle Show Pavel Nikolay


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